5 Powerful Steps That Will Help You Build a Loyal Blogging Community

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El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


What action plan have you put in place to build a blog community of readers?


The fact is that starting a blog is one thing, to build a blog community or blog audience is another thing altogether.


Having an audience for your blog who will always read your content will help you grow your blogging business in less time. Your blog community are loyal readers who will buy what you’re selling.


But you may be wondering…


How can I build a loyal audience that will always read my content?


In this article, we have put together 5 powerful steps that will enable you to build a community of blog readers.


1: Publish Top-Notch Blog Content Regularly


This comes at #1 for me because, without quality content, nobody will read your posts. But a well-researched, informative blog content will attract your target audience and make them stick.


Sticking in the sense that they will keep coming back for more of your top-notch blog posts. To that end, publishing regularly is will aid you to build bonds with your audience as well.


Therefore, if you can create and publish content every day, that would be amazing because it will enable you not only to attract new readers and retain your target audience, it will also help you enhance your blogging skills.


It is no wonder why my good friend and professional blogger, Ryan Biddulph always encourage his readers to write a 1,000-word blog post every day.


He has used this very same strategy to improve his writing skills, which lead to him writing over 126 e-books, ranging from how to become successful as a:


  • Blogger
  • Author
  • Digital Nomad
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product Creator
  • Freelance Writer
  • And so much more, including; make money online.


Nonetheless, if you’re not game for writing and publishing daily, cut down to at least 3 times a week.


But in some cases, depending on your circumstances, you might not be able to create and publish blog content three times per week. No worries!


Once a week is fine as long as you maintain the frequency.


The points are, let your audience know that they will be getting new content from you one time, two times per week, or daily. They will trust you for maintaining consistency.


2: Engage Your Blog Audience With Stories


The use of storytelling has become a vital component of content marketing. Why?


Because stories are persuasive and have the power to make you take the desired action.


Hence, telling your blogging community interesting stories via content writing will assist you to succeed and build a robust community around your blog more quickly.


The truth is that, as humans, we love to:


  • Listen to good stories
  • Watch movies with great storylines
  • Read interesting story books
  • And so forth.


We do this because the stories are great. So, make it part of your strategy and grow your community. You can also engage your target audience by getting them involved in your blog. How?


After writing your blog post, encourage your readers to take part in blog commenting by asking them for their opinion and possible solutions to the problem you discussed and addressed in your article.


Give them the opportunity to express themselves through blog comments. That way, they feel that you have their best interest at hand.


3: Make Your Readers  Feel Comfortable Around You


One of the best ways to build an active community is to make people feel comfortable around you.


How can you make them feel comfortable? There are two major ways to do this:


  1. Be yourself
  2. Be approachable


Be yourself – To be yourself in this context simply mean to be conversational when writing blog posts. In other words, be human, write the way you speak, and communicate with your blog readers through blog content.


It helps you connect better with your readers. Use words that will make your article conversational, such as:


  • You
  • Me
  • We
  • Etc.


That way, it makes your readers feel as though you are talking personally to each one of them.


Be approachable – To be approachable means to friendly, welcoming, sociable, and so on.


Consequently, extend a friendly hand to your blog readers by giving them the opportunity to reach out to you.


They might have pressing issues that needs your attention–in that they know you can solve the problem.


For example, a reader reached out to me on Facebook about ideas for starting an online business.


That is a pressing issue. I offered advice and tips on how to go about it. This step will make your readers feel that you care much about them.


Thus, if you have a product to sell, they will willingly buy from you.


Many pro bloggers are being approachable by encouraging their audience to reach out to them via various means.


For example, Noah Kagan of AppSumo, Sumo, KingSumo, and OkDork, encourage his subscribers to speak to him about their experiences via email.


This has helped him to build a long-term relationship with his subscribers, and grow a community of over 700,000 loyal subscribers.


4: Become a Connector


Yes, you read it correctly. As a connector, you are the link between your blog or website and your readership. Notwithstanding, take it a little further and become a connector for your readers.


What exactly am I saying?


Here is what I mean…


If you notice that two or more of your blog audience love chicken wings, mention them on your next blog post or social media, and connect them.


If they have blogs, share, comment, and recommend links to their blogs to each one of them.


For instance, Ryan Biddulph does a great job in this regard. He has been connecting his readers with other bloggers for as long as I can remember. And this has helped him build his blog community.


Have a look at this article and this one to see first-hand what am saying to you.


Would your readers be grateful for the shoutouts? Certainly, they will!


This will motivate them to get to know you better and possibly bring their friends and readers to your blog. In this way, you gain new readers and grow your community.


The idea is to enable you to look for different ways to connect people, and they will be more than happy to return to your blog or website with their friends and followers.


5: Nurture and Grow Your Blog Community


Publishing quality content consistently and using stories to engage are interesting ways to grow your blog community. But you must nurture and help them grow into a thriving community.


How can you nurture your fledging audience to grow?


In simple words, interact with them on your blog, social media sites, groups, and forums. Do this simply by responding to their inquiries and comments on your blog or social media site, as well as on groups and forums.


For example, I got me a loyal follower from the UK simply by responding to her question on my Instagram post. She was grateful and followed me right there.


Facebook groups are also great for connecting with your target audience and nurture them to become loyal followers of your blog.


Pro tips:


Read other blogs in your niche market and comment on them. Also, read the comments of others and look for the best way to contribute meaningful comments.


Truth be told. It is not easy to respond to all your blog commenters and still have time to read and comment on other blogs.


On this account, you must always remember that blog commenting is one of the top-level elements to build community on your blog. So, do what you can.


Wrapping Up


An active blog community in an evidence that your blog is valuable and useful to your readers.


Inasmuch as there are many ways to build a blog audience, many influential bloggers have used these tips to grow their blog audience and improve Google rankings.


Please let us know in the comments below how you’ve grown your blog readership.


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