How to Write Blog Comments that Actually Drive Traffic and Increase Profits

April 25, 2017



If you are tired of commenting for a chorus of crickets I know your pain.


You published a 3 paragraph comment. On a top blog. But your comment seems to fall on deaf ears. Or cricket’s ears. And crickets rarely click through. Or buy your products. Or hire you. Something to do with the legs and a keyboard.


I’m writing this post because I have tasted the juicy sweet benefits of blog commenting. To the point where I have built a full time, island hopping, pro blogging career largely on this connecting medium.


How to Write Blog Comments that Drive Traffic and Increase Profits


Are you excited to cut through your blog commenting frustrations? Let’s leave them behind and generate more:


  • blog traffic
  • blog profits


and more than that, let’s learn how to make friends with successful, happy, loving bloggers who will help expand your reach like a wildfire raging through a remote, dry, tinderbox of a forest.


Benefits of Blog Commenting


You saw the mentioned traffic and profit boosting sweet benefits of commenting. Here’s some more:


  • no barriers to entry (maybe a short visit to pending/moderation folders, but that’s it)
  • get free exposure
  • connect with hyper successful bloggers easily
  • expand brand awareness
  • develop long term friendships with like-minded bloggers
  • express yourself creatively on a bigger stage
  • time effective marketing strategy; spend 10 to 15 minutes per blog to make a seismic impact

Watch as I discuss. With Yoda in the background.

Let’s dive into the tips guys.


1: Write Lengthy Comments


Go big or go home.


Size does matter.


Remove term: how to write blog comments that drive traffic and increase profits how to write blog comments that drive traffic and increase profits
Part 2.


Write a 5-1o paragraph comment. Think more mini guest post and less comment.


I know; you feel this is impossible. How could you ever write 5, 10 or even 15 paragraphs through a blog comment?


Here’s an easy way to knife through this fear: set a timer for 15 minutes after you read a blog post. Write. Write. Write. Or sit there and look at the clock. This is an easy way to see your ego’s bullshit fear and limiting beliefs up close and personal. So you can call your ego on this trash.


Then, you can either sit and complain about not being able to write words – hehehe sounds silly – or you can nut up and write the 5 or 10 paragraphs. It is easy. Really. When you are commenting to help folks, to have fun, to make friends and yes, if there is that part of you that likes blog traffic and profits.


The Profits Part


Writing in-depth comments shows off your skills or knowledge in some area. Think of an in-depth comment as you would a try out. Or perhaps an audition. Folks will buy in to your blog, your products and your services based on these mini guest posts, will click and dive into your sales funnel, starting off by signing up for your email list.


2: Personalize


Personalizing is the great traffic builder because your first name is probably the sweetest sounding word in your native tongue.


I love when people address me by name. Shows me they care. This also shows they spent 3 seconds to learn my name if said name did not pop up on the post.


Blogging From Paradise. Bamboo. Thailand. Keyword rich caption.


Caring folks attract caring communities.


Address your fellow bloggers by name to lead off the comment. Nab their attention span. Form a bond. Impress their readers. Generate interest. Draw in traffic.


3: Be Polite, Please


Be polite. Always say please and thank you.


Nice bloggers make a positive impact. Unhappy, angry or combative bloggers do not make a positive impact. Even worse, this unhappy crowd always seems to find a fight at every corner.


Being polite, pleasant and peaceful drives traffic because we love positive people. You seek out positive people.


Be nice. Nice commentors finish first.


4: Stay on Topic


Stay on blog post topic.


Powerful commentors draw a strong connection between their comment and the post content.


Part 3.


I relate at least 1-2 points made in the post to my blog comment. This shows respect to the blogger – shows I read the post – and also to the blog readers. Nobody likes a non-sequitir comment. These commentors are either outright spammers or perhaps they were smoking the Buddha instead of meditating like Buddha in the morning.


5: Lounge Lizard 101 (Be a Regular)


Cheesy 70’s shirt, tacky chains and chest hair optional.


But like my Tokay gecko friends here in Chiang Mai, lounge around like a lizard to make an impact through blog commenting.



Like a cheese-ball 70’s lounge lizard, hang in the same comment fields week after week and post in-depth, thoughtful, candid, thorough comments on top blogs.


You will become familiar to readers of these blogs. Some readers will click through. Visit your blog. Subscribe. Buy stuff. Hire you. Because we all love familiar.


6: Add Your Own Flair


Add your own flair. Tell your story.


Picture your flair or story or stilo (aka, style) as chili spice added to bland rice. Just like the chili spice I add to dishes here in Thailand. Or just like the hyper hot, Satan-worthy, 12 alarm chili peppers I recall eating at a vegetarian restaurant in Phuket. Backside still suffering from that hellacious, habanero-type experience.


Inject personal stories into comments. Stand out by adding your authentic take to the mix. Tossing your personal experience in there just lets folks know how you frame things and also helps you drive more traffic to your blog.


Part 4.


We all love a good story. We all admire someone who opens up. Being transparent is one way to connect with like-minded readers or bloggers, some of which may become your clients or customers.


7: Don’t Be Intimidated


Don’t fear commenting on top blogs. People want to hear your opinion.


Don’t fear if other bloggers happen to post a 10 to 15 paragraph masterpiece. Carry on. Comment. Your 5 to 10 paragraph masterpiece will make as powerful an impact because you are posting an authentic, heart-felt, inspired comment.



Focus on you. Bring your experience to the table. Be bold. Be thorough.


Fight through the fear or intimidating feeling that arises for all of us when we jump into blog commenting. Concentrate on the immensely powerful, sugary sweet, tasty benefits of sharing your opinion for free on top blogs.


Let your love of freedom and fun overcome your fear of opening up and sharing your thoughts.


We want to hear from you. I want to hear from you!


8: Buy Resources


Whether you buy an eBook or course or audio book, feasting on blog commenting resources can help you do a wicked job (are we on Long Island?) making a crazy impact that drives both traffic and profits to and through your blog.


It ain’t easy in the beginning; you may piddle in your pants, feeling really afraid to share your opinion in a public area. I have been there. I felt the fear of criticism well up in my gullet when I posted my first comment 8 years ago.


Purchasing an eBook gives you a framework to work off of and clarity in knowing that if you comment persistently you can build a successful blog through this underutilized but crazy helpful channel.


If you just feel scared to leave a comment that really wow’s em simply buy my eBook for a comprehensive blueprint to dissolve your anxieties and to give you confidence in your ability to publish eye-popping comments:


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting



8: Comment in the Right Spots


I have referred to this as being a comment snob in my eBook.


But really, if you want to really drive traffic and profits and befriend the top bloggers in your niche to accelerate your success just comment on:


  • popular blogs
  • blogs from your niche
  • top blogs from your niche
  • top blogger’s blogs from your niche


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn


If you spend time commenting on 5 of the top blogs from your niche you become the average of those 5 folks who own those blogs, by learning from them and becoming part of their friend network.


I saw this with a nice little uptick in my eBook sales – just sold 5 more here – and more neat folks and opportunities flow my way when I devoted all of my blog commenting energies to a few top blogs from my niche.


Nothing personal to anybody who’s not a top blogger; this one is about getting super duper clear on people whose lives you admire. People you want to learn from. Communities where you want to become a member.


Also, this can be a wake up call if you’re struggling with your blog: commenting on top blogs instantly exposes you to a more focused, serious, committed audience that puts their money where their mouth is. THIS is where you generate more traffic and income through blog commenting, Ya know, like the title said.


These top blogger’s communities are not full of tire kickers. They are filled with buyers. Committed folks. Serious folks. Focused folks. Otherwise, guys like John Chow would not be making so much money.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


Are you following these tips?



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  1. Go for it Bubby Chan and let me know how it works, OK?

  2. Bubby Chan Says:

    Thanks for this practical post. Its really worth sharing. Although some seo experts are of the view that blog commenting does not work anymore. I will sure try your techniques.

  3. Thanks Shawn.

    Yes; definitely buddy. The comments you publish help you:

    – make friends with top bloggers
    – get backlinks from those top bloggers on their blogs, thru mentions
    – land guest posts on top blogger blogs when these big dawgs invite you to guest post

    All lead to rich, rocking Do Follow links, boosting your SEO.

  4. Shawn Says:

    First, I must thank you for this great content. I have learned something powerful today. πŸ™‚

    By the way, Ryan, I’ve spent a couple of seconds to be personalized and mention your name here. So cheers.

    I like the idea of “mini guest post”. Long form comment really worked well, I have tested it. Usually, when I leave comments on other people’s blogs, they will be a few paragraphs.

    As a blogger myself, I know that every blogger loves to receive long form comment than just a short, “Great tips”.

    One question I would like to ask, do you think that commenting helps boost SEO? Although most blogs’ comment section has a nofollow tag. So I heard.

  5. Good deal Ige. I am glad blog commenting is rocking it out for you. More about having fun, being generous, and authentic, and personalizing those comments, than anything else.

  6. Ige Ebima Says:

    Waoo , great tips , blog commenting works wonder for me ,but writingi a book full of comment is sometimes not needed , but its really worth it if need be

  7. Certainly is a good blogging habit Al.

  8. Al Mumin Says:

    Blog commenting is one of a good habit. This a way of getting more knowledge about the particular article. Some of agree with article opinion or some of disagree with this. It’s also discussion on a particular topic.

  9. Thanks Agness πŸ˜‰ Yep; when done right, blog commenting is super powerful.


  10. So many awesome tips, Ryan! I have never thought that my comments have such an impact! Well done.

  11. No Adeel not from my experience. Although you probably want more DoFollow links because these are earned links, or links you got through your sheer smart, persistent work in serving others.


  12. Adeel Says:

    Hi, Ryan, I wanna know that is it necessary to keep the numbers of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks balance? Because I heard that if you will not maintain it, google can sandbox your website…

  13. I like posting 2-5 really in depth comments on a daily basis Elizabeth. This helps me stick to it. Anything more and I got too overwhelmed.


  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Ryan, how many in depth comments do you suggest one leave a day? I’m trying to create a blog commenting schedule and would love your thoughts!

  15. Tina this was SO my experience with blog commenting too. I believed it was a waste of time for many years. Honest. Then I bought in and things began to pop. Just a few weeks of comments like your masterpiece and all began to grow quickly. Thanks for the monster comment!


  16. Ralph,

    I read this blog post last week but wanted to come back and share how my husband and I have already put them into practice.

    Initially, we were very skeptical of being able to drive blog traffic in any meaningful way. We were working on the (very wrong assumption) that bloggers who were ultra successful were lucky. That’s not to say they didn’t work hard, just that they had some kind of right place, right time thing going on.

    Then I found THIS post.

    It took some convincing to get the husband on board. He was sure that people that were truly successful did not share their secrets- or at least the meaningful ones. He agreed to give it a chance because I was so excited about it.

    Instead of commenting on the top five blogs in our niche, we found the top 10. There are two of us, so we believe we should double our exposure. These were blogs we were reading already, because obviously their content was of interest to us.

    I also started to feel a little guilty about not commenting- like being invited to someone’s home for dinner and not bringing a bottle of wine or some flowers. The bloggers we were reading are putting blood, sweat, and tears into their posts and we didn’t even have the courtesy to comment. We enjoyed what we were reading, they gave us tips or insights that were helpful and we didn’t even bother to relay that to the blog author.

    How could we ever expect to get people to our blog or to have them comment if we weren’t doing the same?

    Well, we are finally starting to see the tiniest bit of movement. However, what I found more exciting is that we could SEE in our analytics that the visitors we started to get were coming from the sites where we were commenting. It’s slow, but there is definitely movement.

    Thanks again. The mister is convinced now- convinced enough that he’s ready to commit to resources to help us help our blog grow.

  17. Mozie that is a cool idea; had not thought of making this a lead magnet. Thanks for that and for the comment!


  18. Mozie Says:

    Just WOW! This post is AWESOME…Seriously.

    Very seldomly do I land up reading a full post, I always browse through them looking for something of interest. But learning the “right way” to comment of blogs is not the easiest because most people out there just comment to get some links and attempt to get traffic, without actually adding any value to the post itself. Your blog commenting guide is A+ mate. I actually think it would make for a great lead magnet, because there so many people out there looking to increase traffic and not realizing the true potential of a good comment. Fantastic post and even taught me a few things.

    Have a good one!


  19. Thanks for reading Harsh πŸ™‚


  20. Harsh Karel Says:

    HI Ryan,
    The post was interesting, it covered every aspect of blog commenting. Am luck to read this πŸ™‚

  21. Love ya too cuz πŸ˜‰ What you are doing is inspired. You hit the ground running and yep, writing and writing and writing some more is freeing as heck. Awesome avatar, fab domain name and thanks a ton for the comment T πŸ™‚


  22. Tom Biddulph Says:

    I Absolutely love this Ry Dawg.
    I see now how Blog commenting can help anyone’s blog. It took me this long to figure out that fear is all in the mind and all you have to do is look beyond it.
    Just Write-Write-write is what I am doing. It is freeings and self indulging. I look forward to reading more of your posts and learning from my fellow blogger.

    love ya Cuzzo

  23. It’s OK to hit a few niches Manoj save you are interested in those areas; and you are πŸ˜‰ All an energy thing. Well done and keep on commenting bro, I’m seeing you all over.


  24. Manoj Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Well said. Blog commenting will help you in many ways. Most of us are commenting for backlinks, but I say it’s more valuable than that. Our knowledge and language will improve because of reading habits and comments. Relationship advantage and blog promotions are other main advantages. Isn’t it?

    I don’t know how much I am successful on choosing commenting spots. Because I read and comment on sites on several niches. The main reason is that I am interested in several topics like technology, blogging, history, travel, science and so on. So I will read, comment on any site and niche is not a barrier for me.

    Thank you very much for another interesting post.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  25. Commenting on those 5 top blogs just 2-3 times a week should do wonders for your campaign Grace. Easy way to make an impact and to also spread the word about your blog while you make friends. Thanks for the comment!


  26. For newbies Odira it is second to none for blog traffic sources.


  27. That is nice. Blog commenting is a great way to get traffic especially when you are just starting. And not only that, you can build connection with other bloggers through blog commenting.

  28. Hi Ryan,

    Your blog commenting technique worked! I’m on your blog now and commenting too. πŸ™‚

    I’ve always known to comment on other people’s blogs is a great thing for your own blog but I didn’t know to do such long comments. I like the term mini guest post. I think that really sums it up.

    My blogging career is not as long as yours, yet, but from what I see so far on your site here, I have already learned quite a bit just within the last 20 mins or so I’ve been on here. Thank you for commenting on my blog this morning that gave me access to your wealth of knowledge on blogging.

    I’m grateful bloggers like you will help newer bloggers like myself and I hope you really did mean what you said on my post because I am never sure how well I’m doing on my writing until someone like you comes along and actually gives me some validation.

    I will have to bookmark this and read it again so I can follow your blog commenting advice. I will sure fit this into my blogging schedule so I can also gain the network of people like you have created for yourself too.

    If I take the top 5 blogs to comment on, is it okay to do one blog a day or should I do all 5 several times a week? Just wondering how often I should be making long comments.

    Appreciate your help Ryan, have an awesome week in Paradise!

  29. Anil that is a fabulous comment. I always remember your super comments on Blogging Tips πŸ˜‰ Thanks much.


  30. Loving that interaction shines through with your blog and brand Sue. Well done!


  31. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan I enjoyed reading this post immensely. When I started blogging I commented because I love the interaction. I still do. I agree that others have found my blog via my comments and still see it as a large part of my overall blogging. I admire your dedication to writing such lengthy comments. I know I am always delighted to have you visit and to hear your stories.

  32. Anil Agarwal Says:

    Hello Ryan, it’s pretty nice to read your blog today and trust me this one is definitely a good read. πŸ™‚

    You know I have always believe there is magic in writing comment and I know that it’s capable of making one a celebrity even faster than writing and submitting guest posts. In the past and even up until now, I have benefited hugely from dropping comments on blogs and I practiced exactly the points you well highlighted here.

    I know that people love to connect with humans and the best way to do that is to mention the blog editor’s name, address the idea he’s trying to communicate with his blog posts, offer your own point of view and leave a regards, usually with your name.

    A good example, I believe, is what I have just done here, Ryan. Is it not?
    I should add though; blog commenting just like guest posting helps a blogger to build quality link-back to their blogs, especially when they are dropping good and top-notch comments on top and quality blogs like Blogging From Paradise. πŸ™‚

    And longer comments of cause is where the REAL magic lies and this is exactly what helped and standout some bloggers, bloggers like Harleena Singh and a host of other serious bloggers who have come to understand the power of blog commenting.

    Thanks for sharing this laudable tips man!


  33. Comment of the year! Awesome point about comment length and type of post too. Sometimes short and simple works too depending on the post.

    Thanks Glenn πŸ™‚


  34. Hey Ryan,

    Okay, I suppose I don’t really have to say that I love this post, because I love all your posts!


    I REALLY love this post! Why? Because this is such gold info for bloggers and is stuff I know 100% works.

    What I particularly like is how you’ve supplied examples for some of the points. Stating something is one thing, but when a person can see real-world examples the directly relate to the point, it can make it help the old penny to drop that bit easier.

    I also like how you said to think more mini guest post and less comment. For the last year or so I’ve been doing more teaching than blogging and this is one of the very things I teach people is so important. The way I put it across is to think of your comment being like a mini blog post, or a “blog post within a comment”, so very similar to your idea of it being like a mini guest post. As we know, it works!

    I think one’s inhibitions are often the source of any difficulties in getting momentum with all this stuff. Being willing to put yourself out there for the whole world to see is scary for sure. The old “What if….?”, “Maybe….”, “Erm…..”, “But……”, “Such-and-such might happen……” type of objections flood our minds and grab us by the throat. The only way to combat those is to ignore them and just DO it!

    At the same time, we can even feel inadequate, nervous, unable, etc when it comes to implementing some of the things mentioned in your post. For example, going back to the “mini guest post” thing for a moment, we might think, “But what if I can’t come up with enough content for that type of post?”. Well, what I say in those instances is don’t! If that is proving to be a barrier then remove the barrier. Sometimes a particular post just might not lend itself to a mega long comment. So it certainly doesn’t make sense to write long for length’s sake.

    I teach people that what is of paramount importance is that you have take the time to read the post, feel that you have something of value to contribute, even if that’s just a genuine “Thank you” and demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the blogger and their post. Can’t do that? No problem – don’t comment this time! Again, there’s little point in commenting just for commenting’s sake. So there’ll be other opportunities. Comment next time!

    At the end of the day, I view blogging as a social platform. And I think this is where many new bloggers get it wrong. They expect to be able to just slap up any old content and then somehow, things will magically start working for them. Nuh-uh! You have to actually do some legwork. At that begins at your very own blog with your content. You content has to be genuine, valuable and be in the best interests of your audience. You have to reply to comments left and connect with those commenters. You then have to get out there and hang out on other people’s blogs. Yes, you need to get sociable! Without that, you’re going to struggle in getting any kind of traction, especially at the beginning.

    Thanks again for such an awesome post, my friend. Always a pleasure to read your posts and watch your videos and, most importantly, to connect! πŸ™‚


  35. LOL dude whenever I see someone sign off as “Elvis” you have effectively grabbed my attention πŸ˜‰ Thanks much!


  36. Hi admin,
    thank you very much for this wonderful blog post.

    – Elvis

    I kid, I kid :p
    Seriously though, You are by far one heck of a unique blogger, Ryan.
    Don’t really care about mailing lists, or stats, you stand your ground and you swim against the current. What’s not to love?

    Many people are painfully aware of writing long comments, but most of us often neglect the idea of highly personalized, detailed, top-notch “mini guest posts” as you call them (myself included). Again, another example of swimming against the current.

    Later, admin! errr, Ryan

  37. Yep D. Do it to be honest and to befriend bloggers.


  38. Dhaval Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I think people write comments for a backlink which is a bad practice and we need to write comment to get traffic or at least be connecting with the author.honestly says leave comment for loyalty.

  39. That 15 minute rule keeps us honest Pankaj πŸ˜‰


  40. Hey Ryan,

    You made a lot of sense! I couldn’t agree more. Even I have written about blog commenting how it is to be done but you mentioned points I didn’t cover. Love this post when you said – mini-guest post with 15 min timer thing.

    I guess people write comments for a backlink which is a bad practice and we need to write comment to get traffic or at least be connecting with the author.

  41. Great question Paul.

    If it feels really heavy/a total drag I’d just move on to the next blog. If however you take a deep breath and find a different spin or angle to share your thoughts on similar articles, go for it.


  42. Hey Ryan, thank you for the thoroughness of your post. I must have caught it just at the right time as I was inspired to take action immediately after reading. After going to a popular blog in my niche, I noticed a few questions popped up that I’d love to hear your opinion on if you have the time.

    How would you go about commenting on articles that are structured similarly, contain almost the same exact CTA (aka a question to readers), but simply have a different personal story to share? I’ve found it difficult to “spin” my comments into something entirely new from post to post. Should I only address one and look for more diverse opportunities?

    Thanks again for sharing such insightful and accessible information. I look forward to seeing what results might come out of my own practice in this commenting space.

  43. Yes we kinda of catch ourselves with this advice Vashishtha.


  44. I wonder if I stay idle for 15 minutes after reading a blog post, how I would be out of any idea or feedback about the same. It is a great advice to watch the clock and blame yourself later on if you fail writing a good comment on the same blog post.

    While my comments are sometimes only a few characters long. I remember when we comment on facebook posts “nice pic” or even put emojis to show the laziness. That is what I do mostly. Whatever my mind says, I do.

    I can also comment in a sentence that compels the wonders of the blog owner and he/she get back to me. lol. It is all about hitting the right nerve.

  45. Chris, your comments are so good because they are from the heart. They are you, being you, and you are so generous with your time too. Using first names, being polite, sharing your story, all are hallmarks of a successful blogger and awesome commentor. And if you buy BFP eBooks I love you forever LOL.

    Thanks for this 5 star comment once again.

    You rock πŸ™‚


  46. Hassaan, awesome points dude πŸ˜‰ We lift up the blog-o-sphere with each and every valuable comment. A few paragraphs or more, the authenticity shines through.

    Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚


  47. Hassaan Khan Says:

    Hi, Ryan!

    I liked the idea of taking the comment as a mini guest post. Although, I don’t write a long comment until it becomes longer than average because sometimes things keep connecting and you can’t resist.

    But I agree with your point (of mini guest post). Never thought that way!

    Even though, all of the points you mentioned are worth following. I probably said this on Mi Muba’s blog that it’s something I’m trying to figure out. I admit I used to undermine the value of commenting; probably because the majority of the commenters I had seen were kind of spammers, or maybe they seemed spammers to me!

    But your blog post has been very helpful, I must say!

    Going to share on Twitter and Facebook!

    All the best for the next one!

  48. Hi Ryan.

    Great list you’ve put together here. Not sure what, if anything, I could add to this post.

    I like the ‘think mini guest post, not comment’ concept. I can see how it could make it easier to write multiple paragraphs when you look at it that way, especially if you have knowledge on said topic.

    I always say ‘Hi’ plus the author’s name when I leave a comment as a show of respect and politeness to that person. It’s just the right thing to do to show my appreciation to them for the sharing of their knowledge with everyone. It also does help me to get familiar with them and vice versa. I also do always thank them for sharing that knowledge and I thank anyone who leaves a comment on my blog posts.

    Admittedly, I’ve become somewhat of a ‘lounge lizard’ on your blog recently as I’m getting back into the blog hopping game. It helps when I see your FB live broadcasts, so I know where you are posting, either on BFP or the others. Time to really push it and get back to the other blogs I visit.

    As you know, I’m not afraid to tell my story as it pertains to the topic, whether good or bad. If my experiences can help even one person, it’s worth getting it out there. I don’t fear how long or short other people’s comments are. I know what I’m capable of putting out there and that’s all that matters to me.

    Yes, I have purchased a few of your ebooks and gotten some for free, when you were giving them away. I’d be crazy not to, lol.

    I’ve mostly commented on the big-name blogs like yours and Donna Merrill’s, to name a couple, but not exclusively. Yes, that’s where I have gotten most of my visitors from, and some tell me in the comments. I feel much more honored that you have taken time to visit my blog and comment on a few occasions knowing that I’m not one of the elites, yet. Thank you for that, Ryan!!

    I think I covered everything. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    Have a good one, in paradise. πŸ˜‰


  49. Cool indeed Vishwajeet πŸ™‚ Making sure the post relates helps too. Easier for connecting with like-minded folks.

    Thanks much πŸ˜‰


  50. Hello Ryan,

    Blog commenting is a hidden weapon to drive huge traffic to our blog. I really like to drop a comment on blog that are relevant to my niche. When we drop a relevant comment on a blog, It will add some additional value to the post. People reads your comment and try to connect with you. This is really a cool way to connect with like minded people and bloggers. Thanks again for this beautiful post.

  51. Chris this is awesome insight.

    I too have made great 1 to 1 connections with folks who may not be on the radar in the moment. Definitely helps to build bonds which lead to awesome places.

    It does take time but is oh so worth it.

    Thanks much for the comment πŸ™‚


  52. Mike that is an inspired example about how to face, see and let go your fears. I too was wary about commenting on top blogs years ago because nobody else did it. I feared doing so would be a waste of time, but diving into the fear and doing it anyway helped me spread the word on this connecting medium.

    So cool you signed up for Kelli’s blog and also how the energy is moving for you. You are aligned. You are tuning in. The TV and me and EVERYTHING has to respond πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for reading the eBooks too. So happy you enjoyed them.


  53. Ana you are doing great! Keep on doing as you are doing. Your writing is A-OK, everything flowed smoothly.

    Thanks much.


  54. Thanks so much Cecilia for listening to the summit. Osayi is a rock start, right?

    Thanks too for leaving a whopper of a comment. Brilliant.

    As for the last point this lesson is a toughie to grasp, only because it forces us to assess where we want to go with our blogs. Like, if we want to be amateur bloggers or pros. Either way, no big deal. It’s more of a time issue than anything else.

    The lesson I learned over the past 8 years of being a pro blogger; you can’t be everywhere by trying to love everyone, or, by trying be there for everyone. The embodiment of love, Mother Theresa, talked about this. She said how you can’t help everyone but you can do your best. She was also a shrewd marketer – don’t let the habit and nun-ness fool ya LOL – as she often spoke on the greatest world stages for her cause. Commenting on top blogs helps you gain exposure, for your cause, to inspire more folks.

    You never would have found me via Osayi’s summit if I spent my day commenting on every blog I came across, from lower to higher profile πŸ˜‰ I popped up on her radar by being seen on top sites and you will see as you expand your online presence, that you can spread love to more folks and make a greater impact and do all the things you want to do by building bonds with the most well known folks in your niche. Then, this helps you not only spread the love to more folks, but the individuals who are matches for your 1 to 1 attention, your loving kindness and your talents.

    Thanks again for the awesome comment C πŸ™‚


  55. Phil that shows your commit to commenting, you were a blog commentor before you were a blogger LOL. Great work my friend and awesome comment!

    I’d just email blog owners with a quick 1 sentence, asking if they could check their spam to approve your comment. Most definitely will.

    Thanks PVA


  56. Yes you are Mi πŸ˜‰ Reading, sharing and being polite and engaging are all hallmarks of not only a fab blog commentor, but a super friend.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  57. LOL Anthony! That is too funny.

    Transparency alert; I had no idea this was a thing until I was listening to Howard Stern some 25 years ago. An LI caller – heavy accent, the works – called in and dropped a “wicked pretty” line. I was hooked. Howard kept ripping on her and said it was LI, but then, also a Boston thing too. So I am LOL over here with you mentioning both hahahaha….

    As for the question thing yes, this is awesome. This keeps the conversation going and also opens the opportunity for digging into resources. Like, ummmmm….perhaps these ebooks may be of interest to you? πŸ˜‰

    How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

    How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

    This comment totally rocks. As always!


  58. Susan you are doing a fine job. Because wherever I visit to comment or share in the blogging tips niche, you are there. Not only that you are leaving helpful, insightful, thorough comments.

    It does take a little while to gain traction but like you said, the fruits of your labor are growing. Good for you πŸ™‚


  59. Emmanuel you are doing good bro, really good πŸ˜‰ Buy the eBook too if you want 80 pages of blog commenting goodness πŸ™‚

    Thanks a bunch for sharing, you fellow culprit you πŸ™‚


  60. On both fronts Clay, blog commenting works so well.


  61. Ryan… I just fell the heck off my chair when I read ” wicked job (are we on Long Island?)”.

    1. I used to say this all the time (born and raised in Nassau County) so you busted me on that one!

    2. Us Lon-Guy-Landers thought we were mimicking Bostonians. Perhaps we used it enough to win the final say on the subject, with Ryan Biddulph as the final say ha.

    3. I appreciate this post on many levels. The highest level is, without a doubt, the interaction of writing a lengthy post. When you take the time to appreciate a post that someone took time to put together, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

    I find myself (on your influence) clicking on over to their site to see what they have going on and then to write an equally fulfilling comment. As a newbie blogger, I really appreciated it when you and Enstine Muki (spelling?) both took the time to visit my site, just because I visited yours. Just from that one simple interaction, if I see either of you posting, I try to set aside time to get involved.

    I remember your comment, because you referenced the subject matter. I do look for this when people comment. When I read a short comment “hey nice post” I actually wonder if it is spam. This is not a great first impression lol.

    **One thing I did not read when it comes to commenting, and I would like your opinion on this, I feel you can make a better statement by asking a question. Especially if it deals with something the blogger is promoting.

    This gives the author another opportunity to show off their authority / knowledge and maybe even to make additional offers.
    Quick Ex. Ryan, in your list of 126+ books, you may have written one that fits well with my comment. This would be a great place to include it and spark additional interest.

    I don’t know if this post qualifies as a lengthy comment or sufficient enough for the point of your article, but it is may be the longest comment I’ve written or close to it, either way, it is definitely WICKED-long yo!

  62. Clay Smith Says:

    Hi there Ryan,

    I like blog commenting so much.

    With blog commenting I have made a lot of friends in blogging, but I also use blog commenting for link building sometimes. Just to diverse the backlink profile.

    Thanks for your share. Kudos to you.


    Clay Smith

  63. Mi Muba Says:

    Hi Ryan
    You covered every aspect of blog commenting and how innocently you asked us – the readers – to add our tips in this post. Have you left anything to add; tell me honestly.

    I also have shared so many posts on blog commenting and while writing I just have one thought in my mind and that is to help readers never take it kind of rocket science.

    Read the post and then share honestly and politely whatever thoughts you have on it. Am I correct.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely post mate.

  64. Hey Ryan,
    This amazing!
    Yet another post on blog comments!
    I could very well relate to most of the things you mentioned in this epic post.
    Yes, our comments can do wonders in relation to our traffic as well as engagement.
    In fact, I was a blog commenter before I become a blog owner. LOL
    Yes, pl don’t laugh, yes, I was a blogger without a blog!
    My comments all over the places earned me lot of new friends and even influencers
    I think I am the right first person to comment on this post on comments.
    I used to visit several blogs on a day-to-day basis and of course, on most of the page, I read I drop a comment, not a one line comment
    yes, most of the time, few sentences, as you said sometimes several paragraphs. That style of commenting attracted many to my blog on a later time.

    But sad to say these days my frequency of commenting is reduced tremendously due to some reasons, the main one is that these days most of my comments are landing on others spam folders. and many bloggers never check their spam folder and that ends there and all my efforts go waste, I am really fed up with this and to fix this these days i take a copy of the comment I type before pressing the publish or send button, and I will inform the authors about my comment via their email or facebook or other chat boxes, and inform them that I posted a comment if not found search your spam folder or here I am pasting it for you for further action.
    This is indeed a tedious job and so, I reduced my speed in commenting.

    I am afraid of the same here too, so let me stop the comment on commenting.

    Recently I published a post about the importance of blog comments under the title “The power of blog comments”

    Thanks Ryan for explaining it well on this subject again.
    Keep sharing
    May you have a great time of sharing.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  65. Hi Ryan,
    Blogging commenting I believe is a secret weapon many bloggers do not consider. I think am one of the culprits. This post has uncovered hidden treasures on blog commenting. As a matter fact am going to take it very serious. It is also a way of putting yourself out there and not afraid of expressing your opinion.
    Your post has given me a mindset shift on blog commenting. If you new to blogging, I think it is a sure strategy to use to promote your blog.
    Blog commenting is also like sowing a seed. whatever you sow, you will definitely reap.

    I like the point where you stated we should write lengthy blog comment.
    I have just implemented that with this blog comment. Laugh(LOL).
    Fellow bloggers, let us run with this strategy.

  66. Cecelia Pineda Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I ‘met’ you for the first time yesterday at the online summit organized by Osayi. (I know where have I been?)
    At this point I want to say how impressed and refreshed I was with your talk. Like many people, I get super tired of all of the high hype stuff. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to buy stuff – I do – but I like to buy at my own pace. It sounds kind of strange to even be saying this, but I love your concept of operating from your point of enjoyment and fun. To me that adds a depth to the following your passion notion that’s been around forever.

    Okay – that’s yesterday’s stuff. About today – I like the points on this post and think they’re really useful. Except for the last one. I see your point – but I’m having a bit of trouble gagging it down. Maybe it’s because I’m a newbie (and an oldie in life) but it seems contrary to the philosophy you purport to follow about loving everyone. So, while I see the value of being a “comment snob” to use your term, for building a business, it doesn’t seem like a life-enhancing strategy.

    I apologize for making my first comment a slightly difficult one. It’s intended to be more of a question than a criticism. Thank you for putting out so much useful information for others. “I left a though”t that’s still niggling …

  67. Hi Ryan,
    Your article is about commenting on blogs.I have already started on some blogs, where my posts have been published. But I’m terrifyingly afraid, English is not my mother tongue. Fear of making mistakes.
    Thank you for your post, which you says in your video, are almost all the steps that I have to overcome.
    My online walk has had many rocks that I have to climb and raise to the top.
    I’ll follow your advice, see you there, in blog comments. I’ll be bolder. Overcome this fear without explanation.
    Thank you for your help.

  68. Great Post Ryan. In my niche Im a little iffy about posting comments simply because I don’t know who they are. When I research top blogs in my niche I get for example. And as I write this the fear just hit me. Wow, right on the money with this one man. My thoughts are that its more like a magazine type blog where I never really see any comments. Maybe this could be a good thing for me. Anyway, Ive read 3 of your books now and am currently reading “How to Build an Online Empire Through Blog Commenting.”

    Very inspiring reads and what hit me the most is attention. Weakness of attention as Bob Proctor (whom you turned me onto) would put it. Thank you for that. Ive also signed up to Life Made to Order. πŸ™‚ So much great content out there but I am focusing in on what I want and not anything else lately thanks to your books. Its funny how I read “How to Land the Best House Sits Easily” and when I turned on my tv the other day it was on a show called. Live Here Buy This.” Its a show about places like Thailand, Mexico and other great paradises around the globe. The funny thing is I never watch that channel nor do I remember going to that channel. I must have attracted it in one way or another. I found myself feeling strangely tropical and serene as binge watched the next few shows.

    In Thailand for example, I learned that money goes a long way. In Mexico (Ixtapa) there are great, stunning views from the most incredible properties Ive ever seen. Thanks for turning me onto this stuff. I also got into Chris Brogans Video Blogging post which I need to finish…See ya later!

  69. Susan Velez Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I have actually been using your tips in your eBook to help me start getting some traction in my blog. It takes a lot of work to find the bloggers in your niche and actually visit them and leave a useful comment.

    I haven’t been doing it quite a month yet, but I can actually see the fruits of my labor. This definitely works one just has to be willing to give it some time to work.

    You said to think of it as a mini guest post, that’s so true. The best part about this method is you don’t have to worry about asking the blog owner if you can publish a new guest post on their blog. Thanks for sharing these tips and you’re definitely correct, you get more bang for your buck if you comment on the bigger blogs.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us, hope you have a great day πŸ™‚


  70. Hey Ryan,

    This is great advice! This is one of the strategies I used in the past to grow a blog.

    You mention that you should focus on industry leaders and popular blogs, but you can also do this on a one to one basis.

    I have found sometimes that making a comment on a less popular blog and focusing on making a connection with just the author of the blog goes a long way. They don’t get hundreds of comments, so your comment (and you) get treated like gold.

    I have made many friends using this strategy. Not every person bites, but most will at least respond to your comment. Use that as the opening of the flood gates and start to build a friendship.

    Blog commenting is definitely a great strategy, especially when just starting out. It takes a lot of manual effort and is in no way push button so a lot of people skip it. It’s something you got to stick with!

    Even if those first few comments you leave have no effect, they get your name (and hopefully your picture) in front of people. Eventually people will see you everywhere and start to take notice!

    One takeaway for me, is to leave longer comments. I was never of the β€œgreat post” school of blog commenting, but I never did try the 5+ paragraphs style either. Giving you my first one!
    Thanks for the great tip!


  71. I left a thought.