How to Write an Effective Blog Post

July 12, 2018


I have one blogging philosophy: start from simple and work from there.


Peep top bloggers in any niche. Pros know; simple wins. You can understand simple. You can also use simple to your benefit. If you become skilled in writing blog posts that increase your blog traffic and profits, rest assured that said posts simply laid out a pressing solution to core problems in your niche.


I had no clue in hell how to write effective blog posts 10 years ago. I just wrote what I felt like writing. After a blogging shit show of struggle spanning a few years I found out how to write effective, inspired blog posts, geared toward a specific end, goading my blogging business to grow.


Follow these tips to write a rocking blog post.


1: Begin with the End in Mind


Take this post; I intend to provide a simple solution for bloggers wanting to write effective blog posts.


Holding this intent, I find it easy to lay out specifically what you should do and how to do it for writing effective blog posts.


I see a satisfied blogger feasting on a powerful solution for writing rocking blog posts now. The ideas for creating that end flowed toward me. I write. Post completed.


What is the end game for your blog post? See that result. Allow the creative process to flow smoothly.


2: Stay on Topic


Cover the 1 topic you choose to cover with your blog.


Blogging tips bloggers would post about blogging tips.


Travel bloggers would post about traveling.


Personal development bloggers would blog about personal development.


Staying on topic adds clarity and power to your blog posts.


3: Create an Appealing Title


Brainstorm simple topics dripping with value for your readers.


Peep this blog post title; bloggers dig knowing how to write effective blog posts.


Add color or humor. Or go simple, bare bones and powerful. Both approaches work nicely.


4: Intro-Body-Conclusion? Nah…..


Blogging From Paradise deviates once again.


Convention says; introduction-body-conclusion is the proper way to format a blog post. I say make your point and get the hell off of the stage.


Go intr0-body-conclusion if it feels fun to you. I prefer a little lead in, going heavy on practical tips then ending posts with a clear call to action to buy my eBook:


Some basics:


  • lead off with a general idea of why readers should gobble up your post
  • include practical tips to reach that end
  • wrap up the post with a clear cut call to action to buy your stuff or to hire you


5: Add Pretty Pictures Please


Or add 1 pretty picture.


Images are eye candy. Pictures speak a bunch o’ words my little blogging sweet robbins. So…..insert at least 1 image in all blog posts.


Stay on topic or on brand.  Example; insert images related to the blog post title. Or add images clearly aligned with your blogging brand, like how the Blogging From Paradise guy always adds pictures of travel spots where he visited and snapped some classics.


6: Short and Punchy Rules


As a rule, I dig writing short, punchy sentences. Save 2 sentences prior (irony alert).


Keeping things short and clear gets the point across sans filler. Powerful way to connect with your audience.


7: Word Count?


What feels fun? Go with that.


600 to 800 words feels fun to me. Words flow. I go with that.


2,000 may feel fun to you. Go with that.


8: Frequency


Aim for at least one blog post weekly if you hit 2000 words.


Publish 2-3 times weekly if you hit 600 words.


Again; whatever feels fun to you resonates the most with your audience. Add video and/or podcast posts to beef up post frequency and to give readers other options for consuming and digesting your content.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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