10 Tips to Get Over the Fear of Promoting Your Products and Services

  November 6, 2017 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read

Brilliant view from the posh pad where we’re house sitting in New York City.


Was she a land shark?


I know not.


I do know she behaved like an apex predator.


A Massage Megalodon, beside the Indian Ocean in Bali.






From a distance.


Then exploding in for the attack.


But it wasn’t really an attack.


She was kind, but desperate.


Or was it just the way things are done with some touts in Bali?


Either way, I knew exactly what the massage lady was promoting after we landed in Sanur, Bali, 2 days into our 6 year round the world trip.


Hey You! Come to Spa!


As we road bikes down the street in Hoi An, Vietnam, a young Vietnamese lady sprinted from inside her shop to the sidewalk and pointed in our direction.


She said: “Hey you! Come to spa!”


So Kelli came to spa. More than a few times.


Some folks around the world are clear on what they offer, business-wise.


This is not the case with most bloggers.


The Balinese beach massage lady pounced on me like a lion on a zebra, touting her wares.


The Vietnamese spa lady was about as subtle as heart failure in promoting her services.


Most bloggers fear promoting their products or services. They hide away, they shy away, and they never get clear on what they have to offer from a premium angle. Which is why most bloggers struggle to make money blogging.


Benefits of Reading this Post


If you get clear on promoting your blogging products and services you:


  • help more folks
  • make more money


Doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Let’s dive in, my little sweet robbins.


1: Commit 100% to Doing Energy Work on Waking


This is the difference maker.


Doing energy work on waking helps expand your awareness.


Expanding your awareness makes you aware of promotional-related fears regarding your blog.


Buena Vista Costa Rica


Meditating, doing yoga, and jumping into an icy cold shower on waking expanded my consciousness so I became intimately aware of my money fears. Said money fears fed my fears related to promoting my products and services.


Exposing and embracing these money and promoting related fears helps you dissolve the fears. Love and harmony begin to dominate your being and blogging campaign after you clear money-related fears.


This means sharing your premium offerings freely, detaching from outcomes and of course, greater blogging profits now and down the road.


Suggested Course: 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course (Plus a Bonus Audio Course)


2: Eviscerate Horse Poopy Money Limiting Beliefs


Money does not grow on trees? No; it’s just an unlimited energy.


People hate to be sold to? I love when someone clearly sells me something I want; selling is a reminder, not an insulting act.


Most human beings do things from fear, predominantly. Most human beings do things from a place of terror, predominantly, when it comes to money.


Understand that most if not all advice you received from fam, friends and the general public in regards to money is pure horse shit. Totally untrue.


Sit down. Take a deep breath. Grab a pen and paper. Write out a few platitudes you may have been taught regarding money. Do the sayings feel true? If the beliefs are based in pure abundance and harmony, keep the beliefs and make more money through your blog. If the beliefs are not based in fear and harmony, burn the piece of paper over the bathroom sink.


Suggested Shopping: Blogging From Paradise Manuals


3: Surround Yourself with Clear Bloggers


Surround yourself only with clear, confident bloggers.


See that it’s okay to charge money for your products and services.


More importantly, release the unclear aka fearful bloggers who add a fear-based charge to anything money-related.


Let go the fear energy to make room for the loving, harmonious, prospering energy of clear bloggers, so you can add that energy to your blog monetizing campaign.


4: Learn from Top Earners


Look at a guy like John Chow.


He promotes $10,000 opportunities like most bloggers promote $2 eBooks.


Feast on the clarity and confidence with which these top earners promote their big ticket products and services so you can raise the bar.


I recall feeling uncomfortable accepting $25 for my coaching services a few years back. Ditto for accepting $30 for my blogging course.


I got clearer on money by feasting on top earner blogger clarity and raised my coaching services rate to $200 an hour and my blogging course to $350.


I have signed up more clients at 200 bills and sold more courses at 350 bills than I did at 25 and 30.


The power of clarity strikes again.


5: Promote, Promote and Promote Some More


Promote your products and services freely.


Mention 1 product or service through every blog post you publish via a clear cut call to action.


Sharing premium offerings persistently unearths fears around money – frustrations with nobody buying after 10,000 page views, anxiety that you are promoting stuff too frequently, fearing that promoting stuff is a waste of time since nobody’s buying anyway – so you can feel these unpleasant energies, eat an energetic feces sandwich, and then, after clearing the fear, promote from a place of love and clarity.


One of my premium offerings saw 8,000 page views before someone bought it. Who cares? The 8,000 page views suggested nothing of the clarity and value in the product.


Losers (people with a losing mentality aka losing energy aka fear energy predominantly) may have said “Something was wrong with the product.”


I say that Howard Schultz had 300 plus banks tell him Starbucks was a terrible idea. Evidence of the 300 plus banks (who denied his loan requests) being a little bit off base is the fact that here in New York City if you take 10 giant steps in any direction you will run into a Starbucks coffee shop.


Keep promoting. Keep sharing. The clearer you get, you don’t even think of failure or loss, and that sweet chedda will flow in over time.




Keep Income Streams Spreading.


Add one income stream every 3-6 months. Learn the stream. Work the stream.


Adding multiple streams of income detaches you from any one stream, helping you get clear on all income streams.


7: Accept this Truth


Money does not define you.


How much you earn suggests nothing of your worth as a human being.


Ninh Binh Vietnam


You are unlimited awareness. Who gives a rat’s rectum what unlimited awareness does during this human experience?


Accepting this simple idea helped me cease heavily judging myself by the money I made. I eased up. The money story largely died. I relaxed. I helped people. I did things with love. I had fun. Money flowed in more easily because I felt clearer on promoting my products and services, dissolving the fear and tension I previously had attached to money.


8: Observe How You Feel While Handling Money


Do you fear spending?


How does it feel when the bills arrive monthly?


Feel any fears, worries, anxieties or terrors you experience when handling money.


Clearing the fears helps you handle money with love and harmony.


Handling money with love and harmony inspires you to promote your products and services freely.


9: Celebrate Every Penny You Earn


I celebrate every $2.78 I make through an Amazon eBook sale.


Celebrating money invites more money into your experience.


Celebrating money also influences you to share your premium offerings clearly and persistently because you begin to see; when you allow in money, it is evidence that you are getting clearer on allowing in money, and the clearer you get on letting in money, the clearer you get on promoting premium aka money offerings.


10: Repeat this Phrase to Yourself Persistently


“It is only money.”




“It is just money.”


Bloggers and humans spread untrue meme’s: it’s tough to make money blogging, people hate to be sold to, you need to work hard for money, etc, etc, etc….but….I have found it easier and easier to make money blogging, I love to be sold to when I enjoy a product or service (selling is a reminder, not a slimy process), fun play leads to money…..and we sometimes forget: it’s just money. Or, it’s only money.


You are not asking for someone’s newborn baby as a means of exchange. It is only money. A neutral energy.


You are not asking someone to chop off their right leg for your blogging course on how to get featured on famous blogs.


Repeating this phrase helps you market your products and services freely. If it is just money you are asking for, the emotional charge related to neutral energy of money disappears, and you share your premium offerings clearly and persistently.


Did You See What I Did?


I promoted most of my products and services throughout this post. Hehehehe.


Your Turn


How are you getting clearer on promoting your products and services?


What fears do you have concerning promoting your premium offerings?


What tips can you add to this list?

  1. Anda says:
    at 12:31 pm

    Wow, Ryan, what an eye opening post! I am one of those shy people who fears self promotion. I should pin your post and read it on and on for encouragement. It made me smile when you said that you signed up more clients at $200 than you did at $25. When you ask for more you send out the message that you are worth more. It’s the exact psychology used when pricing the merchandise in a store: you’ll immediately assume that the $250 purse is of much better quality than the $25 one. Great advice, Ryan, like always.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:10 pm

      Perfect Anda. That is it, exactly. Charging higher prices emits an abundant vibe that helps people see the value in your offering. I experienced the same deal when I rose prices from 99 cents to $1.99 with my eBooks. Then I made even more sales when I rose prices from $1.99 to $3.99. Thanks for the rocking comment.

  2. DNN says:
    at 11:01 pm

    The beauty of promoting your own products and services or someone else’s is that if they sell or don’t sell, you don’t have to look at the person. I used to worry in the beginning how I would look before people and what people would think of me if I said or did this or that. I could careless today because they are people who are merely passing through the website and browsing. If they only read the content and nothing more, I’m happy for that alone. 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:49 am

      That is a cool way of looking at it Drewry. Lack of self-consciousness here which is great. People cruise through, you share your helpful products and services, no worries, no tension. Keep on sharing and promoting and creating value dude. Well done.

  3. Shantanu Sinha says:
    at 11:35 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Good shout ove rhere 🙂

    This is one’s a savage, I am sure those who read this one their eyes would pop up and they will go into thinking that what ways they need to find their product and services may reach more and more people, and how they can over come the fear of
    getting in front of people and brand out their services.

    We are all doing business over here and if we want to that our services may be recognize world wide then we need to let go the shyness and come in front for shouting out loud for our products. We need to let go the fear and if we are caged up with
    our own fear then surely we are going to fall and in this case the face hits the ground first.

    Blogging is learning, taking lessons from top bloggers and reading them is the key, they tell us how to be a fighter in this
    big world where people vanish evry day. They help others without any lust and thats why they are at the top, they have
    gave up the fear and they now how to put their works so that they can carve out more from that.

    I love the concept of ‘KISS’, every business tycoon, who’s turning billions of money every month is not Dependant on any single income stream. They know that streams dry up so its better to dig out multiple income streams so that they flow of money
    never goes out. Every top billionaires have more than 4 income streams.
    They took the risk and they over come their fear and the magic wand ticks for them.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:48 am

      Brilliant comment Shantanu. Billionaires are not caged by their fears; they keep giving and adding streams and helping, and over time that sweet cash keeps rolling in through ever-increasing streams. Thanks for the massive value you add here bro!

  4. Vishwajeet Kumar says:
    at 3:39 am

    Hello Ryan,

    Great Insights you have shared here. I am a big fan of diversifying my income stream. I do not stuck with single income stream and will work with different opportunities. I really love to enjoy and share my happiness whenever I receive any monetary gains. Its keep me awake and alive in blogging industry. Thanks again for this great post.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:46 am

      Keeping you alive. Well said Vishwajeet. Celebrate the money wins and you have more money wins to celebrate. Love your spirit bro.

  5. Elvis Michael says:
    at 1:05 pm

    Ryan, buddy, I hope you’ve been well. Been extraordinarily busy on my end, but I wanted to drop by and chime in.

    This post resonates with me on waaaay too many levels, and im sure other people feel the same way. I have been there many times in the past, and STILL continue to be there on occasion.

    “What if im charging too much?”
    “I already sent out this sales pitch before. I cannot possibly do it again. It would look ridiculous and my email subscribers will leave…”

    The list of thoughts goes on and on…

    And your point about raising your prices is absolutely top-notch. There’s a thing called perceived value, and demanding what you’re worth will command more respect from customers (as opposed to driving them away). As long as the actual value is there, of course…

    A low-end product is fine as well, but it also delivers a message of “cheapness” (not all of them, but you get my point). Analyze what you’ve got, and charge accordingly.

    Im saying this as a reminder to myself as well (because again, im not entirely cured from that fearful nasty mindset).

    Thanks for bringing up such an important issue, man.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:51 pm

      Dude this stuff still plays in my head sometimes. I think it does for all of us mere mortals aka, every human being on earth. Even billionaires like Mark Z fear annoying people because even if you have manifested billions of dollars, you are still human, and want to mindfully pull yourself in your reader’s or customer’s or client’s shoes. Love the comment dude. Great to see you!

  6. Jub says:
    at 2:22 pm

    Hey Ryan, I struggle even promotıng my own blog posts on FB let alone products! The most ımportant here for me s number 3…surround yourself wıth clear bloggers.

    I have become a jaded by the travel blog community but having stalked your FB feed and reading a bunch of your posts in the last 30 minutes it is clear you LOVE what you are doing and that is my biggest take away.

    Those who are clear promote stuff they have fun with.

    Note to self – do not write top 10 things to do in XYZ posts just because. HAVE FUN WITH THEM

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:28 pm

      I gotta admit Jub; yesterday, when I published that post to We Travel We Blog, I hesitated. Even big old bad, clear as hell me LOL. The reason? The jaded deal. Because even though Meg runs a phenomenal group I have published inspirational stuff there in the past only to see some love but a high volume of fearful, unclear, kinda unhappy folks who do their best to debate, debunk, etc. I have noticed the group get clearer over the years so I shared, but I spend 99.99999% of my time with loving travel bloggers and with high energy blogging tips folks too, because these are the peeps who lift you up with love and fun, versus trying to pull you down with fear and a lack of clarity. Have fun and keep rocking it out bro.

  7. Jub says:
    at 12:22 pm

    Yes! this reply made me happy, I definitely surround myself with the peeps who keep me inspired…well try to anyway haha

  8. Karthik says:
    at 12:04 pm


    Your blog motivates a lot too. As you said, I learned from my friend who is a very successful product promoter. Compared to him, I am just an amateur. But I do enjoy each and every penny that I earn. Whether the output is big or small, you got to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It takes time. Slowly and gradually I will be there!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:50 pm

      Enjoying the pennies leads to greater profits Karthik. Good for you buddy; you are on the right energetic track to greater prospering.

  9. Donna Merrill says:
    at 10:26 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I like to use the term “pull the trigger.”

    I’ve worked with people so many times who do 70 or 80% of something and then won’t follow it through to completion.

    And I know why.

    They’re afraid of completing something because the next step is to pull the trigger and make it happen.

    Whether it is buying ads, putting together a Facebook campaign or just going public and letting people know that their product is done or their service is now for offer.

    People are comfortable creating things and putting them together.

    But they get very uncomfortable about selling them.

    But like you say =money is just a neutral energy.

    Let fear factor into the equation and you convert it into a negative energy.

    Don’t focus on the money, rewards or any other results.

    Focus on the help that you’re giving people with your product or service.

    That pretty much obligates you to offering it #1… and doing your best job at selling it #2,

    After all, the more you sell, the more people will benefit from it.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:53 am

      You have helped me pull the trigger more freely and easily through your rocking example Donna. Loving the comment and I love your style. Keep on inspiring new generations of bloggers. You have a far greater impact on all of us than you realize my friend.

  10. Kirstie says:
    at 1:24 pm

    Thanks for these tips! The fear of rejection can be scary when it comes to promoting products or services, so this is great.

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