8 Success Tips for ESL Bloggers

  March 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Kovalam Beach, India.


Blogging with English as your second language can be fun, freeing and a bit scary, too.


Observing successful ESL buddies of mine clues you in to how to become a rocking blogger even if you do not blog in your native tongue.


Be confident. Get clear. I believe in you. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Ignore needless critics. Anybody in the world can go pro through blogging but English, largely, has been the language of money, online and offline. Of course you can go pro blogging in your native tongue but right now, the market for non-English bloggers doesn’t seem to be there yet. No worries; everyone will prosper in their native tongue through blogging, down the road.


For now, let’s talk about 4 tips for ESL bloggers to accelerate your success.


1: Practice Writing


Write. Write some more. Write some more. The simplest way to gain confidence writing in English is……to write in English.


My friend and successful blogger Hassaan Khan writes like English is his first language. He is a Pakastani blogger who obviously wrote his tail off for many thousands of hours to write like a native English speaker.


Write at least 500 words in English daily. Open a Word document. Write 500 words about anything. Trash the document. Gain confidence. Get clear. The simplest way to become a skilled writer – in any language – is to write in that language. So…..write!


2: Watch YouTube Videos in English


Watch YouTube videos in English to sponge up the English language. Listening to native English speakers programs you to think and speak like native English speakers.


My 4 year old niece seems to be an advanced speaker because at times, she speaks like a grown up. She easily holds formal conversations with 45 year old me. Why? Me, my wife Kelli and her parents spoke formal, grown-up English to her and around her from her first days on planet earth. We never baby-talked to her. We spoke clearly, properly and directly to Leah.


Naturally, she became an English-speaking whiz at a young age because she absorbed people speaking English properly, for 1000’s of hours.


Ditto for you. Listen to YouTube videos in English. Become a whiz through repetitive learning. Allow your English mastery to seep through your blogging videos and writing.


3: Lose Critics Befriend Uplifting Bloggers


Lose critics who pick apart your English-writing and English-speaking skills. Overly negative, critical people suffer fear-pain and attempt to project onto you by belittling you. Lose these people. Surround yourself with uplifting bloggers who see brilliance in you. Surround yourself with compassionate bloggers who offer honest, loving, kind feedback from the heart.


I sometimes tell ESL bloggers how they aren’t quite ready yet to guest post on Blogging From Paradise but in the same breath, offer the feedback to keep writing, to keep blogging, to keep gaining confidence and clarity, because I know they WILL be ready, one day. Befriend bloggers who pick you up and lose bloggers who try to tear you down.


4: Network ONLY in English-Speaking Circles


I recall visiting Peru for 2 weeks in 2013. My wife went to the Amazon on a retreat. I lived in Cusco and Lima for a week each. I spent my time in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. I was the only Gringo – aka white guy – in those spots. Speaking only Spanish for 2 weeks felt highly uncomfortable because I hadn’t spoken Spanish in 20 years and never became fluent. In moments, I felt stupid and embarrassed as Peruvians spoke rapid-fire Spanish to me, and I could barely understand what they said. But my Spanish-speaking skills grew like a weed because I was forced to only speak Spanish for half a month.


Resist the urge to sprint back to your native tongue comfort zone. Network only with bloggers who speak English and write in English to gain practice, confidence, clarity and skills.


5:  Publish Frequently


Gain clarity. Publish blog content frequently.


Put your work out there for prying eyes. Be seen. Open yourself to feedback. Be open to receiving criticism.


Publish often to gain writing and blogging confidence.


6: Gain Inspiration from Successful ESL Bloggers


Bloggers like Anil Agarwal became highly successful as ESL bloggers.


If he did it you can do it too.


Thriving ESL bloggers blast your limiting beliefs into oblivion. Perhaps you wrongly believe no opportunities exist for you. But pro blogger Enstine Muki proves otherwise.


Follow pros who blog with English as their second language. Unwind all of your ESL-related blogging limiting beliefs.


7: Train Your Mind to See Opportunities Not Obstacles


One entrepreneur from Pakistan recently emailed me asking about payment alternatives in his country. He did not know how to get payment since Paypal does not operate in Pakistan.


I emailed him a blog post with 10 alternatives to Paypal in Pakistan. I gave him 10 different ways to receive payment in his country. But he replied complaining about not being able to receive Paypal payments, even after I gave him 10 solutions.


He makes the common ESL error of focusing almost exclusively on obstacles versus seeing, seizing and using opportunities to overcome those obstacles. Train your minds. Being an ESL blogger forces you outside of your comfort zone because the world largely seems catered to Western bloggers. However, success is in your mind, NOT in the world. Train your mind to grab and use opportunities for thriving versus focusing needlessly on obstacles.


8: Never Give Up


Never give up!


The journey may be bumpy for ESL bloggers.


But if you just see the journey through you can and will succeed.




ESL bloggers can and do go pro.


Follow these 4 tips diligently to position yourself to succeed online.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 11:55 am

    My relative recommended my blog to some American executive, and she said that there were a lot of spelling mistakes.

    There are two ways I could have reacted. Get angry at her, or get disappointed and stop writing.

    But I chose the third way, and decided to take her comments seriously, and tried my best in writing better English.

    Whether I succeed or not I leave that to my readers. personally, as long as you’re not writing in the fashion of “Leave like follow me happy”, you’re fine.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:46 pm

      This is an awesome attitude to have Tanish. Being open to feedback does wonders for all bloggers. The trick is to feel any sting arising when a reader probes on tender inner ego weaknesses. You have the proper mind for succeeding. Great job.

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