How To Pick A Blogging Niche

August 15, 2017
Istanbul, Turkey.


2:45 AM.


Eye boogers in my peepers.


Kelli and I had just woken. In the rice fields. In Bali.


Up and at ’em. We had to be at the airport by 6 AM for a flight to Bangkok. So Bali Joe sent drivers to pick us up bright and early.


Bali Joe runs a thriving, highly successful transport aka taxi business on the Island of the Gods. He picked a tight niche; mid-range to more affluent Balinese tourists who appreciate professional service, safe driving, conveniently finding his services (on page 1 of Google) and a pleasant driving experience.


Bali Joe and his drivers are passionate about their business and niche. The enthusiasm bleeds down, through the organization, to each of his drivers. Passion made everything go and formed the foundation for his success.


Seeing his thriving business reminds me of how important it is to pick the right blogging niche for you.


As a blogger, picking the right niche can feel both confusing and exciting. One moment, scary and befuddling. The next, exciting and thrilling and freeing.


I want to help you pick the ideal blogging niche for you.


This is *not* your traditional niche-picking post. I share a few ideas that may seem as familiar to most bloggers as a Kardashian would feel familiar living the life of a cloistered nun. This post may feel alien to you because it involves little research into stats, customers, data, needs, wants, supply and demand. But it involves serious introspection, clarity-finding and the sometimes uncomfortable stuff that 99.99999% of bloggers never, ever do.


I have followed these tips to turn Blogging From Paradise into what it is today. You can follow these tips to successfully pick a blogging niche that aligns with your values, your passion, your love and your willingness to connect with and serve others who resonate with your niche.



1: Follow Your Fun


When picking a blogging niche you can look outside of yourself at raw data to solve a pressing need or you can choose a topic which feels incredibly fun to cover, then you can follow steps 2-5 to niche that sucker.


Looking outside of myself for a blogging niche felt robotic, clunky and boring to me. Because I wasn’t basing my blog on something I felt passionate about, but on something folks were struggling with. Did I want to devote my entire blogging career solving some problem I did not feel super passionate about? Or that wasn’t fun for me to solve?


Some bloggers have immense success doing heavy research, crunching numbers and doing market metrics as step #1 toward finding a blogging niche. More power to them. I however see blogging as an energy game first and foremost, and by picking a blogging topic that felt fun to me, and tying this passion to a reader problem and reader dream, I have created something special in Blogging From Paradise.


What feels most fun to you? Blog about it. Where does your passion lay? Blog about it. What do you love doing the most? Blog about it. That fun-passionate-loving energy makes you both unstoppable and irresistible. Obstacles will dissolve like cowardly wussies in your presence while stark-raving, rabid fans will gravitate toward your niche and follow you into the depths of hell, if you want to grow your email list through a publicity stunt (Biddulph and Beelzebub?).


Ask yourself this question: am I so excited, eager and totally in love with my blogging niche that 6 months from now I’d stay up until 3 AM in the morning to work my blog, even after I haven’t made a penny through blogging yet?


If you *honestly* answer “yes”, you have your niche. But you need to tie your passion to a pressing reader problem.


2: Pinpoint A Pressing Problem


I am a pretty passionate dude. But I rein in my passion to solve a specific problem.


You can blog about virtually anything on earth and succeed but you want to connect your love, your passion or your fun with a pressing reader problem.


The core pressing problem of my blogging niche: folks struggling to build a successful blog. I tie my passions for blogging and traveling into solving this issue.


The second you solve some pain point, problem or struggle your blog goes from a cyber diary to a solution, because instead of having blogging diarrhea of the mouth (running on and on for hours blogging solely about your passion) you rein in that passion to create a useful, valuable, practical post that solves another human being’s specific problem.



Brainstorm different problems you can solve through expressing your passion to pick a blogging niche. You should be able to find at least 1 core problem you can address by exploring your passion.


It’s not just about sackcloth, ashes and problems though….


3: Dig Deep To See A Delightful Dream


You have found your passion. Super duper.


You matched your blogging passion to a pressing problem. A pain point. Great.


Now it’s time to turn your niche reader’s suffering into success, to pick an inspired, uplifting niche.


Because if my blog and niche was only about alleviating pain I’d be doing my readers a great disservice. Do I want you to just get by, in Survival Mode, barely skating through life by slightly outrunning your most pressing probs?


Oh hell no!


Lizard. Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I want my readers to live their dreams. So I connect with my reader’s dreams by sharing images of myself living the globe trotting lifestyle. I also share smart blogging tips which lead to some awesome, fun-loving, happiness-inducing, joyous feelings when you follow these steps religiously.


Build your blogging niche around both the core problems and dreams of your readers. This helps you to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level, carving out your niche.


4: Talents? Experience? Are You Good Or Skilled At Something? Beware This Mistake


Beware, my little Sweet Robbins!


If I picked a blogging niche based on “whatΒ I was good/skilled/experienced at”, I’d have become a:


  • security guard blogger
  • inside sales blogger
  • janitorial blogger (I was on Texas Yule Log Patrol as a wee lad during my high school summers)
  • 1 of 34 other skills I honed over the years


I’d never have become a blogging tips blogger…..because I wasn’t good at sharing blogging tips when new to the online world.


Blog your passion. If your passion includes skills you have already developed, awesome. But if your skills are not part and parcel with your passion, let go the skills and focus on blogging your love.


5: Get Hyper Diaper Clear On Niche-ing Down


If you don’t niche down you will deal with the niche shit hitting the fan down the road.


People love specialists. Generalists? Not so much.


I created Blogging From Paradise based on a tight niche: folks who want to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Sure many non island hopping folks read my blog. Those hungry to gobble up smart blogging tips. And some sweet snaps of paradise. But any visitor to BFP instantly knows my target niche.


I recall Zac Johnson explaining a few weeks ago at Affiliate Summit East how you need to niche down, meaning ya pick a specific, tight niche of folks to blog for. This helps you to cover, to study and to flat out own that niche, inside-out, which benefits you and your readers, who are seeking a specialist devoting all of their attention and energy toward mastering 1 topic.


Example; let’s say that blogging about self-help floats your boat. Niche down from self-help to focus on coaching individuals who have an interest in a specific personal development niche.


My wife Kelli Cooper at Life Made to Order is a glowing example of someone who niched down effectively. She built a thriving blog by specifically targeting people who wanted to improve their lives by learning how to change their energy through the law of attraction. Kelli niched down to build a rocking blog that caters to a specific audience.


Your Turn


Are you having a tough time picking a blogging niche? How did you pick your niche? What tips can you add to this list?


The eBook


How to Pick the Right Blogging Niche



The eBooks


Woohoo! Being a really really really smart guy it only took me eons to create a Blogging From Paradise page listing all of my eBooks by category. You have been asking me what eBooks to buy to solve specific issues. I listened.


Now you can easily sort through my 100 plus eBooks and shop for solutions that best fit your needs.


Click this link to see a categorized list of my eBooks.


Categorized List of Blogging From Paradise eBooks




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  1. I dig your domain name Stefan πŸ˜‰ This feels confusing sometimes, or intimidating, but gaining clarity in what niche you choose helps fan the flames under that feeling of excitement and joy. Thanks for the tweet!

  2. Great Tips! Such a great information.

    I agree with you that ”As a blogger, picking the right niche can feel both confusing and exciting.”And I have always been facing problems with Picking a Blogging Niche and was trying to hire someone to help me.

    I will tweet your post. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Thanks a lot!


  3. Hmmm….I see those 2 ideas as mental blocks, or limiting beliefs, Saad πŸ˜‰ If you think carefully and patiently for days – which can be uncomfortable – you can niche down before creating your blog. I did it. No problem. But I had to release the mental block that it was tough, to do it.

    “Blogged out” is a mental block, a limiting belief, that is totally not true. Here’s why; ideas are limitless. No shortage there. But most bloggers are poor observers. Meaning, they allow fear to cloud their minds, and said fear suggests no blog post ideas in a tight niche, etc. But I can turn your comment into 4 blog posts. Like:

    1: How to Overcome Blogger’s Block

    2: How to Address Common Blogging Mental Blocks

    3: How to Niche Down Even if You Fear Niching Down

    4: How to Niche Down before Publishing Your First Blog Post

    All related to my niche too πŸ˜‰

    Thanks much for sharing.

  4. Saad Says:

    Well, to be very frank, “niching” down when it comes to blogging surely is a great tip but it’s easier said than done.

    In fact, you cannot decide straightaway (in most cases) what niche to adopt. You have to go through a process of trial and error before opting for a niche from which your blog can gain considerable traction.

    Secondly, the downside of niched blogging is that you get “blogged out” pretty easily. It’s very difficult to keep coming up with quality content at regular interval about just one topic.

    So I believe this is what one should keep in his mind when deciding the niche for his blog.


  5. It gets uncomfortable Ozzy and Jo, no doubt. I’d say to pick one of your passions and then niche down even a little bit and you are on the right track. So it looks like you are on the right track πŸ™‚

  6. Ozzy & Jo Says:

    I know this is super important but finding your niche and voice is super hard. Been trying to do so on my main blog and now started another one – I hope I don’t fail here though it def more “niched” than my main travel anything sorta blog.

  7. I hear ya Alex. Many desperate or greedy bloggers offer reverse advice just to reel in confused newbie bloggers. Following your passion is the way to go because it is fun, it purifies your intent and we live in a world of energy.

  8. Alex Says:

    Hi Ryan! I totally agree with you when you say blog about what you are passionate about not skilled. Unfortunately for new bloggers there’s a lot of advise online advocating for the reverse.

  9. Good point Mohd. When you lack interest in your niche, the audience senses it. Flip-side, when you are highly interested in and passionate about your niche your audience feels this too.

  10. Mohd Aktar Says:

    Very interesting article Ryan. We don’t try pick that niche wherein we are having a lack of interest. Lack of interest specifically means to lack of traffic. You can also choose niches other than technology, gadgets like traveling, hospitality, medicines, ο»Ώfor example.

  11. Ditto on your experience Emenike. I too have that passion. I see that energy shining through all that you do.

  12. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you so much for sharing. I got to know my blog following your number one point, and that’s my passion. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, so I built a blog around business and marketing, though some times I chip in blogging tips.

    Generalist will never succeed in blogging and may never rank well except they have enough money to throw around.

    Thanks once again.

  13. I am all in on the fun thing Sue. No better way to enjoy the ride and to see greater success. It really is win-win on so many levels.

  14. Amen to that Annie. Our passion unlocks so much sweetness.

  15. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the article, you are really helping us. and yes, we should follow our interest and passion so that we can do the things like fun. thanks again

  16. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan I was happy to hear about your wife’s blog. Such a perfect example of finding the right niche. It’s certainly a current topic in the blogging world right now. I so love your advice on following your fun. As one who is well into the second half of the game of life I can say the years fly by like the end of a toilet paper roll. Best to have fun at every possible opportunity.

  17. I love you sharing your experience Donna and am so happy you dove into the blogging niche. I went back to school in my mid 20’s. Computer programming. Hated it. I did it to avoid interacting with human beings LOL since I disliked a prior sales job so much. After a winding journey here I am. With fun, anything is possible and limits dissolve into stepping stones.

  18. Good points Manju. I’d say to avoid thinking of the perfect niche because sometimes that adds pressure, believing you need some mythical, 100% clear, niche. Just pick a niche that’s fun to work, that you dive into to enjoy, and solve a pressing pro or help folks live their dream and all will be A-OK.

  19. Manju Rai Says:

    Picking up a perfect blogging niche is not an easy task. I think we should always follow our passion and interest to write something innovative and out of the box. If you are good enough in engaging audience and delivering high quality content then you are definitely in the right track.

  20. I had this experience a few times in the past Benjamin. 4 blogs come to mind. I ran a make money online blog, a self help blog, a blogging tips blog based solely on selling an eBook and an online business blog. At all once. 3, terribly LOL. All because I blogged mainly to get, versus blogging to follow my passion and to give freely of my time and talents.

  21. That’s interesting Braniac I mean Chris πŸ˜‰ Good for you dude; you lost me at “ion”. As for your niche I feel niching down from blogging tips to blogging tips for new bloggers works well for you. As long as you stay on topic – as you have – and keep things simple and clear you will continue to grow your blog.

  22. Thanks for the link Ahmad! I definitely feel you are doing A-OK with a broader field because the 3 topics you cover fit nicely within your personal tech subject. Each is a different field yet in its own way, 100% related to personal technology. So much of niching down has to do with clarity too. You are clear on your blogging subject matter so do an excellent job melding each topic with your brand. Many folks who go broad lack clarity and their blogs are a bit wide-ranging. You are clear though. I see it in the quality of your articles and the continuity of your blog and brand. Thanks much for the super comment.

  23. Hi Ryan,

    Sometimes it is difficult to find our “passion.” Especially if we have many, I know…that’s me lol. I realized my passion was to help others many years ago. I went back to college in my 30’s to become a psychologist. But half way through, I seen through the bull. I’ve always been an intuitive counselor and made a nice living on that. I realized that I needed a piece of paper to validate myself to others. More Bull.

    That was the turning point! I knew I could help others any way I can. Although I still was doing my counseling, when the internet hit me, I figured there had to be a way to grab someone’s hand and help them out.

    I morphed into showing people how to blog effectively. I like teaching others that there are no limitations…you know that one well. Whatever is fun…do it. This is why I love when you inject having fun no matter if it is in writing or when you are chatting up on Facebook. It is the core message you can give to people.


  24. Ahmad Imran Says:

    Ryan, I have read a few blog posts on this topic – niche – and I can say that it was one the best write-up that I have come across. I can understand all the points and actually agree with almost all of them.

    One thing which you perhaps didn’t go into too much detail was about wide vs deep niche. You mentioned specialism vs. generality. Does it mean that the niche should be tight and well defined (opposite to General)?

    I am asking this question because my niche is “personal technology” which is a broad field. Within this, I write about Androids, Chromebooks and WordPress. I feel that it is OK to have more than one niches which can be bundled together under one heading. Any views welcome. Cheers for a great article.

    Linking your this post to my recent article as well. Thanks

  25. Hi Ryan,

    Of course, we should follow our passion. We can be skilled at something but it probably wouldn’t be a good blogging niche. Example, I ran ion implanters in a semiconductor company. I was very skilled in what I did because I learned the ins and outs of the machines, but who would read a blog post about that? No one, most likely. You can be skilled at something but not passionate. People confuse these two things sometimes.

    My niche is to help provide blogging tips to new bloggers. Do you think that it’s too generalized? Should I pick something more precise like how to write blog posts, generate traffic, which plugins to use, etc? They are all things new bloggers will need to know to succeed.

    Thanks for these tips, great as usual.

    Have a good one……Chris

  26. So glad to see your first tip is “Follow Your Fun”. So many so-called experts with blogging think it’s all about following the money, but that simply doesn’t work.

    I had a blog about kitchen and bath faucets and accessories that made a little bit of money, but because I don’t find anything about that subject fun or even interesting, I wasn’t able to stick with it. The same thing happened with about 6 other niches before I started to realize it was the niche, not me.

    Now, I blog about what I enjoy and love. I find it far more interesting and it’s the way I start my days, during the week.

    Love the advice in this post and anybody looking to really break through in blogging would be smart to take it!

  27. Exactly Alex. Blogging is a fine gateway activity for finding and building your online mojo, especially if you’re new to the online business world.

  28. Alex Says:

    Very good write up. I do suggest my friends who interested in digital marketing to always start with a blog. And they ask me what about to blog and my simple answer is Just follow your passion or what you are good with. Blogging & content writing is best entrance for online marketing community. Even people can blog in there own language too.

  29. Great Rahul. I will keep the images coming bro πŸ˜‰

  30. Giving your mind 100% to one niche is the way to go Shantanu, big-time. No more simple way to learn your niche inside-out and to develop a name in the niche too.

  31. An art indeed Vishmajeet. I learn, I practice, I hone skills, have fun and help others. You are doing the same at IM Blogging Tips πŸ™‚

  32. Both of those tips bring us into a higher energy space Praveen, right? I feel too many bloggers focus on hitting pain points alone, and the niche falls a little flat. Folks don’t just wanna get by; they want to live their wildest dreams too.

  33. This is the truth JP.

  34. The money will increase Boty. The key? Addressing your money blocks. 1 of which is believing the niche is low revenue. Let that go and you will receive creative, profitable ideas that render useful service and net you a higher income.

  35. I wish I read it too Pedro πŸ˜‰ Following my passion for picking a niche has been the biggest game changer for me.

  36. Hi Ryan,

    Great blog post as ever πŸ™‚
    Wish I had seen this before I started blogging…I would have avoided a lot of heartache!!
    Having said that, I eventually found my niche by following my heart and my passion – and today I help bloggers become astute at blogging!

    Awesome post!

    Best regards,


  37. Boty Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    First of all Excellent write-up.
    I followed my passion when choosing a niche. I Entered into movies.
    The only problem I face is low revenue in spite of high traffic.

    I would just like to alert anyone who plans on building a movies blog.

  38. JP Says:

    Nice to read the blog, really always follow the passion it will make us happy what we do, thank you the sharing.

  39. Hello
    Always feel good to read your post. Here, you share very lovely tips to pick a blogging niche. It becomes very difficult for many people to choose a niche, who want to start a blog. In this post you have finished confusion related to picking a blogging niche.

    I like your all points and totally agree especially 1. Follow your fun and 2. Dig deep to see a delightful dream.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  40. Hello Ryan,

    Blogging is an Art. You have to adopt it and learn the things by practicing it. I prefer to choose a niche which I am passionate about and can help others. Blogging is all about to help others and it is only the way to achieve success with it. Thanks for writing this beautiful and illustrative post.

    Enjoy your Day πŸ™‚

  41. Hello Ryan,

    I am passionate about so many things and sometimes I get mixed up, as for which one I should go and sometimes there are
    circumstances that we cant afford to follow up with our dreams.

    Its always better to go for a single topic at a time, it can help us as the mind would be completely towards it and
    we could be able to give our hundred percent into that niche.

    If we are not able to give our full to what we are in then its not worth for working over it. People get disappointed if they
    don’t succeed in what they are doing.

    Thanks for the share.


  42. Hey Ryan,

    Wallah, Nice pictures! Most of us follow our passion but many of them just don’t get time and opportunity. They don’t know about it as well. There are very few who does that and I see you as one of them. I’ve marked the steps 2-5 for myself.

  43. Thanks Patrick. Funny you say that my friend; I already chopped this up a little bit via a guest post on Blogging Tips today and thought of fleshing it out through a series of either posts here or guest posts.

  44. Spitting lyrics. Love it Drewry. The mindset stuff takes a minute to master, or to at least grasp. Only because I was so mired in doing stuff solely to get specific results it took time to gradually wean myself off of doing to get. I had to be content with doing mainly to give. That marked my turning point. Keep on keeping on bro, you’re doing it.

  45. DNN Says:

    Hey Ryan…

    Isn’t this 1 line business rap bar so true?

    “Bloggers & internet marketers are silent rockstars, because we’re just as big as U.S. politicians.”

    I always tell people when it comes to blogging, write about something you’re passionate about. Want to do this freely. Reason being is money is not coming in anytime soon. Work at it. Craft like Craftmatic with creative marketing strategies.

    Here’s another rap bar for ya…..

    “They see me sitting pretty like vintage ads in Times Square Manhattan, along with Bloomberg & HSBC TV.”

    I’m a marketing artist and a lyrical arsonist with a creative art to this, who’s mental politics gets quite explicit.

    Love this blogging and content marketing stuff now. It took a while for it to kick in mentally, but now love it. It really does test your patience as an entrepreneur to see what you’re made of. You have to want to do this because it’s going to be a struggle to the top. You’ll pretty much fail your way to success. Just as long as you hang in there and keep pushing faithfully. πŸ™‚

  46. Patrick Says:

    Solid post. You could even split this post up and expand on every tip. They are all wells of information and good sources of ideas for good niches.

  47. The only thing with blogging about a bunch of topics Summer is… you think you can grow a following of folks who sees you as an expert or authority in 2 or more niches? πŸ˜‰ Sure you can cover a few topics, and get clearer as you proceed. But I would let go any idea you can’t get clear on 1 topic, take a deep breath and choose 1 core topic, 1 niche, to cover. Then drill down a little bit. Again, you can techically really rock it out by blogging about your life, and your life’s interests, but that type of approach usually works for people with the last name Kardashian LOL. Blogging about 2 or more things confuses almost all of your readers. Because they gravitate toward you for your insight on a specific topic, then, when you change topics on the next post, they will say to themselves…”What?”, and of course, they will unsubscribe pretty quickly. Just sit down in a quiet room, take a deep breath, and set the intent to let go of all the distractions, slight passions, various topics, save the 1 thing that really really really makes your heart sing. It’ll come to you. Always does, for every human being. Have fun with it Summer!

    PS….I just wrote this blog post after reading your comment. It could give you clarity on your niche-seeking journey:

  48. summer Says:

    I feel like I am slightly passionate about a wide range of things. I can’t see myself honing down or just one thing. I have all of these ideas for blogging but they seem all over the board. Sticking to one topic seems so foreign to me…? What do you think, can my niche be people with creative ADD like me? Or should I just blog whatever I feel like for a while and see if there becomes a clear theme…hey that sounds like a good idea! Thanks for your advice lol!

  49. I’ve had a similar experience Nathaniel. Picking a niche I enjoyed made the blogging and networking process feel more natural to me. Seamless process, versus the struggles I had when I blogged mainly for profits many years ago….in a blogging galaxy far, far away.

  50. LOL Prince because I have been in the same blogging boat πŸ™‚ You are on the right track. The snack park analogy is good too. Some confusion at times but when we are picking for the right reasons it gets easy to choose the right niche/snack which works best for you.

  51. Have fun, practice, and again have fun.

    That’s it Adeel. This is the essence of what I do and how I chose my niche. I have fun with it. I practice. I keep having fun. You know you picked the right niche when this is the process πŸ™‚

  52. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hey, brother!

    My niche is “blogging” and I am totally loving it!

    I got the clear view after closely examining and reading your eBooks — That really made me stick to one niche.

    And since then, I am so loving every bit of it.

    That made me somewhat noticeable as well. πŸ™‚

    I am neither good or skilled with the “blogging” topic but just like you said, just following my passion and trying to be clear with my message with every single post I do.

    I’m not skilled in anything but sticking to one thing for a considerable time frame, it will help you to become good over the time.

    And that’s only possible if you follow your fun.

    Perfectionism is the never-ending thing and no one can be perfect. Thus, blogging is the never-ending subject where you cannot really say you’ve reached to the end of the “blogging” and have understood it all.

    Have fun, practice, and again have fun.

    Keep writing! Keep blogging! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

  53. Hey Ryan,

    This is another super doper post. There are times we get into the “snack park” and find it difficult to choose the right snack, that which the body needs. This in conjunction adds to choosing the perfect blogging niche.

    I believe that there are no perfect blogging niches’. Instead, what we have bloggers who keep perfecting their blogging skills to meet people needs blogging the right way, in a particular manner. Just like you said: as a blogger, picking the right niche can feel both confusing and exciting. The is the hard truth some people may not want to concur to. When I started the write and blog niche, I had only about 19% of what writing and blogging actually is.

    Heck, you can laugh loud!

    I keep growing, and meeting new people. This post is a must-read for newbie bloggers and the already existing bloggers who are still confused on the blogging niche to pick and stick. It gives values and direction. I trust them to enjoy this post to the core. Thanks for sharing!

    – Prince.

  54. I think blogging about something you are passionate about works best for most. I admit there are some bloggers that probably can be successful without even if they do not blog about their interest or passion but for most (or at least me), it comes more natural I think to blog about something you are interested or passionate about and not necessarily something you may be skilled in.

    I like your point about niche-ing it down as well. If someone is searching a certain topic online, it makes it easier for the reader if the blogger is not all over the place with their blog. I think you create a connection and possibly a raving fan if your blog is niched down enough. Thanks for sharing Ryan.

  55. I left a thought.