How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs (Blogging Course)

September 27, 2016




I’m excited to release my new blogging course!


How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs Course


(I snapped the cover image in stunning Paphos Cyprus)


After landing features on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes and just this past weekend, on Fox News and Entrepreneur I had to share my practical blogging tips and mindset techniques as a complete course so you too can land features on these world famous, brand-changing blogs.




You may be disgusted with blogging in the shadows.


Landing on some of the world’s top blogs feels SO far away.


But if you follow the lessons I shared in this course you can set the energetic foundation for being featured on wildly popular, influential blogs.


Imagine how it’d feel to wake up one day to see you’ve been featured on Richard Branson’s blog?


How about the elation, joy and happy dancing you’d experience on finding out you’ve been featured on Forbes?


Or Entrepreneur?




Or Fox News?


I’m still on Cloud 9 a whole 2 days after being featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes. Buzz ain’t wearing off anytime soon.


If this sounds incredibly exciting to you let’s dive into the benefits of signing up for and following this course.


The Course Benefits


  • Land on world famous blogs
  • Align your blog and brand with the top blogs on earth
  • Increase your blog traffic quickly
  • Set the foundation to increase your blogging income
  • Stop blogging for a chorus of crickets (no offense to my insect readers)
  • Expand the size of your blogging community as traffic from these huge media outlets finds your blog


Point blank: you will increase your blogging traffic stupid quickly by landing features on famous blogs but more than that, your readers will grow to trust you more quickly if they see you’ve learned your skill to such a degree that the top blogs on earthed wanted YOU to appear on their sites.


Ultimate Frustration


The ultimate frustration is not being heard.


Picking papaya in Savusavu, Fiji.
Picking papaya in Savusavu, Fiji.


Blogging in the shadows.


Putting in the time but pretty much publishing a cyber diary, blogging for a chorus of chirping cyber crickets, feeling like you’re wasting your time.


Ultimate Joy


The ultimate blogging joy is to be recognized for your craft.


To get world renowned props for your skills.


If you have fun doing what you do why not do it in front a huge, targeted, engaged audience?


That’s where this course comes in.


That’s why I created the blogging course.


Why I Created the Blogging Course


I know the pain, frustration and struggle of having like zero online visibility.


I also know the joy, elation, happiness of landing features on world famous, iconic blogs.


I created this blogging course to help you bridge the gap from pain, frustration and struggle of having little online visibility to feeling the joy, elation and happiness of seeing your online visibility expand like my gut when we visit New York City (The food here is good. Really good).


If you buy the course you’d have 24-7 access to a step-by-step, complete manual to follow and study so you can cut your networking learning curve by years, to land spots on famous blogs in weeks or months versus…..never.


I’ve observed well-meaning but misguided bloggers ramming into the same roadblocks when it came to blogger outreach, poor pitches, and a whole slew of blogging boo-boo’s they were making, that all but guaranteed they guys and gals will never get featured on the world’s top blogs.


If this is you, this course may be for you.


I created this course to help you enjoy the fruits of aligning your blog with the top blogs in the world, without having to work like an animal doing it.


One of our fave beaches in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand.
One of our fave beaches in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand.


I delve into the almost ALWAYS ignored mindset and energy aspect of blogging with this course, those very lessons being the reason why I’ve appeared on so many famous blogs and why I live such a dream life with Kelli.


These lessons can be extremely helpful for you if you’ve yet to break into the blogging big time, as far as being featured on world famous blogs.


Just imagine looking at your sidebar and seeing the sites where I’ve appeared?


Sign Up for the How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


Sweet, right?


You can do it!


If you really want to link your blog and brand with uber famous blogs you have a robust, energetic, helpful course at your disposal.


So yep, that’s why I created this for you.


The Course Presentation Style


I am offering the course through Teachable because I love how well the platform works for both teachers and students.


Win-win for both of us.


You will absorb these lessons through a combination of:


  • Audio lectures
  • Video lectures (a few)
  • PDF documents
  • Text documents
  • Quizzes (A few…..I flunked too many as a kid and shudder to quiz you all that much)


The Pressing Questions You Will Answer through this Course


How can you get featured on the most famous blogs on earth?


What 1 energetic quality makes your blog stand out from a sea of competitors?


How can you build powerful, mutually beneficial friendships with highly successful, influential bloggers? Even as a newbie blogger?!


Clowning in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Clowning in Nicosia, Cyprus.


What simple, flat out stupid easy, social media marketing tactic can you use to impress blogging big dawg/influential bloggers? (this is fish in a barrell easy but so many bloggers ignore it)


What 1 quality can you adopt to become highly popular in your niche?


What is the #1 skill in your blogging arsenal and how can you hone this skill to the degree that you land on the world’s most famous blogs?


What daily personal development routine can you follow to face, embrace and release your most damaging limiting beliefs so you can align with uber successful bloggers?


What 1 blogging investment will make (if you make payment) or break (if you cheap out) both your blogging career and your chance at landing on famous blogs?


What types of blog posts catch the attention of both contributors to world famous blogs and hyper successful blog owners?


How can you create a one of a kind, eye-popping brand that world renowned brands are dying to get in bed with? (no not that way….this course is mostly PG-rated)


How can you resist the urge to heavily and desperately attach yourself to landing spots on popular blogs? (learn from the story of how I appeared on Richard Branson’s blog and Forbes while living in a remote Costa Rican jungle, battling exotic critters and trudging through the wilderness, being almost completely detached from my work)


Ready? Set?


If you are excited to appear on some of the most famous blogs on earth and want to start my fun blogging course now:




Sign Up for the How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs Course


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Thank you MP.

  2. Mithuj Paul Says:

    Your Courses are Very Helpful for blogging.Thanks For Sharing.

  3. Hi Adeel,

    Thanks heaps 🙂 Really appreciate it.


  4. Adeel Sami Says:

    Buddy… You’re the best what you’re at!

    Keep it going, mate! Lots of success! 🙂

  5. Hi Nas,

    Cool! Yep; I appeared on Neil’s blog a few times. The bribe money went through, LOL, j/k. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  6. Hi Ryan first of all I’m thankful to you for this great informative blog,
    I listened about someone who has been featured on Neil Patel’s blog. Have a nice day.

  7. Hey you have it as a veteran 😉

  8. Hi Shamsudeen,

    Well said brother. Learn, share. Simple process few bloggers follow, so naturally, few bloggers prosper online. Bring something to the table regularly too; eBooks, courses, blog posts. We have many helpful ideas to share through premium products. So get sharing.

    Thanks much.


  9. Hi Ryan,

    Coming from someone who has been featured on Foxnews, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel’s blog and others….no doubt about the quality and value this course will bring.

    This is what I keep telling – discover something, learn it, validate what is working from what’s not, then teach others from your exprinence.

    Is better when you bring to the table what you have practically done and achieve better result with for others to learn from. Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone, Ryan.

  10. H Eden,

    Super new to it but loving so far. It was incredibly easy to set up a course. Intuitive! That alone is 90% of the experience for me, from a teacher’s perspective. Happy Teaching Eden 🙂


  11. Eden Fried Says:

    This looks awesome!! Can you share what you like about teachable? I’m looking into it for myself but I’m not 100% sold just yet. Curious to hear your thoughts.

  12. Entersoft Says:

    Hi there! Great idea about the course! I wish I had this when I was new.

  13. Hi Ramgarhia,

    Way cool. Enjoy it 🙂


    PS…Super attitude to have, too. I am always open to learning. Makes life so much more fun.

  14. I am always ready to learn something new all the time and this course is looking very interesting so think i have to join to get the best of me…

  15. Hi Jeremy,

    This applies to all niches. Especially the make money online niche.


  16. Jeremy Says:

    Hi Ryan.

    Is this course for every type of blog.
    I am in the make money online niche.


  17. Hi Neena,

    I recall those days so well. Running all over, hustling, commuting. Working at home seemed an unreachable dream. I quickly learned I’d be WORKING at home LOL. And with freedom comes responsibility, discipline, structure, routine, and more good stuff that we need to have in place to grow a successful venture. Thanks for grabbing it and enjoy!


  18. Hi Donna,

    Well said 😉 Exactly why I created it too; to get a detailed, orderly plan in place before diving into the world of landing features on top blogs.

    Thanks much for commenting and enjoy your weekend 🙂


  19. Hi Ryan,

    Getting featured on the big blogs and in big media is not going to just happen unless you start working your “plan.”

    But first you have to have the plan.

    I’m sure the one you give folks here will put them on the right path, right from the start.

    Congrats on putting this together to help shine the light for bloggers who are stumbling in the dark on this.


  20. Hi Ryan,
    Working from home is always a challenge. There are so many distractions and so much to do. When I was working out of an office with a big commute – the idea of being able to set my own schedule and work in my pj’s all day was fantastic. The reality is that the flexibility is fantastic but you must have discipline too. Can’t wait to see what tips you have in your new book!

  21. Hi Minuca, I never thought of that idea but sounds clever to me. Like a lead in. You can simply write an epic post based on some theme, offer big value through your high profile blog post feature and lead in to the end/conclusion/sequel on your blog. Sounds awesome. I guess it depends on the blogger who owns the blog where you guest post. As Huff Post contributors we have great leeway. Go for it! Let me know how it works, OK?

  22. Suze Says:

    Congrats on the Fox News feature, quite an achievement! Just goes to show that you know what you are talking about ;-). Have a great weeekend, the sun is out in London

  23. Minuca Elena Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Great idea for a course. So many bloggers now understand the benefits of getting featured on famous blogs. The traffic increases and also helps from an SEO perspective to receive backlinks from sites with a high domain authority. The most famous site I have been featured is Huffington Post.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to make a very big post, split it into two parts and publish the first post on a famous blog and at the same time post the second part on your blog and link one to the other? This way you would “force” the readers from the big site to come on your blog.

    What do you think? Looking forward to hearing your opinion.


  24. Hi Edwin, Really appreciate it!

  25. Edwin Torres Says:

    I guess you can say “I OFFICIALLY MADE IT!” Haha congrats on getting featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes, two big accomplishments.

  26. Amar, awesome points both. Create helpful, inspired content regularly. Help your readers. Fill a space. Build bonds. Connect. Then, make it easy to share your content through obvious placement of share buttons. I always ask readers to share posts too across a wide range of networks. Helps me simply get more shares because clear cut calls to action result in more calls taken. Great points over all Amar. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. Ugyen, that’s a good question 😉 The course is $97. I did not see Teachable widgets similar to Selz ones I use to place in my post, where you see pricing and payment options. May be something to add for Teachable. But thanks for the heads up and support!

  28. Hi Ravi, Yep, I got the nudge when I saw many bloggers go about landing features the wrong way. Pitching too much, not building a foundation, I simply focused on doing this from a high energy space to enjoy the journey and to land famous features. Without even pitching anybody 😉 Thanks for the comment my friend 🙂

  29. Ugyen Dorji Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    In fact, I am more excited than you are. It was great to get tips from a PRO blogger like you and now its online course, I can’t believe it how good it will be. All the best Bro.
    If I am not mistaken, you haven’t mentioned anything about pricing in this post. Or is that a free course, I think you should add a section of it….
    Have a good day….

  30. Amar kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    The most significant way to develop a loyal online following is by creating useful content that readers will consume and share. Blogging, at its core, is about offering something of value to our audience,Starting by defining for ourself what readers want to serve, and then build a strategy about how to reach them. the most of social media by including Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+, and StumbleUpon buttons on your blog. The easier to make it for people to share our content with their network, the more likely they are to do It’s a one-time investment to configure our blog to include these social media buttons–but the dividends pay off forever. Thanks for sharing your information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  31. Ravi Chahar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    People really need to understand what it takes to get featured. This course is going to help many.

    You really did a great job. I have known many bloggers who have been featured on Huffingpost and many other famous blogs. But no one ever shared their journey.
    Thanks to you for sharing with us.

  32. Alright guys! Excited to release this course. I had so much fun creating it to lay out a detailed, practical plan for you, so you – and your blog – can get the love it deserves.