6 Facebook Rules of Marketing for Bloggers

  August 8, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
Elizabethtown, New York.

Elizabethtown, New York


Facebook confuses bloggers.


How do you market through the platform?


What can you do to drive blog traffic and profits?


After reading an idea from Donna Merrill I thought about writing this post.


Most Facebook users who blog seem confused about how to use the platform effectively. Spammers, scammers and charity seekers use Facebook improperly. No wonder why the site never seems to work for this crowd. The lost social media soul lot does what never works. Doing what works allows Facebook to work for you as a blogger.


Everyone knows Facebook boasts 2 billion active users. Drilling down deeply reveals the platform offers you multiple ways to:


  • share helpful content
  • bond with people
  • grow your blog traffic


What are the channels?


  • Messenger
  • status updates
  • comments related to your status updates
  • comments related to friend’s status updates
  • comments on Facebook Groups related to your niche
  • comments on Facebook Page status updates related to your niche


Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


True Facebook gold seems mined through these multiple channels of communication.


But one needs to use each channel properly to mine the gold.


Follow these Facebook marketing rules for bloggers to grow your traffic and profits through the platform.


Publish Status Updates Both Related to Your Niche and Life


Publish content related to your blogging niche and life.


Drive targeted blog traffic


Share your life away from blogging.


Find a nice mix between business and pleasure to draw friends to your human-ness. No human talks business all day long. Humans enjoy life away from the online business world.


Flash a neat mix. Be a human who builds a blog, not a mindless blogging robot with no life outside of blogging.


Research People Before Friend Requesting Them


As a social media experiment I mass approved hundreds of people who requested my friendship through Facebook recently.


Roughly 95% of the people I approved:


  • asked me where I was from
  • asked me what I did for a living


One 10 second Google search or Facebook search reveals my blog. My blog reveals where I am from and what I do for a living.


The problem with friend requesting a stranger is that the stranger may have 1000’s of waiting friend requests. He or she needs a filter to select a few people to bond with out of 1000’s of human beings. As a rule, the established bloggers only give:


  • time
  • attention
  • energy


to Facebook users who take a genuine interest in these professional bloggers.


See the process from my perspective; you ask to be my friend but have zero interest in me, who I am, where I am from and what I do? I am busy. 1000’s of people want my attention. I also circle the globe. I only have time for people who express a genuine interest in me. If you want to be my friend, prove it! Learn about me. Do your homework. Earn my attention to stand out from the large group of people who do not earn my attention.


Google search the person you intend to befriend. Learn about them. Add a personalized message to your friend request. Bond with established bloggers by acting like a friend before you friend request someone on Facebook.


Use Messenger to Befriend Not Badger for Business


About 30% of people who friend requested me pitched their:


  • home business opportunity
  • services
  • products


within 1-3 Messenger interactions.


tips for becoming a travel blogger

Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand


Can you imagine how much of a jerk you appear to be if you tried this approach offline? Picture yourself walking into a bar filled with strangers. Walk up to someone at the bar. Introduce yourself. Perhaps the person introduces themselves. But when you shake their hand you slip them a business card along with a pitch to:


  • hire you
  • join your business


Polite people walk away. Less polite people throw beer in your face.


I block virtually 100% of people who friend request me only to pitch their business because doing so is:


  • rude
  • tacky
  • arrogant
  • greedy
  • desperate


Use Messenger to befriend human beings. A human being sits on the other side of Messenger. Ask the human about their life. Express a genuine interest in the person. Help them. Serve them. Befriend them by focusing solely on life away from blogging and business.


Allows bonds to grow organically. Let friendships form. Blogging buddies whom you befriend through Facebook eventually help to grow your traffic and profits but only if you befriend them versus badgering them for business.


Use Messenger to Bond Not for Charity


Messenger may be the worst medium in human history for requesting charity money.


Asking utter blogger strangers for money is the worst way to get money because strangers do not:


  • know you
  • trust you
  • have any idea of who you are


Running out of money feels scary. Ego believes that homelessness, starvation and death follows. But requesting to be someone’s friend through Facebook solely to desperately beg them for money is the worst way to avoid, homelessness, starvation and death.


Mountains, Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Jebel Akhdar, Oman


The quickest way to get money is to face fears in your mind blocking money. Money problems are mind problems because money is in consciousness. God blesses you with money IF you face fears in your mind because God provides you with the easiest channels for prospering. However, if you avoid facing fear in your mind, you search for money through the most unlikely channels and your poverty persists.


Friend requesting a human being on Facebook only to desperately beg them for money is like desperately pleading for a vegan key lime pie outside of a Brazilian Steakhouse.


Friend requesting a human being on Facebook only to desperately beg them for money is like desperately pleading for a vegan key lime pie outside of a Brazilian Steakhouse.Click To Tweet


You’re looking for what you need in all the wrong places.


Once again, use Messenger to bond and befriend. If you need money now face poverty fears in your mind then do what your intuition tells you. Go get a job, ask a trusted friend for a loan, change your spending habits or simply get busy helping, befriending and serving humanity in some way, shape or form. Money has a neat way of finding generous people who serve from a detached energy.


Engage Other Users Via Genuine Comments




  • Facebook friends
  • Facebook Group members
  • Facebook Page Fans




  • comments
  • Likes
  • discussions


to add the social to social media. Social people grab attention spans on Facebook. Grabbing attention spans draws people to your profile. Drawing people to your profile boosts blog clicks and blog traffic.


things to do before a long flight

Granada, Nicaragua


As with all Facebook techniques, being generous, patient and persistent in engaging is the seamless way to draw attention to your blog. Genuinely comment about updates. Ask questions. Share answers. Be nice. Thank people who Like your updates. Reply to people who comment on your updates.


Being social on social media makes you stand out. Not being social makes you disappear. Being social for some time draws traffic to your blog. Not being social for some time does not drive traffic to your blog.


Maintain a Consistent Presence


My wife and I chatted about how active Instagram users seem to be rewarded on the platform while less active users do not enjoy similar spoils. Facebook algorithms adopt a similar approach.


Publish 1 update daily at a minimum to be a consistent presence on the platform. Drop 3-5 comments on status updates daily to be seen. Either be consistent and seen or inconsistent and unseen. Facebook rewards active users. Showing up to do a few things daily creates an exponential effect over the long haul.


Bloggers keen on driving Facebook traffic do so through long term organic growth. Being generous, patient and persistent a little bit each day for 1, 5 or 10 years yields massive growth over the year-long time frames. However, showing up daily feels challenging. In moments of challenge remember the fun and freeing aspects of both blogging and social media. Show up daily to live your dreams. Engage to connect with people.


See Facebook less as a blog traffic strategy and more like a fun party.


Do Not Engage Negative Communities


I recall a blogging Facebook Group that seemed A-OK for a bit.


Savusavu, Fiji


But after sharing one update regarding my eBooks I experienced a flood of negative vibes, manifest as negative comments. From that moment forward I wrote off the group solely because heavy negative vibes are fear and fear repels freedom, happiness and blogging success.


Do not engage negative communities on Facebook. Join groups related to your blog only if engagement is:


  • uplifting
  • supportive
  • honest
  • genuine
  • tactful
  • pleasant
  • respectful


Drop all negative communities like a hot potato.




There you have it.


Follow each one of these Facebook marketing rules for bloggers to grow your blog through the platform.

  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 1:44 am

    Hi Ryan,
    One of your points resonated with me. On LinkedIn, for a long time now, marketers keep spamming my DM. I have seen it on Twitter as well; they will spam my feed if we are not connected and so they cannot even access my DM. I unfollow and I block but it is still annoying and time consuming. People should realize social media is to be social and not annoying. Thank you for pointing that out.

      • Ayush Mishra says:
        at 9:09 am

        Hello Ryan,

        Absolutely Facebook is one of the best way to drive traffic and build strong connection with other like minded people in industry, but most of the beginners fail to leverage the power of Facebook marketing and this guide will surely help them to move in the right direction.

        Your friend
        Ayush Mishra

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 11:27 am

        Ayush much appreciated bro 🙂

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