4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Intelligently (Smart Advice for Travel Bloggers or Anybody Wanting to Blog from Paradise)

September 10, 2014 63 thoughts
Stunning view of shimmering waters from our front porch in Savusavu, Fiji.
Stunning view of shimmering waters from our front porch in Savusavu, Fiji.


I wrapped up my blog coaching services page.

Click it kiddies.

Ryan Biddulph’s Blog Coaching Services

What do you think?

I finally published the page. After offering my services and receiving requests to offer my coaching services, I figured that it’s time to publish a page.

People wish to pay me to offer a helpful service which can cut their learning curve by years. Folks have paid me to review their blogs. May as well put up the page.

Hey, that’s an easy way for me to monetize Blogging from Paradise.

The thing is – and I’ll delve into the topic later – too many travel bloggers and heck, bloggers from any niche, struggle to generate blogging income because they wait around for money to flow through 2 channels.

You probably know what direction I’m heading in.

For travel bloggers it seems that landing advertising or sponsored posts is the Holy Grail of monetizing manna. Everybody wants to land an ad from a top paying, branded powerhouse.

Who would turn down a rich paying sponsored post from a world renowned brand? Not many travel bloggers I know of.

Here’s the problem; until you become famous, or kinda famous, nobody or brand with deep pockets will want to advertise on your website. Not enough incentive there. If someone does want to advertise on your website the dollar amount will likely be $100, or $200, or maybe $300 for a month.

Many of these individuals don’t have much of an ad budget so it’s a one shot/one month deal.
As far as sponsored posts, they are likely NOT happening for you until you build a well-known, branded, in-demand blog.

So for the next 3 months, if you land one ad, which nets you $200, and no sponsored posts, you’ll have monetized your blog to the tune of $200 in 3 months.

Not good. Not even in places like India, or Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the cost of living is ridiculously low.


Blogging from Paradise the eBook


I wrote Blogging from Paradise: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging, after speaking to a few travel blogger buddies who were struggling to generate income through their blogs. Some travel bloggers – like my man Wandering Earl (click to visit his inspired blog) – are on the blogging ball, big time, but others are having a tough time finding traction.

The general travel blogger tendency is to sell ad space or to accept sponsored posts but until you really bust your ass to create epic, sensational content, and until you follow a hyper effective, aggressive blogger outreach campaign, nobody will pay you any significant amount of money for the privilege of posting on your blog.

You gotta have a name first. You gotta make your blogging bones, and make your blogging rep, before you can rake in that serious ad and sponsored post money.

Which is exactly why I suggest the following monetizing channels.

If you noted the number to be a bit small – usually I double digit my post titles – I generate income these each of these blogging channels on Blogging from Paradise.

I’m sticking to what I know, and to what has helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I know how many travel bloggers are depressed to journey home, just to make money to fund their trips. That’s why I wrote the eBook. That’s why I started this blog. That’s why I’ve been traveling the world for the past 40 months as a pro blogger.

I wanted to be a guinea pig, to explain what works, what doesn’t, and how my experience can help you make money through blogging so I can help you engineer a freeing lifestyle.


Ghostwriting Services


I write content for folks. Folks – aka my clients – use the content for whatever purpose they deem worthy. Some folks use the content for guest posts, others, for blog posts.

In one of my most enjoyable, and totally fulfilling, projects so far, I helped a prominent digital marketer release a highly successful eBook.

I feel great each time he builds his brand or generates another eBook sale because I played a part in creating the words on the pages.

Travel bloggers, once you learn how to write, through practicing daily, charge a fee for your writing services. Monetize your blog. Don’t wait around for ad or sponsored post revenue. Until you becoming a BBD – Blogging Big Dawg – those are both passive, unreliable income streams.

Develop an active income stream by offering your writing services.

Throwback picture time. Our trip from June, 2013 in Manuel Antonio. The mighty Pacific.
Throwback picture time. Our trip from June, 2013 in Manuel Antonio. The mighty Pacific.

My clients are busy professionals who work 9-5 jobs or online business professionals who need volume orders fulfilled. I provide the service. I prosper.

I’ve been writing for years. Why not offer my ghostwriting services to busy bloggers, or to folks who would much rather pay someone to boost their blog traffic and income for them?

FYI; a ghostwriter can also be called a freelance writer. I use the ghostie term because my clients pay me to keep quiet, and to get the credit. I’ve no problem with that.  It pays da billz in paradise.


eBook Sales


OK, we’re working with one eBook now. Blogging from Paradise – the first one, as many more are in the works…..more on that soon – has been a nice success for me.

I received backing from a guy who offers business advice to brands like Coca Cola, Disney and Google, as well as advising luminaries like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. He’s also a NY Times Best Selling Author.

As you can imagine this hasn’t hurt my sales.

Travel bloggers, write an eBook. A branded, inspired, eBook, detailing your travel experiences, please. If you help folks solve some problem, like how to travel on a budget around Chiang Mai, Thailand (visit Chris and Angela’s travel blog, it’s brilliant) – and as a guy who’s lived there for 9 months, I KNOW that’s a big problem for many folks – you’ll generate income through your blog on the eBook side of things.

Blogging tips type bloggers, or heck, any blogger, you have a gazillion topics from your niche to cover through your eBook. Pick a title that resonates with you, inject your personal experience into your book, and start writing.

Start writing today. Hit 500 or 1,000 words a day. Sell it at 15,000 or 20,000 words. We don’t need to read the next War and Peace, and we don’t need someone to stretch out their eBook to some imaginary word count, to make their eBook “worth the price.”

My first eBook is roughly 15,000 words long. It was endorsed by a NY Times Best Selling Author (Chris Brogan), a millionaire mentor blogging genius (Yaro Starak), a marketing wizard who’s worked with brands like Apple (Matthew Capella) and a slew of authority, inspired bloggers who are high profile leaders in their niches.

I made a huge promise via my title and delivered on the promise in 15 K words.

Start writing guys and keep writing. Churn out those eBooks and charge your worth. No, not what everybody else is charging. What you should charge, based on your expert opinion, your year’s worth of experience, the endorsements you receive (through your aggressive blogger outreach strategy) and based on your intuitive nudges above all else.

Practical Tips


  • Write 500 to 1000 words each day to finish your eBook in under a month
  • Have a professional proof reader or an eagle-eyed, obsessed reader, spot errors and typos in your work
  • Format the book for Kindle (check out Amazon’s helpful primer here)
  • Sell it on multiple platforms

I sell my eBook on Amazon.

Oh yeah, another tip: promote the living stuffing out of the eBook by engaging in an aggressive blogger outreach campaign.

Promote the hell out of other pro bloggers, spreading the word for them, featuring them in posts, and helping them out, and many pro bloggers will do the same for you.

Monetize your blog like a pro. Churn out an ebook or 2, sell, and brand your blog and yourself in the process.


Blog Coaching Services



My page is live.

I now *officially* offer blog coaching services.

In a nutshell, a blog coach helps you make your blogging dreams come true.

These experienced pros can spot the mistakes you have no clue you’re making in seconds. Or they can point out all of the errors/mistakes/screw ups that your ego has put in that dreaded “blind spot” zone.

For me, a former blind spot error it was my terrible blog design. I knew I was screwing up but didn’t want to see it. If I sought out the professional services of a blogging coach I’d likely have hatched Blogging from Paradise a few years ago.

Oh well. Here I am, happy and grateful to own my blog, and to have written my eBook, in lovely Savusavu, Fiji.

Travel bloggers, to make money blogging you’ll need to learn what works and what doesn’t work on the:

  • Branding front
  • Traffic generating front
  • Design front
  • Monetizing front

Once you learn those lessons offer your blog coaching services. Many other bloggers are dying to know how to grow a successful blog.

Folks want to live their dreams. Help them to do so.

Affiliate marketing bloggers, blogging tips bloggers, SEO bloggers, and any blogger on earth, can offer this income stream, to monetize intelligently.

After enjoying the heck out of writing reviews and helping clients I went live with my page today, to make it official.

This one may take a bit of time because before you can offer an opinion of what works, you’ll need to have success with your blog and you’ll also need to see hundreds and thousands of blogs, observing what works, and what doesn’t.

No worries though. If you’re here, you may as well learn a skill, succeed, and help others succeed by offering a valued service.

Of course, contact me if you want to discuss rates, for my blog coaching or for my ghostwriting services.


Affiliate Marketing


I’m an affiliate for Hootsuite Pro (read my review). You should be an affiliate too, if you use the product, feel passionate about it and just know that it would improve the lives of your readership.

Affiliate marketing requires you to use a product. Understand how it works. If you dig it, sell the product as an affiliate to folks who’d dig it too.

I’m the Blogging from Paradise guy. I need to save time more than most bloggers on earth because I’m usually traveling somewhere every 1 to 3 months or so.

Kelli and I chatted about our trip to Bali in about 6 weeks. We’ll fly from Labasa to Nadi, Fiji, we’ll spend 1 day on the big island, then we’ll fly from Nadi to Sydney the next day.

We’ll spend the day in Sydney, then off to Bali the following afternoon at 5 PM. We’ll land in Bali late, then we’ll drive for a few hours from the airport to Ubud.

If Hootsite Pro ain’t saving me 2 to 3 hour’s worth of time – and it has, and continues to do so – I’d be doomed during these types of travel episodes.

Travel bloggers, blogging tips bloggers, all bloggers: become an affiliate. Monetize your blog from an effective space.


Two Notes


Each monetizing channel MUST be in full alignment with your brand and your blog. I’ll only make money by offering you an inspired service, product or eBook that I know will change your life as it’s changed mine.

I’d never do something to “make money” on this blog. I do things to inspire you, and of course, since I’m a pro blogger with 5 years worth of experience, and since I continue to give away eBooks’ worth of free information on this blog, each week, I accept money as an exchange for my professional services.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, know this: the chief monetizing factor on your blog is your content.

Here’s how it works: somebody will visit my blog. They may say to self “Sh*t , that guy can write!” Then they click on my ghostwriting page, and hire me because we’re a match….or they may chat with me, to see if we’re a match.

Or they buy my eBook because my content inspired them.

Ditto on blog coaching. My first client read my eBook and was so inspired by my story, my skills, and heck, my blog, that they wanted to pay me, to review their blog.

(If you want to read a travel blogger who really has it together on the content creation and branding front, visit my friend Rambling Mandie’s blog)

Yep, they dug my coaching services, and a business idea/monetizing stream was born.

Create really good, problem solving, inspired content, and your eBooks become much easier to buy. Clients will seek you out and folks will buy your affiliate products because they trust you.

You gave away GOBS of top flight content for free, so now folks want to pay you, for your services and skills.

Which means, get to learning and honing those skills right now, my blogging buddies!


Your Turn

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How do you monetize your blog?

Are you struggling to monetize your blog?

What streams can you add to this list?

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  1. Bharat, sponsored posts work pretty dang well. I have accepted a few here – 1 in particular netted me a quick $150 which was neat – because they vibed with my overall theme. Some folks thought make a boo boo; they accept any sponsored post which flows down the road, even if they don’t really vibe with it…and that’s a No No. Selling products like eBooks? I have a few eBooks….LOL…..123, I love writing and selling them because they are authority builders to the max. Affiliate stuff works A-OK and now I’m diving into courses. If you’re having fun creating the income streams you’ll do nicely. Thank you, and have a fabulous day!

  2. Hii,

    I’ve found the best way to make money blogging is to do sponsored posts, and selling a product like an eBook on your own blog.

    I have not done much affiliate marketing on my own blog but did on retail sites I once had and it did work pretty well there.

    Thanks for your tips – I may play around with a few of them and have a great day.

  3. How so Ceci?

  4. Cecilia Diez Says:

    Hi Ryan!
    We would like to monetize your Blog. Please contact me.


  5. Max, you could definitely be a ghostwriter. Your style is yours, and I know it would resonate with audiences around the globe. Monetizing seems so tricky but if we get clearer and clearer on our audience, and, why we’re blogging, the cash flows in as we work on our skill set. Selz is the best, right? Your eBooks are all over the place! Can’t wait to see the next one Max. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  6. maxwell ivey Says:

    hi ryan; thanks for another solid post. we all have struggles with generating income from our blogs. i haven’t really thought all that much about ghost writing. I wonder if I could since my writing style is well mine. thanks for telling me about selz. hope to also get my ebook on amazon soon. i have it on nook press but i didn’t have to get much help. amazon’s submission process is lots scarier to me. i need to get working on my next ebook and on some videos for the existing one. thanks for sharing these great ideas, Max

  7. Heidi, you’re running a first class blog over there. I’ve no doubts you’ll continue to prosper through increasing income streams. BTW: I absolutely LOVE your Chiang Mai series of posts. It’s like home away from home fr Kelli and I. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  8. Love it Ryan!
    We are slowly figuring it all out and exactly what works for our brand and readers. We have 2 ebooks, affiliates and just started coaching packages to go along with our Live in Spain ebook. Little bits here and there are the key. Now we just need to keep doing more and hopefully it will grow. Sponsored posts were good to us about a year ago and have dwindled to pretty much nothing now.

  9. Hi Martina, I’d work on that mental block 😉 Selling is easier when you get fully clear on how wonderful you are, how talented you are, and heck, you know how to write! You’ll be a stunning eBook authoring success, believe that. Thanks so much 🙂

  10. Martina Says:

    Hey Ryan 🙂

    I’m trawling your archive tonight… I do that every now and then haha.

    I think this post is interesting, but I’m not really sure how to apply it to myself, tbh. I think your ebooks sell so well partly because you’re selling a how-to, whereas the sell isn’t quite so simple for a straight-travel blogger. I’m planning on doing a little ebook at some point along similar lines to Steph at Twenty-Something Travel, but it’s one of those things that I don’t think will work until I have an audience, because at this stage, no one is interested in me yet. (ok, a few people are interested, and it’s growing, but slowly-slowly…)

    And as for coaching services – well, as you know, I’m more at the point where I need coaching services rather than being able to offer them, lol.

    Freelance writing is definitely something I’m going to be looking into though. And I’ve had another services idea that I’m fiddling with… I want to try to offer other professional services on a freelance basis, the things I’m trained to do – project management strategies, risk mitigation, stuff like that. Problem is, the people who would want those things aren’t the audience of my travel blog. And even worse, the people who I’d be most interested in doing those things for – NGOs and NFPs – are the people least able to pay. So it’s a conundrum. My best paying skills aren’t on brand, my audience aren’t interested in my skills, and my client base are strapped for cash.

    But I’m going to keep fiddling with the puzzle and work out how to fit the pieces together somehow. 🙂 Haha – that’s for the opportunity to lay it all out for myself. It’s funny how posts like this can make you reflect tangentially…

    Moce mada 🙂

  11. Paul that really is key. So happy you’re traveling down that road. If you can stay true to you, and simply stay aligned, magic will happen for you. I’ve no doubts you’ll do great at generating incomes because you’re being honest and authentic. Will do, and you too when you visit 🙂

  12. Paula Says:

    Very timely post and very generous of you sharing what you know so well. We are now seriously in the throes of getting an income generated from our site. There appears to be many paths that you can go down – but which ones are the the most time effective and one’s that I will enjoy doing is the big question. I think that you have helped me clarify a few things and also given me others to think about. One important point that you made that is important to us – is to stay true to our brand, which is ourselves. Enjoy Bali, we will be there for a month in Jan/Feb.

  13. Hi Akash, There are so many prospering ways to monetize if you churn out helpful content. Thanks much 🙂

  14. Akash Says:

    Now a days Aff. Marketing is Top, but eBook sell is also a profitable for someone who know how to write magnetic line, probably you (Ryan Biddulph) know that very well. still learning form you bro..

  15. Hi Amy, 5 eBooks, awesome! Keep churning them out as they are wonderful branding and monetizing tools. Thanks so much.

  16. Amy Hagerup Says:

    HI Ryan, I just read your post at Jane Sheeba’s site but there was no way to comment because Disqus wasn’t working. So I hopped over here and found this post.

    I was wondering what you would say are four ways to monetize in less than a minute and a half but you delivered! I have written 5 ebooks that are on kindle, but I need to keep writing and get more on there.

    The other thing I need to do is comment more on blogs in my niche.

    I’ll be back. Thanks for the tips. Amy

  17. Kate, definitely promote those services so we can know what you do. Thanks so much.

  18. Kate Says:

    Hello, Ryan!
    That’s a really awesome information! Great tips how to promote your ghoswriting services! I guess it is really worth doing that. It helps you not only to gain extra money, but gives a good incentive to improve your skils, make a good relationships with clients and build up a good reputation. Yeah, it takes time to reach a real acme of skills like you’ve reached in your blogging career. It is the direction I am going to move on. Thanks!

  19. Jens, consulting work is great. Oh yes, feel free to chat with me about that, I’ll be here 😉 Thanks so much.

  20. Hi Ryan,

    No wonder why you’re successful. I still don’t have a strategy on how to monetize my blog. I do earn some by being an affiliate, but I haven’t applied a good strategy yet. I’m earning my money working for clients, I’m a consultant.

    I’ve been considering hiriing a ghostwriter, now I know where to look 🙂


  21. Hi Andrew, You’re qualified 😉 Start your service, you’ll rock it out. There’s no set time per se, but it’s usually a year or so into your career, IF you’re learning at a rapid pace, gaining experience and you know you’re doing the right, high energy things, so you can offer accurate advice. Thanks so much.

  22. Hi Dennis, Persistent, smart work makes your blogging engine go. Thanks so much for stopping by, and see you soon!

  23. Andrew Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Really useful and practical tips here. In regards to coaching services, I feel as though I have alot to offer as a coach or a blogging consultant but my question is this. Is there a certain amount of years, or time, needed in blogging to do it and have people look at you and say “yea, he seems like he’ll have great information and would be someone to learn from”?

    I’m asking this because I’ve been blogging for about a year now yet has been online for 2 and I’ve learned alot in that time frame.

    The eBook thing, any type of Information Product I agree with is a great idea. Congrats on your eBook again.

    – Andrew

  24. hey Ryan,
    You have listed some amazing points here. Great post and very informative. I think that this is a great post especially for newbie bloggers or anyone else who may be under the impression that making money online by blogging will be easy. I myself am new to blogging, but I am already well aware of the fact that it will take hard work to become a successful blogger..I liked this article because it is very informative ..nice effort ..must say … i was reading an article about almost the same topic..it was quite relevant and well written … a newbie like me just need these kind of information.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us. Keep the good work up!!!
    Good Luck

  25. Hi Rohan, Actually I didn’t make much with Adsense. Maybe if I set up channels it’d align/fit with my blog/brand, but for now I’ll stick to my current channels. Thanks so much.

  26. Hi Ryan,

    Ghost writing service is indeed the best one out there for everyone who can write epic posts. Many people are looking for great posts and I am inspired to offer one on my blog too. Thanks man.

    Being an affiliate suits you as your are the blogging superstar. I was just wondering didn’t Adsense work for you as it was in your old blog. Just curious buddy.

    I have said it many times, but still you trigger me to say this every time, you are Awesome. 🙂

  27. Rohit, I appreciate that. We can all prosper through blogging by getting super clear on why we are blogging. Thanks much.

  28. True enough here Ola. Consulting is a fun way to prosper. Thanks much.

  29. Hey Chery, great to see you. Yep I finally got the coaching thing going after waffling for too long. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  30. Olayinka Says:

    Being a coach to your readers and affiliates marketer is the most best strategy i love must..

    Make your self available for hours and get paid for the consultant from your client will make your more living the life of the living dotcom and affiliates business is another way to quickly make money from your site.

  31. Rohit Singh Says:

    Yes Ryan making money from blogs specially for beginner bloggers is very tough unless they become authority in their niche and develop strong reader base and I like the way you are providing your services to make money at the same time helping others to kick start their business, Best of luck Ryan for your future plannings

  32. Hello Ryan, Wow it seems like it has been forever since I have visited you here.. This article is filled with such great information Ryan and of course your vide Rocks.

    I have always wondered why you didn’t have some sort of coaching going on, I thought it was because of your traveling LOL

    Congrats my friend, I know you are going to be an Awesome Coach..

    Thanks for sharing.. XOXO Chery :))

  33. Thanks much Geet.

  34. Geet Says:

    Yes it is sure now-a-days quality has more importance rather than quantity. So if you would like to see your blog on top then try out those valuable things step by step which is said by expert like this blog and try to find out awesome community.

  35. Donna thanks so much! Deeply appreciated and I know you’re an experienced coach so I’ll keep an eye out for your updates.

  36. Woohoo Mandie, looking forward to your eBook! Thanks so much for the congrats, and for the awesome comment too. You’re spot on point about ghostwriting is well taken. Know your worth and charge it. Thanks again Mandie.

  37. Hey Ryan,

    These tips you have given to monetize your blog are spot on! You clearly stated some sage advice in your video!

    I agree that if one is just starting to blog and puts up a bunch of ads on their sidebar, its not going to do much at all. Maybe some pennies. But if you are out there for a while, advertisers will come to you and then one can make the choice of how much they want to charge.

    I get them in my email all the time. But I don’t want to advertize things but my own stuff right now.

    What is more exiting to me is that you are now coaching! (clapping hands) I went over to your coaching link and commented. I know you will be a great coach because of all your experience. Plus you have a great energy that people will be attracted to.

    So, as I raise my glass to you…Cheers!


  38. Actually Brittany I may have visited once or twice; the site is live, right? Could have been a similar site. I LOVE your dream! I know it’s coming into form.

  39. Vernon, well said on ads, and your blogging expertise. Once you share something inspiring, you can monetize through so many channels, and I know the guided tour channel is so prospering for you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  40. Hi Jane, Super prospering channels here. It took me a while too, to get the ball rolling….and keeping those multiple streams open is the prospering way to go. Thanks so much for sharing.

  41. Hi Don, Thanks so much for keeping my services in mind, to refer to folk 😉 Your blog would monetize easily but the clarity thing is so key. As long as you feel awesome using your blog as a content central for your thriving business you’re probably all set. Thanks so much, and have a great weekend.

  42. Hi Linda, Agreed on the ads. For me, it’s an eBook, and simple, clean looking Hootsuite Pro. Ads need to align 100% for me to feel clear about them. Excited to see your new eBooks! Thanks so much.

  43. Hi Regi, Thanks so much. Those social shares count a good deal as our vibe surrounding our posts improves too.

  44. Ash you make a good point, both with the sponsored posts and the selfies 😉 Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

  45. Ash Says:

    I’m sure selling an ebook skyrocketed your other sources, people now see you as an authority even if platforms like amazon kindle make everyone an author nowadays.

    I don’t know what it is with travel bloggers and sponsored posts, anytime I see a sponsored post I cannot help but think their review isn’t as genuine and when you see a travel blog full of sponsored posts and almost nothing else it looks a little off.

    Ps: never seen so many selfies on one blog before 🙂

  46. Reginald Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing this man. Totally appreciate it. Seeing the side bar count for social shares already mean something man.

    I think you are more than just smart! But hey, keep up the good work! Definitely learning from you man.

    Talk soon!

  47. Linda Bibb Says:

    Great timing, Ryan. Dan and I are about to redesign our blog and have been discussing different monetizing strategies. Every one of your suggestions is a gold mine, in the right hands.

    We haven’t bothered to run ads on our site because to us, they clutter up the space. Anyway, it takes a lot of traffic to generate significant income, so not worth it IMO.

    We do have a few affiliate links, but we’ve been focusing on ebooks lately. Distractions abound, however, and I may resort to hiring a ghostwriter to finish it, just so I can start marketing it.

    Tweeting this through Triberr.

  48. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    As you know my blog is not driven by advertising or money, it’s there to show business owners and executives my knowledge to add credibility and validation and give them a reason to buy my coaching, consulting or web design/development services.

    I have earned more money in the last three months because of my blog hands down than through any other means. Over and over again it validates my competency and skill set.

    With that said, even though I’m not your ideal target market you’re exposing me to new ideas and concepts. I’ve been in the online world for ten years but always in the context of small and medium sized US businesses.

    I have never thought once minute about monetizing my blog because of the type of business I have. However, I’m thinking twice now about how much money might I be leaving on the table and is it even a good idea for me? I tend to think it’s not and would need more persuasion based on my business strategies, goals and objectives.

    That’s why knowing your business is so important, right?

    I’m going through your coaching services and I will be thinking of you as a referral as I come across prospects and clients that need what you’re offering.

    I hope you have an amazing finish to your week Ryan! Thanks for exposing me to new thoughts and ideas!

    ~ Don Purdum

  49. Jane Says:

    Powerful tips here Ryan 🙂 I am currently practising all these methods and have found enormous success. Initially I have tried countless ways to make money; you know when I was a desperate newbie. Now I stick to the following:

    1. Coaching services
    2. Web design, hosting, website maintenance and other services that branched out from my coaching services as I wanted to help my clients with getting those things done (that I suggest them to do in my coaching sessions :)) – and this turned out to be a successful side startup Best Hosting and Design
    3. Affiliate marketing
    4. Advertisements – thankfully I get good paying offers for my tech startup.

    But it took me quite a while to get clarity and identify these smart income generating streams! Before identifying these gems I had to sift through a lot of mud. But it was worth it!

    It is important to maintain diversity (at least to some extent) in the variety of income generating streams – just to play it safe. And also to make sure you don’t have either all “active” ways or all “passive” ways on making income 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Ryan 🙂

  50. Vernon Says:

    There are many bloggers who get stuck in a rut and think there is only one way to monetize a blog. I think one of the most important things to do is to see what business skills you have.

    Writing is a much needed skill.but there are many more. In some ways I consider myself a professional blogger. I get a lot of clients contact me because I blog, and make huge amounts of money from just one client. This despite a tiny but focused group of readers.

    I think you’re very right. Ads seem easy. You just write and the ads pay. The reality is, the amount of traffic you need to make money from ads is going to be much more work than writing an ebook or running a real business through the blog.

    Great post.


  51. Ryan,

    Thanks for being so transparent about your income generating strategy. I’m a big believer in ghostwriting/freelancing. I started my company for that reason, have we talked about NerdyGirl yet? I’m pretty stoked about it. I’d love to chat with you about your freelancing experiences sometime.

    I hope you get a chance to read the comment I left on your guest post on Don’s blog, I told you my secret dream there =)


  52. Daayur thanks much.

  53. Hi KC, yep as we’ve learned anybody with a desire to work intelligently can rock this out. Thanks much, here’s to some prospering 🙂

  54. My pleasure Nathan. Yep that term works pretty well, although any one which vibes with you rocks. Thanks so much.

  55. Thomas, awesome! 15 K sounds about right. Break it down by day, and it becomes much easier. Let me know when your eBook goes live, OK?

  56. Thomas Says:


    Thank you for this article. I’ve been working to get my e-book started but never feel like I’m making enough progress. 15,000 words is a perfect goal to set and your recommendation of doing 500-1000 a day is an attainable goal. I’ll be able to continue making the strides I need on my blog while getting the e-book done at the same time.

    I look forward to more of your posts as I’m always satisfied. Thanks again for showing me that it is possible and can be done!

  57. Hi Ryan.

    Great tips as always. I don’t know why I never thought of using “freelance writer” as a term for my writing services. I must do that when I rebuild my website.

    All the best with the coaching services!


  58. daayur Says:

    evrything posted here are just too real and information add lot of values

  59. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    You give some excellent tips here that are particularly helpful for the travel blogger who wants to do this over the long-term and fund their lifestyle with their blog. But, as with everything on this site, your tips are applicable to anyone who wants to run a successful blog no matter what they plan on doing with the rest of their life, or the money they make.
    I am sure your coaching services will be a rousing success!

  60. Hi Emmy, Yep both are awesome income streams for growing, prospering bloggers. Thanks so much for sharing.

  61. Very smart tips here, Ryan! And I’m not just saying that because of the shout out. 😉

    I think a mistake that every beginner blogger makes is to go Google “how to monetize your blog” and then end up following tips that are several years old. Sure, for awhile everyone was all about the sponsored posts, but now days you’re going to be in trouble if you’re counting on those to be your bread & butter. Same goes for advertising, because until you have about 15,000 unique visitors a month, it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to pay off for you.

    At first I was shocked at how much money you can actually make ghostwriting, but the truth is that writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there are a lot of people out there who would much rather hire someone than churn out the content themselves. I used to have my rates set far too low until I realized just how valuable my services actually are. If you’re a good writer, never underestimate how much you’re worth. I still get more freelance web design work than I do writing, but I think I’m going to focus on shamelessly promoting my writing services a bit more, as it gives me less of a headache. Haha

    Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to go, but like you say, it MUST align with your branding & core values or you will come off as just a pushy salesperson. Yuck. I’m a HootSuite girl myself and I’ll sing their praises because they genuinely save me time. Same with Amazon – I have a near-shameful online shopping habit, which I’m happy to share. Lol

    An eBook is my November project, so I’m mentally bookmarking your advice until then.

    AND…major congrats on your coaching service launch! The page looks AWESOME! I have no doubt your roster is going to fill up in no time. In fact, I may have to hire you to walk me through my re-branding, since you just did such a fantastic job of it.

    Keep up the amazing work!


  62. Emmanuel Says:

    Hello Ryan,

    I do hope this comment of mine will go through because most my comments get an error after hitting the post comment button.

    I think one thing about the monetization methods which is now getting lots of attention is now affiliate marketing but ebook writing and selling is something which ought to be taken seriously as well.

    Thanks for this and I was expecting your thought on my latest blogging ministers.

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