8 Tips to Get Out of a Blogging Rut

  May 11, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk, Connecticut


Stuck in a blogging rut?


Sucks, right?


4 minutes ago I experienced a micro rut for me; I began writing a shit blog post. Rare. But trashing it and firing up this bad boy got me on the straight and narrow.


Blogging is an energy game guys. Practical tips mean jack shit if your energy vibes from fear, loss, scarcity, ruts, all that garbage. But vibing higher goads you to:


  • find good blogging advice
  • surround yourself with blogging winners
  • follow good blogging advice


Let’s bust your blogging rut today.


Beware; ruts begin and end in mind. As within, so without, is the life mantra. Start there.


1: You Create and Leave the Rut


Peep this: you create a rut and leave it. Ruts are illusions. You are not sitting in a pit, arm-less and leg-less. You sit in front of a computer or phone now, reading these words. Powerful being, you are.


Choose to leave your blogging rut. Sit in front of your laptop for the next 3 hours, until you write the backburnered post. Write your first eBook. Dive into blog commenting full bore. Bust the blogging rut by choosing to leave your imagined, illusory prison.


Leaving mental prisons feels unpleasant. Force negates; do not work hard to exit a rut mentally. Begin by knowing you create that stuck feeling in mind. Do not try to leave behind the stuck feeling through action alone because mental changes precede physical changes. Attempting to change physically sans doing mental homework only leads to all types of agitating blogging probs related to perpetuating ruts, courtesy of resisting ruts.


2: Be Gentle Rut Busters


Be gentle with self as you leave ruts. Here’s why: energetic momentum builds over years.


If you see yourself as lazy or flat out a sloppy blogging slug – which means….what? – you likely won’t write 126 eBooks next year. Energetic moment changes slowly and surely. Success is progressive. Be gentle with yourself.


Example; say for tip #1 above, you sit in front of your WordPress backoffice for 3 hours and no blog post ideas hit your mind. Feels frustrating no doubt. Cry it out. Or just move on. Do not beat yourself up. Be kind and tender with yourself. Punishment does not work. We are not animals. Love is real. Fear is horseshit, illusory, not true.


Being gentle and patient helps you bust the rut a thousand times more quickly than if you used force.


Allow emotions to arise during rut-dissolving sessions. Ego creates rut by resisting fear in your mind. Gently leaving tough spots involves facing, feeling and releasing fears in mind. Feel fear no matter how unpleasant the emotion seems to be. Cry. Feel free to scream. Being gentle solely means caringly feeling fears but fears triggered sometimes feel intense on the release.


Soften yourself. Bust your rut by not busting your gut. Do it the gentle way.


3: Buy Blogging Resources


Buy blogging resources to leave your blogging rut.


If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of blogging tips themed posts out there, just buy my eBook:


Overwhelm dissolves into clarity. You have a guide to follow, to reference and to study, for leaving your imagined prison. Sure you continue reading posts and publishing comments and learning from other bloggers, but resources give you order and peace, 2 factors to hold dear, for hopping out of your rut.


Resources offer you 1-stop-shopping for overcoming obstacles. Invest money in a course, eBook or even coaching to step out of a pit created in your mind. I learned a bit about self-publishing by investing money in eBooks self-published by best selling authors. Why would I struggle to sell in a rut if people who left the rut teach how to follow their lead via resources?


Put your ego and pocketbook to the side. Admit that you need help from pros. Invest money in pro resources to get your blogging mojo back.


4: The Rut Is Not Real


Fear is an illusion. You feel fear, but fear is not there. Only love is there.


Ruts are not real. You are everything. Ruts are nothing.


You need to really look for, hold on to, cling to and fight for a illusory, untrue, bullshit rut, to be handicapped by it.


Doesn’t that sound silly guys?


Don’t bother letting go a blogging rut. Just understand it is not there. Proceed from an empowered, fun, creative energy.


Ego believes I am mad to write such drivel. But ruts are fear. Fear is not real. No one can mentally fall into a rut because mind possesses no limits. How can a mind without limits fall into limits?


Think this one through to leave your blogging rut for good simply by knowing ruts are not real.


5: Follow Inspired Bloggers


Donna Merrill.


Alonzo Pichardo.


Matthew Loomis.


Zac Johnson.


All blogging inspirations for me, and for you, too.


I keep learning from these blogging pros. I keep raising the blogging bar by following these inspired folks.


If you feel stuck, befriending and following folks who move like roaring rapids helps you get caught up in their current. But on your journey.


6: Create Something


Create something.


Move your silly mind from your blogging rut to serving other human beings. Or dogs. Or cats. More bloggers than ever, these days.


Write a blog post. Publish a guest post. Broadcast a live video. Move from you and your head game to love and serving others. Reality aka love aka creations ensue, and blogging rut be gone.


I updated this post 3 years after the original publish date to enhance my creation. Initial blog post word length worked A-OK but creating meatier content keeps success momentum flowing.


How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs


I rarely if ever feel stuck during creative blitzes because creating moves the focus from ego problems to helping others. We get stuck on ourselves. Focusing on other people gets us un-stuck.


Focus on your readers. Create content to help them. Getting stuck means you focused inward, solely about self and your needs. Shift the focus to others and solving their problems. Shifting from ego-fear to other-love pulls you out of the blogging doldrums instantly.


7: Connect with Someone


Every time you feel stuck, consider helping someone succeed by:


  • commenting on their blog
  • promoting them on social media
  • promoting them on your blog


Connect with another human being. Leave your blogging rut to meet someone outside of the rut. Move your butt. Don’t be like Jabba the Hutt.


I spent today visiting the blogs of bloggers who:


  • commented on my blog
  • retweeted and engaged me on Twitter
  • engaged me on Facebook


I flagged a bit earlier in the day but connecting left my sluggish blogging energy behind.


Connecting nudges most bloggers outside of their comfort zone. Bloggers prefer to write, publish and share a blog post sans connecting with fellow human beings. But blogging is a people business like all businesses. Humans make blogging go. Feeling a bit uncomfortable engaging in a connecting campaign signals that you left your rut of comfort and security.


Note the deal effect; as you leave your rut other bloggers pull you even further out of the doldrums by endorsing you, supporting you and expanding your reach.


8: Celebrate Your Blogging Nut


Celebrate blogging wins to get unstuck.


Celebrate blogging profits from last week or last year. Who cares? Universe only knows now because the moment exists.


Feeling good about wins lifts you out of a blogging rut.


Or celebrate:


  • buying your domain and hosting
  • writing your first blog post
  • blog comments
  • social shares


Tune into abundance. Exit the illusory scarcity of being in a blogging rut.


Every growth moment marks a blogging win. Growth-oriented bloggers experience consistent wins not because this crowd embraces stunning worldly success but because growth-focused bloggers spot seemingly small wins build into something special. Investing in your domain and hosting is a win. Reading and commenting on a blog is a win. Writing and publishing a blog post serves as a win, too.


Concentrate on blogging wins. Release blogging resistance. Step out of a rut by observing your blogging growth.


Wrap Up


Get off your butt.


Leave your blogging rut.


Feel the fun and freedom of being prolific, helping folks and prospering.

  1. Vasy says:
    at 9:00 am

    Hey Ryan, absolutely agree with you. When someone is stuck in a rut, it’s completely OK. We are all humans, not robots, and sometimes things might go such a way that you can’t make sentences out of words simply because you can’t. And I think that there is no need to despair. I have also shared tips for those who can’t write anymore in my article that might be interested for your readers as an addition to your thoughts.

  2. Nikola Roza says:
    at 5:57 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    I noticed this internal link is nofollow anchor text= How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs

    Is that on purpose? Nofollowing internal links wastes PageRanks and hurts your SEO. I also noticed nofollowed internal links on your several latest posts here.

    You might want to check it out.

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