14 Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

March 5, 2017
Temple hopping in Bagan, Myanmar. The tops of the temples are pointy. Hurts when you jump on them.


The kindly lady beckoned me over to her.


She spotted me the split second I turned the temple corner here in Bagan, Myanmar.


One part smiled like the Cheshire Cat, a wide grin Guy Smiley would envy. Another part waited for me like a cartoon wolf holding a knife and fork, salivating over a prospective sale, or perhaps, a feasting frenzy as I gobbled up goods from her stand.


After walking me through a smaller temple and showing me brilliant 360 views – all without me asking for the little private tour – she did the semi-hard sell bit, asking me to purchase a few trinkets.


Since I don’t buy out of guilt – and have no home to store larger collectibles – I politely declined and walked away.


I was a totally unqualified buyer; I showed no interest in buying anything from her stall to warrant her showing me around. Β So trying to butter me up for a sale was poor use of her energy.


Meanwhile, other vendors never leave their booth and effortlessly attract tourists to their wares, watching goods fly off of their shelves.


Why do some shop owners struggle like hell to sell even 1 thing daily while others easily succeed with selling?


It’s all their energy. Stress and tension, versus fun and relaxation. Trying out of fear versus being out of fun.


Same deal with your blogging success.


Energy game.


Since no blogger I know asked the question “How can I fail at blogging?”, this post contains helpful ideas that can inspire virtually all bloggers to rock it out and succeed with their blog.


1: Follow Your Fun


If you ain’t following your fun you ain’t successful.


Follow your fun. Blog your fun. Then, the fun is the reward. Traffic and money and fame is extra.


Taking this energetic stance can make you hyper successful because you won’t obsess over outcomes which trip up most bloggers.


2: Blog with Love


I used to blog mainly from a place of fear. I feared running out of:


  • money
  • traffic
  • social shares
  • comments
  • subscribers


That fear bled through my blog. Killed any chance I had at becoming successful.


I then shifted toward blogging with love. So the fear of running out largely died.


I moved into actions like:


  • helping folks
  • blogging predominantly for fun
  • featuring other bloggers
  • opening my blog to guest posting
  • creating for the joy of creating


Success made a beeline for me. When I chose to mainly blog from love, versus, from fear.


3: Create Value


Create value. Help people through your posts.


Help people through:


  • Quora
  • Facebook Groups
  • G Plus Communities
  • Warrior Forum
  • email
  • social media direct messages


I help folks freely. Making me attractive to more folks who vibe with my blog, my products and services.


4: Promote Other Bloggers


Promote other bloggers as freely as you promote yourself.


Make a ton of blogging buddies.


Watch your success skyrocket.


My blogging success flows through hundreds to thousands of streams opened by my blogging buds. I made blogging buddies by:


  • retweeting other blogger’s posts
  • opening my blog to guest posting
  • Facebook sharing other blogger’s posts
  • featuring bloggers here on BFP and through my guest posts


5: Learn from Successful Bloggers


Successful bloggers know how to BE successful.


Follow their lead.


Stalk my blog comments. You’ll find rocking bloggers there.


Google for top bloggers in your niche.


6: Invest Money in Premium Courses and eBooks (and Audio Books, While You’re at It)


The fun, freeing solutions for 80% – 90% of your blogging problems lie in my courses, eBooks and audio books.


Successful bloggers pay money to get solutions to their problems, quickly and easily. Pro bloggers save themselves month’s and year’s worth of struggles by buying robust courses, thorough eBooks and valuable audio books.


As a rule, failing, struggling bloggers are cheap, or make money excuses, ensuring that they fail and struggle for years.


Imagine trying to learn Physics through reading free blog posts alone? You pay tuition to go to university, to do that.


Imagine trying to become a successful, professional blogger through reading free blog posts alone? You pay for premium products, eBooks and audio books to do that.


Resources: Blogging From Paradise Courses Β Blogging From Paradise eBooks Β Blogging From Paradise Audio Books


7: Do NOT Hold Back


Following tips #1 and #2 takes care of this tip nicely. But just be aware of when you may be holding back your talents, your knowledge, your wisdom and your love.


Example; I published a guest post on my blog 10 minutes ago. I could say “that’s enough for this week”. But I attracted this blog post idea. So I am writing the post. Not because I need to or have to. But because I’m helping folks, having fun, spreading love and….not holding back.


I view it as energetic coasting; quite the opposite from working hard or straining and striving. I have fun ideas for helping you to blog. I share the ideas through my blog and through guest posting. Not trying to be prolific; just sharing love, helping….and not holding back.


8: Invest Money in a Theme


Plunk down some cash for a theme.


Brand yourself effectively. Create a professional-looking blog. Promote your blogging success.


Experienced bloggers don’t mind spending a few bucks to become professional pro bloggers.


9: Build a Brand Not a Blog


Struggling bloggers are….solely bloggers.


Successful bloggers build brands. And work their blogs into their brands.


Exhibit A: Blogging From Paradise. I created a brand. Brands are memorable. Especially when your brand bleeds through your blog.


10: Infuse *Your* Stories into Your Blog


Yesterday I rode a bicycle through the largest Buddhist temple complex on earth here in Bagan, Myanmar.


One part Indiana Jones, one part Greg LeMond, I pedaled my way through ancient ruins, not unlike a fit explorer hellbent on getting some sweet Blogging From Paradise branded shots.


Which taught me a sweet blogging lesson: all branding gold resides in areas where few bloggers want to explore.


Bagan sunset. Yes I biked off the beaten path to PREserve this picture.


See how I worked my personal experience/story into my blog post? Nobody on earth can tell my story. In my voice.


Your personal stories separate you from every blogger on earth. Tell them.


11: Guest Post


Guest post like a freaking boss.


Guest posting helped me expand my presence far and wide. Smart leveraging.


Guest post on well-read blogs from your niche. Learn da guest posting rules. Build friendships with bloggers through blog commenting. GP opps will fall into your lap.


12: Blog Comment


Comment on top blogs from your niche.


Create a 3 to 5 paragraph, personalized, helpful blog comment.


Comment on popular, well-read blogs related to your niche.


I stick to blogs like Pro Blogger since I run a blogging tips themed blog.


Resource: How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


13: Toss Salt over Your Left Shoulder Three Times Daily


Sea salt. More organic. Keeps blood pressure low.


14: Create Your Own Products and Services


Peep my sidebar.


126 eBooks. 30 plus audio books. 4 online courses.


All are branding gold. Folks see product creators and eBook writers in a different light.


Each stream also adds to my blogging income. Not a bad look if you want to be successful.


The Online Course


Did you enjoy this lil’ appetizer? Follow a step by step tutorial to build a successful blog on a rock solid foundation. Get the full course by buying my:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course (Plus a Bonus Audio Course)


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Shawn Says:

    OMG, this article explains exactly what I’m doing. I love your advice and tips.
    I have been blogging for years, but I keep switching topics, starting new blogs, quit, try new things, give up, and the cycle keeps repeating.
    But recently, I started to discover that I really love blogging and writing. For months, I have been able to write over 2000 words almost every single day. I found that it’s my passion. Previously, I’m doing it for the money, but now, I’m doing it for my passion. And I’m glad to see my blog is growing.
    I can seriously relate to most of the tips you shared here. This really gets me excited because I started to see the greater possibility of what I can achieve from my blog.
    Thanks for your article. I’m inspired. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Rashmi,

    Thanks much for reading and commenting.


  3. Very insightful comments; thanks for sharing. Will definitely try to incorporate them Ryan.

  4. Hi Dhaval,

    Thanks a bunch for reading πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Sunny,

    We love stories. Even if as bloggers we forget all the other stuff if we can weave a neat tale forget about it!


  6. Hi Erin,

    Following your fun really does change all for better. Like a magic trick. Or a magic shift. I felt heavy before blogging mainly for fun. Felt a gazillion times lighter after I shifted. Things came together easily. Less work, more play, more play, and more play.

    Good for you on that course. Premium investments yield immense returns.

    Sure thing Erin πŸ™‚


  7. Andreea,

    I hear you on that. ALL gold resides in those areas. That’s where the sweetness lies. Working mostly for fun. Helping without looking for anything in return. Blogging with love. All that good stuff.


  8. Hi Richard,

    Exactly. That’s it, that’s the essence of it.

    You began to create your own products for the joy of creating them. Things turned. That detachment makes things go. That energy.

    Even though I promote others freely on Twitter, ditto on pushing other folk’s stuff. Feels heavy to me. I left that behind, devote my energies to writing, creating videos and blog commenting and things turned.

    Fab comment buddy.


  9. Hi Amar,

    Patience is a big part of this game.

    Bloggers fear losing….anything – traffic, profits, subscribers, etc – and hurriedly dive into blogging. There goes being patient.

    But if you build on those 5 awesome pillars you have mentioned everything comes together beautifully.

    Thanks for the fabulous comment.


  10. Hi T Paul,

    We all love a rocking story. Always been that way. From when we’re little kids to our teenage years to adulthood, movies, books, fireside tales….we love this shit LOL! Seriously; Kelli and I miss Netflix so much after a fun but mostly internet-free stay in Myanmar. The stories, the plots and as you said, you forge that intimate 1 to 1 connection with readers through the art of story telling.

    Thanks a bunch.


  11. Hi Cori,

    Totally dig that idea. Here’s why: it feels good to you and is smart leveraging.

    If it feels fun and gives you an opportunity to help folks across many platforms aka blogs, go for it. Pull back some on Not Now Mom’s Busy. Your readers will always be there. Then hop on a few sites in your niche. Write helpful posts – as you always do – and you will expand your reach while making new buddies and strengthening old bonds.

    I hear you on the frequency thing. I too blogged daily for a minute but twas too much. I pulled back. 4 posts a week is high volume for me. This is my speed.

    Thank you Cori πŸ™‚


  12. Hi PBH,

    I love me guest posting.

    Good add on the high DA sites. I stick to Blogging Tips regularly and hop over to other respected, well-ranked, popular blogging tips sites to spread the word and help folks through different platforms. Commenting is easy. Bingo on that intent. Comment to make friends and to share helpful insights to make your comments shine like a lighthouse in a dark, vicious storm.


  13. Guest posting is a good place to start increasing your visibility. when you do guest post on blogs with high domain authority you improve your chances of being ranked high in search engines.Besides, blog commenting can be a good resource to help you create banklinks although the aim is not to create backlinks but provide useful information that would encourage others to visit your blogs.

  14. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Love this post Ryan! I need to work on #7 and #12.

    I would like to add blog consistently. Readers like consistency so it’s important to stick to a blogging schedule. I was posting every day and it wore me out. Now I’m blogging three times a week but I’ve been playing around with the idea of blogging twice a week so I can put more time in for guest posting. I’d like your feedback on that if you don’t mind. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for always sharing great tips with us! Hope you’re having a great week so far. πŸ™‚


  15. T Paul Buzan Says:

    Great stuff, Ryan!

    You’re spot on about the power of storytelling. Who can resist a story? Not only is storytelling one of the best ways draw readers into our content (this post is a case in point) it’s also one of the best ways to forge a personal connection with our readers.

    I think there’s a lesson within the lesson for anyone who goes back to the top of the page and looks at how you transition from a story into the big idea of this post.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your stay in Myanmar!

  16. Amar kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    You need to spend lot of time at the start for understanding the basics to become a successful blogger. Running a blog single handedly needs huge effort right from buying a domain to publishing each article.

    A quality article will take more than a day to write, format and for preparing images. From my opinion – Purpose, patience, time, money and structure are five pillars of successful blogging. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  17. Hi Ryan – I left a comment a few days back but it must have been swallowed by the Interweb. I completely agree with you about ‘Blogging for Fun’. Trying to promote other folks ‘stuff’ imbued with your own passion never worked for me. (I remember We chatted about this once…) But when I started to create my own products – crafted with love and created because I just had to create them – the whole thing changed. There are always going to be people out there who just love what you do just the way you do it. Thank you for this awesome post – useful to complete beginners and the experienced. #2 and #3 hit the bulls eye for me – always give value. That’s what we do Blog with Love thanks again Richard

  18. Andreea Says:

    The piece I loved the most here was “all branding gold resides in areas where few bloggers want to explore” I could not have said it better. Or if I dare, it will be “all gold resides in areas where few want to explore.” as this applies to a lot more than just blogging.
    Keep it up!

  19. Hi Ryan,

    I’m still giggling about the salt. πŸ™‚

    But seriously, tip number one is the best. When I went back to why I started blogging (for fun!) and rebranded my travel blog to follow my fun, everything changed for the better. I love my blog so much these days. If it ever has a huge following or makes money from affiliate links or products that I have ideas for, that will be a huge perk. But right now, it’s just a fun place that I write and that has turned into a beautiful portfolio that I’ve successfully used to land the freelance clients I want. I truly believe that if you follow the fun in blogging, it’s the best “job” ever.

    Also, number 6. I’ve been hemming and hawing over a course that I know will help me with my blog and with my client work. That was a great kick in the pants reminder to go buy the thing and go all in. Thank you for that!


  20. Hi nice article. You shared some important tips to be a successful blogger. I liked the #4, #5, and #10 comments. Those points were really useful for me. Regardless of the importance people will forgets complex theories and derivations, but still they will remember the stories they were told when they were a toddler. Information blended into stories will pass through ages.

  21. Oh Ryan, this indeed a timely alert.Everyone on the net is trying there hand on this wonderful option, though it’s a good idea to try everything, but many fails. I fully agree with you in these aspects you shared here.I am sure these are very valuable points to make note of before attempting for one such post.

  22. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Hi Ryan, I would add “share, share and share” others content. I still see many bloggers not sharing others content and only their own. I just did $8, it took me almost 6 years but I finally did it. I have a few kinks to work out but it’s pretty much complete and I hired out for it.
    I would add meet other bloggers, I was traveling over the weekend and met up with Donna Merrill. It was so cool to meet her in person after knowing her online for years. She’s the 2nd one I’ve met over the years.
    Thanks for your tips – I have to work on #11 and #14.
    Have a great day Ryan!

  23. Jimmy Says:

    Well following our passion is really important in blogging and to keep working consistently. I guess you have shared some important tips for becoming a successful blogger.

  24. Hi Brandon,

    I like that; one of my fave strategies for promoting my blogging success.

    I tweak my sidebar here and there. Pruning. Changing. Altering. Getting clear. All a study in getting clearer and clearer on your message by altering things, editing, testing and tweaking, to see what feels most fun and to see what you feel works best.

    Awesome add on post length too. Don’t get locked in to set numbers because every post has a different tone, and different message. Definitely not rigid in this regard. Some of my posts are 500 words, others 2,000. Follow your intuition for each post.

    Thanks for the cool add :


  25. Hi Adeel,


    I am happy you’re dissolving those blocks.

    Writing for HP is fun, right? Easy too. I had to refrain from HP posting recently because I had some internet connection issues here in Myanmar. Literally could not get on the site. Even with a VPN. So I skipped posting there over the past week. Hopefully my next location will send out a strong enough signal to get on HP again.

    “I” is powerful. “You” is powerful too but “I” adds the personal touch, the experience, the story to make ourselves stand out from the crowd.

    13 is one of my faves πŸ˜‰

    Will do Adeel πŸ™‚ Loving Myanmar so far. Then, off to Thailand next week.

    Thanks for the awesome comment.


  26. Hi David,

    You are so good at brand building; any site of yours I visit I know it is yours, based on your inspired, one of a kind branding.

    Always my pleasure on the guest posting; always welcome to send more too πŸ˜‰ Whenever you want to email it my way and I’ll publish it.

    Branding is something bloggers generally give little thought to; the ones who do stand out in a big way. I post the BFP logo on everything to send a clear, consistent message to people; also, to program individuals. Almost like an unending BFP commercial πŸ™‚

    Thank you David and yep, we’re keeping safe and sound here in Myanmar πŸ™‚


  27. David Boozer Says:

    I love ##9 Ryan! I am currently building up my last blog online, and thank you for the guest post opportunity by the way. Anyways, I thoroughly believe we should be just as focused on building a brand for our blog as we are with creating great blog content. Thanks for the awesome post again Ryan, and you and the wife stay safe out on your travels! =)

  28. Adeel Sami Says:

    Hey, Ryan!

    Buddy… These are harsh and more powerful 14 killer tips to rock the blogging!

    And FUN is the first thing… And it is generated where there’s no fear — the fear of failing at anything, the taste of FUN is a lot sweeter.

    I am stuck at #7… But won’t be anymore and any longer as I have started working on it to get out of the situation of “holding back.” πŸ™‚

    I recently started writing on HuffPost and really liking it! Really it is too much fun writing outside of my own blog! πŸ™‚

    Oh…. the “I” thing in the content makes it an awesome experience to have readers stick to the post. This personalized touch works so well in any type of the blog posts; whether corporate styled or personal.

    #13 is the great one! I’d actually share this information with my circle. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, buddy! Superb tips you shared!

    Keep your fun on! And have an awesome trip to Myanmar! πŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

  29. Brandon Cox Says:

    Good stuff, Ryan! I would throw in there, experiment. Try different approaches and techniques. Add things to the sidebar, then take them away. Write some longer posts, then some shorter posts.

    Watch the results and do more of what works along the way.

  30. I left a thought.