How to Increase Sponsored Post Revenue

  July 30, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

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(Updated 7/30/2022)


Do you want to increase sponsored post revenue but feel confused as to how to draw advertisers to you?


Travel bloggers in particular frame sponsored post income as the holy grail of blogging revenue. Goading businesses to pay you to place their advertisements on your blog seems like an attractive way to make money blogging. However, this blogging income channel works only as an advanced monetizing strategy. Advertisers pay for a high volume of targeted traffic. Generating a high volume of targeted traffic involves ample blogging work.


Keep these ideas in mind to increased sponsored posts income:



Follow these 3 steps to generate more sponsored post revenue through your blog.


Writing skillfully, publishing helpful content and networking persistently earns you credibility. Credible bloggers influence business owners to pay to place sponsored content on their blogs.


Practice Writing


Write 500 to 1000 words daily in a Word document.


Trash the document after writing.


Become a clear, confident writer.


Position yourself to increase sponsored post revenue.


Advertisers pay skilled writers to promote their business via sponsored content. Writers who practice writing daily become skilled, in-demand bloggers who advertisers seek out.


Note top bloggers who need a baseball bat to keep sponsored post pitchers away from their email inbox. Without exception, these skilled pros practiced writing diligently to attract sponsored post pitches.


Publish Helpful Content


Publish long form content to draw sponsored post opportunities to you.


Long form content spanning roughly 1500 words or longer appeals to businesses who wish to align with credible bloggers.


Long form content drives highly targeted, passive Google traffic interested in businesses. Advertisers know this and pay top dollar for respected blogs oozing with problem-solving, detailed content.


Solve pressing problems related to your blogging niche. Boost sponsored revenue by building blogging credibility through in-depth blog posts.


Network Generously


Network generously to build your blogger friend network.


Blogging friends put you on the radar screen of businesses interested in placing sponsored posts on your blog.


Imagine 20 bloggers retweeting your latest blog post to their loyal, highly targeted blogging networks. Picture the potential for landing sponsored posts when such a large, targeted community sees your helpful content.


Help bloggers freely. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog and through social media.


Earn trust. Make friends. Allow blogging friends to give you greater exposure. Boost sponsored post revenue through the power of a genuine blogger outreach campaign.


Keep this in Mind


Keep this idea in mind: you need to build your credibility, reputation and clout to the point where people want to pay you to advertise on your blog. Building your blog up to this level requires thousands of hours of writing practice, generous creating and generous connecting.


You need to put in the work for a long time to even garner a little bit of sponsored post attention per pitches via emails. Nobody lands sponsored revenue as a newbie blogger because you have no traffic, no name, no clout and no value to offer.


Different individuals have different requirements. Don’t be a fool; dancing around like a monkey to try to satiate different parameters is the work of blogging dingbats because you cannot control their requirements. Focus 100% of your attention and energy on practicing your writing in a Word document daily, publishing helpful content and building meaningful connections with top bloggers in your niche. Satiate that 3 headed monster, put in the effort, and sponsored post revenue will flow your way.


Write. Publish helpful content. Network. Be generous, patient and persistent. Build a rock solid foundation for generating sponsored post revenue. Advertisers pay you based on the quality of your writing, the helpfulness of your content and the size and scope of your blogging community, said community growing as your blogging friend network expands.


Where Do Bloggers Go Wrong?




Delusion is where bloggers go wrong.


Imagine being a new blogger with 50 people who visit your blog daily. Nobody really knows you; as it should be, because you haven’t earned the right to be known. You haven’t worked generously and persistently enough to be a skilled, credible commodity with oodles of targeted traffic and a large, ever-growing, trusted, loyal blogging community.


So….with your 50 visitors daily, roughly registering 1500 visitors monthly, you expect someone to want to pay money to place a sponsored post for:


  • those 1500 visitors monthly
  • an unknown blogger
  • a blogger with little targeted traffic
  • a blogger without a large, ever-growing, loyal community


Why would someone pay for a sponsored post if they are getting 50 visitors daily on an unknown blog in return for their financial investment? Yet a stunning majority of new travel bloggers delude themselves into believing sponsors will line up and pay for 50 visitors daily from unknown bloggers with no large, loyal, target community.


You earn sponsored post revenue.


Thousands and thousands of hours go into generating enough targeted traffic, a large, loyal community and your good blogging name to where entrepreneurs pay you to advertise their business via a sponsored post.


People pay for the thousands of hours of generous work you put into building something special. Be patient. Be persistent. Be generous. Eventually, sponsored post revenue will flow your way, but only after you pay your dues.


Should You Publish a Sponsored Post Advertising Page?


I’ve never had a page devoted solely to advertising sponsored post opportunities on BFP and I generate sponsored post revenue. I did not need a sponsored post page because folks pitched me based on my name, traffic and brand.


Do whatever vibes with you. Perhaps devoting a page to advertising your opportunity gives you clarity and boosts sponsored post revenue but from my experience, if you bust your tail with creating and connecting people will cold pitch you opportunities and you will generate sponsored post revenue.


Publish a page advertising your sponsored post opportunities if you feel good about listing requirements. Bloggers usually feel good about advertising their wares because doing increases confidence and clarity.




Should you barter sponsored posts opportunities?


I changed my stance on this question a few times over the years.


I have enough posture not to work for peanuts but maintain flexibility in receiving money for placing sponsored posts. Allow your intuition to guide you. Be generous with yourself and flexible enough to place sponsored posts at respectable rates, even if the post rate doesn’t match your normal rates.




The bottom line: spend thousands of hours generously creating content and building connections with top bloggers genuinely.


Entrepreneurs will pitch you sponsored post opportunities.

  1. Corinne Rodrigues says:
    at 2:27 am

    I was making good money on sponsored posts, Ryan, but something is not sitting well with me and I’ve stopped doing them. Also have Adsense on until I hit a certain target and plan to take them off. Going forward, I’m going to run writing workshops to make money.

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