What Is Blogging and Why Should You Blog?

  January 14, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 9 minutes read
Buena Vista, Costa Rica

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


Welcome to the world of blogging.


Before diving in to this fun, fulfilling and sometimes challenging venture it helps to know:


  • what blogging is
  • why you should blog


Most aspiring bloggers have no idea what blogging is and do not see the benefits of blogging. Being unclear on blogging and why you should blog makes this powerful medium an after thought in most minds.


However, ignoring the powerful potential of blogging proves to be a big mistake.


One Blogging From Paradise post outranked a billion dollar corporation on page 1 of Google twice for a keyword. What other medium gives an individual blogger like me the means to outrank a billion dollar business?


Dwell on this idea for a moment. Embrace the unlimited potential available to people who decide to blog.


Blogging Journey


I began blogging in 2007. Someone told me to buy my domain and hosting to begin blogging.


I had no idea what the individual meant by “blogging”.


After struggling for a bit I quickly learned what blogging was not. More importantly, I discovered that blogging mainly for money and fame were two common mistakes that bloggers make.


Blogging is not just writing and publishing posts. Blogging for money and popularity is a bad idea because profits and fame arrive only after you blog the right way for a long time.


What Is Blogging?


Forget a more bookish definition of blogging for a moment.


I prefer to define blogging as:


a way to help people with words.


Think about it. Every blog you read consists of words. Bloggers use those words to help people.


I generated the idea for this blog post by searching for the term “blogging” on Google. Various definitions for blogging all drilled down to basically helping people with words through blog posts.


Most people do not understand blogging because most bloggers tend to make blogging all about them and not at all about readers. Blogging becomes self-service instead of service. Naturally, each of these bloggers fails because helpful bloggers succeed while bloggers who attempt to help themselves fail.


Concentrate on this help-centered definition of blogging. Embody the proper blogging mindset. Do you feel prepared to help people for a long time before money arrives? Do you have a passion for helping people? What motivated you to click on the link leading to this blog post? Do you want to blog to serve?


Nizwa, Oman

Nizwa, Oman


Blogging is helping people with words.




  • write
  • publish
  • promote


blog posts to help people through the written word.


What Activities Does Blogging Involve?


Understanding what bloggers do in terms of work gives you a clear definition of blogging.


Research Blog Post Topics Based on Reader Needs or Top Niche Blogs


Bloggers get blog post ideas based on reader needs.


If you have no readers simply research top blogs from your niche to spot common reader problems. For example, a blogging tips blogger would research Pro Blogger to get ideas for blog posts.




  • research blog post topics
  • perform due diligence
  • write blog posts based on their research


I scanned page 1 of Google to generate the idea for this blog post topic.


Listen to your readers. Spot their problems. Identify their pain points. Empower these people to live their dreams. Think of how you can help your readers. Read their comments. Scan their updates on social media. Create a list of potential blog post topics by spotting reader problems to solve.


Rice fields, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Research solutions to reader problems. Engage in due diligence.





to query key words and key phrases related to your niche.


Record notes. Refer to notes to write your blog post.


Write Blog Posts


Blogging involves writing blog posts based on your research to solve reader problems.


Publish short form or long form content to get the job done.


Write short, punchy sentences packaged within frequent paragraphs.


Format posts for easy scanning.


Edit your first draft at least once before publishing the post. Consider editing the post 2-3 times to get clearer on your writing and to gain confidence in your blog.


Publish Blog Posts


Tap the publish button.


Go live to enter the blog-0-sphere.


Publish blog posts to be a blogger.


Tapping the publish button usually triggers fears that bloggers need to face, feel and release to become confident.


Promote Blog Posts


Blogging involves promoting blog posts through:


  • email lists
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • blogging tribes


among other online channels.


Engaging in blogger outreach is a powerful way to promote blog posts by enlisting the help of blogging buddies. Help bloggers from your niche. Earn their friendship. Blogging friends promote your posts around the clock.


Monetize Blogs


Monetize blogs through multiple income channels.


Ideas include:


  • engaging in affiliate marketing
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • creating online courses
  • consulting
  • coaching
  • generating sponsored post revenue
  • generating advertising revenue


Blogging Work


I hope you have a better idea of what blogging means in terms of work.


Helping people through these strategies is simple but sometimes uncomfortable. Discomfort arises anytime people learn a new skill.


Be with the discomfort. Develop your blogging skills. Position yourself to succeed.


Do not be intimidated by the concepts you need to learn in order to blog. Everything I teach in this post is quite simple to execute but feels a little scary at times.


Anyone can become a professional blogger.


Roll with uncomfortable feelings arising in your mind.


Becoming a successful blogger involves increasing your emotional intelligence as you do simple things to help people.


Why Should You Blog?


Blogging distances you from folks who do not blog.




  • gain trust
  • build authority
  • boost their credibility


by showing off their knowledge for free.


People who do not blog tend to have a more difficult time gaining trust because potential customers, clients and readers cannot gain access to their knowledge for free.


I have observed various coaching programs preaching the importance of prospecting a high number of strangers to convince these individuals to become clients. Few of these high end programs teach coaches to run a well-stocked, authority-building blog. Bloggers do not need to convince anyone of anything; the helpful, in-depth content bloggers publish proves their expertise, establishes their authority and gains trust.


Blogging makes you The Hunted versus being The Hunter. Either waste motion trying to chase and convince strangers of your credibility or patiently build a blog that attracts highly targeted, qualified, interested people to you. Instead of wasting time chasing strangers who may or may not like what you offer consider someone like Neil Patel who drives a massive number of highly qualified people to his blog:


  • passively
  • around the clock


through a trusted source like Google.


Brian Dean is another highly-skilled blogger who generously, patiently and persistently built something beneficial that grew his online business into something special.


Put in the time and work now to build something that eventually yields impressive and ever-increasing long term success.




Blogging serves as a qualifier for potential clients and customers.


For example, someone interested in buying my blogging eBook for retiring to a life of travel can:


  • scan Blogging From Paradise
  • observe my blogging knowledge
  • make a confident buying decision


People buy based on trust. Blogging patiently earns reader trust. Trusting readers help to build online businesses.


In essence, a reader:


  • reads your blog
  • trusts your free content
  • buys your premium offerings or hires you based on the fact that they trust your free content


Passive Business Builder


Picture your blog as a passive business builder.


While you sleep, customers:


  • find your blog
  • buy your eBooks and courses
  • click your ads
  • boost your business through referrals


to grow your business from a passive perspective.


Peters Lookout sign, South Island, New Zealand

Peters Lookout sign, South Island, New Zealand


Instead of blindly pitching 100 strangers by email every day, hundreds to thousands of highly targeted, qualified individuals find your blog around the clock.


One Stop Shopping


Readers can buy:


  • courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books
  • paperbacks


through your blog.


Readers can:


  • hire you
  • click ads
  • promote your sponsored posts far and wide, encouraging repeat advertising revenue


Blogs serve as one stop shopping for eager clients and customers. Bloggers can sell virtually anything through a self-hosted WordPress blog. Selling limits only exist in your imagination.


Brand Builder


Blogs form highly recognizable brands.


Skilled entrepreneurs create strong brands through the customizing potential of a self-hosted WordPress blog.


Invest in a premium theme. Set up a pleasing user experience. Allow your brand to bleed through your blog.


Stand out in a crowded blogging niche.


Brand yourself powerfully through blogging.


Branding yourself through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn proves to be nearly impossible because:


  • you do not own these sites
  • you cannot customize these sites


Investing in a self-hosted WordPress dot org blog makes the blog your creation.


Branding potential through blogs becomes limitless.


Healing Tool


Blogging serves as a cathartic tool for expressing your thoughts.


People heal by expressing their feelings. Blogging offers you a medium for expressing your feelings as you help to solve people’s problems.


I enjoy blogging because I love helping people while I express myself through words. Most bloggers seem unaware of this healing aspect of blogging as newbies but eventually enjoy the fulfillment consistent with self-expression.


Agent of Freedom


Blogging gives you the ability to:


  • work from anywhere
  • work on your own schedule
  • set the rules
  • be in charge


I have circled the globe as a digital nomad since 2011. Being a blogger gives me location independence. I set my own schedule too.


Freedom is the basic human driver. But most people fear being free. People fear to make the uncomfortable choices necessary to go from being bound to being free.


Blogging serves a tool for migrating from being bound to being free.  Anyone can buy their domain and hosting to blog on WordPress dot com. Anyone can follow the steps I cover in this blog post.


Choosing freedom over fear repeatedly influences you to engineer a life of fun and freedom.


Blogging is a simple tool to use to encourage the transition from fear to freedom.


Stay Away from Money and Popularity Drivers


Most bloggers make the critical error of blogging mainly for money and popularity.


But money and fame only arrive after you blog generously, patiently and persistently for a long time.


Most money and fame chasers quit during this long drought that all bloggers face.


Get a job if you need money. Face worthiness issues if you feel the need to be popular.


Blogging itself does not yield money or fame. Generous, patient, persistent bloggers who blog successfully for years eventually become prospering and popular. But most of these bloggers care less about money and fame because having fun helping people has always been their reward.


Koh Lanta, Thailand


Money and fame feel like:


  • extras
  • bonuses
  • the icing on the cake


to these individuals.




Blogging is helping people.


Blogging offers you a wide-range of benefits. Building your business by gaining credibility, having fun expressing yourself and living a life of freedom all make blogging an enticing opportunity.


Your Turn


How do you define blogging?


Why do you blog?

  1. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 7:41 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    CONGRATS on 500 podcast episodes! Thanks again for all the helpful content you put out.

  2. Mike Hinshaw says:
    at 11:42 am

    Hey brother 500 podcasts! Wow! Happy for your success but I’m fairly certain I “knew you when”! Hehe. Blogging to me is a form of expression and a method of transferring your thoughts to the world, along with photos and videos if you are so inclined. It also helps if you have a partner who shares your philosophies and enables you to succeed. (Hint, hint)! Give Kelli a big hug and keep on keeping on. One day when you reach my age, you will slow down and attempt to enjoy life more, as I have done. The pandemic, grandchildren and divorce has substantially altered my blogging efforts and I tend to proceed in phases. I am very happy for your good fortune and hope it continues for you both! Love you brother!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:47 am

      Love ya Mike! I cannot explain enough how deeply I appreciated your support over all of these years. I learn more life lessons each day it seems; slowing down to enjoy it all is definitely one of them. Thanks again!

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