How to Go from Employee to Entrepreneur: Seize these 12 Tips

  July 21, 2014 blogging tips 🕑 15 minutes read
how to go from employee to entrepreneur

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Figuring out how to go from employee to entrepreneur seems challenging; especially during more stressful times.


I wish the internet was working now.


I have 5 articles to place for clients. I want to share my latest blog post. I have an article to write too. Oh well. Dem’s de breaks on the road.


Here in Savusavu, Fiji the internet has been dependable. We rarely suffer through outages even though we’re in No Man’s Land.


Look at a map. Check out where Fiji is located; yep, in the middle of nowhere, a tiny string of islands dotting the vast Pacific Ocean.


If I had the old employee’s mindset I needed to shed before becoming an island hopping blogger I would have looked somewhere to pin this on someone else. They’d handle it, I’d be free of it.


The internet is out? Not my problem.


No worries, I could always blame someone else, or hand it off to them. Then I could refer our customers to a manager, or someone else to complain to, a few pay grades about me.


Ain’t gonna happen here folks. No manager overlooking Blogging From Paradise, save good old RB. I own it, so I’m responsible for my blog, my success, my freelance clients, my internet connection and all of the responsibilities which come with being an entrepreneur.


How to Go from Employee to Entrepreneur


Make no mistake about it; I love my life. I am ridiculously free. I’ll be living in Savusavu for the next 13 weeks. After that it’s off to Bali, then back to the USA for December before we head off to some new tropical paradise.


I am free, and I know it, and I’m damn grateful for it. One thing that comes with being free, though, is accepting full responsibility for all that happens in your life.


When I worked for people as a security guard, or a client enrollment rep, or as an inside sales representative, I owned some stuff but pushed off responsibilities to folks who could better handle my headaches. They could then assume responsibility for any mistakes, failures or mishaps, and I could alleviate my stress over this sweet handing off of responsibilities.


These days, I am an entrepreneur. I own everything because I’m in charge. Sure I may outsource some tasks but at the end of the day it all falls down on the CEO, the owner of my freelance writing business, and of Blogging From Paradise.


That’s me.


When I made the energetic shift from delegating and cleaning my hands of some big task, to OWNING everything in my life, I was able to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.





Take today; I just wrote another article for a client. I’ll check the internet in a few, place the articles I need to place, finish this post, and all this fun stuff is going on, on a Saturday, at 5:59 PM. I rest, and play, and have fun, and darnit I am free, but the work part of the gig – which feels like play most of the time – is something that doesn’t end as long as you’re in business.


I own stuff. I own successes, and failures, and anything related to my online businesses, even if I allegedly had nothing to do with it. This is the first fundamental shift you must make to move from the employee to entrepreneur mindset, so you can retire to a life of island hopping and smart blogging.


Benefits of Thinking and Acting Like an Entrepreneur


So many benefits, so little time. Let’s list a few.


  • Make as much money as you want to
  • Live anywhere in the world while you make as much money as you want to
  • Own all successes and failures; this is called, “being free”
  • You may get to meet me in some tropical paradise
  • Full creative control over your life
  • Having the ability to inspire folks to become free
  • Never being paid once a week again
  • Never being told that you can work and take off from work at set times again


I am beyond blessed. Now, as I watch the sun set in Fiji, I have to laugh; 5 years ago my life was a blessing too, but I pretty much did stuff people told me to do, and got a check each Thursday.


This is neither good or bad, just such a vast difference from writing blog posts for inspired readers and articles for clients in a home with a million dollar view, nestled on a dramatic jungle cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in Savusavu, Fiji.


On to the tips….


Own Everything


Own everything that happens in your life, good, bad and in between. Some employees do this but many shift blame to someone else, and then refer customers to managers or higher ups, because they are trained to do so. I know I did, as a security officer and an inside sales rep.


The moment you own everything you are thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. I’m owning the internet being down. I could complain, or whine, or write this post. I wrote the post. I also wrote a post for a client during internet down time.


Koh Lanta Thailand


Owning things rocks, because whether you screw up, or fail, or lack direction, or some unforeseen circumstance puts you behind the 8 ball, you’re free. You can creatively think through problems or ask others for help because you never gave away your power through blaming others.


You own your power, when you accept full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Own it.


Surround Yourself with Winners


Winners breed winners. I began island hopping through blogging by hanging with winners. I let ‘em rub off on me. I retired when I decided to be like the winners I admired, making a bold ass move to leave the 9-5 behind.


Find winners on Facebook, or in Fiji. Connect with winners on Twitter, or in Bali. Chat with winners on Google Plus, or in Koh Lanta. Online or offline, I’ve found winners in the cyber world and in paradise wherever I’ve gone.


I’ve met successful business people in Koh Lanta, Thailand, shrewd investors in Chiang Mai, Thailand and winning professionals in Jimbaran, Bali.


You will think more like an entrepreneur and less like an employee when you surround yourself with winning entrepreneurs. They’ll rub off on you. I promise you that.


Never Down Employees


This post is supposed to be a celebration of entrepreneurs and employees. I loved most of my jobs and know that without working each job I worked, I’d never be here.


So yeah, working for other people rocks because it means you have health benefits in most cases, a steady paycheck unless you get axed and a nice, orderly environment through which you can learn your craft.


True entrepreneurial thinkers are so clear on their lifestyle and so steadfast in their belief system that they feel no need to bash employees.



Start Your Blog Now and Darnit Pay for Hosting!


The Universe digs speed. The Universe digs clarity. Becoming a professional blogger starts with becoming an amateur blogger, which means, buying professional, reliable hosting, so your site stays up most of the time, and also, so your site is nice and fast too.


The quick, definite and clear act of buying pro hosting and setting up your blog – or paying someone to do it for you – sends a loud, clear signal to the Universe…..


“This sucka is SERIOUS about becoming a pro blogger!”


Then, as that signal reverberates throughout the ethers, funny/neat/inevitable things start to happen:


  • You find my blog
  • You find this post
  • You subscribe to my blog, follow my tips, and begin to mimic my lifestyle
  • You generate prospering post ideas
  • You find like-minded, driven, happy, focused entrepreneur friends who nudge you in the right direction, and inspire you to crush obstacles
  • You gain your first reader, and first sale
  • You become more and more creative, and the cool thing is, you are loving your job more too
  • You do better in school
  • You gain greater clarity in engineering your dream life
  • Retirement is on its way
  • You’re a smart blogger
  • You network with authority bloggers


What happened? You made a firm, definite and determined decision to start your pro blogging career, and the Universe simply mirrored your decision back to you.


You were rewarded for your boldness and began to attract all ideas, people and circumstances you need to retire to life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Move Up a Few Circles


I recall a trip through Central Vietnam. We were taking the train to Ninh Binh, to see the stunning karsts and jaw-dropping scenery in that part of the country.


Kelli and I paid more money to buy sleeper car tickets. We had our own little room. It was sweet. We slept awesomely and were totally recharged for the following day.


If we stayed in the cheap seats, we wouldn’t have slept, and would have been darn miserable the next day, and wouldn’t have enjoyed our short stay in Ninh Binh.


This was moving up a few circles, spending a few extra bucks to have the premium experience, because it sends an abundant, prospering vibe to the Universe.

We have cats in Fiji too. Say hello to Peggy Sue, Mady, Hazey and Sophie.

We have cats in Fiji too. Say hello to Peggy Sue, Mady, Tom and Sophie.


Online, you’d move into higher circles by surrounding yourself only with the most successful people in your niche through blogger outreach. You’d comment only on authority blogs and share only the most quality content.


Think of sharing only premium content and hanging only with wild successes, and act on that thought, and you’ll be well on your way to become a globe-trotting entrepreneur.


Leave Being an Employee Behind


I’ve spoken to many former teachers who were miserable failures as entrepreneurs. They were still teachers. Or former teachers. They sure as heck didn’t think of themselves as an entrepreneur, so why would they think and act like an entrepreneur? Of course, they were doomed to fail, and rightfully so.


I struggled with this one for a minute. I was a former security officer, and a former penniless one at that, instead of being a successful, prospering, retired, island-hopping, kick ass professional blogger who inspires his readers to become retired, island-hopping, kick ass professional bloggers.


Note my About Me page: I’m about dwelling on my present success, not stressing my failures, because I left the employee days behind. Sure I note them, but I don’t dwell on them because when I did I seemed to attract only poor, struggling, unhappy former or current employees, and lemma tell ya, those folks are not good clients, because they have no money to pay for anything.


I am a success. I am a professional entrepreneur, retired from my former life. Knowing this, my visitors respond to my vibe, see me as a retired, professional blogger, and my vibe sets up prospering opportunities for me and my business partners wherever we go.


Spend 20 Minutes or more Daily Working on Your Mindset


When I first made the shift, damn were things crazy. I spend 2, 4 or even 6 hours a day on mental science, meditating, visualizing or affirming to uproot year’s worth of limiting beliefs regarding success, money and all types of zany ideas I was imprinted with by sometimes well-meaning but sometimes spiteful people.


Start off with 20 minutes a day. Work on your mindset. Professional bloggers think like professional bloggers and act like professional bloggers.


Rooting out non-entrepreneurial type excuses, like saying you have no money or time to start a blog, or that you can never be a pro blogger, is easy when you commit fully to honing your mindset.


Read self help books, meditate, visualize and affirm your way into become a positive, energetic, forward-thinking entrepreneurial dynamo. Become a pro blogger by going within to change the without.


Write Like Mad


“Writing like mad” doesn’t mean publishing a post each day but it does mean writing for 1, 2 or 3 hours – or more – daily, to become a professional blogger with serious writing skills. People notice skilled writers.


Skilled writers spend hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of hours honing their craft.


Observe people who live ridiculously cool, dream-type lives. They spent years developing skills to become super at what they chose to do, and naturally, were rewarded through their diligent work with a sweet reaping season.


I’ve published – between my many blogs, and articles for clients – some 7,000 articles over my online career.


Hey, how many people do you know who’re living in Fiji for 4 months as professional bloggers? How many folks do you know retired from their security guard days to travel the world for 39 months, living in places like Bali, Costa Rica, and Phuket?


This took work folks! The Universe rewards the select few who put in the time, blood and sweat to hone their craft, so that they could make their dreams come true.


I put in the time, improved my writing skills and here I am.


Become a Student of Blogging


Learn your craft inside out.


Become a student of blogging.


I studied how to create headlines, posts and sidebars. I learned the importance of white space. I studied SEO, and building an email list, and how to post calls to action, and widget placement, and all that good stuff to become an entrepreneurial, pro blogger.


Entrepreneurs need to increase their knowledge base daily to succeed. Read, study, subscribe, absorb and put your knowledge into practice to see the greatest returns.


I recall eating tremendous meals at our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Phuket, Thailand for many months. Our Thai friend/restaurant owner was a serious food devotee, someone who was a student of vegetables, and curry and spices, and all of the ingredients which created a stunningly tasty, delightful meal.


Entrepreneurs thirst for knowledge. They know a better way exists, always tweaking, pushing, nudging, testing and improving.


Learn. Become a blogging pro.


Move into Action….like, much of the Time


Professional bloggers who are able to retire to a life of island hopping, act. Stating a blog and writing a few posts is just the beginning.


Crafting quality content 1 to 3 times a week and connecting with leaders separates the amateurs from the pros. Pros know that pros outwork non pros. Simple as that. Sure you need to write, and to hone your craft, and learn, and tweak, but this is a complete, comprehensive, all encompassing strategy we’re talking about here.


Write, network, learn, tweak, put your new found knowledge into action, work on your mindset, and engage in these acts each day, for 6 to 7 days each week, to be well on your way to become a professional blogger.


Professional office workers spend time working in an office. Often, they work for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, for a square 40 hours. Entrepreneurs, especially island hopping pro bloggers, will be putting in 40 or 60 hours a week or more, learning how to do things effectively, then patiently putting their new found knowledge into practice, to gain experience and blogging wisdom.


Again, after a few breaks, it’s 7:47 PM Saturday night, Savusavu Fiji time. I’ll work tomorrow too. Probably until late into the night. Not because I need to, but because I want to hone my craft, and because I love being free, and I’ve learned from enough super successful entrepreneurs that you gotta work, to make this thing work.


Develop an Overpowering Reason Why You Want to Live this Lifestyle


During the lean years I knew why. Which is why I’m in Fiji now. I wanted to be free more than anything so I trudged forward during heartache, embarrassment, humiliation, despair, rage, anger and hopelessness.


Then, I realized that as I took my ego out of the equation that holding a purer intent helps manifest your goals more quickly and also erases many obstacles and the negative emotions you feel in reacting to these obstacles.


Point blank; I knew why.


Hidden Beach, Bali

Hidden Beach, Bali


Island hopping bloggers know why. Entrepreneurs know why. Each person who succeeds knows why.


Here’s the kicker; that emotion must overpower you, your being and any circumstance you may encounter.


Like, when I went bankrupt I pushed myself to do my online stuff because I was hungrier to be free than I feared being humiliated or going broke. Heck I already went broke. No sense crying over spilled milk.


Employee mindset types generally seek work to pay bills. Nothing wrong with that at all unless your chief goal is to do something other than paying da bills. If you crave having a home, family and all the nice little tidy trimmings which come with having a job, more power to you. Your “why” works for you.


If however you want to retire to become an island-hopping, tiger-taming pro blogger – like yours truly – your why will be, to be free, and it will feel overpowering. Your life will be built around your why.


People with similar reasons why will gravitate toward you. Obstacles may pop up but you can’t even see them. No reason to look at resistance when you can knife through it.


Know your why.


Focus on what you’re doing not what you’re facing. Focus on the processes not the obstacles. Know why you want to retire. Know why you want to be an entrepreneur. Focus heavily on the idea until it dominates your mind.


At this point you’ll have uncovered one of the great secrets to entrepreneurial success. Your success momentum will carry you through any circumstance because your “why” won’t permit anything else to happen. The emotion drives you to believe in your vision and to act on your vision instead of giving up when things get tough.


I am beyond elated to have island hopped over the past 39 months. I am beyond grateful to be free, here in Fiji. The free-feeling emotions I’m experiencing now were the free-feeling emotions I generated in New Jersey. I knew why back then and I am experiencing my “why” right now.


If you haven’t grasped this idea already, can you see how much of this entrepreneur bit is not about blogging tips or practical blogging strategies but rather working on your mindset?


The mind – or chosen thoughts and feelings – helps to mold your reality. Successes are driven by their why until they reach their goal. Know why and allow your reason why to dominate your being.


Pay People – or Buy Tools – to Handle Tasks


I offer freelance writing services. People can hire me to write their content for them. Most of these folks are busy people or organizations which have little time to create articles.


They are paying a person – me – to handle tasks. To become an effective entrepreneur you must do the same thing.


Entrepreneurs pay people to do stuff, to free up their time. I’m going to bed in a few hours in Fiji. I’m 16 hours ahead of EST in the US yet I’ll send out hourly tweets and a few updates to Facebook because of Hootsuite Pro, and a willingness to pay for a tool which saves me time, and which handles tasks that free up my sked, and allow me to sleep.


Think like an entrepreneur. Delegate. Pay people or buy tools to hand off stuff to folks or tools so you can live the internet lifestyle.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


How did you go from employee to entrepreneur?


Do you want to leave your job to blog full time?


  1. Ryan Biddulph says:
    at 11:12 pm

    Hey guys, do you agree with these tips?

    What tips can you add to this list?

    Also, please let me know if you are having problems commenting by sending me an email: ryan_biddulph[at]hotmail[dot]com


  2. Ken Kai says:
    at 11:24 pm

    Totally agree with your points there Ryan. Some work you can do yourself, but there are some tasks that are simply better to be paid to do. Time is money after all!

    Being in one place has always bored the living hell out of me so traveling was just something I loved to do. Keeping it moving and keeping it busy.

    Ever since I was young(er) I’ve loved to travel and learn different languages & cultures. Travel blogging isn’t just a form of making dollars but such a great way to teach the largest audience in the World: the internet.

    Great post Ryan. Hope Fiji is treating you well.

    Also, maybe I’ll see you over in Bali!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:28 pm

      Ken, that’d be beyond awesome dude! We’re coming to Ubud in November for a month. Let’s definitely meet up if you’re over there. Amen on the largest audience on earth; the internet is a fun place for teaching, learning and growing. Thanks for sharing the awesome comment Ken.

      • Ken Kai says:
        at 11:35 pm

        Sounds like a plan Ryan. Take care mate!

  3. Sabra says:
    at 1:00 am

    Hey Ryan,

    I enjoyed your post, and I love your photos! I am glad you talked about mindset, and taking the time to invest in things like reading, meditation and other activities. A lot of us have been so brainwashed over the years thinking we had to do life a certain way, and it can be easy to slip back into old ways of thinking if you aren’t vigilant and feeding your brain with new information and habits. That way, when things are taking a long time, or you experience a setback, you will be less likely to throw in the towel and start working on your resume.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:48 am

      Hi Sabra, mindset is so big, it’s something I love chatting about. Like you said, we’ve been brainwashed in so many ways that we better take a deep breath, relax, and honestly assess our acquired limiting beliefs, so we can root them out and remove them through personal development. Thanks so much for your keen insight here, and great to see you around as always Sabra.

  4. Kelli says:
    at 2:15 am

    Hey Ryan
    Amazing post as always…this is an epic piece that anyone thinking about moving into the work-for-yourself lifestyle should read without a doubt. You brought up so many excellent points, it would be hard to cover them in one comment but the two that particularly struck me were working on your mindset and uncovering your ‘why’…I would argue those are the two core necessities.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:26 am

      KC, the mindset part is huge. We learned this on our journey, and even before we stared our trip. Your why must be overpowering, to help you slice through resistance and keep going forward at a steady rate. Get those 2 aspects of the entrepreneur bit down and you’ll be able to island hop….like we do 😉 Thanks as always, and I’ll cut the vegetables in like 5 minutes.

  5. Phillip Dews says:
    at 6:20 pm

    Hey dude! classic post as usual buddy! i still struggle with the employee mentality. In fact after having lots of job interviews last year and getting turned down from them I now know that i have to train my mindset as an entrepreneurial mindset.

    I am getting there though now buddy! it’s clear to me that no emplyee want my skills even though they are sought after! As you know I have immersed myself in design and development. So I own that corner now and I love to blog about it also as you well know!

    My writing is getting a helluva better these days from my early blog posts and am now thinking of improving one and rehashing some of my old blog posts from my early days!

    Epic post buddy as usual!
    Till next time

    – PD

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:50 pm

      PD, it’s been so fun to watch your growth as a blogger, and I marvel at your design skills dude. You’re doing great. I’m still working on getting the entrepreneurial mindset down and although I’ve made inroads I still catch myself from moment to moment, when I need to make a more freeing decision. Phil, thanks for the comment, and thanks for all that you do!

  6. Don Purdum says:
    at 7:53 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for saying what needed to be said. I was saying on an interview today that the most vulnerable, insecure place to be is an employee. You are in their hands and are dependent upon someone elses success.

    However, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and that’s okay with me. I celebrate those who will own my company as their own. I will bend over backwards to help them as they are helping me fulfill my dreams and goals.

    Still, there is nothing like owning it!!! There is nothing like the freedom to come and go as I please. There is nothing like failing, getting up and cleaning my wounds, and figuring out to be successful. There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing I’m building something for the future.

    I really appreciate your comment about finding winners. I’ve been so blessed to connect with so many top notch amazing bloggers over the last few months. They have done for me what I could not for myself. I would like to think I’ve done the same for them. The key is if you want to be with winners you have to be one for them.

    Thank you for a fantastic, enthusiastic, highly optimistic article. Your personality shines through and I love it!!!

    Have a great hump day!
    Don Purdum

    PS – I did find your article on I look forward to following your journey and have heard so many great things about you! Keep on living your dream!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:53 pm

      Hi Don, wow, thanks for sharing such a fab comment! You nailed it; working for someone can be great, but having done both I do prefer the freedom of owning, and calling the shots…..and like you said, we can pick ourselves up and lick our wounds, and come back to fight another day. Ditto on networking with so many winning bloggers. I really enjoy your blog Don, and with comments like these, I can see why your community is so massive, and responsive. Well done. Thanks for much for sharing your insight and kind words…..and you do the same 🙂

  7. Catherine Holt says:
    at 8:26 am

    As well as learning all that there is to know about blogging, we really need to make sure that our mindset is right. To surround ourselves with the positives, to take responsibility and to really believe!

    I try and listen to as much mindset material as I can. It can often be difficult when I have a 2 year old competing with air space and wanting Hi5, but when you are serious about something, you find the time!

    Thanks for another inspiring post Ryan 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:21 pm

      Hahaha Catherine, I struggle enough with kittens around, I can only imagine how a cute little 2 yr old can snag your attention too. You’re taking all the right steps from what I’ve seen; your blog is wonderful, you’ve connected with so many inspiring posts and you’re networking like a champion, and all this is due to your positive mindset. Thanks Catherine, keep on rocking it out 🙂

  8. Kevin Duncan says:
    at 11:45 am

    Hey Ryan,

    Great thoughts here, and what an awesome insight into what it takes to be your own boss. To be “free.”

    Your “own everything that happens in your life, good, bad and in between” is great advice in general. People make too many excuses. It’s always someone else’s fault. “Personal responsibility” is a foreign concept for too many individuals, and it’s a sad commentary on today’s society!

    Owning up to everything is empowering. If you fail or something doesn’t go your way, taking ownership of the failure emboldens you to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The alternative, choosing to be a victim, sets you up for repeating the process again and again.

    Your successes are so, so much more rewarding when you’ve had to work hard to earn them, right? So, if you’ve owned all the failures along the way, the rewards will feel so much sweeter! This is reason enough to take ownership over everything — good, bad, and in between.

    Enjoy your day in paradise, Ryan. You’ve earned it!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:13 pm

      Kevin, perfectly put dude. Owning our wins and losses makes the ride so much sweeter. I for one like taking responsibility for all that happens in my life because I can free myself from the powerless habit of blaming, a habit which causes so much unhappiness and failure. Own it, you’ll be so much more happy. Thanks so much Kevin, enjoy your day!

  9. Ross Simmonds says:
    at 1:22 pm

    Ryan – This post is awesome. It’s always great seeing fellow hustlers go out and turn their dreams into reality. Keep on fighting the good fight and keep on inspiring people to embrace the hustlers mentality. The ability to go from employee to entrepreneur is easier than ever with technology at our fingertips and the world at our doorstep. You can learn practically anything from anywhere and the only thing holding us back is our own dedication. Awesome post post Ryan – Looking forward to following more of your content down the road!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:13 pm

      Ross, thanks so much for the kind words. It’s quite simple, and you put it perfectly. With the technology available today anybody with a desire to succeed and belief in self can accomplish awesome things, from anywhere on earth. Thanks for sharing your insight and stopping by!

  10. Sharon says:
    at 6:35 pm

    Some fabulous points. We are currently making the shift in mindset from employees to entrepreneurs. It is scary but also very exciting especially as we have just decided to move to Asia (from Aus) to basically buy ourselves time as we need one of us in the workforce here in Australia to be able to get by. I am a travel blogger (although I am currently trying to start up different businesses), and I am constantly surprised by how many people in that world are trying to make it without thinking professionally at all. They don’t want to spend money, and they don’t really want to prioritise it. Anyway, thanks for the interesting site and commenting on my travel blog so that I found you!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:17 pm

      Hi Sharon, Welcome to Blogging from Paradise!! I salute you on your decision, both to move to Asia, and to be a professional blogger at that. Spending money on products or services which accelerate your growth is the smart way to do this entrepreneur bit. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing Sharon. See you soon.

  11. Joe says:
    at 8:36 pm

    Nice I’ve been to all of those countries except Fiji. Though I did live in Papua New Guinea for awhile. Glad you get to travel that much, and check out Nicaragua next time you’re in Central America.
    Happy Travels!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 6:53 am

      Way cool Joe! I imagine Papua NG was such a blast and we’re planning to do Central America next year. Thanks much.

  12. Jason Townsend says:
    at 5:54 pm

    Hi Ryan.

    Great post. I particularly like the piece about ‘Owning Everything’, and I can totally relate to our tendency to ‘cop out’ on responsibility while chained to the 9-5.

    Managers – we hate ’em, but we love to pass the buck to them at the same time. I didn’t apply this many times during my time serving ‘the Man’, however the times I did were exactly like you describe.

    Holding yourself accountable for the actions you’re involved in creating is a powerful tool to sculpt your success. Even further than that, it’s a key leadership quality that will set you apart from the 98% who choose to follow a mediocre lifestyle.

    Great detailed post. Thanks for taking the time to write!


    Jason Townsend –

  13. Theodore Nwangene says:
    at 8:56 am

    Hello Ryan,
    Indeed, nothing beats being an entrepreneur. Its the best thing that can happen to anyone.

    However, one of the best ways to achieve this is via blogging. Blogging is the one thing I’ve seen that will give you all the freedom you need.

    I mean, the idea of working from any where is really a no brainier. What else can give you such freedom?
    This is a lovely article indeed Ryan, thanks for sharing.

  14. Gary Pearson says:
    at 11:31 pm

    Living as free as you do comes with great responsibility and accountability, Ryan. It takes a certain type of character to stay perpetually motivated and inspired. Thanks for your commitment to the cause. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to emulate your envious way of life. Cheers from Korea.

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