Blogger Outreach Meaning: 7 Powerful Tips to Do it Right

  February 2, 2021 blogging tips ๐Ÿ•‘ 5 minutes read
blogger outreach meaning

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Have you noticed how some bloggers seem to be incredibly connected? Bloggers with large, loyal friend networks engage in a sound blogger outreach campaign. Understanding what outreach means and how to do it right makes the difference between being connected and being on the outside looking in.


Blogger outreach has been good to me but only because I do outreach the right way. Few bloggers understand how to network effectively. Most bloggers seem to be focused inward. However, focusing solely on your needs cuts you off from the generosity needed to be a blogger outreach dynamo.


Learning from pro bloggers seems to be a sound starting point for your networking campaign. Adopting a sound blogger outreach strategy begins with understand the meaning of blogger outreach.


Blogger Outreach Meaning


Blogger outreach is simply reaching out to bloggers in your niche. But reaching out does not mean:


  • pitching bloggers to do something for you
  • begging bloggers for backlinks
  • manipulating bloggers to place your guest posts


Reach out with a generous, helping hand. Never reach out solely to get. Reach out to give. Embody the proper blogger outreach meaning. Be generous. Be genuine. Most of all, be detached from the process. Bloggers who pitch me via email usually attach to a strong agenda. People want to influence me to do something for them. But I spot manipulative bloggers from far away. I have ample experience dealing with bloggers who do outreach the wrong way.


Adopt the Golden Rule


You and I grew up learning how to treat people as you wish to be treated. Embody the Golden Rule to enter into the spirit of proper blogging outreach.


Treat bloggers as you enjoy being treated. Be kind. Be genuine. Focus your energy not on trying to use someone for your selfish ends but on serving people without attachment to blogging outcome. Reach out with a:


  • helping hand
  • hug


to adopt the right mindset for your networking campaign.


Consider following a daily mindset training routine. I meditate, do different types of yoga and practice affirmations on a daily basis. Raising my vibe encourages me to live the Golden Rule. Observing the worldly success of Golden Rule abiding bloggers doesn’t hurt, either.


Promote Blogging Big Dawgs Generously


Facebook Share blog posts published by successful bloggers in your niche. Retweet their blog posts. Share their posts on LinkedIn. Mention pro bloggers on your blog. Promote successful bloggers generously. Allow your kindness to catch their attention. Pros maintain busy schedules, filled with creating, connecting, monetizing and enjoying offline life, too. Being kind is the key to snagging the focus of a busy, professional blogger.


Tag blogging big dawgs on social media. Give them credit for their work. Drive traffic and profits for them. Tagging also forms bonds between you and the bloggers you promote, establishing strong connections.


Cut the strings. Promote without expectations, asking or begging for something in return. Earn blogger trust. Prove that you are interested in befriending bloggers. Prove also that you do not reach out to use bloggers for your greedy ends.


Comment Freely on Top Blogs


I opened my blog comments again recently to spice up my blogger outreach campaign. Receiving blog comments supplies me with ample authority blogs for reading and commenting upon.


Comment generously on top blogs in your niche. Publish thorough, personalized comments to impact your fellow blogger. Remember guys; effective blogger outreach hinges on reaching out with a helping hand. Blog comments serve as valuable user-generated content. Top bloggers deeply appreciate receiving genuine blog comments for increasing their:


  • social proof
  • trust factor
  • blogger network reach


Respond to All Comments on Your Blog


See each comment on your blog as one blogger reaching out to you. Reach out to them by reading and replying to all comments published on your blog. Reading and replying to blog comments proves that you listen to fellow bloggers. People simply want to be heard. Prove that you hear your commentors through tangible action.


I find reading and responding to comments easier if I blog from a settled, peaceful mind. Find your mental sweet spot. Read and reply to comments to form strong blogs with your blogging buddies.


Be Genuine


Be real. Cut out the bullcrap of trying to get people to do stuff for you. Respected pro bloggers see their inbox littered with bullcrap pitches, lies intended to be sugary sweet offers and all levels of pure silliness. Cut it out. Be authentic. Engage in blogger outreach not to squeeze stuff out of people but to offer something generous, genuine and warm. Reach out to serve and befriend.


Seize Outreach Opportunities Fast


Hop all over blogger outreach opportunities. People asked me to guest post on their blog in droves a few days ago. I gobbled up those opportunities silly, being all over blogger pitches. Why wait? Waiting delays success. But seizing opportunities to serve bloggers accelerates your success. The concept is quite simple to master but feels uncomfortable. We all want something in return for all service rendered, as new bloggers, typically. But being an outreach dynamo means letting go expectations to be genuine, warm and detached in all you do.


Use Email as a Personalized Blogger Outreach Tool


Personalizing email to approach bloggers with a warm touch makes all the difference in the world. Someone pitched me a few moments ago with a generic offering. I ignored the pitch, save replying with a firm no and linked to my course. I love sending a personalized email to blogging buddies here and there asking if someone needs help.


One retweet, Facebook Share or comment later strengthens our bonds. Sweet added bonus; bloggers sometimes hire me or buy my stuff after the kind offer. Being generous, detached and genuine has its benefits.


Email offers you an intimate means of bonding with bloggers. Personalizing email gives you the edge in a sometimes less than personal world. Be warm. Use blogger’s names. My eyes light up if someone spends a moment to find out and use my name via emails. I tend to ignore or quickly reply to bloggers who send me generic emails.


Do what makes you stand out in a good way. Personalize your approach via email to understand the blogger outreach meaning few bloggers ever grasp.


Your Turn


What blogger outreach tips can you add to the list?


What outreach mistakes do you see?


How are bloggers doing outreach the right way?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 2:45 pm

    Hi Ryan, I have to be genuine in my comments and promoting. I’d never remembered if I had to make up stories ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with outreach as I receive many an email that does not even address me by name. Those go right into the trash. Then others that just want to add something to a post I wrote. Really? Why not leave a genuine comment instead? They are just looking for a backlink. Amazing how much time they spend sending out these emails too.
    Thanks for your tips here Ryan and I hope many new bloggers will follow them.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:55 pm

      I hear you Lisa. Blogging gets tougher if you try to use bloggers for your ends. Blogging gets easier if you help bloggers freely and release the chains of expectation. Taking the easier way feels uncomfortable; bloggers need to feel fears fueling self-centered thinking. This is highly unpleasant to most humans but necessary to evolve.

  2. Eric Cole says:
    at 4:20 pm

    Ryan, I am watching my patterns in blogging related activities. You offer helpful advice about blogging, as do a few other blogs I read, all of which I do appreciate. Yours is the only blog though in your niche where I comment. Granted I am writing in a different niche so spend more time on blogs in related niches.

    Still though, even in my niche I only comment where I feel the blogger is going to read, consider, and possibly reply. Why? Because I am interested in what type of connection may be possible. I am not sure how many share my attitude. The word investment comes to mind with a return on investment measured in energy and connection. Some choose to make this investment.

    Here is an interesting observation. On one forum where I comment readers have to go to my profile to find my website link. And they do. Even though there are 2 or 3 steps to getting to the link before clicking.

    How this translates into dollars and cents I canโ€™t tell you. What I do know is there are more potential connections showing up each time I comment. What surprises me is more bloggers donโ€™t spend more time with comments.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:33 pm

      Eric, you do a smash up job commenting, chatting and connecting because you are highly aware of your energy, your intent. Sharing your thoughts in genuine fashion with an intent to bond with humans inspires humans to bond with you. How neat, right? We get what we give and we freely receive what we freely offer. You offer genuine, warm chats so folks on that form effortlessly take the 2-3 steps to click your link as an energetic decision….a compulsion, in a way. It’s automatic! Thanks for sharing your experiences buddy.

  3. A. S. Ramya says:
    at 12:20 am

    Hi Ryan

    I came across your blog while looking out for tips on bloggers outreach. I am a part-time blogger just building my blog from the scratch. I have made some genuine blogger friends online through social media connections, I have never asked anyone for a backlink or a guest post as I am not comfortable requesting for a favour. When I saw the others were actually doing that, I was wondering whether I was making a mistake. But after seeing your post I feel confident that I am doing it right. Yes, the process maybe slow but it would be building a circle of trust right?! I am yet to go through your other posts but intend on doing so in the coming days. It would be great if you can throw some light on how to actually put it across say like a sample mail or something like that and the right time to ask fellow bloggers for a link request. Some of them say they are open for guest posts, is it right to do it, some want to be paid for it. Is it worth paying a few bucks to get a link when you are actually doing the writing, especially for those blogs that do not have a great DA? If you can throw some light on that, new bloggers like me would find it useful.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:09 am

      Hi A.S,

      Welcome to the blog-o-sphere buddy ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy to see you blogging part time, building your blog from scratch.

      Actually, when you create helpful content and make blogging buddies by generously helping bloggers, they link to you without you ever asking or pitching them. Think organic links based on your skills, merit and on the strength of your blogging friendships. Of course, you can ask for links or pay for a guest post placement but I prefer to gain links and guest posts organically because it is more effective time-wise.

      For example, I asked my blogging buddy network – which I built up over a long time – if anyone desired me to write a guest post for them. In a little over a day, about 25 bloggers took me up on my offer and asked me to write a guest post for them. I had to promote bloggers generously and publish valued content for a long time but being offered 25 guest posting opportunities on respected blogs in about 2 days is a solid return on my time and energy investment.

      Feel free to ask me anymore questions here A.S.; so happy to help.


  4. Moss Clement says:
    at 9:14 am

    Hi Ryan,

    These are exciting pointers, and I’m glad you nailed it-from the definition to the tips of implementing an excellent blogger outreach campaign. As you mentioned, I receive emails from people I never come in contact with anywhere, asking for backlinks to their blogs or if I can insert a link to my existing post. That’s not a blogger outreach hack. It involves building bonds through various marketing channels that will benefit both parties for the longest. When you interact with others, they get to notice you, and a relationship is underway. And when you reach out via email, they will quickly recognize you.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:12 pm

      Interaction is the door-opener Moss. You are SO good at this. Follow Moss guys; he is a generous, genuine person, who builds strong friendships. Then when you reach out to friends via email everything feels warm and comfortable. In most cases, blogging buddies will link to you, buy your stuff and promote you without even asking. Thanks buddy!

  5. shailesh shakya says:
    at 4:29 pm

    Hello Ryan sir,

    I’m Shailesh and just land up on your blog through a Twitter conversation.

    Link building was a nightmare and I barely stick to the process. But after reading this post, I feel like link-building is so easy. Building a true relationship with pro bloggers and sharing their work selflessly encourage them to appreciate other bloggers.

    Link building is the trickiest part of blogging and that’s why I often overlook the process of networking and being collaborative with other fellow bloggers and building relationships with pro bloggers.

    Thanks for such a great lesson!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:49 pm

      Super comment Shailesh. Thanks for sharing with us!