How to Keep Blogging for Busy Students

  July 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
High Peaks Wilderness, Adirondacks, New York State.

High Peaks Wilderness, Adirondacks, New York State


(Updated 7/10/2022)


Figuring out how to find time for blogging as a busy student seems challenging.


How can you possibly find time to blog when your heavy course load, social life and family seem to compete for your time?


Following a few basic steps to set aside blogging time helps you to get the job done even as a busy student.


Did you know I technically began my online career while working a full time job?


I worked as a security guard many years ago. Late at night, when work slowed down, I pulled out my financial newspaper and began trading stocks. I also traded Forex.


Although this was not blogging, I learned a valuable lesson: knowing why you begin a side gig is the reason why you work the side gig. I worked a side gig because I desired more fun, freedom and liberation. I never did it just to make a few bucks.


Students are busy. I played basketball in high school. I worked part time jobs for a decent chunk of my college career. I admire every full time student who blogs part time for your drive, determination and dedication to your craft. Blogging as a student feels incredibly tough sometimes.


How do you keep blogging?


Follow these tips.


1: Target Your Traffic


Busy students need to make every blogging second count.


Targeting blog traffic is the most direct way to blog effectively.


The leveraging activities listed under tip #4 below target blog traffic but stressing this point allows you to make a maximum impact in minimum time.


For example, spending 4 hours over 3 days writing an SEO-optimized post drives highly-targeted traffic to your blog around the clock. College students on a tight schedule can drive passive, targeted blog traffic while they attend class, study and work a part time job by spending 4 hours optimizing a post that:


  • ranks on page 1 of Google
  • draws organic traffic from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • drives organic traffic from niche specific forums
  • draws targeted traffic from Q and A sites like Reddit and Quora


For 4 hours of smart blogging work you experience steady, targeted and passive traffic going forward.


Doesn’t it make sense to make blog posts work for you?


Target your blogging campaign. Do everything only to drive highly-targeted, passive traffic that grows your blogging success 24-7, 365.




Busy blogging students can drive passive, targeted Google traffic through one simple method.


Watch the video to uncover this strategy:


1 Simple Way to Drive Google Traffic


2: Make Your Reason Why Fun and Freeing


Busy human beings make room for fun, freeing activities. Busy humans never make room for not too fun activities.


Most students struggle to blog because they cling to a weak or improper reason why they began blogging. Some blog part time just to make money.


Get a part time job if you want to make money because blogging requires substantial effort, generous time and a serious commitment to become profitable for you.


Get clear on why you blog. Make the reason mainly to have fun and to free yourself.


Blogging mainly for fun influences you to work-blog daily as a busy student. Blogging mainly for any other reason makes it tougher to blog daily because blogging feels like a chore to money or popularity seekers.


Practical Tips


  • blog mainly for fun
  • blog mainly for freedom
  • do not blog predominantly to make money or to be popular


If you blog mainly for fun and freedom you will find time to blog every day.


3: Adopt a Daily Mindset Ritual


Blogging feels tough to most busy students.


“Tough” = fear in your mind.


Face, feel and release the fear. “Tough” vanishes.


Blogging may feel tough because you fear not having enough time to blog. Classes, studies, exams and lectures appear to eat up most of your time.


But working on your mindset for 20-30 minutes daily unearths your fears to release these states of mind.


Being more fearless, you simply choose to spend 30-60 minutes daily blogging. Perhaps you stay up late. Maybe you wake early. The best strategy is to release lower energy activities to make room for higher energy blogging. Block YouTube, stop mindless gossip with students and eat for 10 minutes mindfully versus enjoying a leisurely 30 minute dinner.


Every human being has 24 hours of choices to make daily. Make one of those choices to blog for 30-60 minutes or longer daily.


Admittedly, training your mind seems challenging because going within to see the source of your choices feels highly uncomfortable. However, strengthening your mind increases your blogging success far more quickly than if you tried to follow an outside-in strategy of manipulating people, things and places to become a successful blogger.


Practical Tips


  • spend 20-30 minutes daily training your mind
  • meditate, do Kriya yoga, practice a Course in Miracles or simply do whatever resonates with you


Use time wisely by training your mind diligently.


4: Engage in Leveraging Activities to Save Time


Being a busy college or high school bee demands you to engage only in leveraging activities to save time.


Write and publish:



In addition, engage in genuine blogger outreach to grow traffic and profits indirectly.


While you are in the lecture hall, studying or taking exams, the blog posts, guest posts and friends you made leverage your presence for you passively, increasing your blog traffic and blogging profits.


Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina

Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina


Blog posts, guest posts and blogging buddies expand your presence most effectively if you have only a few hours to blog daily. Help fellow bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Build bonds. Thrive as your targeted content and blogging friends grow your traffic and profits passively.


Publish helpful content through your blog and guest posts. Engage bloggers a little bit on social media but spend most time and energy promoting bloggers and creating content to reach the most targeted folks in as little time as possible.


5: Accept Guest Bloggers


Open your blog to guest blogging.


Save time and energy by allowing bloggers to write and publish content for you.


A contributor published the most popular Blogging From Paradise post. For 5 minute’s worth of work publishing the guest post I experience steady, targeted blog traffic around the clock.


Guest bloggers help busy college students leverage their time by writing and submitting content to drive passive, targeted blog traffic. While you sit in a lecture hall, work part time or do homework, a contributor with publishing writes increases your blog traffic and profits passively.


Accept content only from skilled writers. Review their work on other blogs to maintain blog credibility. Approve contributors based on their writing skills versus accepting content from anyone desiring to guest blog.


Practical Tips


  • approve skilled blog contributors by vetting their work before publishing guest posts
  • offer trusted contributors admin rights to drive passive, targeted blog traffic
  • publish a guest contributor page to detail guest blogging rules and regulations




Do not give up if you genuinely love blogging.


Blogging as a busy student seems difficult sometimes but passion pulls you through rough spots.


If you blog the right way for a long time you will eventually have the choice to either become a professional blogger or to follow your education into the professional sector.


Doesn’t that sound freeing?

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