Blogging for Fun and Profit: 7 Tips

  January 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
blogging for fun and profit

From my trip to Vietnam.


Blogging for fun and profit is not rocket science.


Blog your fun. Monetize. Do what you love to do. Make the work the reward. Fall in love with the process of helping people through blogging. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Allow yourself to tune into abundance. Allow blogging profits to flow to you.


Logically this makes sense.


Emotionally this feels uncomfortable to own. People tend to believe blogging for profit involves:



versus having fun and profiting.


Writing from personal experience, letting go narratives concerning hard work being the only way to make money has been maddening at times. But slowly and surely, I am fully accepting the truth that having fun and making money through blogging is the way to go.


I am currently deleting thousands of low quality posts on Blogging From Paradise. All are good but none are great. I held onto these posts because a part of me believed hard work yielded greater blogging success. However, facing, feeling and releasing fears in my mind reveals fun, smart, targeted work producing great, high quality, detailed content promotes blogging success.


Blogging For Fun And Profit


Blogging for fun and profit is simple; follow your passion and just add income streams.


Be with fears arising any time you choose to blog for fun versus working hard to achieve some blogging outcome. Rest assured, fears arise in the ego but facing, feeling and releasing each of these fears dissolves the blogging obstacles which goads you to blog for fun and profit, once again.


Your job is to accelerate your success from day #1 by being an entrepreneur who blogs. Think like a business person. Blog. Prosper.


Successful bloggers; monetize now. Most successes chose to be pros a long time ago. Some of you with huge, loyal followings have not monetized for one reason or another. Monetize now. You live a worldly life. Monetizing leads to more money and you use money living a worldly life.



A1: Blog Your Fun


Pick a blogging niche mainly on your passion.


Be sure to tie the passion to solving some pressing problem.


Do a little bit of market research to guarantee that your fun blogging campaign yields some demand.


Proceed to blog your fun.


Do not bother blogging unless you have fun blogging. Otherwise, you will almost certainly struggle, fail and quit.


Passion fuels the long, sometimes challenging blogging journey. Having fun makes the blogging work feel like the blogging reward. Traffic, profits and popularity feel like bonuses. Embodying this passion-seeking blogging mindset fuels you for a long blogging career.


Practical Tips


  • list a few blogging niches you feel passionate about
  • research to gauge demand for these niches
  • pick a niche that feels fun to work and also solves some pressing problem suffered by people


1: Monetize Today


Monetize your blogging now.


Pick one income stream. Open it up now.


Successful bloggers with big, loyal tribes have zero difficultly monetizing. Loyal readers bought in to you and now buy your stuff and hire you.


Edge through fears related to monetizing your blog. Feel the fear of rejection. Hug the fear of losing readers. Be with the fear of being criticized. Proceed to monetize your blog.


Practical Tips


  • decide to monetize your blog now
  • knife through fears related to monetizing your blog


2: Work on Your Blogging Mindset


Feasting on successful blogger advice inspires you to be clear on monetizing. Pay close attention to bloggers who goad you to work on your blogging mindset. Go within. Change the without by strengthening your mental muscle.


Think like a success. Blog like a success. Own your tribe and own your finances too. Work on your blogging mindset.


Money responds to your feelings related to money. Strengthen your mind to become more attractive to money. Get rid of hang-ups concerning earning blogging profits. Let go fears related to profiting online.


Think, feel and act abundantly to develop a money mindset. Increase blogging profits by tuning your mind in to blogging profits.


Practical Tips


  • meditate
  • do Kriya yoga
  • do yin yoga
  • engage in high energy prayer


Consider the above rituals to strengthen your mindset.


3: Add One Income Stream Every 3-6 Months


Or add 2 blogging income streams every few months.


From my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


Add income streams to amplify your success. Income streams mean little; these are just receiving channels. Successful bloggers know how opening multiple streams of income allows for greater blogging profits. Plus you gain clarity opening multiple income channels; readers pick 1, 2 or 3 income channels thru which to prosper you and you feel even more confident in your monetizing campaign.


Do not obsess over adding income channels indefinitely. Consider capping income streams after you hit 6-8; at least for a bit. Be less concerned with opening a large number of income streams and more focused on creating and connecting generously to lay the foundation for a prospering blogging campaign.


Income Stream Ideas


  • engage in affiliate marketing
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • create online courses
  • sell advertising space
  • sell sponsored posts
  • coach
  • consult


Once again; perhaps you cap income channels at 3, 4 or 5 for a number of years. Greedily adding income channels does not increase blogging profits. However, intuitively feeling through the right time to add channels can open you up to greater abundance. Trust your gut to gain inner guidance.


4: Do Money Homework


Boost your blogging profits from the inside-out.


Feel you are a magnet to money. Money loves you.


Money homework involves investing in resources and watching YouTube videos and being whatever you be to resonate with money and success.


Keep your focus on the Invisible to make things visible. Money flows out of the ethers. This is next level stuff. Few bloggers delve into the science of money but the few who do are the freest blogging birds on earth. Follow these folks. Be successful and wealthy.


Admittedly, being clear on this step feels uncomfortable. Money seems elusive in many regards for all fears we seem impressed with growing up. But facing, feeling and release fears related to money allows more profits to find you through your blog.


Having personally worked like a blogging beast to net scant profits for vast stretches of my blogging career, developing a money mindset boosts profits but working hard with a poverty mindset brings poverty. First, attune your mind to riches. Then get busy working to help people. Prosper by thinking, feeling and acting abundantly.


Video: I Am Money


5: Count All Blogging Wins


Gain monetizing momentum. Profit by counting all blogging wins.


Focus on your recent 10 blogging wins. Every single gain is a win. Everything is success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows, giving you greater and greater blogging success which pours into your blogging income.




I thought about the 44,000 visitors I drive monthly to Blogging From Paradise as of a few years ago when I originally wrote and published this post. I felt good. I felt successful. I saw someone bought my eBook. Someone else reviewed another eBook of mine. Focusing on these wins positions me to win more because where our attention and energy goes, grows.


Count your blogging wins today to allow your success to bleed into your monetizing campaign.


6: Take the Seamless Way


What do you have most fun doing blogging-wise? How can you monetize it?


I love writing. I write and self-publish eBooks. I also enjoy writing blog posts; naturally, I write and publish more detailed, in-depth posts these days.


From my trip to Qatar.


Capitalize on your blogging success. Log your skills. Figure out how to profit on those skills. Having mad skills and a huge, loyal following makes it easier to profit. People love the freemium and buy the premium.


The moment an income stream feels heavy drop it like a hot potato. Let go tension to make way for ease of profiting.


7: Fuel Your Success with Your Dreams


Profiting bloggers keep their dreams front and center. Keeping your dreams front and center fuels your success journey because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Blogging feels fun to you. The work is play. The work is the reward. Profits flow in as you inspire people to live their dreams by sharing your dreams and focusing on your dreams. Hyper successful bloggers are major league dreamers. This crowd moves above the competitive plane and exits survival mode, profiting freely.


Ryan Biddulph, High Peaks Wilderness Area, New York

High Peaks Wilderness Area, New York


You are succeeding now.


Just add income streams to profit.


Allow your dreams to guide you through the maze of blogging obstacles every blogger faces. Let freedom beat fear. Allow passion to overcome problems.


Everything is in your mind.


Dream big dreams to hop scotch over blogging resistance.




Blogging for fun and profit is genuinely a mindset game.


Being present for your fears manifesting as mental blocks creates the space necessary to thrive as a blogger. More than anything, facing, feeling and releasing fears frees you to have fun while you prosper.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


How do you blog for fun and profit?


Or are you struggling to profit while you have fun blogging?

    at 2:26 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    Great Tips you shared for all bloggers to monetize their blogs. Great Tips to follow for all.
    I like the idea of deleting low quality posts from our blogs i too have several low quality ones which i published in the initial stages. Now, when I go thru i feel like what crappy stuff those are! As you said All are good but none are great. Ha, ha, what a coincidence!
    Thanks Ryan
    Phil from pvariel dot com
    Hyderabad, India.

  2. Richard Vall says:
    at 12:42 am

    Hi Ryan, very useful thoughts 🙂 I’m just wondering why you decided to delete the old posts and how you chose which ones to delete?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:00 am

      Hi Richard 🙂 I let my intuition guide me. For example, I will scroll through my backoffice and instantly feel the urge to delete certain posts based on my gut. However, based on the blog post title type, post popularity from comments to social shares and my memory as to post word length I also felt nudges to delete posts. For example, I am deleting most posts I know to be 600 words for these are good but not great. I am also deleting posts not generating comments or social shares because readers do not enjoy or benefit from each, largely. But my intuition guided me to decide on these parameters. I also felt a gut pull to trash all topical posts not evergreen in nature and helpful for our community. Thanks for reading and asking!

      • Richard Vall says:
        at 10:10 am

        Thank you, Ryan. Your insights are valuable to me. My blog is very young and the idea of deleting any post seems to me very painful. But, it’s worth knowing that it’s normal practice to audit your blog and delete the most irrelevant articles.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 3:53 pm

        My pleasure Richard 🙂

  3. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 3:59 am

    Hi Ryan, Love this! I turned down a job the other day because I knew it was not for me. I’ve learned not to say yes to everything that comes my way. I love working on sponsored posts when I can change them up and add my own flair and SEO to them. I also love the clients I have that I manage social for. And my newest stream is my online class with another on the way 🙂
    The freedom of working on your own is incredible. Whether you get sick or want to have fun, you can always get away on your own time. Of course – loving what you do naturally motivates you. It takes time to get the mindset of how saying no can help you and your business grow 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:56 am

      Doing things from love versus fear of loss has a miraculous effect on our blogging campaigns Lisa. The good vibes we feel keep expanding our blogging success because everything is in mind. Feel it within. See it without. Turning down jobs that do not feel fun allows in jobs that feel fun. Success expands but more importantly, you enjoy peace of mind as you profit. Great job 🙂

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