7 Practical Tips for Marketing Your Blog the Right Way

July 20, 2016

marketing your blog the right way


Marketing your blog the right way doesn’t have to be a headache. I simply asked. Shakir answered.


After posing a Facebook question – see below under Tip #6 – I received a common blogging struggle in response from my friend. Blog marketing madness. Or, how in the frick to market your blog.


I’ve focused heavily on listening to my intuitive nudges over the past 3 days. Some nudges pushed me in uncomfortable directions. Like chopping the price on my audio course. Or beginning to move all of my eBooks from Amazon to Selz (now there’s a project).


Or…..going forward with a complete design overall of Blogging From Paradise. All changes coming soon.


Anyway, I felt the urge, asked, and here we are.


I know your pain. During lean years I nabbed 3 visits a day to my blog. My marketing strategy was about as existent as a snow day here in Nicosia, Cyprus. Since temps routinely hit 100 F here (or damn close) every day during high season ya get the complete and utter absence of my former marketing strategy.


Marketing Your Blog the Right Way


But then I woke up. I marketed my blog intelligently. Things turned. I nabbed 4 visitors a day. Joking. I attracted 50, then 100, then 200 and on up because I went all TAO with my blog: I Thought About Others.


The quickest way to alleviate the pain, confusion and anger of not knowing how to market your blog is to market other blogger’s blogs. Seems counter intuitive, but it works. And works damn well.


If you’re super fed up by a lack of blogging traffic and pissed off by flagging sales and just want to get a basic blueprint for how you can successfully show off your blog, to grow your traffic and income, follow these 5 simple steps. Each is really, really simple. A “chimp can do it” type simple. I promise.


(apologies to my chimpanzee readers)


1: RT Other Bloggers


Ya down with ROB? You know I am.


I retweet other blogger’s content. Other bloggers retweet my content. I look like a smart blog marketer when in essence, I’m spending 1 second of my time hitting a retweet button for each blog post.


Here ya go, per my Twitter stream:


See the "via" button? Vaya con Dios...go with God. Help others, others help you.
See the “via” then other people’s twitter handles? Vaya con Dios…go with God. Help others, others help you.


This is a simple way to become a popular blogger. Generous retweeters find that folks grow to like, trust and love them. Said rabidly loyal minions and buddies will retweet your posts freely. Meaning, they’ll help you market your blog. Easy, right?


2: Facebook Share Other Bloggers


Exhibit F (for Facebook):



I shared Donna Merrill‘s super blog post about driving traffic through Google on my Facebook page. She regularly shares my stuff. 2 friends helping each other out.


I market my blog through Facebook effectively by sharing other blogger’s content on Facebook. Or, I market effectively WHEN I do so. Sometimes I’m a naughty blogger, and I don’t. Again, super simple way to build bonds, to expand your presence and to inspire other bloggers to market your blog.


Note; tag your fellow blogger and write a 1-3 sentence introduction to why the post benefits your FB friends. Personalizing is the great bond builder, and connected folks inspire oodles of friends to market their content.


3: G Plus Share Other Bloggers


Exhibit G (for Google Plus):


Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 1.10.34 PM


A wee bit small once I cropped it but you get the picture. Literally. I hope.


I shared David Boozer‘s uber informative post about how to market on Google Plus. He shares my stuff freely, he’s bought all of my eBooks and he’s got my newly priced, super entertaining, fun-loving blogging audio course too. David’s a phenomenal supporter of me and Blogging From Paradise and to make things even more neat, he’s an internet marketing icon. When he promotes me, and endorses me, the testimonial has some serious clout.


So David helps to market my blog and I help to market his blog. Another simple way to market your blog by helping others.


Like on Facebook, tag your fellow blogger and do write a little intro/teaser breaking down the chief benefit of reading the post.


4: Comment on Other Blogs


Exhibit RBE (Ryan Biddulph eBook):


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


I wrote the eBook after getting some stunning results from blog commenting. I dive into the results….in the eBook.


Hands down, effective blog commenting is the quickest way to market your blog powerfully. Stunningly powerfully. But the key of keys is to be super thorough, to personalize comments and to add immense value through your offering. Follow these steps to build bonds, to build your brand and to grab prying eyes.


This is a nice, simple read from Harsh on how to How You Should Comment on Other Blogs.


He sums it up; add value. I’d say creating value and personalizing are 2 keys. But if you want an 80 plus page guide – and I kinda think you do – buy the eBook and gobble it up.


5: Build an Email List


Rub your eyes. Go ahead. Yep. The list is back. Had a love-hate affair with list-building for much of my online career. But I ceased resisting it recently. Sent out an email with a price reduction on a product. After 8,000 page views and 10 months of zero sales I nabbed 3 quickies today. Sales, that is.


People check their email regularly. If you send your latest blog posts to their email address, you betcha a fair number will read your latest blog posts. Because they check their email. Regularly.


If I ever despise listing it again please slap me upside the head with a pork chop, OK?


6: Be Active on Social Media (Be a Chatty Chipmunk)



Socially engaging bloggers inspired friends to market their blogs. Show up. Ask. Answer. Tag folks if you promote their posts. Respond to your buddies’ posts. This is easy peasy, simple work because it’s just chatting.


Being chatty draws the attention of other folks, and once you have their attention you can freely convert interested parties into readers. Readers who market your blog through their channels of choice.


7: Create Something Helpful


If you’re gonna market a blog post, ya may as well create something helpful.


This goes back to the idea that if you’re spending time and energy to do something….why not do it right?


You can create value/help through brief posts if that’s your niche. In most cases though, creating something a bit more in-depth simply inspires more folks to market your blog by retweeting it, by Facebook Sharing it, and by trumpeting your post through all types of channels.


Hey, it’s gotta be fun for you to write a 1000 or 2000 or 5000 word post. But if you do have fun researching, linking in, adding pretty images and the like, good God will people greedily gobble up the post to share with their networks.


Check out Zac Johnson’s Blogging.org.


Check out Neil Patel Dot Com.


Those dudes create resources. Resources are easy to market because small – and large – armies of readers and bloggers line up to promote their posts. This post is a perfect example. Zac and Neil will get some extra marketing shine courtesy of old RB. Because they rock. I promote ’em. And their traffic (and likely income too) will grow a bit through me promoting/marketing their blogs for them.


Wrapping it Up


Be generous. Market other bloggers. Other bloggers will market your blog. Simple. Effective. Flat out powerful.


Exciting Developments at Blogging From Paradise


I have:


  • re-priced/packaged my blogging audio course
  • decided to move all of my eBooks from Amazon to Selz
  • chosen to fully redesign my blog’s home page (courtesy of Phillip Dews)


Like most developments in my life the impetus was part inspirational/intuitive and part terror-based. I ran into a few mental blocks with my products and services. Stalled some. But now I’m moving again.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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  1. Awesome Andrew glad to help ya.

  2. Very helpful Ryan
    Your advices blow my mind. These methods seem to be simple but effective
    WHy this article not widely known, What a waste…
    Anyway, thank for sharing your experience Ryan

  3. Thanks Mate. 🙂

  4. Hi Ahmad,

    Twitter and blog commenting are simple ways for anybody from newbie to veteran blogger to market their blogs intelligently. Glad you’re rocking it out my man.

    Thanks much.


  5. Hi Ryan,
    Awesome practical tips you shared, bro!
    Twitter and the blog commenting work very well for me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. Happy to share!
    ~ Ahmad

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    Awesome ness. I loved reading about your experience because it’s darn authentic; hadn’t heard of a REAL tribal blogger before 😉 One hand really does help the other though, and the circle grows outward as we serve, love and tap in to the sweet, delicious One-ness of the Universe. Awesome how the media coverage worked out for you too. It’s like, when we release expectations our influence expands quickly. REALLY quickly.

    As for Facebook I devote most of my energies to Twitter so had to let go the FB page deal. I never had fun with it so if it doesn’t bring me fun, I pretty much trash it. Or use it lightly.

    Thanks for the fab comment 🙂


  7. Hey Ryan. I first have a quick question: you only use a Facebook profile, no page? I noticed the fb share of this article was with your profile. I’m curious to know your advice on fb marketing through page/profile.
    Again, I can’t agree more with your article – and I’m also a big fan of Neil Patel. I marketed my work differently but the principle is the same. It worked because I helped the tribes of Bastar and promoted their culture, waiting for nothing in return + I applied the tips from the guide on personal branding from Neil. I catch all the possible opportunities to help the tribes and minorities of the countries I visit and to talk about it to inspire others. As I really started with Bastar after my trip in 2012, the Indian local medias covered my next trip and work there each day. I talked about my respect for the tribes and traditional cultures in the interviews. I had more requests and collaboration propositions. Some other tribal states want me to work with them. I have more popularity and support. I help more people. It’s a circle.