How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging




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“I recently had a chance to take a look inside Ryan Biddulph’s latest ebook that lays out his philosophy for blogging from paradise (which in Ryan’s case is all about hopping from tropical island to tropical island). If you want to see what kind of lifestyle you can lead thanks to blogging, with emphasis placed on how you can lead a life on your own terms, not just the making money aspect, download this ebook. You won’t regret it.”


Yaro Starak, Owner of, Laptop Lifestyle Consultant


How Can You Become a Full Time Blogger?


“How in the heck does this guy do it?”


I’ve been asked that question by both struggling bloggers and million dollar earners. People want to know how I’ve lived for months in places like:


  • Ubud, Bali
  • Savusavu, Fiji
  • Koh Lanta, Thailand
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Quepos, Costa Rica


It’s one thing to make a ton of money blogging; a handful of folks are doing that. It’s quite another to engineer a lifestyle of seeing the most breath-taking spots on earth for months at a time.



Mae Rim, Thailand


After hearing the “how in the heck does this guy do it?” question enough times I finally decided to write:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


Imagine if you could:


  • Retire from your full-time job
  • Live in places like Bali, Indonesia for 7 months
  • Live in Thailand for 17 months
  • Travel the world for 3 years
  • Live in Savusavu,  Fiji for 4 months
  • Live all over Costa Rica for 2 months


These are just a few of the spots I’ve visited during my world travels. You can do it too.


The secret to becoming a full time bloggers lies in following a simple system of tasks each day. Knowing why you want to blog is a starting point.


Finding your motivator and purifying your driver pushes you to do freeing but uncomfortable stuff.


Who Can Benefit from Reading this Book?


Anybody who wants to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Or anybody who craves blogging tips to increase their traffic and sales. Or anybody who wants to grow a thriving blogging community. You can be:


  • Working moms or dads who wish to leave the 9-5 behind to become full time professional bloggers
  • Part time bloggers working offline jobs who are ready to let go the offline gig to become a full time professional blogger
  • Teens, adults or anybody in between who wants to travel the world indefinitely
  • Retirees who want to see more of the world yet feel bound by financial circumstances
  • Successful bloggers who feel bound to their home based gigs and want to see more of the world on an extended basis


I’m writing these words from Savusavu, Fiji. I find it easy to create helpful content from a place voted one of the most peaceful islands in the world.



Koh Lanta, Thailand


Goshawks are calling in the distance. Savusavu Bay calmly breaks on the black sand shores, the creation of volcanic eruptions many years ago.


I am a professional blogger now. An island hopping guy who decided to see the world after getting axed from my security officer gig. I also worked as:


  • an inside sales representative at a software reseller
  • a client enrollment specialist at a large financial firm
  • a database specialist at a telecom company
  • a secretary at a small tech company


Half of these jobs were temporary positions. I traveled far and wide for short term contracts.


Gratitude Check


Hey, I’m beyond grateful for these jobs because I was able to make money and learn how to interact with people. I picked up many valuable lessons which  I still use today so that certainly rocks……but I wanted to be free.


I wanted to travel, to set my salary and design my work schedule. I wanted to engineer my life. I’m explaining my work history because if you’re ready to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur I know how it feels. I too experienced the urge. I also know exactly what it takes to go from employee to entrepreneur.


I know the joys and pitfalls of running a professional blog from all over the world. I know what you need to do to automotive effectively, how to deal with problems faced by digital nomads and how to navigate the sometimes tricky minefield of running a successful blog from spots some 12 to 17 time zones away from your target market.


Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica


I have been there, so I know how to take you through the freeing yet sometimes uncomfortable journey of retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.


Benefits of Buying this Book


You’ll learn how to:


  • avoid common blogging pitfalls
  • pick a topic for your blog
  • use my 2 step approach to building a successful blog while on the road
  • know when it’s time to let go a failing blog to start a successful blog from scratch
  • make money through blogging with my practical tips
  • blog while island hopping by dissecting my typical day
  • automate effectively while traveling the globe
  • use social media to drive blog traffic and sales from paradise
  • identify, seize and use the secret ingredient to smart blogging
  • study the logistics of blogging as a digital nomad, including non-blogging stuff to think about when traveling the world for 3 or more years


Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal


Many of my readers have noted how they feel as if THEY’VE been on vacation after reading my posts. That’s the goal; I want to take you with me.


You can do it. You can retire today, or tomorrow, or 6 months down the road, or whenever you have built up your savings and have decided it’s time to live in Fiji or Bali or Koh Lanta. Blogging from Paradise lists practical tips for:


  • following your blogging joy to identify your ideal niche
  • drilling down a few niches to carve a profitable target market which helps you build an income generating blog
  • avoiding energy-sapping mistakes which induce blogging failure and keep you grounded instead of soaring through the tropics
  • creating like a prolific blogging machine and connecting with blogging authorities who can expand your online presence at the click of a mouse
  • cutting your blogging learning curve by 3 to 5 years or longer by starting your blog intelligently


The tips are waiting for you.




.Chapter 1: How to Start the Journey: Tips for Retiring

Chapter 2: Common Blogging Pitfalls

Chapter 3: Picking a Topic

Chapter 4: Follow the 2 C’s

Chapter 5: Starting Fresh Is Better than Struggling for Years

Chapter 6: Practical Tips for Making Money through Blogging

Chapter 7: How to Blog While Island Hopping: My Typical Day

Chapter 8: Secrets for Effective Automation While Cruising the Globe

Chapter 9: Social Media and Blogging from Paradise

Chapter 10: The Secret Ingredient to Smart Blogging

Chapter 11: The Logistics: Non-Blogging Stuff to Think about When Traveling the World for 3 or More Years


If you want to become a full time blogger you can purchase the eBook here:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging