How to Promote Your Blog for Free

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How to Promote Your Blog for Free

Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand


(Updated 7/17/2021)


Do you blog on a tight budget?


Learning how to promote your blog for free increases your exposure without reaching into your pocket. Social media combined with a content-heavy WordPress blog rich with your personal stories  levels the playing field for bloggers. No one has a legitimate excuse for struggling online because anyone can promote their blog for free.


Free blog promotion strategies require:


  • careful study
  • practical application
  • persistence


to see positive results from your efforts. Invest time and talent versus investing money to gain blog exposure.


Never confuse the word “free” with “easy”.  Deciding to blog on a budget means putting forth a generous effort spanning 1000s of hours to gain credibility. Readers trust your content based on your blogging skills. Honing your blogging skills to the point of being seen as credible requires years of persistent effort.


Free blog promotion methods extract a price in terms of the energy expended to create and connect patiently. Do not expect quick returns with these strategies but prepare to experience significant exponential growth over the long haul by applying these techniques.




Promoting your blog for free:


  • allows you to blog on a tight budget
  • influences you to become an established expert in your blogging niche
  • goads you to build a loyal blogger buddy network always there to help you solve your problems
  • encourages organic blogging growth attractive to Google
  • instills vital concepts like being generous, patient and persistent


Bloggers ponder the money-saving aspect of free promotion methods but rarely seize the rock solid fundamentals one follows by using these strategies. Why do bloggers dominate search engines? Most pros you see on Google followed the fundamentals below diligently for many years. Promoting your blog for free inspires you to do such a good, thorough, in-depth job that success eventually makes a beeline for you.


Meanwhile, a sect of bloggers tries to go pro by throwing money at people to get money from them. Paid marketing methods may yield favorable results but only if you drive folks to a well-stocked, authority blog brimming with in-depth, detailed, rich content. Pros publish valued content by following the tips below for years.


Follow these tips to promote your blog for free.


A1: SEO-Optimize Blog Posts


Publish in-depth, thorough, SEO-optimized blog posts to promote your blog for free in organic fashion.


SEO-optimized posts promote themselves based on the quality of the post. Of course, readers do the actual promoting through:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • their blog


but your blog post quality goaded readers to share the post with their friends.


Dazzling blog posts serve as:


  • self-promoters
  • brand advocates
  • passive traffic drivers
  • passive income boosters


Imagine reading a long-form post pleasing to your eyes. After publishing a genuine comment you share the post on social media and your blog. The blog post content influenced you to promote the post. Bloggers who SEO-optimize content drive free, targeted Google traffic but also drive organic traffic with optimizing being the gateway between the content and promotion.


Savusavu, Fiji


Even if this post does not rank on page 1 of Google I will drive organic traffic based on the post value. The post promotes itself because some of our awesome community will promote it based on its in-depth, detailed nature. Free blog traffic flows to bloggers who do an excellent job publishing optimized long-form content.


Practical Tips


  • publish 1500 word or longer posts
  • add details generously to create an in-depth piece of content
  • use a plug-in to optimize the post for SEO
  • embed multi-media content like videos into the post
  • listen closely to reader problems to publish content addressing their needs
  • stick to your niche to establish authority




Do not try to write a spectacular post because trying to be brilliant often leads to missing critical details Simply publish a highly thorough blog post to hit the mark.


BFP 428: Do Not Try to Be Spectacular Be Thorough



1: Be a Multiple Sharer


Avoid being a blog post sharing one night stand.


One easy way to promote your blog for free is to keep promoting it for free.


Don’t be shy. No need to be coy. Be bold, persistent, clear, and promote a blog post multiple times across a wide range of platforms.


I promote my most 10-20 recent blog posts on a daily basis through Twitter. Promoting blog posts repeatedly allows busy readers to find your content at a time beneficial to them. Some followers see your post today while others find the post next week, after you promoted it for the 5th time. Embrace this concept to drive free blog traffic through the power of being patient.


Use what you have. Augment your free blog traffic by SEO-optimizing, updating and re-publishing old blog posts to drive Google traffic. Leverage Google to increase your passive, targeted blog traffic. Work diligently to hone your SEO skills. Driving free Google traffic is not easy but following simple fundamentals persistently positions you to access this quality form of blog traffic.


Practical Tips


  • develop an abundance mindset; use what you already have to better help your readers
  • promote your prior 5-10 posts daily on Twitter; space out each tweet by a few hours
  • promote your prior 1-2 posts on Facebook and LinkedIn daily


Face fears in your mind concerning worthiness. I sprinted ahead to publish new content daily for years because I feared I did not deserve to experience blogging success. Obsessing over creating new content caused me to terribly neglect my valuable, old content. But feeling uncomfortable worthiness fears made me realize what I already had. SEO-optimizing and re-publishing old blog posts for frequent promotion increased my free blog traffic significantly but only because I faced my fears.


2: Guest Post


Guest posting is a fun way to shout out your blogging expertise to huge, targeted audiences.


Create helpful guest posts solving pressing problems in your niche. Promote your blog via the bio box beneath the blog post. Frame guest posting as an indirect way to promote your blog. Lead with value to gain reader trust. Influence readers to click your blog link to gain exposure for free.


East Cape, New Zealand.


In order to guest post:


  • build friendships with bloggers by promoting them and by commenting on their blogs
  • write 500 words daily offline to improve your writing skills
  • publish detailed content to your blog frequently to gain credibility in your blogging nche


Guest blogging serves as a powerful leveraging agent. Developing the skill of guest posting demands you to pay your dues. Becoming a clear, confident writer positions you to gain guest posting invites. Networking generously puts you over the top. Connected, skilled writers turn down guest posting invites for the sheer volume of these offers flowing their way. Reaching this post requires years of creating and connecting diligently.


Practical Tips


  • guest post on respected blogs from your niche
  • write in-depth guest posts combined with shorter guest posts to establish a mix between short form and long form content
  • include your blog link in the author bio box


3: Comment Genuinely on Top Blogs


Genuine blog commenting is a free, powerful leveraging tool for promoting your blog.


Genuine blog commenting is a free, powerful leveraging tool for promoting your blog.Click To Tweet


Never promote your blog directly through a comment. Genuine blog commentors add value to posts versus trying to grow business through comments.


Think indirect promotion. Share a valuable, thorough comment discussing the blog post. Personalize the comment. Be warm. Sign off with your name. Publish detailed comments to stand out from the crowd. Promoting your blog is about promoting what you know about your niche through comments. However, make comments  about the blog post itself to make the greatest impact. Put in the time. Be mindful. Add value through comments to become valuable.


Readers and fellow bloggers click your URL based on the value you provide in genuine fashion. Sharing value also helps you to avoid spam and trash folders to ensure readers see your comments.




How to Write Blog Comments Effectively



Comment primarily to give not to get. Promote your knowledge to promote your blog effectively through an authentic blog commenting campaign.


4: Promote other Bloggers


Promote other bloggers:


  • via Facebook Shares
  • via Retweets
  • on your blog


to befriend bloggers. Blogging buddies promote you, for free, boosting your blog traffic.


Be generous to become the recipient of generosity. Bloggers on a tight budget benefit from this method because mentioning fellow bloggers is an easy and free way to make inroads. No one struggles to tap a retweet button, to share a post on Facebook and to link to other bloggers via your blog, physically. However, clearing fears regarding promoting other bloggers proves to be a stiff mental challenge for most bloggers.


I overcame this mental block by fully grasping the power of networking.  Powerful people build friend networks. People without influence attempt to do it all by themselves. Helping people made life easier because my blogging friends promote me around the clock. Whether I am sleeping, working or traveling my blogging buddies expand my presence.


Practical Tips


  • promote bloggers from your niche
  • release expectations
  • ask for nothing in return
  • gain trust by promoting bloggers persistently


Making friends through your generosity is the easiest way to increase your blog traffic exponentially over the long haul. Kindly promote other bloggers. Observe how many kind bloggers promote your blog.


5: Broadcast Live on Facebook


Broadcast live on Facebook to promote your blog on the cheap.


Facebook live broadcasts add a personal touch to your blog promotion campaign. Skyrocketing phone usage and a preference for videos offers you greater blog exposure through this medium.


Rice fields, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Stick to your blogging niche as far as broadcast topics. Target your audience for optimal returns. Broadcast at least once weekly to establish your digital footprint. Get comfortable speaking live through practice.


Stick to your blogging niche as far as broadcast topics. Target your audience for optimal returns. Broadcast at least once weekly to establish your digital footprint. Get comfortable speaking live through practice. Click To Tweet


Overcome self-conscious tendencies by broadcasting frequently. Observe discomfort arising during each session. Clear each fear to be a confident broadcaster.


Facebook live broadcasts distance you from bloggers who solely publish text-based posts. Adding this personalized touch can drive free traffic to your blog in a world of bloggers who fear the camera.


Mention your blog at the end of each video. Consider adding your blog link to drive blog traffic from Facebook to your site.




Be generous guys.


Bloggers who have the greatest success with free promoting simply advertise their helpfulness.


Enjoy being of service and you’ll rock it out using these free promotional techniques.

  1. Cassie says:
    at 12:40 am

    Thanks Ryan!

    I needed to read this. I’m still a little shy about putting myself out there. I’m happy to talk about my blog, but I only promote it 2x per day. I don’t want people to get sick of seeing it so it becomes white noise that is either ignored entirely or maybe results in my being blocked.

    I absolutely agree with your stance on networking. I am working hard to engage with the blogging community in Twitter. I’m looking forward to getting to know people and to really connect in support of each other’s successes. As you said, I think reading and commenting on blog posts is an important part of connection as well as personal growth.

    I appreciate your contribution to the community via Twitter and Reddit.

    Cassie |

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:44 am

      Cassie thanks heaps for reading and sharing your thoughts! I too feel a little shy about self-promoting but feel a little clearer each day. Networking is almost everything. I mean, we need to publish helpful content but most create good stuff. However, almost all bloggers suffer from a severe lack of exposure. Networking genuinely and generously takes care of that.

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