Why You Can Blog with a One Page Website Even from Paradise

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El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


(The following is a guest post….)


Yes, you can blog with a one-page website, and if you have been listening to my good friend Ryan for any amount of time, blogging is the perfect answer to a business online, even if you don’t have one, seriously!


Do you need a blog? The short answer is no. The long answer, however, is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater before you read this post! Some need a blog, and some need only a place to blog as you’ll see.


So, let’s dive in and get to the point about blogging, even if you don’t have one, or need one for your business website! Blogging is smart marketing.


I have a one-page website, well, two really. Both are doing wonderfully, and yes, this is a new venture for me, and for those, I build these types of sites for.


And while they are most effective, simple to manage, and yes, convert like crazy, it does not mean that I do not have to create blog content. As a matter of fact, to be honest, my niche does not scream out the need for it, but I like blogging and found through Ryan the perfect answer…


Guest blogging!


One-page websites work for just about any niche, and I don’t just say this because I make money building and creating them, I actually use them myself.


It was not until recently that I tested the idea out on one of my niche businesses online. Guess what? Yeah, it worked like a charm. What is crazy, and a bit funny is a fact it is based around short story writing, yeah!


But, I did not need to have a blog to write about short story writing itself, even if I wanted to. Simply put, I created podcasts out of them, and short e-books on Kindle. No blog, no writing stories in them, yet, I blog anyhow.


Why? Well, the simple fact is blogs, even if you are not really needing one for your niche can still drive tons of great traffic over time, build your authority, and convert folks into subscribers.


Listen, I know your head is spinning and now you are wondering about a one-page website, I get it, I was excited and scared about it all at once too. I was afraid to lose my blog, after all, I love blogging…


Then I got the e-book by Ryan called: How To Land Guest Posts On Authority Blogs.


I knew about guest blogging, after all, I got my start in internet marketing and SEO over a decade ago. However, I never took it that seriously, until I found the perfect way to blog without a blog through guest blogging, and all the while, keep my life and business online simple, focused, and successful.


Do you need a blog?


That is not just a business question, it is a personal one too. As for me, I love to blog, but I found that between writing the short stories for one niche and blogging for the web design site was becoming a bit much.


One was going to have to take a backseat.


Then I realized that I could cut back, create more in-depth content here and there, and publish it on different authority blogs and websites where I would probably get faster, better-qualified traffic anyway seeing how they were already established blogs and websites!


So, I am now employing Ryans’ tips, advice, and strategy for guest blogging, and will do going forward.


Do you need a blog? I like to tell people that yes, you should consider the option deeply before you say no. Most people I come across in the online business world simply don’t want to blog, they believe it is too time-consuming and whatnot.


Some of us have other strengths like video, podcast, even sharing and caring on social media. I think that is great, and a one-page website will work perfectly with all those platforms and strategies.


Here is the deal, you don’t have to blog daily or weekly. Try a couple of in-depth guest blog posts once a month. It works, trust me!


In the end, I can still blog, something I have admired about Ryan from the get-go, his desire to see people blogging for purpose and effect. I felt like I was not accomplishing either of those for the last year or so.


Not anymore, though, today I have two highly successful businesses that run on a one-page website, and the marketing strategies I love to practice drive me traffic day in and day out.


One of those practices is still blogging!


Today’s online business owners and marketers should always consider first whether or not they need a blog of their own, but, never forget, blogging still works, and it works wonderfully.


Find your strengths.


I mentioned it above briefly, about finding your strengths. What I mean is finding what and where your marketing strengths really are. For some, it is video, other a podcast, and for Ryan, blogging, ha!


As for myself, I love to blog, but a video is where my strength is best and most often used. I completely believe that you should always go with your strengths first, and hone the others as you grow your business online.


However, if your strength is blogging it out, or, at least you believe it is, by all means, get that blog tab up and running on your website now!


Test things first. Write a blog post, a short one, see how you feel about it. After that, make a video, and or, a voice-over for a podcast. One thing though, if you are new, you are only looking at what feels best for you right now, the others you can work on as you need.


Personally, I like the mix of three. I call it my mix because I find three simple channels and strategies within them to build my businesses, niches if you will, online.


Today I do a lot of videos, social media advertising, and now, guest blogging. Of course, email marketing is a must, period, but I never count that one as they are already subscribers.


But, like Ryan sending us those great links to his latest posts from his blog, we too can send people to our videos, podcasts, and yes, those awesome guest posts! After all, that is part of that strategy for the owner of the blog, the hopes that you will reciprocate with more than words, but traffic too!


Your strength may be blogging, but your niche business idea may not require you to own and run a blog, sounds funny, but I see it often. What I suggest is TO BUY RYAN’S BOOK about guest blogging and start there.


I know, you are saying to yourself, “Dave, why not just blog on your own site if you have one?” Because, sometimes, there really is no need. Why manage more than you need to? Why complicate the uncomplicated? Why mess around with simplicity in your business life when you don’t need to?


Also, just so you know, I find guest blogging more challenging, to be honest. Before I could blog and publish, now I blog and find the right place to publish for the right effect.


Guest blogging also takes me less time, which means I can create the kind of content that serves people better, and that is what is truly important in the end!


Make no mistake about it, there may be millions of blogs out there and millions of more posts, but there is only one unique you with your unique view and voice…


I find a one-page website not a way to avoid blogging itself, but a way to better my blogging efforts, and better the outcome I want to have with my blog…


What say you?


I love to blog, and because of Ryan and his audio series, I can write a two-thousand-word post in a short time, publish, and call it a day five days a week. But, in the end, that is not what I want or need to do for my business to thrive online, as a matter of fact, to a point, it was dragging it down a bit.


Like Ryan always say’s; “lean in where your strengths are, leave the rest behind.” I do not need to have a blog of my own to build my business upon and grow my traffic.


Actually, I can create better value-added guest blog content here and there that is strategically placed online for better results, and that my friend is smarter blogging!


Blogging is good.


Don’t avoid blogging if you need it for your business online, that is a poor decision made by the lazy. But, if you do not need to manage one of your own, but need to blog here and there, well, guest blog!


Blogging is good for business, and yes, I think for the soul a bit too.


Thanks, Ryan, the book, the audios, and all the encouragement through the years actually led me to this point in my own business life online, one without a blog to manage on my own, yet, at the same time, learning how to truly blog for effect that actually works for my business, not against it.


I love blogging, and it will always be a part of my strategies for my business here, and a passion I will have and love until the end of my days…


Author Bio


David Boozer offers expert WordPress and marketing tips at David J Boozer Dot Com.

  1. Eri says:
    at 7:39 am

    This was an interesting read. I am just trying to figure out things about guest blogging, on my blog and on other people’s. It is a different approach. I guess I have to look into it more.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:53 am

      Thanks Eri. It is a different and quite powerful blogging approach from a clear, focused perspective. If you have any questions, please ask me here in the comments, OK?

      As for guest blogging I suggest diving deep into a genuine blogger outreach campaign. You’re doing an awesome job leaving genuine comments here. This will give you greater exposure and also strengthens our friendship. Even though guest blogging is closed on Blogging From Paradise right now and most likely permanently, by building our bonds all types of opportunities can flow your way. Keep up the great work my friend.

  2. Robin says:
    at 8:57 pm

    Nice post! Indeed, blogging is good for business. Effective blogging will help you attract and nurture leads, capturing and engaging with new and existing customers.

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