What Does a Blogger Do?

  June 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read

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Running a blog entails more responsibility than simply writing and publishing blog posts.


Most people think that bloggers share whatever’s on their mind for the general public to see.


In reality, bloggers develop a wide range of skills to become professionals. Professional bloggers practice honing these skills for years.


Basically, bloggers write and publish blog content about a particular topic.


This job description involves:


  • solving problems from one niche
  • formatting posts for easy reading and scanning
  • editing posts to create a pleasing user experience


However, bloggers play various roles beyond being a content creator during their online careers.


Not every blogger performs each task below but most complete some of these activities.


1:  Create Content


Bloggers write and publish blog posts to solve reader problems.


Blog posts add value to blogs.


Research Niche Keywords


Bloggers research niche keywords to build blog posts around one keyword.


Most bloggers select long tail keywords to avoid competing with top professional bloggers for Google traffic.


Using tools like:



yields keywords that users query through search engines.


Bloggers write every post based on a keyword or key phrase queried by people interested in their blogging niche.


For example, I query “blogging tips” related keywords on Google semantic search to mine a high volume of targeted keywords queried by bloggers. Every Blogging From Paradise post as of recent centers on one long tail keyword within the blogging tips niche.


Research Material for Blog Posts


Research content to write your blog posts.


Bloggers acquire knowledge through due diligence to form the foundation of blog posts. Experienced bloggers gain ample knowledge to publish posts from memory alone. Amateurs research patiently to gain ideas for content creation.




  • respected blogs from your niche
  • niche forums


for content ideas.


Make blog posts your own by writing in your own voice.


house sitting around the world

Opotiki, New Zealand


Never copy bloggers word for word to avoid committing plagiarism.


Do research to organize your newfound knowledge into genuine blog posts.


SEO-Optimize Blog Posts


Publish 1500 word plus, detailed content optimized for SEO.


Bloggers optimize posts for Google traffic to:


  • target readers
  • grow business


Add rich details to posts. Drill down to publish an in-depth guide through blog posts.


Set aside 3-5 hours or more to optimize a blog post effectively.


Be less concerned with publishing posts to fulfill a content schedule. Publish thorough resources to drive Google traffic.


Format Posts Effectively


Format blog posts for easy reading and scanning.


Bloggers publish content to improve the user experience.




  • headers
  • bullet point lists
  • italics
  • frequent paragraphs
  • short and snappy sentences


How you present blog posts influences how readers process your content.


Make it easy to read or scan blog posts. Improve the user experience.


2: Promote


Bloggers promote their posts across a range of online channels like:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Triberr


Self-promoting becomes a slippery slope the moment you attempt to share blog content outside of your profiles. Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and various communities maintain strict rules to prevent blatant self-promotion. Wise bloggers follow rules by promoting what they know via text only answers versus plastering their post links across groups.


Share your niche knowledge to promote your blog in spots where links are not followed. Bloggers answer questions thoroughly on sites like:


  • Quora
  • Reddit


to promote their knowledge. Promoting your knowledge indirectly promotes your blog because people who trust your answers click the blog link found via your profile page.




Do you promote your business or blogging knowledge?


Watch this video for a reminder:


Do You Promote Your Business or Blogging Knowledge?


3: Network


Bloggers network to build communities


Engaging in outreach builds your friend network.


Connected bloggers thrive because blogging friends:


  • promote them
  • endorse them
  • hire them
  • buy their products


to amplify their success.


Comment Genuinely on Blogs


Comment genuinely on blogs related to your niche.


Personalize comments to bond with bloggers. Address bloggers by name. Sign off with your name. Add a personal touch to be memorable.


Publish in-depth comments spanning 1-3 paragraphs. Create value to become valuable in the eyes of fellow bloggers and their communities. Spend a few moments to organize your thoughts after reading a blog post. Publish relevant, genuine comments to make impacts.


Savusavu, Fiji


Appreciative bloggers who enjoy your comments bond with you. Expect some of these bloggers to comment genuinely on your blog to strengthen your relationship.


Engage Readers on Your Blog


Ask questions through your blog.


Read every blog comment. Reply to all blog comments.


Engaging readers through your blog fortifies your blogger outreach campaign. Fellow bloggers tend to drop comments to build relationships. Reading and replying to blogger comments bonds you with bloggers from your niche.


Engage Readers through Social Media


Chat with readers through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Bloggers build relationships with readers seamlessly through social media because these sites easily encourage chatting via:


  • comments
  • messages
  • published updates


Visit social profiles at least 1-2 times daily for 10 minutes. Review your replies. Comment on updates published by fellow bloggers. Read messages to respond to questions, comments or concerns.


4: Monetize


Bloggers monetize their blogs to earn income.


Amateur bloggers go pro by receiving money through multiple income channels.


Monetize through Multiple Income Channels




  • writing and self-publishing eBooks
  • creating online courses
  • engaging in affiliate marketing
  • selling ad space
  • selling sponsored posts
  • offering freelance services
  • coaching
  • consulting


as possible profit channels.


Learn how to thrive through each channel by studying professional bloggers.


For example, Anil Agarwal at BloggersPassion teaches bloggers how to thrive through affiliate marketing among other income streams.


Learn from leaders how to succeed.


Monetize through multiple channels to maximize income and protect yourself from wild income fluctuations as channels disappear.


5: Provide Customer Service


Bloggers provide customer service to:


  • clients
  • customers
  • prospective clients
  • prospective customers


Answer questions related to your blogging courses, blogging manuals and blog coaching.



Monitor social media to help people understand your business products and services. Address problems. Listen to customer feedback. Provide ongoing support to build trust and to increase referral business.


Bloggers often need to improve their people skills to engage in genuine customer service. Most new bloggers like the idea of interacting with a laptop, not human beings. Blogging quickly reveals how going pro is a people business.


Develop empathy. Be compassionate. Render authentic customer service by deeply caring for readers, customers and clients.


Blogger Frequently Asked Questions


Bloggers receive frequently asked questions after gaining significant exposure through persistent work.


Rivas, Costa Rica




  • publishing a FAQ page on your blog
  • offering services answering these FAQ’s
  • creating products answering these FAQ’s


For example, I created the courses:



since bloggers frequently asked me:


  • how do you become a pro blogger?
  • how do you get featured on famous blogs?


Below are three common questions asked about blogging.


How Do You Get Started?


Pick a blogging niche based on your passion combined with solving a pressing problem.


Buy your domain and hosting.


Set up your blog.


Write and publish your first blog post based on a long tail keyword queried by your ideal reader.


List 3-5 passions. Search these topics on Google. Do people seek information regarding these topics? Is there a pressing demand for discussing these topics? If people want their problems solved in these niches simply pick one niche that yields the greatest demand combined with your passion.


Starting a blog is simple but making fundamental decisions feels uncomfortable. For example, aspiring bloggers often freeze up and spend weeks trying to pick the perfect domain name. Face your fears to pick a domain name both easy to picture and related to your blogging niche. Domain name selection should require no more than a few moments because blog content matters most. Blog names are just names and nothing more.


Keep things simple. Hit the ground running by following basic steps to begin blogging.


How Do You Make Money through Blogging?


As I mentioned above, bloggers profit through a wide range of income streams.


How you actually make money depends on:


  • the quality of blog content
  • how effectively you target ideal readers


Income streams are receiving channels. Bloggers receive money through income channels.


However, bloggers get money by earning reader trust through:


  • publishing SEO-optimized, detailed, 1500 word plus blog posts
  • gaining referral business
  • generating repeat business


Help people for free through detailed blog posts. Earn their trust. Trusting readers become customers and clients.


For example, I position myself to sell courses and eBooks by spending 3-4 hours writing, optimizing and editing this in-depth blog post.


Positioning this post prominently on:


  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


maximizes my profits potential. In essence, I get money by giving maximum free value. I receive money when highly targeted bloggers who find the post through various channels decide to buy my courses and eBooks. Happy customers refer my products to their tribes to increase my referral business.


Bloggers share value through detailed content to receive value in the form of money.


Can Anyone Blog?


Anyone can blog.


Picking a niche, buying your domain and hosting, setting up a blog and writing posts is a simple process.


However, blogging effectively, patiently and persistently until you go pro feels challenging because intense discomfort arises on the long blogging journey.


Anyone can blog. But only passionate, generous bloggers go pro because inner drivers pull you through ups and downs. Externals like wanting money or fame fade away into a failed blogging career.


Anyone can start a blog but money and fame chasers quit because money and popularity sprout from being:


  • passionate
  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • detached
  • trusting


and not from chasing money and fame.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Bloggers make the work the reward. Going pro becomes a formality when no metric holds power over your passionate, generous, trusting mind.




Although bloggers follow different strategies every blogger creates content and connects with their readers.


Giving you a glimpse of what bloggers do can help you decide whether or not to begin blogging.


Blogging is not for everyone but there is virtually no better way to leverage service into a life of fun and freedom.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 11:00 pm

    Hi Ryan

    You’ve certainly given new bloIggers a good look at what blogging is all about.

    Clearly, it’s not an easy road to travel, but it’s certainly an exciting, and possibly rewarding one.

    It’s good you pointed out all the things bloggers need to do for success because too many people make it sound like there’s not much to it.

    Excellent stuff here, Ryan.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:31 am

      For whatever reason Donna way too many bloggers avoid sharing the rest of the blogging story. Most make it sound easy even though they struggle which seems odd to me. Being transparent is the way to be.

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