How Do You Make Money Blogging?

  June 3, 2021 blogging tips πŸ•‘ 8 minutes read
how do you make money blogging

Granada Nicaragua


(Updated 6/3/2021)


Making money through blogging has 99% to do with giving and maybe 1% to do with getting.


If that.


I offer a blogging audio course. Just for you. My beloved readers. My loyal minions. My rabid fans. My dear friends.


Here’s the course:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging (Plus 10 Common Blogging Questions Answered by an Island Hopping Pro Blogger)




I have rarely mentioned the second audio course. Which is as meaty and juicy as the 11 fundamentals part of the audio course. But I’m mentioning it today.


I dissected 10 common questions I get – I do not have legs or Lebron James like leaping ability; I do travel a bunch, using planes to hop islands – as part of the course and today I wanted to flesh out the #1 question I get:


“How Do You Make Money Blogging?”


By the way, if you have struggled with your blog, or if you have succeeded and want to bring your blogging game to the next level, you can buy the audio course here.


Ok, let’s dive in…..


Tip A1: Work on Your Money Mental Blocks


Of course, if you love my blogging style you would love my blogging course.


But when some of you look at the $100 price tag a number of thoughts and feelings may arise in your mind:


  • this is too expensive
  • I need to save up for it, for years.
  • I cannot afford it
  • it’s not for me


All of those thoughts/feelings are called “fears”, and if you feel fearful of running out of money, 99% of the time you will struggle horribly to make money with your blog.


Why would money flow into your life if you are afraid of money? Or if you fear spending it? Or if all you are being screams lack?


The first step to make money blogging: work on your money mental blocks. Remember; it’s just money. An energy. A means of exchange. No big deal.


Sit with fears you cling to regarding spending money, earning money, hoarding money, receiving money and all that good stuff. Place a $10 bill in your hand. Does it feel like you’re holding a bundle of fire ants pissed off that you killed 10 of their ferocious relatives? Or do you feel nervous handling money, or terrified when you spend money? How does it feel when bills arrive?


All the other tips I share are close to worthless until you dive into this tip.


El Valley de Anton Panama

El Valley de Anton Panama


Get comfortable handling money by facing, embracing and releasing fears you have around money. When you clear the fears – largely – you will blog with love, for fun, and you will learn blogging and help others generously and monetize your passions, and you’ll also detach largely from blogging for money, which allows in the blogging money.


1: Making Money Has 99% to Do with Giving and 1% to Do with Getting


Notice how top earners generally seem 100% focused on giving? This crowd gets it: giving freely precedes receiving easily.


If you want to know how to make money blogging move your attention from getting to giving.


Ask: “What I can learn and how can I help people to make money blogging?”


That’s a good starting point.


Make your blogging day all about service. The getting becomes easier if you are all about helping people without looking for anything in return (save helping folks through your products and services).


Prospering bloggers find themselves lost in service. Versus trying to squeeze money through all interactions with human beings or through all blog content you intend to help people through all you do. Giving leads to getting. Giving shifts your intent from trying to get money to helping fellow people.


I approve folk’s friend requests sometimes on Facebook even if we had no prior contact. Within 1-2 Direct Messages, some of these folks attempt to manipulate me into giving them money to grow their business. 99% of their mind focuses on getting and 1% on giving. Naturally, every one of these folks struggle to make money online.


Give freely. Cut the strings of expectation. Receive easily. Follow bloggers like Mudassir Ahmed. He focuses on rendering service. As he keeps giving his receiving increases; what a joy to see.


2: Be a Student of Blogging


Before I could teach, I had to learn.


7 years ago I taught folks – through my blog – how to pick papaya from the tree when I lived in Fiji. This papaya-picking clown could only teach the deets of procuring pretty and plump papaya (I am talking papaya here) after I became a student of the process. I learned. I practiced. I became skilled. I taught.


Ganung Payung Beach Bali


Be a student of blogging.


Immerse yourself in learning about:


  • blogging
  • your niche
  • your mind


Learn from pros like Lisa Sicard. She is open to learning and equally open to teaching what she learned quite quickly through her blog. Lisa shares cutting-edge, timely content because she is a sponge to learning. Adopt a similar attitude to become a prospering blogger.


3: Learn How to Build a Successful Blogging Foundation from 1-3 Successful Bloggers


Pick 1-3 successful bloggers from your niche, or pick at least 1 thriving blogging tips blogger.


Subscribe to their email list. Read their posts. Take notes. Study those notes. Put tip #2 into action.


Don’t just follow their free posts though. The real money and dreams and goals achieved and intents manifested and joy and fulfillment lies in the premium courses and services offered, that you buy and use.



If you feel confused, frustrated and angry about not knowing what’s wrong with your blog, instead of spending years beating yourself up, struggling, failing, blaming, and flopping likeΒ a fish on the concrete, hire a professional blogging coach to reveal your mistakes to you. So you make money through your blog weeks or months from now, versus never making money with your blog.


Follow pros. Pros know what you don’t know, and that knowing often contains the profits you seek.


Premium content published by professional bloggers yields the most powerful guidance you can receive in the online world.


Pay up to play up. Investing money in premium products and coaching moves you higher in blogging circles. Professionals in all endeavors invest in coaching from fellow pros. I recall basketball great Michael Jordan paying for and receiving coaching from famed strength and conditioning coach Tim Grover. MJ came back stronger, more powerful and more durable each year because he invested in coaching from pros to reach peak physical shape. His income through basketball salary plus endorsements increased as he became stronger, more powerful and more skilled.


Lebron James invest 7 figures annually in his recovery, fitness and nutrition. Paying for specialized advice allowed him to become one of the most successful and wealthiest athletes of all time.


4: Practice Writing


Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document. Detach some from your writing. Develop clarity and confidence in your writing voice.


Practice in private. Shine on the stage. Prosper through your blog.


If you can write, you lay the foundation for a successful blog monetizing campaign.


Paekakariki, New Zealand.


Skilled writers profit financially. Every pro blogger spent years honing their writing skills to become:


  • clear
  • confident
  • posturing


writers. Clear, confident, posturing writers tend to attract increased blogging income through a variety of online channels.


Writing is far and away the chief skill to develop if you want to profit through blogging. Bloggers who can write well land ad revenue, sponsored post revenue and product sales because skilled writers command credibility. Readers trust confident writers who blog. Practice writing daily to become a confident blogger.


Hassaan Khan became a highly skilled writer by persistently practicing his writing. He writes similar to a native English speaker by committing fully to mastering his writing craft.


5: Create Helpful Content


Create helpful content.


Teachers get paid.


Seriously; if you create helpful blog posts, videos, podcasts and guest posts, folks will dig the freemium, and buy into the premium.


How it works: you teach someone how to do something through your free content. People dig your style. People buy your eBooks or purchase your course or click your ads because they dig your style.


Practicing your writing lays the foundation for creating helpful content.


Solve 1 problem for your specific reader. Pick 1 niche. Stick to it. Stay on topic.


Post once every 1-2 weeks so you don’t fall off the radar. Write 1000 word or longer posts. Be helpful. Offer value. Become valuable.


Listen closely to reader problems for a steady stream of blog post ideas. Bloggers often complain about having nothing to blog about because bloggers do not ask readers about their:


  • problems
  • hopes
  • dreams
  • issues


Readers give you an endless flow of blog post ideas but you need to pay close attention to their struggles to mine blog post ideas.




  • blog comments
  • comments on Facebook and Twitter
  • emails
  • Messages or DMs


to spot reader problems. Solve their problems through your in-depth, helpful blog posts.


Stay on topic. Stick to one blogging niche. Develop your expertise. Build your authority. The world loves specialists.


6: Build Connections


Promote other bloggers through social media and through your blog.


Comment on other blogger’s blogs, publishing 1-3 paragraph, personalized, helpful comments.


Friendships will develop. Your blogging buddies will:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff
  • interview you
  • feature you


….all of which lead to blogging profits.


Networking is a gateway activity for prospering online. Befriending fellow bloggers through your genuine generosity lays the foundation for a profitable blogging campaign. Friends organically prosper you slowly, steadily and gradually but not because they owe you but because they trust you.


Shehraj Singh builds connections skillfully through Twitter and other mediums. He helps fellow bloggers, offers candid feedback and expresses genuine gratitude. His influence and worldly success expands as his connections increase.


7: Monetize Your Passions


This tip is the least important factor in you monetizing your blog.


Weird, right?


Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India


But all the cash is made through prior tips. Monetizing simply gives you channels through which to receive money, said money having been manifested through your energy (tip A1, folks, tip A1), and through the creating, sharing, helping and promoting others.


Monetize channels you enjoy working. Do you dig writing? Write and self-publish eBooks. Dig blogging? Become a blogging coach. Learn the streams from skilled bloggers. But realize the streams themselves are not too important – almost all bloggers screw up and believe the streams make the money, which is like believing a hammer can drive a nail into a wall on its own – and that the prior steps matter most.


Some income stream ideas:


  • affiliate marketing
  • advertising on your blog
  • accepting sponsored posts
  • blog coaching
  • freelance writing
  • creating online courses
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • self-publishing audio books
  • self-publishing paperbacks


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


How are you making money through your blog?

  1. Vishwajeet Kumar says:
    at 5:45 am

    Hello Ryan,

    Great post as always. Making money from blogging is every bloggers dream. Creating quality and relevant content which helps your blog reader is the very step of making money from your blog. Blogger outreach is a also one of the best ways to connect with bloggers worldwide and increase your connectivity. Thanks for sharing these great insights.

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:11 am

      Creating helpful content and engaging in outreach form a powerful 1-2 punch Vishwajeet, guaranteed to boost your blogging profits over the long haul. Keen insights here.

  2. Ashish says:
    at 2:21 pm

    Great post ryan

    Really loved all the points you have shared. For me one thing which somwtimes is a challenge is coming up with good stuff to put on the blog.
    What tips would you recommend for keeping the flow going

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:54 pm

      Thanks Ashish. I dig asking my readers via Facebook or Twitter what they want me to blog about. Also, just seeing what topics are covered in your niche can leave you clues, as far as blog post ideas that would resonate with your readers.

  3. Cori Ramos says:
    at 4:58 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I think you covered just about all the ways we can make money blogging! You listed most of the methods I use – but I could write more eBooks. πŸ˜‰

    Actually, I do have one I’ve written but I still need a cover and have someone proofread it for me before I publish it. πŸ™‚

    I love all the tips you shared here – especially #2 – be a student of blogging. There is always something new to learn about blogging and if we want to keep up with other bloggers out there we have to learn so we can grow.

    Great post as always Ryan! I’m glad I caught your live video earlier today. πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:01 pm

      Hey Cori, it was great to see you on Facebook. Thanks for catching my live video. Oh cool; good news that you wrote the eBook. A cover and a proofread and you will be all set. I look forward to your release date. Enjoy your week.

  4. Shantanu Sinha says:
    at 12:49 am

    Hello Ryan,

    Great tips over here πŸ™‚

    Indeed making money blogging is surely not that easy task to over come with. It takes years and years along with hard work and
    whole other level of commitment to make it rocks. All the tips and tricks are being mentioned over here which can help us
    make money through blogging.

    I love the tips number #2 and #6 this is very important if we want to drive out the success with our blogging issues.
    Being a blogging studnet is the key, no matter how much information we had but still there is always a new thing waiting for us
    to make it seal in our mind.
    Connecting people is the key, no one can survive in this hybrid world untill he is having connection, whether real or Internet
    world, it very important that people should have our back and we should their.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:09 am

      We need those connections so much Praveen. Lifeblood of our businesses for sure. As for being a blogging student, I am learning daily after being online for 10 years. Only way to be methinks. Thanks much.

  5. Praveen Verma says:
    at 12:59 am

    Always feels good to read your post. Everyone start blogging to show their skill to the world and another reason making some handsome money. The way you have explained to make money blogging is really amazing. Fun to read your second point (papaya).

    I like all the tips you share here especially practice writing, create helpful content and build connection.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Waiting for your next post.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:08 am

      Hehehe those papaya picking days in Fiji were fun Praveen. Then I could pick the fruit easily in Bali and Fiji during future trips. Thanks bro for commenting.

  6. Pedro says:
    at 12:19 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Fantastic post as always πŸ™‚
    You’ve covered pretty much everything, and in so doing, you’ve essentially reinforced #5 because you’ve delivered insanely valuable content through this blog post! Thanks for being so generous in sharing your knowledge.

    In my humble opinion, learning from the masters (including buying their premium courses), practising writing skills and networking are essential!

    In answer to your question, I presently monetize and make money on Astute Copy Blogging through my list building course, coaching and affiliate marketing. But working on some eBooks.

    Best regards,


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:17 pm

      Thanks much for your kind words Pedro. I dig those income channels too; creative and prospering I am sure.

  7. Edgar Chauque says:
    at 1:11 pm

    Hi Ryan, thanks for a great article about making money blogging. I like the fact that you mention the aspect of giving as the first step. This is so crucial because there is the mindset that making money is about always getting something from people. And that challenges our thinking when it comes to money, because who doesn’t like to get money anyway? But when it comes to starting sharing your best content or the best that you can give to people that can set you up for something big. As a matter of fact, that is a lesson that I also learned from one of my mentors, “give your best stuff for free”. That is a game changer, isn’t it?

    Once again thanks a million for your post.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:18 pm

      Giving your best stuff for free is phenomenal advice Edgar. Awesome to see you are following heart-centered, prospering mentors. Thanks much buddy.

  8. Farrell says:
    at 11:24 am

    Hey, Ryan, I am glad that you are earning with your blog and that you are generous enough to share some of your secrets. I just started my news blog site also. It is all about video games. I am hoping to earn from it also. The start is hard but I know if I will persevere enough, I can also make a living out of it. I’ll continue to check your blog from time to time. Stay Cool!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:51 pm

      Welcome to the club Farrell. Definitely stop by and soak up some of our experience; cuts your learning curve. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Robert Andrew says:
    at 1:40 pm

    Thanks Ryan,
    I think so many, especially newbs, who enter this industry cannot grasp or fully realize how important it is with your point about 99% giving and 1% getting.

    Over time they will learn that this is the true way to success. If they don’t learn then usually they just bow it and give up.

    It’s hard at first to understand how it could ‘work’….just “giving” and little “getting”. But it does and you end up really enjoy doing it if your in it for the right reasons πŸ™‚

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:53 pm

      Great to see you here Robert, my Warrior buddy πŸ˜‰ You know the drill. In the beginning, it seems to make zero sense, the giving bit, but over time we all clearly see the returns building and building through our generosity. Thanks bro.

  10. Ravi Chahar says:
    at 11:10 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Everyone craves to do money blogging and most of the newbies give up after a few months. It’s because they don’t know the importance of building human bonds with the bloggers.

    Practicing is always the best thing to do. Learn more, spread your wings and get what you want.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:00 am

      Amen brother. You know how it goes Ravi, being one of the most consistent bloggers I know. Thanks much.

  11. Dexter Roona says:
    at 5:37 am

    Very useful for newbies. I forget how long I have been blogging now but I love doing it now more than ever.

  12. Donna Merrill says:
    at 1:07 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I believe you have covered all the bases here in this awesome article. When making money online, we have to be aware of a higher energy. That is if we are constantly giving to others and blogging answers to questions other people have, money will follow.

    If we set out to make money and that is what our mindset is about, people have a funny way of picking up on that. They will run for the hills. No one wants to engage in a relationship, nor purchase anything from a person that doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. It is human nature and a bit of intuition lol.

    We can set up a stellar marketing plan, but if it comes from our heart it will monetize. If not, there will be no one coming to our blogs, and worse, no one opting into things we put out there.

    When I blog, I don’t think about money. Instead I dig into the problem my clients and/or folks I see having a problem. Then I just write to fix it.

    I’ve known for many years from my offline business to now that giving from the heart is worth more than anything. And money will follow. The necessary amounts will be there when you need it.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:53 pm

      Exactly Donna. This has been my experience again and again; when you give from the heart and follow your intuition – even if stuff makes little sense logically – all comes together and money flows to you when you need it, and in increasing amounts. Thanks for the fabulous comment my friend πŸ™‚

  13. Sarkari Jankari says:
    at 1:55 am

    HI Ryan,

    Making money online is not so easy. But yes, with right tactics and smart plan of action, we can do that. This article says a lot about online money making, hope this will help others too.
    Thanks for sharing such useful information.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:24 am

      That’s right Sarkari. Have a smart action plan in place, be abundant and persist to see profits flow your way.

  14. Awogor Matthew says:
    at 6:27 am

    Hi Ryan, I completely accept you in the area of fear. I can vividly recall my days of fear though I can’t really tell if am completely free from it now. This time, I was too scared to carry out any online transaction that will cause a debit on my account.

    The first way I make my money is by accepting to write sponsored reviews and the rest. It’s obvious that Google Adsense isn’t reliable, therefore, shouldn’t be trusted. Affiliate marketing is the best place to make money from because it requires little to maximum experience, skills and techniques to strive through. Thanks for all the steps

  15. Rajkumar says:
    at 7:55 am

    Your awesome piece of motivating post is an eye opener for newbies who often fail to stand up to expectations and they give up.
    Well,it is time for them to read your post and strategize accordingly

  16. ygoesh says:
    at 1:33 am

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for your Guide to money making. Love the points you shared here. i think creating connections is the main key to success.

  17. Rohit rathore says:
    at 1:08 am

    Hello Ryan,
    This article says a lot about online money making. Making money online is not so easy. But yes, with relevant tactics and smart plan of action, we can do that, hope this will help others too.
    Thanks for sharing such a informative blog.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:09 am

      It does get easier when we get clearer on letting in that paper Rohit, but the clarity seems to be tough to find sometimes πŸ˜‰

  18. Jan Verhoeff says:
    at 3:29 am

    Capturing the heart of the solution is key to any marketing program. If you step out of yourself and into the process, you’ll become caught up in the real purpose of doing what you do.

    I like the open honesty of both posting and live video. It’s a cool way to communicate and build relationships. Relationships matter, more than any other single element of building your business online, and they can come only with honest communication.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:28 am

      Well said Jan. This is why I love live video so much, and creating guest posts. Powerful bond builders.

  19. Meika says:
    at 4:29 pm

    Great post! What would you recommend to new bloggers as the best way to market their blog?

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