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(Updated 8/12/2021)


I used to be painfully shy. But I made a few realizations over the years. Social bloggers are connected bloggers. Connected bloggers become successful bloggers.


How did I go from Rye Shy Guy to Social Blogging Butterfly?  Follow the 10 tips below to see how I made my transformation.


Note; you DO NOT need be extroverted to be social. You only need to develop the skill of chatting with human beings. Unless you are a hermit, you have that skill, but need to own it and use it to speak to an increasing number of humans.


Being a social blogger yields many benefits. Engaging people freely:


  • builds your blogger friend network
  • grows your blogging community
  • attracts prospering opportunities to you
  • makes it easy to get help for any blogging problems


Pay close attention to the last benefit. Solving blogging problems easily by tapping into your friend network saves your time and energy. Versus spinning your wheels for hours your blogging buddy network helps solve your problems fast. However, only social bloggers build large, loyal blogger buddy networks. Lone wolves do not make friends. Shy bloggers struggle to engage in blogger outreach.


Follow these tips to enjoy the benefits of being a social blogger.


1: Practice Speaking to Humans Offline


I would speak to a closed door about blogging.


Life presents you with opportunities to speak to people offline every day. Talk to people at the store. Chat with people at the park. Smile to open the door to conversations. Being social online seems easier if you speak frequently to humans offline. Online chatting entails fewer fears to overcome versus offline chatting. Conquer social anxiety in an offline setting to become a chatty blogger.


2: Practice Responding to People Online


Frame replying to people online as a skill to practice.




Moss Clement is a powerful example of someone who developed the skill of replying to people online. Sue-Ann Bubacz is another blogger who seems to reply to every person who engages her across all social media channels.


Practice responding to people online. Set up designated time slots for replying to folks who engage you. Be disciplined in sticking to your time slots. Bloggers typically reply do a poor job replying to people on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook because they do not set up a designated engagement time frame on a daily basis.


Skilled bloggers who engage like pros usually do so at set times.


Check your:


  • @replies on Twitter
  • RTs on Twitter
  • comments on Facebook
  • comments on LinkedIn
  • shares on Facebook
  • shares on LinkedIn


Reply to everyone who engages via these channels to improve your social blogger skills.


3: Reach out to Friends Online


Email bloggers asking how you can help your friends. Message bloggers on Facebook and DM bloggers on Twitter to ask how friends are feeling? Reach out to familiar folks. Be more social.


Reaching out to established buddies nudges you outside of your shy zone. Sometimes bloggers take friends for granted. Perhaps you forget how many friendships you’ve established online over the years. Reaching out proactively to check in on friends boosts your social skills but also strengthens your bonds.


4: Reach out to New Folks Online


Opotiki New Zealand


Reaching out to new folks via:



feels uncomfortable sometimes but freeing every time.


Social bloggers routinely meet new people habitually. Be more social by reaching out to new individuals online. Set a daily goal to make at least 5-10 new contacts to leave your blogging shell. Engaging new contacts amplifies your traffic and profit potential as your network grows in size and strength.


5: Broadcast Live on Facebook


Facebook Live is the ultimate tool for promoting your blogging social nature.


Broadcasting live videos influences you to be:


  • open
  • genuine
  • engaging
  • social


Have you ever met anyone who speaks in a public setting for their profession? Virtually every person who speaks live – via media or in person – emanates a social charisma people sense. Broadcasting live on Facebook hones this skill to boost your confidence.


However, broadcasting live tends to trigger anxieties. For whatever reason, bloggers new to live video report feeling short of breath as a manifestation of anxiety. Self-consciousness desperately tries to grab your attention via this sneaky tactic. Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Ride out new live broadcasts. Getting through a few bumpy sessions paves the way for smoother presentations.


Go live to be a more social blogger.


6: Take Bloggers Along for the Ride


Mention fellow bloggers via:


  • your blog
  • guest posts
  • social media


to be social.


Ubud, Bali


Shout out buddies. Link to trusted blogging resources. Be social by mentioning bloggers through various channels online.


Fellow social bloggers who deeply appreciate the mention engage you via your blog and social media. Take advantage of these opportunities to chat with fellow bloggers.


7: Meditate (or Do Yin Yoga)


Meditating and/or doing yin yoga expands your awareness. Expanding your awareness:


  • helps you feel and release self-conscious fears
  • helps you see We Are All One Living Presence, not separate individuals
  • quiets self-conscious, shyness-inducing, ego chatter


Meditate daily. Or do yin yoga daily. I share each ritual because I have engaged in both for years. Being social becomes natural as your awareness expands. Going within clears fears fueling shyness. Being a more social blogger happens seamlessly as you become aware of fears triggered while interacting with people.


8: Observe Success Experienced by Connected People


I once watched a world-renowned rapper explain how his meteoric rise largely occurred because he trained himself to go from shy to social.


He always had rapping skills but had previously only gained exposure through another well-known blogging buddy who effortlessly networked with fans and power brokers in the industry. This rapper finally decided to get connected by being social because he saw how most powerful entertainers know how to network skillfully.


“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki


Across the board, observing people with immense worldly power and incredible wealth reveals that icons network diligently to get connected.  Successful bloggers are social bloggers who receive help around the clock not unlike a conveyor belt flowing their way 24-7, 365.


I recall seeing 4 top professional bloggers speak at a marketing convention. All 4 bloggers were good friends who helped expand each other’s success. One of the bloggers built relationships with individuals who headed syndication at a few world renowned media companies. His diligent networking paid immense dividends when these businesses syndicated each of his blog posts to the tune of millions of visitors each month.


9: Travel


Travel your home state. Or travel the world.


Get out of your hometown to develop the skill of being social. Traveling forces you to be social.


Technology can only take you so far. Talking to human beings is necessary to get around domestically and socially.


Technology can only take you so far. Talking to human beings is necessary to get around domestically and socially.Click To Tweet


My transition from shy to social has been a metamorphosis of Kafke-esque proportions since I began circling the globe in 2011. As you see me chatting with an Omani man in the featured image, being an anti-social long term traveler is completely impossible because people will engage you from time to time. Ignoring kind individuals is not only flat out rude in more social cultures; not speaking to engaging, friendly people is a cultural no-no in many parts of the world. But even if you tried to be a shut-in, you need to speak to some people to cover basic human survival needs on the road.


Travel. Be a more social blogger by becoming a more social traveler.


10: Understand Why You Want to Be Social


Being social can feel uncomfortable sometimes for the sheer overwhelm of engaging fellow human beings.


Nagigi Beach, Fiji

Nagigi Beach, Fiji


Knowing why you want to be social eases you through discomfort to experience the fun and freedom of engaging people.


Chatting up folks usually feels fun because humans are naturally social creatures. Remember this anytime you fear reaching out to connect with someone.




Be social. Follow these tips.


Have loads of fun. Make tons of friends. Increase your blogging success.

  1. Moss Clement says:
    at 11:08 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I love the quote by Robert Kiyosaki “The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” What is one way to build networks? It is by interacting with others, and the best way is to respond to comments on your social media and blog posts. It indicates that you care about your audience and have their best interests. That way, you’re building a loyal community and setting yourself up for blogging success.
    Thanks for the reference!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:38 am

      This is such a simple way to build community Moss. Every comment through our blogs and social media is pure gold.

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