Is Blogging Easy to Do?

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(Updated 7/24/2021)


Blogging confuses many aspiring bloggers.


Googling a few select key words yields different answers to one common question:


Is blogging easy to do?


Rather than tell you blogging is easy or hard as a blanket declaration I intend to explain the various blogging stages of:


  • uncomfortable
  • less uncomfortable
  • largely easy


Most bloggers desire a clear and dry answer to the easy question. If blogging seems easy to do perhaps bloggers may give it a shot. But if blogging seems hard most prefer to not try blogging at all.


However, blogging is neither easy not hard in terms of absolutes. Blogging is like developing any skill. Committing to blogging for a long time creates a gradual progression from uncomfortable to largely easy.


Picture any skill you developed in the past. Practicing the discipline felt uncomfortable at first. But working diligently made the skill seem less uncomfortable. Eventually the skill became largely easy to execute.


Picture any skill you developed in the past. Practicing the discipline felt uncomfortable at first. But working diligently made the skill seem less uncomfortable. Eventually the skill became largely easy to execute. Click To Tweet


One factor influences this progression: you. Commit fully to blogging. Blogging gladly commits to you. See blogging like a mirror. Work to see the fruits of your work reflected back to you through your blogging results.


Before discussing the progression of I want to help you let go the concepts of difficult or hard to expand your success consciousness.


Uncomfortable Versus Hard or Difficult


New bloggers make the common error of labelling blogging as being hard or difficult. But blogging is not hard or difficult for beginner bloggers. Attempting to bench press 500 pounds if you never weight trained is hard, difficult or flat out impossible due to the extreme physical exertion required to achieve this feat.


how to optimize blog posts for seo

Pedasi, Panama


Blogging never requires extreme physical exertion. But blogging feels highly uncomfortable for new bloggers. In the same vein, blogging is not easy to do for beginner bloggers for these reasons:


  • blogging is a skill consisting of honing multiple skills like writing, networking and monetizing effectively
  • tender inner weaknesses manifest as fears surface as you write and publish your first few blog posts
  • blogging demands a full time work commitment well before a full time income manifests in your bank account


Facing, feeling and releasing fears triggered as each experience above unfolds does not feel easy. However, facing, feeling and releasing fears in your mind while sitting in front of a laptop is not like trying to lift a car. Blogging is uncomfortable for all new bloggers but not hard. Never equate the idea of “not easy” with “hard” because each quality should not be linked.


Blogging is a highly uncomfortable experience for most new bloggers but perfectly executable for anyone open to taking uncomfortable actions persistently. As a matter of fact, enjoyable moments surface during beginner blogger days.


Realistic Expectations


Knowing what to expect allows you to set realistic blogging expectations.


Read this post to understand how the blogging process unfolds. Put aside visions of easy money as a beginner. Cast away delusions of newbie blog traffic on auto pilot.  Realize how blogging becomes easy after you work persistently for years.


Blogging is not easy to do for new bloggers but becomes quite easy to do for established veterans who work for a long time. Understanding that honing various skills like writing, networking and monetizing your blog takes sufficient time feels like a relief to genuine bloggers. Allow the relief to extend your time frames for various goals to months and years versus hours and days.


Nobody told me what to expect from blogging. I began being burdened by deluded expectations that appeared to make blogging difficult. However, blogging simple seemed to be highly uncomfortable to me since I needed to learn and do far more than writing and publishing blog posts. I had no idea blogging was more than writing posts; practicing writing, networking and monetizing did not feel easy to me at all.


Process this post to get a better idea of what blogging entails. Giving it to you straight supplies you with enough information to make a clear choice whether or not blogging is for you.


Uncomfortable and Somewhat Enjoyable


Blogging is not easy to do for new bloggers because no one seamlessly masters being a:


  • content creator
  • genuine networker
  • seasoned entrepreneur


with a few hours’ worth of blogging experience.


Every blogger new to the online game feels some discomfort upon learning and practicing new skills for the first few times.


Opotiki, New Zealand


But facing discomfort does not make blogging hard, difficult or highly impossible. Differentiate between embracing uncomfortable feelings and facing some Herculean task to adopt the right frame of mind as a beginner. Seeing the clear difference between discomfort and taxing tasks removes a heaviness from your emotions. Find this difference to also enjoy aspects of your new blogger days.


Wading through uncomfortable emotions becomes easier if you blog for fun and freeing reasons. Perhaps you fear publishing your first blog post for being criticized or failing to attract a single reader. Blogging primarily for fun, freeing reasons goads you to publish the post. Freedom beats fear. Fun beats discomfort. Let freedom guide you through beginner fears to ease through uncomfortable blogging experiences.


Do not trust any blogger who professes blogging to be easy to do as a newbie because either the individual lies or invests a decent amount of money to entirely outsource the blogging process. Spending thousands each month to hire highly skilled writers who publish SEO-optimized content may drive a steady volume of targeted blog traffic fairly easily but monetizing does not come easily for any new blogger. Credibility flows to generous, patient and persistent bloggers. No new blogger can buy credibility quickly even with a large team of skilled writers working for them.


Good things require time and generous service. Fall in love with the process. Have fun helping people. Enjoy expressing yourself. Taste some sweet with your newbie blogger sour.


Blogging is not easy to do at first but blogging to follow a freeing passion nudges you to do uncomfortable things persistently. Observe how gradually doing freeing but uncomfortable things makes blogging seem less uncomfortable and quite enjoyable.


Less Uncomfortable and Quite Enjoyable


Putting in time and work makes blogging less uncomfortable and quite enjoyable. Maybe you look forward to writing blog posts even if uncomfortable fears arise as you publish content. All of your practice seems to be paying off because skilled bloggers blog with increasing comfort, ease and enjoyment.


But blogging is not easy to do at this middle stage. Barriers to ease surface as you edge deeper into the ring of blogging fear.


Imagine your first negative blog comment. Picture your first 1-star review. Visualize your first genuinely unhappy client. Feeling emotions triggered during each circumstance feels fairly uncomfortable. Few humans enjoy being roasted with a 1-star eBook review on Amazon. However, blogging feels fun to do most of the time because now you seem to be:


  • driving traffic
  • gradually boosting profits
  • writing and publishing blog posts fairly easily sometimes
  • networking effectively


Think of this middle point as being the gateway between not easy and largely easy. Maybe you do not feel like a blogging natural but writer’s block predominantly feels like a part of your past.


Some bloggers reach this point but most quit. Most bloggers honestly believe blogging would have been easy by this point. Blogging only gets largely easy for a small group of bloggers who see the journey through.


Largely Easy


Blogging becomes easy to do most of the time for a small percentage of bloggers who spend many hours spanning years mastering the skill known as blogging.


Few bloggers reach this point because fear and its uncomfortable cousins shake them out. Not many bloggers deeply enjoy cruising on blogging easy street for any extended time frame.


Sunrise and Thai longtail boat, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Sunrise and Thai longtail boat, Koh Lanta, Thailand


For example, completing rewriting, SEO-optimizing and updating this old blog post required an easy 2 hours of work for me now.  But I faced, felt and released many uncomfortable fears regarding blogging since my career began in 2008. Even now, blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes even though the skill seems largely easy to execute.


Seasoned veterans frame blogging as easy to do because established pros give years to mastering various skills. Observe any charismatic pro broadcasting live on Facebook. Do you notice how they effortlessly offer a storehouse of blogging knowledge related to their niche spontaneously for 30-60 minutes? 60 minutes of easy work now required many years’ worth of blogging practice.


Anyone who makes blogging look easy practiced for a long time to reach that point of seeming effortlessness.




Knowing the progression from uncomfortable to largely easy makes your expectations realistic.


Blogging is not easy for new bloggers but putting in time and work polishes your skills to the largely easy level.


Anyone who appears to make blogging look easy worked diligently to reach that point.




  1. Indu Dhankar says:
    at 6:34 am

    Hi Ryan!
    Found your blog by chance last week whilst surfing the net in my lunch break – and I must say I’m hooked! I absolutely LOVE your posts and can’t wait to implement some of the tools you use in my daily life.
    I’m from India, and it’s amazing how many bloggers we DON’T have here. All of them seem to be from overseas. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and looking for something to do so I can be a SAHM full time whilst bringing in an income too, and your blog is definitely helping me ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS! I’m hoping to build a highly successful blog here. I look forward to reading more of your learnings, Thank you!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:50 am

      Indu so great to meet you 🙂 What fun times for you. Happy blogging and don’t hesitate to drop any questions in the comments field, OK?

  2. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 8:50 am

    The reference to blogging being uncomfortable is spot on. If you want to be successful at blogging, you have to be ok with being outside your comfort zone from time to time. It’s important to always be progressing and learning new things, and that can come with a level of uncertainty for sure.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:05 pm

      Being open to feeling discomfort plays such a huge role in our blogging growth Anthony. Everything begins to POP well outside of our comfort zones.

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