Why the Day I Threw Away 3400 of My Blog Posts Was My Most Triumphant Blogging Moment

July 28, 2014
when to delete a blog
Hydrating in Savusavu. Yes, my US friends, Fiji water is much less expensive here.

Rewind 3 weeks. I just arrived in Fiji. Life was good.


My blog looked awesome. Well, my old blog that is. Everything was perfect, just how I wanted it to look. My design was crisp, clean and clear, my posts were drawing in more traffic and I had made some inroads over the past few months on the blogging front.


Then, something happened. Something which led me to, for all intents and purposes, delete over 3400 posts from my old blog.


I had to shut down my old blog or do a re-direct. I chose the redirect to salvage some traffic but all those posts, or anything other than my home page, goes to a 404.


3400 posts.


And I never felt better in my blogging life.


My Most Triumphant Moment as a Blogger


3 weeks ago marked my most triumphant day as a blogger. I let go the old and worn out to make room for the new and exciting.


The conditions of the much needed change aren’t really important to delve into. Let’s just say it was time for a change. Contingent on that change was releasing 3400 posts and 4 year’s worth of work.


But here’s the deal; all of that work didn’t go “down the drain.” No way. The energetic anchor I was carrying went down the drain. Or more appropriately, I broke the chain connecting me to the energetic anchor.


The energy anchor, feeling like something tremendously heavy, holding me down, was my old blog. My most triumphant moment was letting go my old blog to start my new blog. I feel fresh, clear, excited and elated to be running Blogging From Paradise. I feel triumphant because:


  • It marked the moment I linked my lifestyle and brand to a tangible, targeted, clear and specific domain name and blog
  • I knew all great accomplishments are preceded by a massive release, or a series of massive releases….mine was 3400 blog posts
  • I’m able to start this blog intelligently, with 4 years of professional blogging experience under my belt
  • I kept my good name over the years so my friends and readers followed me over to my new blog from my old blog
  • I’m able to promote this blog through many more marketing channels
  • I feel like for the first time in my professional life that my entire blog, from the domain name, to blog title, to tagline, to sidebar, to blog posts, is perfectly aligned with my life, my brand and my vision
  • I’m no longer writing posts without 1 target in mind and I’m hanging where folks totally vibe with my brand, my blog, and me.

The Scary Part – or Not So Scary Part – Leading to the Exciting New Blog


I hesitated – for like a minute – before I chose to do the redirect. Did I really want to delete all of my posts? Did I want to let go my old blog? That was 4 year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears. I hated to see it go. For a moment.


The 1 minute elapsed. Then, I chose to do what the billionaires of the world do. I chose to do what enlightened beings do. I chose to do what any free person chooses to do.


I let go.



I’m no billionaire (duh, right?) nor am I enlightened but in that moment I let go what was old, worn out, and no longer fully serving me or my audience. It was scary for like a second, then I focused on the exciting new beginning of starting Blogging From Paradise and I was instantly full of faith, enthusiasm and clarity for my new project.


Letting Go Precedes Acquiring


As I listen to the jungle rain pitter patter on our roof, here in Savusavu, Fiji, I think back to how I got here.


I released:


  • My job; ok I was downsized, but I didn’t go running back to work part time
  • My apartment
  • My car
  • Much of my money
  • My intense fear of failure
  • My intense fear of criticism
  • My need for a steady income
  • Some old, worn out relationships
  • My need to live on a set routine
  • Living in my comfort zone


…yep, I released all of this and more to wind up in Savusavu, Fiji, and to have traveled the world for the past 39 months.


Letting go precedes acquiring.


Letting go is something all successful people do really well. Successful bloggers let go. Successful bloggers don’t see letting go an old blog and starting a new one as “starting from scratch.”


How could I be starting from scratch? I have 4 years of professional experience as a blogger. I have a huge network of friends and supportive readers. I have learned countless lessons, both blogging-wise, and life-wise. I have all this on my side, and in my arsenal, so how could I ever believe I was losing anything, or that I was starting from scratch?




Every one of my triumphs was preceded by some massive release. This release – of 3400 blog posts – was easy to see. It was clear and definite, and I’d been getting nudges from the Universe for the past 2 or 3 months that I needed to let go my old blog to make room for a new blog.


In other cases it may seem difficult to ID the release before the triumph. Most bloggers are so heavily attached to their blogs, and fear losing:


  • Blog posts
  • Content
  • Their readers
  • Money
  • Their reputation


…that they hold onto the worn out blogs, and struggle like hell, instead of starting a new blog from an intelligent, experienced, professional space.


You need to see the triumph instead of the ego-created, mild tragedy. Listen to your intuition. Spend more time in quiet. You’ll see. You’ll hear. You’ll act.


My old blog was the blessing of blessings. It’s where I cut my teeth. It’s where I build lasting friendships, and where I learned how to create content like a machine, churning out 5, 10 or 30 video posts daily. It’s where I learned how to create a blog post, from scratch, when I had zero blogging experience.


I see the gift in creating so much. Now, publishing 2500 to 3000 word posts to this blog is a piece of cake. Shooting 30 second videos, or 60 second videos, to accompany my posts, is a piece of cake.


My old blog prepared me for my new blog but I had to let go the old blog to reap the benefits of working my new blog, and I had to let go the old, worn out energy anchor that was my old blog, to arrive to this clear, calm, detached space of doing things.


When to Delete a Blog


You may need to step it up 1, 10, or 50 notches, blogging wise. You may need to ramp it up 100 notches for all that I know. You see, I don’t know. Only your intuition knows, and your intuition will lead you in the right direction if you listen to it, in quiet, and if you let go energy anchors that are holding you back.


Some energy anchors:


  • Your current, failing blog, which has no real direction, no target market, and a poor domain name
  • Low energy relationships
  • Income streams you’ve outgrown
  • The ill-informed opinions of others
  • Social networks you have no interest in working


I don’t like Pinterest. I’m a social guy. I like commenting and engaging. Pinterest has little engagement. Even though my travel pictures could do well there, I hate working Pinterest, so I don’t work it.


Savusavu Fiji view from the driveway


It’s easy; I let go the Pinterest energy anchor, to devote my creative energies to stuff I love, like publishing more in depth posts to my blog, or working Triberr, or working Twitter.


I let go the old, worn out energy anchors, to make room for the fun, high energy activities I really vibe with.


Why This Day Was the Breakthrough Day


Other than the day I was released from my job and the day I invested 500 clams to start working online, the day I trashed 3400 posts from my old blog to start this blog marked my most critical day as a blogger.


This was the breakthrough day.


This was the day I took things to the next level.




This was the day where I established full clarity in how I could meld my life, my brand and my blog into a Holy Trinity like trio, to best serve the people whose lives I touch.


It all comes down to clarity.


When I started the online gig thingee I wanted to make money. Then I wanted to help people. Then I wanted to help people while opening a bunch of income streams. Then I wanted to travel the world while working online.


Then I wanted to write inspirational quotes, then I wanted to do this, and to do that. Then I wanted to inspire people to live the internet lifestyle.


I had no real clarity around these decisions.


Then, 3 weeks ago, when I was faced with a business-changing choice, I chose to delete 3400 posts from my old blog, for all intents and purposes, to open up an exciting new blog, resonant with my lifestyle and brand.


I made this decision with clarity. I knew it was the right choice for me because I knew I was being fully true to me, and my audience, and that I’d be able to publish content from an authentic space by starting Blogging From Paradise.


My breakthrough was a massive breakthrough because I felt fully clear on the decision I made.


That’s the why; I was clear.


I heard the word “clarity” tossed around in blogging circles, and I never knew what it really meant.


Now I know exactly how it feels, so I know perfectly what it means.


Does that make sense?


When you’re clear, you’ll know why you’re here.


Recounting My Life


3 years ago I started traveling the world. I blogged and did some other online stuff too. As I progressed both online, and with my travels, I realized a few things:


  • I chose to retire from the 9-5
  • I was publishing blog posts or commenting on relevant blogs much of the time
  • I began writing more and more for my freelance writing clients
  • A bunch of bloggers envied my lifestyle and wanted to do the same


Light bulb moment.


Blogging From Paradise: Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


Bingo. That’s it. That’s my life. I did these things, and I know others want to do these things, so I bought the bloggingfromparadise.com domain, and I’m building my blog and brand around this domain name, to serve bloggers who want to become professional bloggers, so they can retire to a life of island hopping.


This was the most triumphant day I had as a blogger because I let go the old and worn out, even though it appeared to be a painful decision, and I moved forward with a clear and definite decision to be fully authentic.


I mean, I’ve always been authentic but my new blog brings an even higher level of authenticity and clarity to my brand, because this is my life, literally, this blogging from paradise gig.


This is the great victory, the great triumph; I established such a degree of clarity that I couldn’t give 2 hoots about putting 3400 posts of mine directly into the cyber trash can.


Blogging from Paradise


OK, life isn’t always paradise, in paradise. I am in love with Fiji yet for some reason, my allergies have really kicked in here, like the terrible bouts I went through with allergies when I was a kid.


I’ve tried holistic approaches and am starting self hypnosis too.


I believe it will work.


Anyway, I am beyond grateful to be here, at 4:00 AM in the morning typing away as I struggle with insomnia due to some wicked allergies. Hey I appreciate the flowers around the crib. Even if they keep me up at night, my sneezing and coughing self.


The point is this; with greater clarity, and a greater sense of purpose, and with more success, and a targeted reader in mind, I can work around any situation. I can enjoy paradise.


I can work until 6 AM and go to sleep until I recover, whether it’s 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I can go for a run after that, or jog into town to pick up a few necessities. Sunday’s the Lord’s Day here. Almost everything closes.


Why can I set my own schedule? Because I’m running a successful blog. I’m super clear on my target market and naturally my target market has responded to me and I’ve prospered.


What led to this level of clarity?


Tossing 3400 blog posts into the trash can. I didn’t fear trashing the posts. I had faith that my new, renewed level of clarity and purpose would proper me mightily. It has.


I feel as good as I ever have blogging-wise and life-wise, well, I’m about there too. I feel grateful. I’m living my dream. But more than anything, the point I want to make is that if you’re not living your dream you need to let go of something big or small to make room for your dream.


You need to let go of something to form a vacuum. The vacuum will fill itself with whatever you allow in to the void. I let go my old blog with 3400 posts and within 1 week my new blog was up and running.  Blogging From Paradise filled the vacuum.


You Can Succeed as a Pro Blogger


Or, you can become a pro blogger in the first place. I’m not special. I do however have a talent for letting go when I know it’s time to let go. I can stop on a dime, let go, and move forward because I know that releasing precedes acquiring.


You can succeed as a pro blogger, taking your game to the next level, or you can retire to become a pro blogger.

Another gorgeous day from the front deck in Savusavu, Fiji.
Another gorgeous day from the front deck in Savusavu, Fiji.


You’ll need to do a few things to advance your cause.


Look at your blog. Right now. Are you targeting 1 market? Are you writing for a specific, detailed, focused reader? Get super specific. If you’re answering “No” for any of these questions consider your domain name. Can you get specific with it?


If not….well…..you know the drill. You may want to think about starting a new blog instead of holding on to your failing attachment.


If you do have a great domain name, totally relevant to your niche, do you stay on topic? I mean, for EVERY post? If not, turn it around now. You may consider deleting older posts that aren’t on topic, to get clear with both Google and your target audience.


More than anything, taking your blogging game to the next level requires that you let go of something. That something may be your blog, or 3400 posts, or some older posts on your current blog.


It may be a worn out relationship.


It may be something else offline.


Whatever it is, when you do let go, this moment will likely mark the most triumphant day of your blogging career.

You’ll have made the quantum leap from unclear, to clear, blogger, which is a jump few bloggers have made during their careers.


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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. MD glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun lesson for me in terms of letting go. Agonizing lesson too LOL.

  2. Whoa Jen is this SUPER uncomfy at times but wow is it worth it. Thank you for reading.

  3. Jen Knoedl Says:

    Wow, good stuff Ryan. Don Purnam suggested I read this post and now I see why. Ugh! I don’t want to let gooooo!
    Ha- but you have inspired me. I will mull it over.
    Thanks Buddy!

  4. Hi Yashraj, Yep buddy, not too complicated to do but many hate releasing. I figure to grow, you need to let go. Thanks much.

  5. Hi Ryan,

    I took opinion of some of my bloggers. They say its not complicated, but unique!

    Thanks for your opinion!

    Have a nice day!

  6. Hi Yashraj, it depends on your ideal reader, and your niche. Who are you writing for? What specific, focused niche are you writing about? If the domain isn’t easy to understand for that person, scrap that bad boy. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

  7. Hi there,

    The story touched me! Letting go 3400 posts and that too for a appropriate domain would be tough for me! I surely wouldn’t do this if I were you. I truly appreciate your courage in doing so!

    I need a suggestion from you! My current blog (http://www.techprobex.com)has a poor domain name. What should I do? Should I delete the blog? If yes, should I move the posts to a new blog?

    Waiting for your opinion!

  8. That’s an idea Frank I had thought about….do you have any specific plug ins? If I’m doing a redirect to the main URL already, not sure how to handle this. Thanks for suggesting.

  9. Frank Joseph Says:

    That was a lot of post going to the….. drain. WoW!

    This is so, well, a hard choice to take.
    And as always, I love your writing style.

    here is what you should do, that will be beneficial to your site as well as your site visitors. 301 redirect all the 404 pages to the homepage? with just a plugin.

  10. Amadeuz, it was really tough at first but I knew that letting go and having faith would help me create such a fun, inspired blog as this one is. The letting go precedes the growing 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. See you soon!

  11. That must have been a brave step to delete large number of blog posts.

    I admit If I were in your place, I never do that. My..!

    Those 3400 blogs are hard to let go at least for me. Actually, I quietly learn a lot from your tips.

    I think being a blogger means you do only do activity but your major priority is to do business.

    Thanks for this.

    Great article!

    Keep rockin’,


    I found this post shared on kingged.com

  12. Atish, well put my man. Change is good, and when we’re getting signals to change, you may as well listen to your intuition. Thanks so much.

  13. Atish Ranjan Says:

    Great to see a new blog! No need to think about what you have deleted and all. The best thing is you did a change. Change is needed in order to make the lives better. Keep it up and good luck

  14. Andrew, thanks so much. Perfectly put dude; your blog is coming back bigger and better because you released what you no longer needed, to make room for what you really wanted. The shift may result in a temporary lull, but when things come together, look out. Again thanks so much, for your kind words, and your support Andrew!

  15. Wow.

    When I saw the title of this post it was impossible not to read on. To be honest, I saw your new blog and I was wondering why you had created a new one and not re-designed the old one. Now I get it.

    In life there are things that keep us moving forward refreshed and excited and things that can feel like (as you describ) an anchor weighing us down. You found yours and released it – and I can feel and see the result. Congratulations!

    I think I would have done the same – in fact I did delete about 40% of my old blog posts this year which saw my traffic and rankings plummet of late but now it’s all coming back step by step, and this time bigger and better.

    Maximum respect to you Ryan, I can see this blog is going to the top. Watch out John Chow! 🙂

  16. So true Don, and that is wonderful. I feel the same way with Kelli; the best choice many of us make is selecting the right partner, so we can enjoy life with them, and share our blessings. Thanks again Don. Have a great weekend 🙂

  17. Hi Kenna, I actually gained experience 🙂 I also gained clarity, and let go a strong energy anchor, which was pulling me down. It’s much more fun to think gain versus loss…..at least when I’m feeling good lol….thanks so much for stopping by, and see you soon.

  18. It’s great that you can have such a positive attitude about having lost so much of your work. I think I actually would have been sick. It’s good that you can see it from that point-of-view.

  19. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    It’s so true what you said! I had to let go and it was the BEST decision I ever made – next to marrying me amazing wife 21 years ago.

    Sometimes you just have to go through those experiences to see what is happening in your life and business in order to make a change.

    I really appreciate your perspective!

  20. Don, oh so true. I’m so happy you’ve found your path – the one intended for you to take – through your current life. You’re happy, because you chose to let go the old and worn out, to receive the new, exciting, fulfilling, and joy-inducing life you live. It’s fascinating too; your community is awesome, your business, thriving, and you are so, so happy….and until you made the shift, the Universe sent you bad business partners, and other not so subtle reminders that it was time for a change. Thanks so much Don, and I’m so happy you are back home in PA, and working a prospering business you love….and I can’t wait to read your article!

  21. Don Purdum Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Isn’t clarity an absolutely beautiful thing! I get you completely and I fully understand where you are coming from.

    I went through a 24 month ordeal of struggling to answer some very real and deep questions. I had a great, great, great web development company in Dallas, TX but it started to weigh me down. I lost clarity and focus. I questioned a lot of things.

    After struggling for a few years and getting burned by a few partners, I began to realize that I really had clarity all along.

    Ditching it and finding new troubles and problems was the key that ultimately opened up the doors of opportunities for us. We wanted so desperately to come back to Lancaster, PA after being in Dallas for nearly twelve years but we were stuck. We had a house and mortgage and responsibilities.

    Well, it all finally broke. In the last year being back in PA we’ve never been happier or made more money. My life, business, brand; everything is finally right.

    I have clarity, focus, and can execute now. My team is growing, my blog is growing, my business is flourishing. What more could I ask for right now?

    We’ll save that for another article.

    Thanks for the burst of inspiration Ryan. I’m happy I discovered your blog!

    ~ Don Purdum

  22. Adrienne, I love your approach. If I weren’t moving in a totally different direction, branding-wise, and niche-wise, I’d likely have done the same. Since I did, it was a little easier decision to make as I felt if an energetic anchor was being lifted when I did the redirect. Amen on the old friendships. It feels amazing to connect only with supportive, positive, inspiring people like yourself Adrienne. I do feel blessed to have established greater clarity in my life, to connect with the high energy leaders of the blogging world. Thanks so much 🙂

  23. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I really admire you for doing that but I would have just changed the theme, wrote a post about why I was changing directions and kept on going. BUT, I know you wanted a different URL as well and a different way of doing things so I’m sure that this was the best solution for you.

    I’ve changed directions three times since I started my blog but I didn’t delete anything only because I wanted people to see how green I was having started. I wanted them to see that I got no traffic like I said and no comments. I wanted to prove to them that what I teach works and I’m living proof. Had I deleted all of that and started fresh then I think I wouldn’t have my own work to show.

    I do believe you need to have a clear direction moving forward and although mine isn’t as defined as yours I know that people know what I stand for so that’s a good place to be. It could be better but like you use to be, I can’t help myself.

    I applaud you for taking this step and it all makes sense. I’ve gotten rid of friendships that no longer served me and I don’t really put up with a lot of nonsense anymore either. You have to in order to know who you are and where you’re headed.

    Bravo Ryan and you can teach us all something my friend. Bravo.


  24. 😉

  25. Lauren, that type of letting go, or cleansing session, is what separates the happy people of the world from the rest. This can be the challenge of challenges but from what I’ve seen, you’re doing awesome in the forgiving, and letting go department. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!

  26. I respect what you have done. I am big on letting go. (Queen of Forgiveness)

    This blog is definitely you. I can feel your focused energy. I hoping to follow in your footsteps sensei.

    I remember one year that I couldn’t live my life for all of my books. I was so busy reading about how I could live better that I wasn’t even living. So, I simply woke up one day and threw them all away. Being an absolute lover of books. It was a hard task. I looked like I was dying as I pitched the books. But such freedom came after that… a freedom I had never had before.

    Congrats! Can’t wait to catch up on your posts here.

  27. I understand it now bro, time to let go of the past and build something new from base 🙂
    I know that feel!

  28. Nope Richard 😉 Everything is on a redirect; and it’d have been a book of 675 topics – and I’m not kidding here – so it’s best to let go, to go. I appreciate your strategy though; if you can re-purpose, working off of 1 topic. go for it. Smart move for sure. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week.

  29. A brave thing to do indeed.

    I trashed a blog a few years ago. But unlike you, I didn’t start another blog until a couple of years later. The blog wasn’t in keeping with my personality. It wasn’t me.

    But what I did do, was reimagine and repurpose my hard work. Sure, there was some absolute trash that went into the recycle can, but a lot was saved, edited, and turned into a digital product that I’m now proud of. And a product that still sells today, 3 years on.

    I trashed the blog, and what it stood for. But most of the content. No way.

    I hope you are going to do something similar and repurpose some of your old content in some way?

  30. Mi, I’m deeply humbled by your comment, thanks so much. Last night I was looking at my blog sidebar. It felt surreal. Sometimes, considering my past professional life, I can’t even believe I’m here, and did this, even though it’s really happened. Letting go, having faith and trusting, all were such big parts in this massive shift. Mi, thanks for your support as always 🙂

  31. Timothy, as much as it pains you – and me, thinking about those 6 months of hard work – if the domain and article topics are not niche specific, I’d definitely move in a more specific direction. I only speak from experience, but I’ve also learned from so many pro bloggers that picking a great domain name, and building your blog completely around – and aligned with – that name, including all posts, is a surefire strategy to succeed with. All the best with your decision, and thanks so much.

  32. Sabra, that line is telling….your blog didn’t reflect who you were, and what you want to do. That’s your answer, and it proves that you’re not quitting, but starting a venture intelligently, and with clarity, based on prior experience. Thanks so much for sharing. See you on Triberr.

  33. Hahaha Tommy, the Google crack pipe….man is that accurate! I had that same thought about the 3400 links, more than a few times, but as you noted, our social networks will follow us provided we keep our good name and not stray too much from the previous topic. Thanks so much Tommy, and you have yourself a great week.

  34. Perfect Kevin, I read it, and responded as well….and thanks so much! You too 🙂

  35. Welcome to Blogging From Paradise Aden! I can’t agree with you more. That weighing down feels oh so confining, and restricting, but when we let go, we grow, and fun things begin to happen. We can return to enjoying our craft and naturally, success finds us more easily. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  36. KC, you have seen it in your own life, and me, mine, so it does get a bit easier to release over time. Yep, it’s still highly uncomfortable to let go at times but we can release in minutes or hours, instead of holding on for days, months, or forever. Thanks much as always.

  37. Kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    I remember that day you broached the subject of giving up that blog, and it seemed so shocking. But the clarity and energy you had led me to believe you were doing the right thing. Being clear and feeling good are so important for getting the results we want. But, the idea of giving up a PR 3 DA 47 blog with thousands of posts is not something most people would be able to do so easily, no matter how much emotional discord they felt from continuing with a pursuit they just didn’t feel good about any longer.

    While this post is chock full of amazing advice, the most profound is releasing precedes acquiring. We must make room for the good by letting go of what is weighing us down. This takes a degree of faith that can be hard to muster on a consistent basis, but I have seen enough in my own life that has helped me strengthen mine more and more each day. Amazing stuff as always.

  38. Aden Clark Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Its my first time here, but you really struck a chord with me. Ive had to let several other blogs go in the niches im not passionate about as it was just weighing me down and spreading me thin so to speak (this was several years ago). I can only move forward with a blog im passionate about and this should be the same for anyone who wants to create a blog that works.

    Love your blog, you have your own niche here, thats cool.

  39. Mi Muba Says:

    Hi Ryan
    I don’t know what I call to it; an epic post; a commentary on great blogging advice or gist of three years experience of an energetic blogger.
    It has huge value, very huge inspiration and monumental appeal to keep blogging and never give up may what come.
    Its every word reflect your positive thinking. How a security personnel bravely quit 9 to 5 lifestyle, became a blogging blogger but with a travelling the whole world. No any ordinary guy can do this.
    Four years experience plus full command on blogging and very confident of success with new blog is ample proof of your ultimate success.
    Great post and big appluase for it. Already reshared.

  40. Kevin Duncan Says:


    Thanks! I certainly hope so. It feels weird having a “new” blog when you’re used to have an old veteran!

    I just replied to your email. Let me know if you didn’t receive it.

    Have a good one!

  41. Tommy Landry Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Looks like you’re really making a huge change in your life and career (and I can’t say I’m not at least a little jealous of all the pics you’ve got linked in the sidebar!). Not a lot of people figure out how to make a living blogging and especially while traveling the world. As an SEO by trade, my first gut reaction to this post was, “But wait, you’re walking away from 3400 pages worth of links?”

    But I get what you’re doing. Your writing style is engaging and interesting, and given your hard work on the social networks, you don’t have to obsess about whether Google is ready to rank you or not. I’ll be watching to see how things go for you. Great case study in walking away from the Google crack pipe to try another angle.

    Best of luck with the new site,

  42. Sabra Says:

    I enjoyed your post, Ryan. It is timely because I just made the decision in the last couple of weeks to stop the blog I have been working on because it just wasn’t really reflecting who I am and what I want to do. Granted, I don’t really have any traffic to speak of, and I certainly don’t have 3400 posts! But I have spent a lot of hours on it, and I kept feeling that I shouldn’t give up on it, because I had heard that a lot of bloggers don’t become successful due to giving up. I am really enjoying your new blog and am looking forward to my own new beginning!

  43. I’m on the fence about creating a new blog. The website that I’m working on now is relatively new (6 months) but the domain name and article topics are not specific to one niche. I mainly publish articles either about internet marketing or self development… So I’m not sure what to do about that. Anyways, great article!

  44. Sarupa, thanks so much. That weird energy you speak of, oh, I know it well 😉 Simply letting go what’s outgrown to make room for new and exciting is enough for me to let go, but sometimes those little limiting beliefs creep back in my mind. Then it’s face, embrace and release. Thanks again for commenting and reading Sarupa 🙂

  45. Sarupa Shah Says:

    BIG congratulations Ryan – when I started my current blog – I did the same thing although no where near as many posts as you – it took a while as it was a letting go and feeling quite vulnerable as it was like saying my past was no longer necessary and in some way of course it isn’t…and now even today I may not be throwing away blog posts metaphorically – I am decluttering business notes, workshops I have delivered and written., books that I meant to complete writing – and starting a fresh without the energy of the pat weighing me down or trapping me in some weird energy. 🙂

  46. Thanks Erik! For both linking up to my post, and also, for your unending support. I deeply appreciate you 🙂

  47. Respect, Ryan.
    This is the first thing that comes into my mind after reading this blog post.
    And if it was an image, it could be like this : O_0

    Respect and warm approval.
    Which means, admiration.

    You’re an example to follow!
    Keep up the great work.

    Happy to have you in my circles of friends, Ryan.
    Have a great week in Fiji, mate.

    P.S. I’ve just linked to this post from my latest article.
    See CommentLuv link. 😉

  48. Thanks Ken, and I agree. People who inspired me to live this life were my trailblazers, because they proved to me that you can do it, you can go from employee to globe trotting entrepreneur. Thanks again Ken, and enjoy your day.

  49. Peter, that let go is so huge. It precedes really neat stuff in life, all sorts of cool, exciting new beginnings. I do offer consulting services. I’ll tweet you now. Thanks so much for sharing.

  50. Nope Aditya, that’s the secret 😉 I have to let them all go, because they’re old and worn out, and also, my brand is entirely different. Think abundance, not lack, and when you make a clean cut, THAT’S when the magic happens 😉 Thanks dude as always!

  51. Kim, thanks so much. Stay tuned to my blog for new and veteran blogging tips. Know why you want to blog. Choose a niche you feel passionate about, and always stay on topic. Definitely keep writing about your experiences but relate them to your passionate niche.

  52. Kim Says:

    Ryan I really enjoyed this post. I am a very new blogger and wanted to know if you had any advice for new bloggers? My target is christian encouragement to women. The other day I blogged about a real life experience and got much more attention. Should I reconsider changing my focus?

  53. Do consult with some experts bro, each of those posts ( 3600+ ) have links from different places, if possible get those links ( all of them ) to redirect to BloggingFromParadise. It would save you a lot of time and effort!

  54. Peter Kanayo Says:

    Ryan, really great that you are able to let go. Finding your niche is a great plus to you. I am on my way there, just that a part of me was being stubborn. Ryan, just want to find out if you do offer some form of training. If you reply hit me up on twitter informing me that you’ve done so. MY ID IS @compellinadvert

  55. Ken Kai Says:

    Ryan, what a post!

    Well I guess I wouldn’t be able to give you a proper answer if I would do the same as I haven’t reached that many thousands of posts yet, but I definitely do see your point. I do like the look of your new blog and yeah, it is very specific to your niche at the moment.

    It’s great to see there are a range of people in the world who are interested in this lifestyle and really do pursue it, even though there are obstacles a long the way as with most things in life. Stepping out of the “normal” society (9-5 jobs) and treading into terrority without an upfront salary can be a scare for a lot of the people and they’re absolutely right.

    But you know what? Good.

    Let those who take risks reap the rewards.

    Great article Ryan. Fiji looks great!

  56. Kevin, likewise! Letting go a PR 3 blog is no small feat, especially when you enjoyed blogging there, and saw that gaudy stat. I salute you. Based on the immense success you’re having at beabetterblogger I too know you made a wise move to let go the awesome to make room for the even more awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the awesome comment. You too Kevin 🙂

  57. Kevin Duncan Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    This post is yet another example of why I enjoy your blogging — I can relate to you as a blogger!

    No, I’m not blogging from a tropical island (oh, wouldn’t that be nice). But I, too, “let go” of my previous blog before starting the one I have now.

    Many would read this and say, “So what…I delete blogs all the time.” But there is a difference between letting go of a blog you lost interest in (or wasn’t as successful as you wanted it to be), and moving on from a popular blog you still enjoyed.

    Given your success so far with Blogging from Paradise, my assumption is your former blog was quite popular. My former blog (the humor one) had a Google Page Rank of 3 (something my current, newbie blog could only dream of obtaining). It was fairly successful in its day.

    So, maybe it’s because I don’t feel as foolish and alone now since I know another blogger (you) who has done something similar to me, but I’m rooting for your success! Haha. 🙂

    Keep moving onward and upward. You’re doing great!

    Also: Glad to hear you did the redirect.

    Thanks for another entertaining, informative read, Ryan! Have a good one…