14 Successful Bloggers To Follow

July 3, 2017


Kelli looked like she was performing a Costa Rican version of “Riverdance.”


She hopped from one foot to the other as a select few soldier ants with grotesquely over sized heads sank their ferocious jaws into her shins.


As the last wave of the 5,000 plus army ants marched through the property in the remote jungles of Costa Rica, a final few feisty ants gave her a Tico send-off.


If she even attempted to walk on the jungle floor a few hours earlier she would have been surrounded in every direction by ants spanning out to hundreds of meters. I walked for 20 minutes through the colony into the deep jungle with my kick ass clod hoppers, machete and comical sailor’s hat to track these awe-inspiring predators.


One part Indiana Jones. One part Gringo Gilligan.


The ants butchered huge scorpions, centipedes, wasp larvae and any insect sentient being alive within their murderous swath, for hundreds of meters around.


They proved that team work does in fact make the dream work. If your dream involves swarming and consuming fearsome jungle insects alive.


But the same principle applies to successful blogging. Don’t worry; I will not force freshly killed tarantula down your delicate throat.  I will say that every single successful blogger on this list had as much to do with my success than I did.


If they did not:


  • teach me
  • endorse me
  • promote me
  • support me
  • inspire me
  • pick me up
  • open my eyes
  • accept my guest posts
  • publish my comments


I am writing a cyber diary. Nobody reading my blog but me. Point blank.


More bloggers are mentioning me and saying “I literally see this guy on 8 out of 10 blogs I read, from American blogs to Indian blogs to Nigerian blogs.” (I have made no inroads on Martian blogs; yet)


Shout out to successful blogger Emenike Emmanuel for shouting me out and providing that 80% number.


Do you want to know how I appear to be all over? Like that endless swarm of army ants surrounding us in the jungle?


By being a constant presence around these blogs. Team work, does in fact, make the dream work.


I write this post to cut through the “Who do I network with?” excuse.


Answer: These guys and gals!


This list is geared toward blogging tips bloggers but please learn from all the successful bloggers on this list. They leave painfully obvious clues and goodness are they Blogging Heavies you want to connect with, help, learn from and befriend to promote your blogging success.


If you want to live your dreams through blogging help these people live their dreams, by commenting on their blogs, by promoting them, by reading their blogs and learning from them and by finding inspiration in what they do.


I am not creating this list to get a ton of social shares or comments or blog traffic or eBooks sales or to do any of that other *manipulative influencer masturbation* that strokes egos (virtual tug jobs) with the end goal of pure, 100%, inauthentic self service.


This is a *friend list* guys. Serve these people. Help them. Learn from them. Befriend them. Even if you don’t make personal friends with the people on this list you will learn how to reach the next level, then, 100 levels past that, with your blog when you follow these successes, serve them, generously promote them and when you STOP ASKING stuff of people on this list and BEGIN SERVING them.


Ready to dive in my little sweet robbins?


1: Darren Rowse


Why Follow Darren?


One of the greatest compliments complements  I can give Darren is that he helped turn me from a full blogging moron into a half blogging moron.


He basically paved the road for every “blogging tips” themed blogger on this list by devoting 100% of his Pro Blogger real estate to covering the topic of blogging inside-out, sideways and zig zag style.


Darren and his army of guest posters – of course I have been spotted there – present smart blogging tips in simple, practical fashion. Newbies to seasoned pros can gobble up his content and use it.


Darren’s Blog: Pro Blogger 


2: Zac Johnson


Why Follow Zac?


Here’s why: he is an online legend who has made millions of dollars but is the most pleasant, down to earth, responsive, caring super star I have met. Sure he writes in a simple, easy to understand style and jam-packs his posts with practical blogging and affiliate marketing tips but he is a really generous, helpful, nice human being.


The only downside I see in following Zac is that he gave me posting rights on Blogging Tips Dot Com (Yes I have published 238 guest posts there and there’s the link to show my damage). I am like a crabgrass or a bad cold over there; ya can’t get rid of me as I guest post virtually every day on the blog.


Follow Zac and dive into his blogs as both are tremendous online resources.


Zac’s Blogs: Zac Johnson Dot Com & Blogging Tips Dot Com



3: Matthew Loomis


Why Follow Matthew?


He publishes an incredibly helpful, thorough blogging resource at Build Your Own Blog but does so in entertaining, enjoyable fashion. Matthew makes learning about blogging fun, from his interview series, to always funny as hell caricatures.


Savusavu, Fiji.


I am often spotted slinking around his blog via guest posts.


Matthew’s Blog: Build Your Own Blog


4: Harsh Agrawal


Why Follow Harsh?


I swear to goodness, Harsh is becoming so well known I fully expect him to be interviewed on Coffee with Karan the next time I visit India (Remember I *did* travel through India in 2013, for all my Indian blogging buddies).


If you want to learn how to build a community of almost 1 million human earthlings from scratch and crave helpful blogging tips he is your guy to follow. I even snuck onto his blog a few times.


Harsh’s Blog: Shout Me Loud


5: John Chow


Why Follow John?


Other than being a member of the probably yo’ daddy foundation, John is a fabulous guy to follow because he forces you to sprint outside of your comfort zone, into your deepest fears, to make money online.


He and his staff share smart, practical, simple blogging and profit-building tips, but he moves you from thinking of making an extra $5 or $10 to making $100, or $1000, or $10,000. He’s forced me to raise the bar and challenge my way of thinking which I find neat. Zac also featured me on John’s blog which was way cool.


John’s Blog: John Chow Dot Com


6: Pat Flynn


Why Follow Pat?


He probably just made $700 during the time it took me to write this sentence. Ya wanna know why? Pat is a sensational community-builder, value-provider, podcaster and all around great dude who shows you how to build a successful online business with integrity.


Pat’s Blog: Smart Passive Income


7: Brian Clark


Why Follow Brian?


Another blogging icon, like Darren, Zac and Jon Morrow, he helped pave the way for all of us. Brian delivers helpful blogging, writing and copy-themed posts that I have seized and used successful. I vibe with his no-nonsense, clear-cut, confident, humble and down-home blogging style. Sonia and other guest posters stay true to the one of a kind Copy Blogger voice.


Brian’s Blog: Copy Blogger


8: Jon Morrow


Why Follow Jon?


Jon is the creative dynamo behind the classic Boost Blog Traffic, now Smart Blogger. He and his writers are damn good at pressing reader pain points, delivering pleasure-inducing solutions and giving you generous, hefty posts guaranteed to help you build a successful blog.


I weasled my way was mentioned on Smart Blogger recently by my friend Eli Seekins, another dynamic blogger.


Jon’s Blog: Smart Blogger


9: Jeff Bullas


Why Follow Jeff?


Jeff is one of those blogging icons whose presence seems to expand exponentially every day. He is an excellent study in how to share helpful blogging, content marketing and social media posts across a wide range of platforms. The guy and his writers publish incredibly-detailed, thorough posts for your blogging pleasure.


Jeff’s Blog: Jeff Bullas Dot Com


10: Janice Wald


Why Follow Janice?


She runs a first class blogging tips blog at Mostly Blogging chock full of practical advice that you can read, seize and use for your benefit. Janice and her guest posters (you will see me there from time to time; but then again, don’t you almost see me everywhere? I may even be over your shoulder right now.) put out a dizzying array of helpful, usable content.


I always see sky high engagement rates when guest posting on her blog. That’s a community folks!


Janice’s Blog: Mostly Blogging


11: Meg Jerrard


Why Follow Meg?


Meg is a travel blogger deluxe who runs the MASSIVE and ENGAGED We Travel We Blog Tribe on Facebook, of which I am a member.


Monteverde, Costa Rica.


She gives travel bloggers the gold standard of how to run a travel blog. She provides non travel bloggers a fine collection of experiences through which you can live vicariously. She is also really sweet.


Meg’s Blog: Mapping Megan


12: Enstine Muki


Why Follow Enstine?


He helps you make money online through a wide range of channels but his talents especial are profiting through affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency.


Enstine also has a wide range of knowledge on the technical aspects of blogging, an area where I have the intelligence of a sea cucumber strung out on crystal meth. He is an incredibly nice guy as well. And yes, you will see me trawling around his rocking blog with a guest post or 2.


Enstine’s Blog: Enstine Muki Dot Com


13: Jerry Low


Why Follow Jerry?


He provides a rich library of robust blogging tutorials at Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Example; if you want to buy good web hosting but are on a tight budget check out this detailed guide:


Find Cheap Web Hosting Company That Doesn’t Suck


As has become a pattern with this list he is a wonderful human being, valued blogging resource and established blogging veteran you need to connect with. You have probably seen me on WHSR once. Or twice.


Jerry’s Blog: Web Hosting Secret Revealed


14: Kelli Cooper


Why Follow Kelli?


She cooks my meals. If I shout her out she is less likely to poison me, which means you are less likely to lose one of the blogging world’s truly warped minds.


The Real Reason: Kelli – my wife, for the uninitiated – does an excellent job helping you improve your life with real world applications. When someone cuts you off and flips you the bird after you have sat in traffic for 2 hours in 110 degree heat, most of us human beings will not look upon the transgressor with loving kindness.


We will want to pour boiling oil over said dick wad from a Murder Hole. Wifey is incredibly skilled at helping you face, feel and process the wide array of human emotions that arise when life seems ducky and when it seems to go to the pooper.


Kelli doles out real world, honest advice to help you live your dreams despite the nutz/depressing/difficult situations we all face while inhabiting our meat suits. She does it in a funny, entertaining, compassionate and damn genuine way too.


She also publishes a smashing, colorful, popular podcast for the audibly-inclined. And yes, perhaps you have stalked me on her blog from time to time via my guest posts.


Kelli’s Blog: Life Made To Order


Your Turn


What bloggers do you want to add to this list? Do you follow any of these successful bloggers?


Resources For Your Blogging Buddy List


Did you dig this list? I wrote an entire eBook to introduce you to 27 influential bloggers with all different levels of experience so you can make a bunch of inspired, heartfelt, rocking blogging buddies. Buy this eBook and the audio book version below.


If you are a bit confused about how to network or blog comment effectively I tossed in an audio book and eBook resource too for you to buy and enjoy.

Follow Ryan

Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Thanks Henry! Looking him up now buddy.

  2. Henry Smith Says:

    Hey Ryan, Here I want to recommend one more person: Amit Bhavani. He is the successful blogger too.
    Thank you.

  3. All are winners Dr. Loden 😉

  4. Finally. A bloggers list. hehehe who to follow? who to follow? they all seem to have it right, ummm lemmi see lemmi see. Guess I’ll just blog about it.

  5. Emenike thanks so much brother. Much appreciated.

  6. Ryan, this post is still hot and trending. This is the type of blog post that will still be remembered by readers in 5 years to come.

    Your omnipresence strategy, honestly should be case study.

    More strength.


  7. Thanks for reading Paris!

  8. Just an amazing and enjoyable post. I like your friendlier description approach of these successful bloggers. Thanks Ryan.

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  10. umar Tanveer Says:

    These bloggers are the real motivation for us. Thanks for this.

  11. Good deal Abhi; thanks for introducing me to Amit Bhawani 😉

  12. Hey there,

    I follow Amit Bhawani from Phone Radar, he is good in many ways. However, Harsh is also a great blogger.

    Hope to the updated list soon.


  13. Thanks Arjun will do.

  14. Hey Great list.. Harsha is great guy from india.. Keep up the good work..

  15. Hey Sammy sure thing bro.

  16. SNM Says:

    Being an Indian I am always following harsh Aggarwal from the first day and his blog helped me a lot to learn and fix things up.
    BTW nice list of blogger I’ll try to check all the blogger list to see if I can found best of best
    Thank you.

  17. I like that last part with Kelli too 😉 Thanks so much for reading and commenting Philip and have an awesome weekend.

  18. Hey, Ryan,
    I really missed this wonderful list of amazing bloggers from around the world.
    Though I know few of them in the list and will surely check the others.
    Indeed a great list to preserve and check back.
    Thanks for this initiative.
    I like the concluding part about the better half and the shoutout!!! 🙂
    Well done my friend! Indeed they are our backbone in blogging! 🙂 Unless and until they co-operate with us this tedious job cannot be completed well LOL
    Keep up the good work together with Kelli.
    Wish both of them a great time of shouting again!
    ~ Phil

  19. You’ll get there Jaspal, I believe that bro.

  20. Jaspal Singh Says:

    Wonderful bloggers and cool list, hope to see me in this list sometime 🙂 Anyways keep writing and inspiring.

  21. Good deal Maria.

  22. Maria Tayler Says:

    What a Fantastic blog. It’s always great to know about them. They do such good work and should be admired.
    Thanks for sharing this really great blog. Looking foreword to read more about them.

  23. Both are leading bloggers Sajwal. I need to get to know Syed better; he is a blogging big dawg 🙂

  24. Heey nice list but it’ll be btetter if you could add Neil Patel who is founder of neilpatel.com, quicksprout.com, crazyegg.com, hellobar.com and kissmetrics.com. And it’ll be even good if you could add Syed Balkhi, whois founder of WPBeginner.com (biggest wordpress resource website) Anyways thanks for great article

  25. Not an SEO guy at all – hence Brian’s absence 😉 – but he is really really good in that area Adil.

  26. Adil Riaz Says:

    All of them are great, but as per SEO perspective especially in backlinks, no one can be as good as Brian Deans.. Hope you’ll agree

  27. This is it Prince; seeing successes can give all of us bloggers hope during rough times in our journey. They goad us on 🙂

  28. Hi Ryan,

    Great list here. I learn that to be successful, you can follow the foot steps of the successful – doing it the good way they did, following the right paths the followed.

    The drive of the aforementioned guys up there has been greatly encouraging. When I remember, and look and I see I have people like them they remind me that you are not successful yet doesn’t mean you won’t. Thanks again for the list of renowned experts.

    Have a great day.
    ~ Prince.

  29. Arvind Kumar Says:

    copyblogger, smartblogger and mostlyblogging are my favorite blogs and I love to follow Zac Johnson blog as well….it is really important to learn from successful bloggers and get inspired from them…Thanks Ryan for sharing this list of successful bloggers and will surely follow them to learn more about blogging…!!

  30. Done deal Ash. We’ll meet him together 🙂

  31. Thanks SM. Giving my buds some shine.

  32. SMN Zaman Says:

    Hi Ryan, why have you missed your name in the list? When I was bookmarking the blogs of the mentioned bloggers’, I was thinking about this. Maybe it would be great if you’d included yours here.


  33. Ash Says:

    When you plan meet Harsh, we’ll go together. I have to talk to him too and see if I could meet him 🙂 That’s a lot of lovely people out there and what that tells me is that my list of people I need to keep in touch with just expanded 🙂


  34. Really Ron I’d just buy an eBook that totally resonated with you. If the title seems appealing, I’d dive in. Buy and enjoy. If you want a few more selections just stop by my library. I have 170 plus products and 124 products to choose from:


  35. Ron Pickle Says:

    Really an excellent list of luminaries. I am familiar with Darren’s and Harsh’s blogs, they are really great and completely deserve to be in any top 10 list. Since I have just started blogging, will you share, how you could make inroads into their good books? how you made that first initial foray?

  36. Hello Riyan.. Nicely written article. the list of successful blogger give more knowledge and and tips to make the post viral and get more traffic. thank you for sharing info

  37. Cool Matinder. Harsh is da man!

  38. My pleasure Valentine. Thanks for reading.

  39. I am following harsh Agarwal from the first day of my blogging to get tips and tricks.
    I have to check all the bloggers to get more inspiration.

    Thank you, Ryan Biddulph for the list.

  40. Hi Ryan,
    You’ve done a wonderful job here, curating the most important needs of many bloggers in manners that seems both attractive and meaningful.
    I’ve been following Harsh agrawal very closely, but I think I will give these guys a try now.

    Thanks for being there.

  41. Donna is right there too Chris. I was adding and adding and saw it turning into a 100 member list 😉 Love how she has turned blog commenting into something special. A bond builder. A friendship maker. An awesome way for any blogger to build bonds with virtually any blogger on earth.

  42. Hi Ryan,

    Great list you have here. I’ve visited a handful of them, and hadn’t heard of the others.

    I opened a tab for each of them so I can visit them after I finish commenting and sharing here.

    If I were to add one more, it would have to be Donna Merrill. She always has some great content full of practical advice in a whole range of blogging-related topics. She’s also turned blog commenting into an art form.

    Thanks for sharing these great bloggers with everyone. We can definitely learn a lot from each of them.

    have a good one……Chris

  43. So glad you loved the list Saurabh.

  44. 😉

  45. Adeel Sami Says:

    You actually missed adding Ryan Biddulph! 🙂

  46. This is a Great Listing and some of the bloggers that you mention are ones that I already know. Some I did not know about these and today I am following. You have shared a fantastic collection of leading bloggers around the globe. I really enjoy the Post. Thanks for sharing them Ryan Sir.

  47. Way cool Jimmy.

  48. Jimmy Sharma Says:

    It was lengthy 😛 but good to read :).
    You have enlisted some of the great bloggers whom I can follow to learn tips for successfull blogging 🙂


  49. Isn’t Janice way cool Prosper? Love what she is about.

  50. Prosper Noah Says:

    Hy Ryan!

    Nice List up here. Being successful and succeeding requires hard and smart work.

    The above mentioned guys followed and it’s turn to follow them too to discover how well they were able to get featured right here on Blogging from Paradise Woohoo ?.

    I’m familiar with some of them but Mostlyblogging.

    Got to know her and her blog as of recent and it’s become where I spend most hours Lol.

    I’d definitely love to know all of the others too as time goes on.

    Nice compilation once more.

  51. Enstine’s is a great blog to learn from, and to hang on Joseph. Gotta write my next guest post there soon.

  52. I hope she wouldn’t at least Andrew LOL. Janice and Meg are 2 faves of mine; I have a guest post scheduled to go live on Janice’s blog any day now.

  53. Andrew M. Warner Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Great list here. I’ve heard of pretty much everyone here but Janice Wald and Meg Jerrard. So I’m going to be checking them out. And Kelli looks too innocent to poison your meals 😉 But she’s a great blogger certainly .. and worth following.

    – Andrew

  54. Hello Ryan,
    This is awesome list if bloggers to follow.

    I’ve been active in some of the sites listed above before.

    Am back to read their cool posts and drop my comments there.

    Thanks for reminding me, I’ve not been on Enstinemuki for some time now.

    Off to the blog.

  55. LOL Janice I am always trying to think of as zany parallels as possible to keep us all on our toes 😉


  56. Janice Wald Says:

    I can’t believe you compared yourself to an endless supply of army ants. Too funny. I wondered where you were going with that anecdote.

  57. Both Harsh and Brian are leaders for sure Divas. Both worthy dudes.


  58. Divas Pathak Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Very nice post, thanks for sharing.
    I follow Harsh Aggarwal, he is too good. What I feel, Brian Dean from backlinko.com should also be on the list.
    The post is too good, keep up the good work 🙂

  59. Keep at it Monisha!

  60. Thanks for the great blog, Ryan! I hope to see myself on this list someday.

  61. Brian is an excellent add Munna. Big name indeed. An SEO wizard and founder of the Skyscraper list building technique. I think LOL.


  62. I have mentioned him so many times on my blog Olivier he is sick of me LOL 😉 Awesome add though; he is a legend.


  63. Hi, Ryan,
    This is really a great and rich list you have shared with us. All the bloggers are doing enough for us. We have learned a lot from these bloggers. Pat Flynn, John Chow, Zac Johnson, Harsh Agrawal are my most favorite bloggers. I always follow these bloggers. You can add another blogger to your list, Brian Dean from Backlinko. He is another most successful blogger and really a big name in SEO industry.
    Thanks for your excellent article.

  64. Hey ryan,
    This is a great list of successfull bloggers. Thanks for the list but i think you forgot someone “Neil Patel”

  65. Meg is awesome Donna; she does so well in the travel blogging niche and her Facebook Sharing Group is so well run and moderated for hundreds of active bloggers. It is a site to behold.


  66. Henneke is an awesome add George. I love what she is doing over there at Enchanting Marketing. She has a simple style which vibes with me; also, that entertainment aspect also resonates with me because we all know I am a big of a showmen at times 😉 Thanks for the rocking comment!


  67. Enstine and Harsh are some pro’s pros Prosperity; I have seen you sharing your thoughts in each community. I love how these generous souls are giving African, Indian, American and yes, human bloggers shining examples. Even dog bloggers love what they are about LOL.


  68. He is, right Pranav? Breaking thru illusions every day. Love what he is doing.


  69. being an Indian, let me tell you harsh is seriously helping us to grow on internet 🙂
    amazing article btw .

  70. Wow these are some great bloggers here in the list; wonderful wonderful wonderful; I am used to Enstine’s blog and Harsh in particular. Thanks for the list and p.s: “you forgot to include yourself”

  71. George Chen Says:

    Hi there Ryan! Loved your post, VERY informative and for me (still relatively new to the blogging scene, only a bit over half-a-year’s worth of experience) it’s incredible since it gives me an even more extensive list of awesome people I can learn from!

    Out of all the bloggers you’ve mentioned, i’ve actually only ever visited Darren’s haha, but for him I totally agree with you that the content he provides on his blog is invaluable for newbies. For me personally, I can definitely pinpoint this to his On-page SEO Tips: Three Things You Can Do Right Now article (an article posted by Jerry Low). I enjoyed every second reading through those tips, and they’ve been a great help in my process of trying to improve all aspects of my blogging.

    OH! You have gotta hear this though, if there’s any blogger i’d recommend it would NO DOUBT be Henneke (EnchantingMarketing). Her articles are always a pleasure to read, while still being super informative! And you can always feel her personality shining through in every paragraph. She is a wonderful person and I think that similarly to Darren, her content can be immensely helpful to any newbie blogger — while still being fresh and insightful for veterans! Not to mention, you can easily see the enthusiasm and joy that all of her readers display in their comments.

    (Henneke also draws these really adorable and at times hilarious pictures to include in her articles, that along with the undeniable personality in her writing, I think really separates her content from everybody else’s)

  72. Hi Ryan,

    You sure have some heavy hitters here…an all – star round up of successful bloggers. I know most of them, except for Meg. I admire travel bloggers because you guys really can live life the way you want.

    This is a great list for people to follow. They will learn so much it’s insane.

    Oh yea…your CTA: I would say “Follow Ryan”


  73. Ya’ll digging them eBooks and audio books on making buddies and networking?

  74. LOL Lisa! Yes I do cook too. But “cook” is a generous term. I mainly toss up a stir fry or microwave potatoes. Yeah that is my cooking. Janice, Jeff, Enstine, all of these gals and guys rock. Happy 4th!


  75. This comment is intriguing Monna considering the guest post I just submitted to you. I made the distinction between blogging and writing. Way cool. Different realms but same basic writing premise. We connect the world through the written word. Trying to think of any authors; if you want to go near the top, Jeff Goins is a fabulous author/blogger. He is definitely worth a pitch.


  76. Hi Ryan,

    What an impressive list of bloggers. I’m on a mission myself to find authors to interview. Not to say bloggers aren’t authors but there is a fine line between the two (I think).

    Either way, I’ve had people tell me “I blog but I’m not a writer” which I promptly correct them and remind them “they are writers” just in a different realm than one normally associates with writing a book. You understand that; you have written many wonderful books.

    Some of these bloggers that you listed above, I already know but some are new to me that I will be getting to know.

    Thank you as always for your sharing so much.

  77. Hi Ryan, I love your list, especially your wife and you reason really made me laugh out loud 🙂 I hope you cook sometime too.
    I will have to check her blog out. I do follow most of the other great bloggerss you mentioned.
    I’ve followed Enstine and Jeff B for years and recently Janice. The others I have on and off over the years, hard to miss them!
    Thanks for the recommendations and I’ll be sure to check them out again Ryan.
    Enjoy your fourth and have a great week!

  78. Yep Pedro you know the secret; if you help top bloggers, both parties benefit. Too many bloggers desperately pitch influencers to open doors for them. I help these folks all day long. Doors open more easily that way. Thanks for tweeting 🙂


  79. Pedro Says:

    Hi Ryan

    Thanks for this ‘Who’s Who’ of Blogging-sphere!
    These are the influencers and authorities in this niche that we need to connect with and learn from!
    Thank you for the not too subtle hint and reminder to: “Serve these people. Help them. Learn from them. Befriend them. Even if you don’t make personal friends with the people on this list you will learn how to reach the next level, then, 100 levels past that, with your blog when you follow these successes, serve them, generously promote them and when you STOP ASKING stuff of people on this list and BEGIN SERVING them.” You’re so so right!
    Like you, I want to be a constant presence around these awesome bloggers and their blogs because success breeds success!
    For starters, let me help promote this amazing post. I’m off to share on Twitter!

    Best regards,

  80. Excellent Vishmajeet; that is so cool. If Harsh wanted to submit a post to your blog you know that you are doing something right. He is a great dude. Generous, insightful and helpful, no wonder why 1 million people follow him.


  81. Brian, John, Janice and Enstine are major champs out of this list of major champs. They all something or something really well, making them stand out from the crowd. It is all about developing them skills.


  82. This is fun, right Susan? A bit of work, throw in extra elbow grease and no need to spend a cent to build friendships and to create value, all of which lead to wonderful things. I find it easier to create a strong foundation for my blog by just befriending people and sharing helpful content. No need to drop serious bucks to make this blogging thing work.


  83. Michael you are definitely well on your way, you Twitter Ninja you 😉


  84. An incredible role indeed Nishant. Each gal or guy influenced me in some way or flat out contributed to my success. I think of Meg’s travel blogging tribe; I get a ton of traffic through there. Ditto for the other guest post opportunities I have been afforded through these generous folks.


  85. Susan Velez Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing this list of bloggers with us. I am always looking for new bloggers to follow and read. I am familiar with some of them, but some of them I haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

    I follow Harsh’s blog and have even read a few of your guest posts on his blog. I love his blog and you’re definitely right, I have learned a lot just by reading some of his posts.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, now I have a few more bloggers to follow. As you know, I am using your techniques to grow my blog and I am starting to see the results.

    Your techniques work and I love it. I don’t have to spend any money on promoting my blog, just a little bit of elbow grease 🙂

    have a great day


  86. Nishant Says:

    Hey, Ryan. Thanks for this expert roundup.
    Happy to see Harsh Agarwal, Jeff Bullas, Brain Clark on the list. From the list, I realise that there are lots of people I need to follow. These inspiring figures have so far played an incredible role in helping newbie bloggers and directing them to attain financial stability.

  87. Hello Ryan,

    The champ mentioning about the champions, WOW!!

    No, doubt they are some professionals of their receptive fields and I would love them to follow and read out their works.

    I have gone through Brain, John, Janice, Enstine work and looking forward to the rest of them. No doubt these professionals I mentioned, do write quality of content and are one of the experts in their respective fields.

    Thanks for the share 🙂


  88. Hello Ryan,

    Nice list of pro bloggers. I know Harsh, Darren, Zac and You personally for a while. I remember when I was contacted by Harsh and he wanted to submit a post on my blog. It is one the great moment in my life. He is so helpful and inspire me a lot like you. I always Visit their blog and get a lot of information from them. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

    Have a great day 🙂

  89. Thanks for the great bloggers, Ryan! I hope to see myself on this list someday 🙂

  90. Thank you Eli 🙂


  91. Eli Seekins Says:

    Thanks for the mention Ryan 🙂

    Love everyone on this list.

  92. Oh wow Cori that is awesome. So many new folks for you to meet and greet.


  93. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Wow – you have some all-stars here! I only know Janice and Enstine but I’d love to connect with the others. – especially Kelli! How awesome that you give her a shout out like that!

    Thanks for the introduction to these awesome bloggers. Have a great day!


  94. Ditto on that Marcus. I see a running theme here; these folks and blogs are generous humans and valuable hubs.


  95. ++copyblogger

    The material they *give* away – especially their ebooks – are ridiculously good and the CopyBlogger blog is always full of useful tidbits.

    As a solopreneur who manages his own website, I also find ThriveTheme’s blog a huge help*.

    * Full Disclosure – I’m not an affiliate, just a happy customer.

  96. Thank you so much Emenike for sharing that observation 😉 I appreciate it because I love knowing folks can see me, can connect with me, can befriend me and can gain inspiration from my story if I may appear to be a benevolent, omnipresent demi-god 🙂


  97. Janice it is my full pleasure. Your community reminds me of Adrienne Smith’s community. They freaking love ya! Whenever I guest post over there the shares and eBook sales jump. You have something special going on.


  98. These guys and gals rock Adeel. Who is the one blogger you want to add to the list?


  99. Janice Wald Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    You can’t imagine my excitement when I woke up this morning to discover my blog had made your list of the Top 14 blogs you’d recommend people read. Thank you!
    I believe I am already following the blogging tips blogs you recommended, but I will go back and check for sure. I agree with Zaira. You should add yourself to this list (at the risk of you seeming immodest.) You have inspired me so much. I am sure you inspire others. Thanks again for including me with this talented group of bloggers. I’m off to share your post.

  100. Hi Ryan,

    These are super-powerful bloggers you mentioned here. Reading through their blogs always inspire me to keep my motivation high. Though a few of them are new to me but I will check on them.

    Yes, that 80% stats is real. It’s unarguable. Sometimes, I wonder how you manage to do that. Following that strategy of yours has really helped me grow my blog so fast with just a very small budget on advertising.

    Shout out to all the successful bloggers mentioned here. You guys are huge motivation to this industry.


  101. Adeel Sami Says:

    Buddy…. You missed adding one blogger.

    Oh, and I am following about 60% of the top and great bloggers out of the list.

  102. Enstine you got it buddy 🙂 You are doing such big things. Matt rocks as do all the fabulous human beings on this list.


  103. Appreciate that Zaira 🙂 That inside out way is just the way to go. Kelli taught me worlds in this area. Now I am learning to run with it from an energetic space. Live, slowing down, to run, meaning to dive deeply into my fears while I love the ride, being present to see what comes up. So fascinating. Ditto with Harsh; he is sensational. He also has blasted to bits any silly notion that money only flows into your pockets if you reside in a certain part of the world. Love it. Thank you 🙂


  104. Enstine Muki Says:

    This is a rich list buddy and thanks for the inclusion. I will right away check out some few I’m not really connected with on the list, starting with Matt

  105. zaira afzal Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’d like to add one of my friends & mentors & I see him up there with my top 4.

    Kelli Cooper
    Harsh agrawal
    Jeff bullas
    Ryan Biddulph

    You are right about this amazing follow list, harsh is where so many aspire to be I mean he does have an income of 35k per month. However in my time of blogging I can say that you have taught me far more than the bigger league bloggers. Your thinking is universal and inline with energy which makes the only difference.

    From inside out my friend.

    Thank you for sharing an amazing post.

  106. I left a thought.