How to Submit a Guest Post Successfully in 12 Steps

August 9, 2016


how to submit a guest post



Are you a blogging veteran who needs to know how to submit a guest post after being rejected more times than the class dork before the prom? Or are you shivering in your boots about submitting your first guest post?


Feeling the sting of getting your guest post rejected is only topped by sitting on the sidelines in a worried, anxious state, reasoning yourself out of writing and submitting your first guest post.


Before you ditch this incredibly powerful blog marketing strategy realize:


  • Guest posting on relevant, influential blogs can put you and your blog in front of 100,000 or more prying eyes
  • Guest posting builds bonds with power broker bloggers
  • Writing guest posts builds your bragging page to epic proportions


Check out my bragging aka “Seen At” page.


Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 3.39.25 AM


(Yeah the image above, and the BIG images above plus these sweet endorsements)


The combined features and guest post list reads like a who’s who of blogging tips, travel blogging and entrepreneurial blogs.


How to Submit a Guest Post


After seeing sweet feedback when posting this image to Facebook and getting a nudge from successful blogger Corinne Kerston (thanks CK) I wanted to share how you too can reap the awesomely delicious benefits of submitting guest posts effectively and intelligently.


Step A1: Write, Write, Write, Write and Write Some More


Write 500 to 1000 words – or more – daily to improve your writing skills.


Skilled writers land guest posts easily.


Skilled writers attract guest post opportunities without seeking guesties.


Writing 1000 words or more daily is the prime reason I either guest posted or landed features on the above blogs.


If you want to submit guest posts the right way you’ll do it the “write way”.


More guest posting doors open for skilled writers than poor writers.


1: Build a Watch List


Build a watchlist of authority, relevant blogs.


Example: a blogging tips blogger would build a list of:



…among other blogs.


Look for blogs relevant to your niche. Demand authority blogs.


Peep social shares. Big presence on Twitter, Facebook and G Plus? Add the site to your watch list.


Relevance means everything. Irrelevance means nothing. Add only blogs 100% relevant to your blogging niche. I only guest post on blogs not fully aligned with my niche if the blog owners reach out to me with a blogging-themed topic, sharing that their audience wants to learn more about the subject matter. I know I’ll speak to folks who dig my message.


2: Research Prospective Guest Post Blogs (Match Your Potential Submission)


Research blogs from your watch list.


Can you publish content matching the length, depth and overall quality the blogging audience demands of you?


Check All Boxes


You may find a better match on an influential blog with less stringent standards.


Do your homework to find the best match for you at this stage of your career.


Determine if you can match the tone and overall feel of a blog before you either keep or prune the blog from your watch list.


Don’t worry; over time, blogs which may have not approved your submissions in the past will approve you after you’ve improved your writing.


Read the guest post rules to get clear on specifics like word count, topics covered and the like to gauge expectations.


3: Comment on the Blog


Blog commenting opens guest posting doors few bloggers ever see, let alone open.


Publish thorough, helpful, personalized comments on potential blogs where you’d like to guest post.  


Patiently build bonds with fellow bloggers to solidify your relationships.


After reviewing my “Seen At” page know that 90% or more of these opportunities opened up through a blog comment I published on these individual blogs.


Are you confused about how to write an impressive, relationship-building, eye-popping blog comment to open guest posting doors for you?


Buy How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


This is an 83 page, in-depth resource on how to comment to wow any influential blogger. Here are people raving about the eBook



4: Promote the Blogger


Retweet, Facebook Share, G Plus Share and LinkedIn Share fellow bloggers if you want to catch their attention.


Think of social shares as setting the table for a long term blogging friendship.


Friend bloggers tend to offer you the keys to their blog if you improve your writing game over time.


I rarely accept guest posts but I offered the invitation to my friend David Boozer. He promoted me so tirelessly and obviously knows his marketing and blogging stuff inside out so I asked him if he wanted to guest post on Blogging From Paradise.


Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 3.19.32 AM


(The awesome blogging audio course is here.)

Promote other bloggers to build friendships which lead to all manner of fabulous opportunities, including guest post invitations.


5: Bond through Email


If you’re struggling like crazy to land guest post requests you may have an email aversion.


For some reason, I resisted using this intimate medium for years. Now I’m in and out of my email every few hours.


Influential bloggers check their email before checking any other medium because email is quick, easy to scan and you can access email freely from anywhere on earth. Not so with social media sites, at least in some spots where the internet is a bit shabby.


Ask how you can help your fellow blogger through email. Bond. Forget pitching or asking for the guest post opportunity at this stage. Gain their trust. Help them. These folks may just help you one day.


I have been invited to write more guest posts by simply bonding with fellow bloggers through email than you’d ever believe. Ask. Assist. Help. Look for nothing in return. What an easy way to make friends with an inspired blogger.


6: Ask Bloggers for Guest Post Opportunities through Email




You’ve built a watch list and found potential matches.


After commenting on authority blogs for weeks or months, after promoting fellow bloggers and after building bonds through email you’ve likely become friends with a few bloggers who may be looking for guest posts.


Simply ask your friend if you can submit a guest post on their blog but share a few specific titles and explain the benefits for the blogger’s audience. Think about the blogger, their audience, their standards and make sure the title pitches are aligned with the blog and brand.


If guest posting is open, you’ve built a friendship and if your writing is good enough, you will land the guest post consistently.


If guest posting is closed, but you’ve built a friendship and your writing is good enough, you will land the guest post more often than you’d think.


In many cases your blogging buddies will invite you to submit a guest post before you ask them. This is the power of bond-building.


7: Release on “No’s”


If a blogger either rejects your guest post idea, or the guest post itself, or explains how guest posting is closed for the moment just release the opportunity. Let go non matches to make room for matches.


Then in your free time, try to look tough hanging out in Istanbul, Turkey.





8: Submit Guest Posts Customized to the Blog


Submit your guest post based on the rules of the blog owner. Remember; you’re the invited guest. Play by the house rules. Take your shoes off before walking in, be polite and be grateful. You’re being given a platform through which you can connect with an army of interested, engaged readers.


Treat the submission process with respect.


9: Do Your Best Every Time


Many new bloggers do something silly; they submit poor quality guest posts yet expect to land these gigs.


This self-sabotaging strategy ensures your guest posts will be rejected regularly.


Post your best content each time out for every guest post submission.


Check out this guest post I published on Shout Me Loud


10 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media


I did my best by adding images, links in, links out to resources and I went long form to do my best work.


Doing your best work connects you with more interested readers and opens the door for more guest post opportunities.


10: Become a Long Term Guest Poster for Specific Blogs


I have guest posting rights on Blogging Tips because I became a regular guest poster on Zac’s site.


Instead of desperately trying to publish guest posts on 100 blogs I see publishing 20 or more on Blogging Tips to be smart. My readers love blogging tips. So do Zac’s. More BT readers will find BFP if I’m familiar in their eyes.


Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 3.25.06 AM


My archive on BT spans 3 pages deep and I even got to have lunch with Zac when I was back home in NJ.


Why should you build a long term guest posting gig with a few bloggers? You will place virtually all guest posts on these sites. You know the system and the audience.


11: Respond to All Comments


Respond to all comments on guest posts. Build bonds with readers. Drive traffic to your blog.


If a blogger gives you the keys to their blog treat it with care.


Visit your recent guest posts daily to check for comments or set up email notifications to respond in a timely fashion.


Responding promptly to comments opens the door for a new guest post opportunity on the blog and attracts new readers to your blog.


12: Share as You Share Your Own Blog Posts


Promote guest posts as freely as you promote your own blog posts.


Market guest posts in every spot where you market your blog posts.


I market guest posts through (prepare for a bigger font size):


  • Twitter
  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Blogging themed Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus personal profile
  • G Plus blogging Collection
  • G Plus Page
  • Blogging themed G Plus Communities
  • Pinterest blogging boards
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Biz Sugar
  • Triberr (if you’re confused about where to start on Triberr check out the reader review and buy my helpful Triberr eBook. This platform can multiply your guest posting opportunities at a dizzying rate


Screenshot 2016-08-08 at 2.43.43 AM


Be a thoughtful guest poster.


Follow each of these 12 steps to do guest posting the right way.


If you’re still super stymied about how to do guest posting right tweet at me.


Please Tweet this Post, Share it on Facebook, Share it on Google Plus and Share it on LinkedIn. Thank you for spreading the love.


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  1. Thanks Mandy!


  2. Mandy Allen Says:

    Excellent tips, Ryan, I am glad I found this post as I am currently trying to attract (for the first time ever!) some guest posters to my own blog to cover a few weeks over the next 3 months. I will edit my post and include a link to this!

    Enjoy the journey!

  3. Hi Hamza,

    So happy to help bro 🙂

    Based on how you wrote your comment I see you placing guesties on any blog from your niche. Clear, concise, crisp, your writing game is on point,

    If you have any guest posting questions please email me:

    Thanks much.


  4. Hi Simon,

    I figure if you blog about social media just guest post about social media on social media blogs 😉 Alignment thingee.

    Only because I learned lessons – again and again – by placing off topic guest posts that I’m not speaking to my target audience.

    Like anything, no hard and fast rule here per se but aligning your niche, your guest post and the blog where you’re placing it will do ya a world of good in driving traffic and building bonds with bloggers who cover your niche.



  5. Simon Zaku Says:

    Hey, nice post dude!

    I’ve always had this guest blogging question for long.

    For example, if I blog strictly about Social Media Marketing (which means bloggers are also part of my target audience). Can I guest post about blogging? (i.e on blogs about blogging). Because I feel showing your expertise on something else (even though related and its also for your target market) might not be a good idea.

    (An example of an expert that does it will go a long way to help)

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers 🙂
    Simon Zaku

  6. Hamza Zia Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    An aspiring blogger here struggling to get guest posts right now. Stumbling upon your article is one the best tings to happen to me on this journey. These are some really great tips and will surely be of great help to me on this. Rest assured, I’ll be sure to credit you for every acheivement I get consistently. Great work! 🙂

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    ~ Ahmad

  12. Hi Raul,

    Go for the top bro 😉 In truth though, since I don’t advise pitching, the top bloggers will make a beeline for you if you follow these tips. They will knock on your cyber door. Much more fun that way. Especially for me. Since I am lazy as hell LOL.


  13. Raul Tiru Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Great article! Congrats on the many great blogs that have covered your articles. I tip my hat.

    Do you suggest newbies start with lesser known blogs or shoot straight for the big ones?

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