Blogging During a Personal Crisis: 3 Tips to Overcome a Blogging Challenge

  March 13, 2021 blogging tips ๐Ÿ•‘ 9 minutes read
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Granada, Nicaragua.


How can you overcome a blogging challenge? How about surmounting a life challenge?


Like any human being who reaches 46 years of age, I experienced a few personal crises on this 3rd rock from the sun. Following the below tips helped me – and helps you – navigate through tough situations. Loved ones dying, getting terminally ill,ย  you slamming into financial heartache and wading through family turmoil seems scary and painful.


But the Blogging Champions of the world put THEIR fears-pains aside for a few moments to lovingly, generously serve other humans during their time of need.


How to Overcome a Blogging Challenge


Have you ever wondered why enlightened souls tell you the greatest happiness, peace of mind and joy is found in serving others? Helping other people is Love. Love overwhelms fear. Fear vanishes in the presence of Love, of Truth. Blogging a little bit in tough spots feels good and relaxing because your problems dissolve into loving, inspiring and aiding other human beings.


However, accepting these ideas emotionally feels uncomfortable in life’s darkest moments. Every human being suffers through crises. Blogging problems or life issues seem to cut down most bloggers because embracing discomfort feels too overwhelming. At the end of the day, being uncomfortable for a few moments seems worth overcoming heartache.


Being successful is one benefit of overcoming heartache. Feeling at peace far outweighs any blogging challenge as a sweet benefit of dissolving obstacles.


Who cares if you drive traffic and profits to professional blogging levels if you feel terrible during the process? I observe bloggers experiencing worldly success during trying times who feel depressed. No one feels free by feeling weighed down by pain while achieving worldly success. Overcoming heartache seems to be an energetic task more than anything else. Learning how to process your feelings goes a long way in facing, embracing and defeating blogging obstacles.


Follow these tips to surmount any blogging challenge or life trauma.


1: Double Down on Energy Work


Double down on energy work. Crises of personal nature – and global – are fear, manifest. Feel the fear, release the fear, and the crises evolves into a circumstance or situation. Feel deeper fears; the crisis evolves into an opportunity for expressing love, rendering service and developing peace of mind, amid the illusion of chaos.


I suggest:


  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga
  • exercising
  • taking short, intense, icy cold showers (talk to your doctor first; I cannot sell eBooks to dead bloggers who suffered from heart attacks induced by icy cold showers)


If I had to point to one practice that helped me blog persistently through personal crises, this is the habit I developed that aided me immensely. Start with 10 minutes, with one of those practices.


Save the shower. Cold showers should be 20 to 30 second deals, but be careful. Gradually, developing an intimate bond with fear helps you blog no matter what happens.


Pedasi, Panama


No way you put in 18 hour days if someone you love deeply, dies, but you put aside 20 minutes to generously serve humanity, before returning to feeling your grief. Blogging really gets you out of yourself, and out of your ego, during tough times. Energy management reveals this by unearthing fears for feeling, releasing and for vibing more from love and generous service.


Outworking Challenges Does Not Work


One difficult idea confuses your ego; mind believes you need to overcome heartache by:


  • doing
  • working
  • pushing
  • forcing
  • struggling


through blogging, working or flat out acting. However, stepping away fromย  blogging-acting-working-forcing to manage your energy is the direct way to dissolve struggles because heartache is fear. Fear dissolves by being aware of fear. Being aware of fear requires you to feel fear. Managing your energy seems to be the best way to face, feel and release fear.


For example, a few fears arose in my being today. Doing double Kriya yoga sessions let me tense out some fears concerning blogging, business and life. Instead of plowing mindlessly through my blogging day with a 15 hour work day I managed my energy, faced and felt each fear and calmly, clearly wrote and published this blog post from a peaceful, focused vibe with the right intent.


Heartache, obstacles and challenges are fear. Manage your energy through personal development habits to:


  • expose
  • face
  • feel
  • release


fear. Let go fear. Blog with love, confidence, clarity and peace. Overcome blogging and life challenges by starving these problems of their very lifeblood, essence and fuel: fear.


2: Blog in Short Spurts


Publish 600 word blog posts. Record 60 second videos. Record 5 minute podcasts. Even if 99% of humanity perished from the Zombie Apocalypse, you, my friend, can get in a 600 word blog post with 20 minutes of time, effort and loving energy.


Personal crises gives you opportunities to get clear, to be brief and to ship helpful content, even if said content seems bite-sized compared to normal offerings. Helping people with a 60 second video today beats not helping people with a 25 minute long video for the next 3 weeks. Ditto for a 600 word post today, versus not publishing a 2000 word post for the next 2 months.


Blog in short spurts. Get in work. Help people. Then, give a max amount of attention and energy to handling your personal crisis. Enlightened beings have 24 hours daily booked, for God’s Will. The rest of us worldly schleps have 60 seconds to 20 minutes of time to generously serve, inspire and to get in dat work.


Work. Then be done with it. Return to life outside of blogging quickly. No blogger sustains blogging-work during overwhelming periods of stress.


Life Feels Intense Sometimes


Imagine suffering through an intense episode like:


  • losing a loved one to a brutal illness
  • blowing all of your money
  • facing utter rejection from your husband, wife, family or friends


Do you genuinely want to blog for 12 hour days during such intense forms of fear?


Overcoming each challenge occurs seamlessly by managing your energy and blogging in short, sweet spurts. Do not overdo blogging. Blogging for too long during periods of overwhelming sorrow creates an imbalance. Work quality suffers. Life becomes a sprint to work so long and hard that you seemingly forget heartache. However, no one gets over fear buried deep within. The way through challenges is wading through fears fueling challenges.


How can you destroy obstacles if you try to outwork the obstacle but resist the fear fueling the obstacle? Take it easy. Blog a little bit. Manage your energy daily. Address any worldly duties related to your immense challenge.


No one caring for their dying mother has time or energy to blog for 10 hours daily. But someone in such a scenario can write and publish a 600 word blog post in 20-30 minutes to inspire readers while embracing their worldly responsibilities.


Give Yourself *You* Time


Set aside time for yourself daily, no matter what. Devote a tiny chunk of time to blogging. Whether you write and publish a post, network or simply check email just give yourself a few moments to blog in a short, brief spurt. Get a tiny bit of work in to build success momentum while licking your wounds.


Scheduling “you” time seems critical to healing. Humans go within to clear fears fueling struggles. Being alone allows your fear-based ego chatter to arise so you can face, feel and release fear. Sometimes, blogging sessions supply you with therapy in this regard. Being alone to blog often unearths energies critical to release during dark times. Move your thoughts and feelings from mind, to fingers to laptop as a form of solo therapy crucial amid blogging challenges.


3: Sleep More


Sleeping sufficiently helps you feel well-rested. Feeling well-rested helps you think more clearly. Thinking more clearly helps you blog during a personal crisis. Any personal crisis is your fear, coloring a neutral situation.


Enlightened beings do not have personal crises because God-realized folks live in the moment, void of judgment, seeing Spirit’s Love in all things and people. You and I, we have some fears. Energy work ferrets out fears for feeling and releasing but getting 8 or more hours of sleep nightly gives you immense energy and clarity of thought.


Clear thinkers navigate through fear, get ideas for blogging and act on said ideas, no matter the circumstance.


Schedule Sleep


Some stressful life periods knock you out figuratively, goading you into bed. However, stress works in different ways. My mind feels as if it works overtime during particularly difficult life challenges. Specific blogging challenges feel stressful enough to seemingly force me to remain awake until 5 AM.


But everything is in your mind. Literally, no thought or feeling keeps me awake unless I fully participate with the thought-feeling. Scheduling sleep time forms a habit for me to honor. My body slowly but surely feels tired between 10 PM and midnight. I pass out until 6 AM to 9 AM on most days. Even if I face some uncomfortable stressor I usually get ample sleep to energize myself for the day.


Be flexible but firm with your sleep schedule. Bloggers require sufficient sleep to:


  • think clearly
  • act abundantly
  • energize themselves for the day
  • properly care for their body during difficult times


Do you feel like passing out late at night? Honor a later bed time but remain in bed later, too. Or nap during the day to sleep sufficiently. Highly successful entrepreneurs often nap or get 8 hours of solid sleep to deal with life’s curveballs, to think effectively and to tap into greater energy stores than most of humanity.


Bonus Tip: Feel Your Fears


Doing energy work, blogging in short spurts and sleeping well positions you to follow an important tip: facing, feeling and releasing fears forming any blogging challenge, life struggle or intense heart ache.


Bloggers appear to slam into the same obstacle again and again spanning years of their lives. Perhaps you only gain 1 email subscriber per year. Or maybe you publish one blog post every 3-6 months before judging yourself harshly, analyzing the source of your laziness then quitting blogging for another 6 years.


Self-sabotage is fear. Blogging challenges are fear. Heartache is fear.


Overcoming a challenge ultimately means feeling fear manifest as the challenge.


Do you want peace of mind? Feel fear fueling your mental chaos. Cultivate calm by feeling fear supplying your inner turmoil, Literally, 100% of the time, heartache is in your mind because everything is in your mind. Facing, feeling and releasing the fears of:


  • criticism
  • poverty
  • death
  • loss
  • failure


feels uncomfortable. But feeling the peace of mind consistent with:


  • not fearing what people say about you because you love and accept yourself
  • releasing the fear of poverty to live abundantly
  • letting go the intense fear of death to enjoy life
  • seeing gain, not loss
  • observing opportunities for growth versus failure


trumps any momentary pain, grief or fear experienced during fear-feeling sessions.


Feel fear. Allow yourself to cry. Let yourself be angry. Lock yourself in a quiet room. Grab a pillow. Cry into the pillow. Punch the pillow. Forgive yourself for feeling afraid. Hug shame. Embrace grief. Meet embarrassment head on. Go ahead. Be with fear.


Facing, feeling and releasing fear is the way to overcome blogging challenges. Letting go fear feeding challenges allows you to be the generous, clear, patient and persistent blogger who experiences greater blogging success from a serene, happy state of mind.




Everybody deals with blogging challenges differently but following simple strategies gives you anchors in times of need.


No one needs to be overwhelmed by heartache. Stick to a few daily habits to slowly but surely navigate through life’s challenges.


You are everything. Knowing that you are everything allows you to overcome anything in your mind. Even if challenges appear to be outside of you know that every circumstance begins and ends in your mind.


Hug this basic truth shared by wise teachers to take simple, powerful steps necessary to overcome any blogging challenge.


Your Turn


Do you follow any of these tips?


How have you overcome any blogging challenge in your life?


Have you overcome severe life challenges? How?

  1. Andrew Foss says:
    at 9:45 pm

    Definitely great advice when times are rough. And these times hit us as we travel through life. Finding ways that work to get though them is always a benefit.

    I find also that living through some of these tragedies gives us further life experience that we can draw from.

    I ended up in the hospital a few years back after being bitten by a spider and developing sepsis. On the one hand, I had comfort from followers who had heard about my plight. But the lessons learned gave me much to write about when I felt better a few weeks later.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:10 pm

      I imagine that experience definitely opened your eyes Andrew. Every rough spot has a few upsides to share with the world. I never would be who I am today unless I experienced some trauma.

  2. Shubha Tiwari says:
    at 9:48 pm

    Hey Ryan, loved to read this peice. We all have some difficulties in our lives but we need to deal with them intelligently and peacefully. I regularly do meditation to help myself heal, also I love the concept of you time which you mentioned here. I strongly believe that we should spend some quality time with us in solitude, as a human we need to know ourselves before we try to know anybody else. Self love and self care is so important. Great article, keep writing dear๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:11 pm

      Excellent advice Shubha. Until we know ourselves how can we get to know other people? Becoming clear on loving and accepting self is the quickest way to cut through obstacles like a hot knife through butter. Thanks much ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dhruvir Zala says:
    at 10:30 pm

    This is an awesome and in-depth article, buddy. I can relate to most of the things that you described here. Being a young guy (19), I am trying to fight all the fears that will then hold me down if I don’t do it now.

    Cold showers have helped me tremendously. And you are right, one should always conduct some research and professional doctor’s advice before proceeding further into cold showers.

    The only thing that I am currently missing is SLEEP. Hope to improve that soon too.

    Thanks, buddy ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:04 am

      I admire you Dhruvir because at 19 years of age I was lost. You are an entrepreneur at 19. Brilliant start for you. Keep facing fear and the sky will be the limit. Onward and upward brother.

  4. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:12 pm

    Hi Ryan, sleep is one of those things I am working on. I’m in the midst of getting ready to sell a home and move so besides work/blogging I’m packing and cleaning.
    I’ve blogged through the deaths of my parents and I know I slowed down when my mom had cancer. There are more important things in life that we must tend to at different times so we have to be flexible with ourselves too!
    Then, I had Lyme disease and survived a near-death accident, all of which took me away from blogging for a period of time as Life Happens! That is why I like to work ahead on many of my projects because you never know when life surprises you.
    Sometimes blogging calms me down and makes me feel “normal.” I think I was like that my whole, life, work = calming. I know it sounds crazy but that’s how I’ve rolled. Great topic Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:13 pm

      I totally vibe with you Lisa. Blogging has been an anchoring mechanism during tough times. But I put blogging on the backburner during more intense periods of my life for priorities, of course. You have been through much and still kept at it. Awesome. Life may seem topsy turvey sometimes but even doing a little blogging during rough patches keeps our blogs afloat.

  5. santosh Gairola says:
    at 3:08 am

    Dear Ryan sir, I always love your writing. In the last many years, I have learned so much from you, especially how to improving networking. I’m thankful for all the lessons that I have learned from you. This is also an incredible article. I also like doing exercise and a little bit of Yoga to calm myself during the time of crises.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:33 am

      Thank you deeply Santosh for the love and support you have shown me brother. I see how yoga and exercise keep you calm, balanced and poised. Blessings to you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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