6 Tips for Someone Starting a Sneaker Blog

  June 30, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

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(Updated 6/30/2021)


Quorites ask.


I answer.


Someone asked for tips on starting a sneaker blog. Kicks are big these days. I know; I followed basketball for decades. Playing basketball and being an avid fan tuned me into the sneaker game.


As recently as 2019, consumers on average spent almost $200 on a pair of sneakers. I recall begging my parents for $120 to buy a pair of Nikes for my high school basketball team. People drop bucks on kicks.


Starting a sneaker blog gives consumers a resource for picking the right pair of kicks for them.


You can fill a real need by delving into sneakers and discussing the latest fads but you need to have a tight plan in place in order to make it work.


Follow these tips for starting a sneaker blog.


Buy Your Domain and Hosting


Own your sneaker online real estate. Buy your domain and hosting. Blog the right way. Max out branding and monetizing potential. Be smart. Owning your domain and hosting buys you some credibility.


Buy your domain and hosting to avoid getting kicked off a free blogging platform. Free platform owners can and do close out blogs for a wide range of reasons. Avoid this unpleasant problem bloggers suffer by using free platforms. Invest money in owning your domain. Buy hosting. Own your online real estate.


Sneaker bloggers stand out with clear branding. Own your blog to build a genuine brand. Branded sneaker blogs rise above the competition because brands become memorable in a world of frequent sneaker releases.


Pictures Please


Kicks blogs are all about big, shiny, eye-popping images. Do it right; invest in a good camera or ensure your phone camera rocks and begin snapping images. Sure you can buy premium images online but snapping your own shots of the latest footwear adds a genuine angle to your blog. Readers love genuine. Big time.


Snap photos on sunny days, outside, in most cases. Indoor snaps work OK but natural – aka sun – lighting beats all other forms of lighting, for ensuring your sneakers are the focal point of the show.


Phuket, Thailand


Are you on a tight budget? I understand how not everybody can buy a pair of kicks to review every 1-2 months, or even, during less frequent time frames. Simply purchase premium sneaker images online to brand yourself effectively and and to emit a loud and clear, professional message.


Invest in your blogging success. Purchase new sneakers or premium images to convey a professional brand image.


Content Makes Kicks Irresistible


Do you want to drive serious traffic to your sneaker blog? Content makes the kicks go around. Create helpful content involving reviews, lists and other posts designed to increase engagement.


Publish in-depth content to drive search engine traffic. Sneaker heads often turn to Google to get the latest news on releases. Creating detailed posts spanning 1500 words or longer increases your chances of ranking on page 1 of Google. The Google algorithm resonates with thorough content. Share what you know in detailed fashion to drive targeted, passive traffic to your blog.


Do not rush the posting process. Add as many as details as possible to blog posts. Publish in-depth reviews. Share rich opinion pieces. Perhaps sneaker reviews do not yield 1000’s upon 1000’s of words to get the job done but writing at least 1500 words 1-2 times weekly positions your blog to appear on Google.


Valuable content gains you credibility.  Over deliver to distance yourself from other sneaker bloggers.


Content Ideas


  • publish sneaker reviews
  • delve into the history of specific sneaker lines
  • post high quality images with all blog posts


Network with Other Sneaker Bloggers


Rise above the fear of competition to co-create your way to the top. Be creative and cooperative, versus being competitive. Blogging fools go against. Wise, successful, prospering bloggers work with other bloggers by co-promoting other bloggers. Comment genuinely on sneaker blogs. Promote other sneaker bloggers on social media and through your blog.


Be generous. Make tons of friends by engaging in genuine blogger outreach. Watch these friends mushroom your presence and add to your credibility. Work together, not against one another, to see the greatest success online.


Manual Antonio, Costa Rica.


Eradicate the idea of competition from your mind. Bloggers live in abundance. Stop going against sneaker bloggers. Be for bloggers. Work with bloggers. Co-create with bloggers in your niche to expand each other’s presence exponentially.


Comment genuinely on top sneaker blogs. Publish detailed, personalized comments to bond with fellow bloggers. Blogging buddies who:


  • promote you on their blogs
  • endorse you to their communities
  • share your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook


Expand your reach and increase your blogging profits.


Give freely to receive easily. Help bloggers. Cut the strings of expectation. Gain the trust of fellow sneaker bloggers. Get connected. Amplify your blogging success.


Networking Ideas


  • open comments on your sneaker blog to foster a sense of community among readers, fellow bloggers and yourself
  • comment genuinely on top sneaker blogs
  • promote sneaker bloggers via social media
  • mention sneaker bloggers on your blog


Invest in Blogging Teaching Materials


Invest in simple, powerful blogging training materials to learn how to blog successfully. Certain blogging rules apply across all blogging niches. Create, connect, be generous, monetize through multiple streams of income.  Courses, eBooks and other training materials simply drill these points home on the regular for review, study and for you to use, to carve your own success.


Purchase courses and eBooks to cut your blogging learning curve. Blogging about sneakers is a nuanced skill consisting of various skill sets. Investing in premium resources helps you bridge the gap between offering your opinion about sneakers and becoming a professional sneaker blogger.


Monetize through Multiple Income Streams


Monetize through multiple streams of income. Do as prospering bloggers do. Adding streams of income simply allows you to profit freely….over time. Consider being an Amazon Associate – aka affiliate – to profit via sneakers and related accessories you can sell through your blog, via Amazon. Feel free to be an affiliate on other networks but know that Amazon is A1, the Top Dawg, for its sheer volume of products available.


Write and self-publish eBooks on kicks, via Amazon Kindle. Profit while accessing a massive customer base.


Consider starting a YouTube channel, doing reviews, or just showing off sneakers, and open a Google Adsense account.


Be generous, patient and persistent. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Success never unfolds over night but if you generously help folks and trust in the blogging process, you will see increasing sneaker blogging success over the long haul.


Monetizing Ideas



Bonus Tip


Follow top sneaker blogs to learn from the best.


Pay close attention to how professional sneaker bloggers lay out their blog, from design to user experience to branding. Success leaves obvious clues.


Never copy a top sneaker blogger in terms of their writing voice or blog design. But adopt certain elements you resonate with you learn from the best.


Note; most top sneaker bloggers post a high volume of high resolution images to grab your attention. Revisit tip #2 to stress the importance of investing in premium sneaker images in conveying a professional brand image.


Sneaker blogs have a similar feel to fashion blogs but this largely male and sports dominated crowd needs a different approach. Observe professional sneaker bloggers to learn how to better connect with your target audience.




Turn your passion for sneakers into a profitable online business.


Follow your fun by following these simple blogging tips persistently.

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