How Much Should You Promote a Blog Post?

  May 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina

ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, South Carolina


I know some bloggers who spend a week promoting a blog post. Some succeed. Some fail. Most fade into obscurity.


I know some bloggers who do not promote blog posts. Some succeed. Some fail. Most fade into obscurity.


I hit the retweet button, Facebook Share button, Pinterest button and move on to the next blog post. After light promoting I move on.


BUT… you promote a post means nothing. How you feel promoting a blog post – or not promoting it – means everything. Stats, metrics and studies mean nothing if you feel bored, agitated, or as if you are doing heavy, hard work, promoting a blog post. My time and talents best find themselves creating more content. Spending zero time promoting is a bad move if you fear either nobody will read it anyway, so why bother? Or if you fear wasting your time.


The question remains: how much should you promote a blog post?


Various ratios seem bandied about by bloggers. 80-20 as far as promoting other bloggers versus promoting yourself. Promote your blog posts 100% of the time to max out your blog traffic. 50-50 seems wise, eh?


Feelings matter before all else. Intuitive nudges matter before ratios. Human beings are not robots. If we were robots we would simply mindlessly follow advice to experience the appropriate results. Alas, we are emotional creatures. Feelings factor into the success equation.


How Much Should You Promote a Blog Post?


Whatever feels good to you, go with that.


Pedasi Panama sunset

Pedasi Panama sunset


One blogging size does not fit all. Honor your energy.


One blogging size does not fit all. Honor your energy.Click To Tweet


Alonzo promotes his posts lightly because doing so feels good to him. Plus, he built up his following over almost 11 years. He succeeds because he trusts his gut. He publishes content and allows the content to do what it does.


Gaurav promotes his posts in many spots, because doing so works for him. He feels clear on it. He also networks generously, promoting other bloggers, tapping into the powerful concept of blog leveraging.


Nikola Roza routinely promotes fellow bloggers. Check out his Twitter stream. He succeeds by promoting fellow bloggers, building bonds and influencing blogging buddies to promote him through his genuine, generous nature. He also publishes dazzling blog content.


Do what works for you, my blogging sweetlings. Do not mindlessly base your promotion on:


  • stats
  • metrics
  • what established bloggers do
  • what established bloggers do not do


because your energy, your gut, your intuition, goads you to follow your path, your journey, your own promotion strategy.


Imagine if you promote your blog in 3 spots only because I promote my blog in 3 spots, now. Great. You see about 10 blog visitors daily as a newbie blogger for 1 month straight. You figure my strategy does not work. Nope. Your energy is different from my energy. That is the problem. Mindlessly doing versus following your intuition are worlds apart, action-wise.


Everything in blogging is energy. Everything in life, is energy. Do what feels most fun and enjoyable to you, blog promoting wise.


Everything in blogging is energy. Everything in life, is energy. Do what feels most fun and enjoyable to you, blog promoting wise.Click To Tweet


Christopher is a guest posting wizard. Donna is a blog commenting ninja.


Rob is a generous social sharer.


Generously sharing other blogger’s content works to:


  • promote your blog
  • promote your brand
  • promote your product
  • promote your services




Sunset, Savusavu Bay, Fiji

Sunset, Savusavu Bay, Fiji


The singular, foolproof way to really promote your blog posts is to….promote other bloggers! Help people. Cut the strings of expectation. Remove solely selfish interests. Make friends. Friends promote you.


Promoting other bloggers – and expecting nothing in return – builds your friend network. Friends promote friends, increasing their reach.


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


Takes a leap of faith. Plus detachment. Plus diving into fear. Plus deciding to leave behind excessive inward thinking, obsession with self, and worry that promoting other people will eat into your business.


Well worth diving into those fears, guys.


Why Promoting Other Bloggers to Bond Produces Immense Long Term Returns


Yesterday I published this blog post:


Why Promote Other Bloggers on Your Blog?


After I published the post a fair collection of bloggers I linked to via the post:


  • shared the post on Twitter
  • shared the post on Facebook
  • commented on the blog post


In essence, these friends promoted the post for me around the clock while I:


  • slept
  • napped
  • enjoyed walks on the beach with the doggies
  • enjoyed lunch and dinner
  • did some blogging work
  • drove to the store


Ponder this idea for a moment; help skilled bloggers by linking to their valued resources via your blog to influence them to promote you around the clock. Consider the fool-proof strategy of this cross-promoting approach. Love returns love. Skilled bloggers who appreciate the love you dole out through:


  • your blog content
  • the link you offer them on your blog


return the love by:


  • promoting you on social media
  • promoting you on their blog


Trusting Your Gut Often Leads in the Friendship Direction


Being completely transparent, the deeper I journey into my mind I observe how fear is an illusion and only love is real. Knowing how only love is real – in moments, here and there – influences me to intuitively build more friendships leading to accelerated blogging success for all of us.


Jimbaran, Bali.


I am beginning to envision my blog as a sort of Facebook or Twitter scenario. Versus directing people to my list I simply link to skilled bloggers here to:


  • show them love
  • grow their traffic and profits
  • draw them in with love


The more skilled bloggers who visit Blogging From Paradise organically – independent of an email list – solidifies the foundation of my blog.  Successful bloggers keep visiting in increasing numbers and promote these posts on Twitter, Facebook and through their blog because it benefits them and me. As the number of bloggers and non-blogging readers increases so does the visibility for me, and for us.


We all win.


Again guys; trust your gut. Follow your promotional fun. But digging deeper and deeper usually reveals the truth of the Robert Kiyosaki quote:


“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki


Paying close attention to wealthy human beings verifies this quote. Paying even closer attention to your mind usually reveals how resistance to networking seems triggered by some deep fear in your mind. I felt that fear for years. I resisted networking because I feared:


  • other bloggers stealing my profits
  • sharing the spotlight; my ego disliked this notion
  • the work-energy-effort entailed in building and maintaining a friend network
  • wasting time-energy on networking without seeing substantial traffic and profits returns


Facing, feeling and releasing fears in mind slowly but steadily revealed how 100 is better than 1. 100 people who love my blog and promote my posts is better than me promoting my posts.


I took that inner journey. Take whatever inner journey you need to take for your expansion.


My Experience


Rather than asking how much you should promote a blog post simply make a bunch of blogging buddies by promoting fellow bloggers and allow them to figure out how much they want to promote your blog post. Not only with their promotions increase, but you will find yourself feeling less pressure to promote your blog posts.


I used to think that I needed to promote 50 or 100 of my old blog posts daily. But now I simply observe my friend network promote a handful of old blog posts for me daily. I do not need to promote a high volume of old posts because my blogger buddy network promotes my old blog posts freely through a handful of online channels.


Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand


Knowing that I do not have to work hard promoting my blog today because my blogging buddies promote my blog feels good. I can walk the dogs on the beach, snap some Panama shots for Instagram, create content and network lightly, feeling free, peaceful and relaxed about it all.


I invite you to at least explore this networking strategy by promoting fellow bloggers to see how it works for you.

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