How to Get through Your First 6 to 12 Months of Blogging

  December 3, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Blogging feels promising and scary for beginners.


New bloggers see potential combined with a myriad of problems.


How do you succeed? Who should you trust? What does it take to become a professional blogger? How about time frames for becoming successful?


The maelstrom of emotions overwhelms most new bloggers. Most quit fast. Others quit after a few years. Rare is the blogger who sees the journey through to becoming a professional blogger but only because few bloggers start blogging the right way.


Getting through your first 6-12 months is critical to your long term blogging career. Big challenges greet new bloggers because blogging feels quite unlike any prior exploits in many regards. Knifing through each challenge propels you forward toward increased success.


Consider this New Blogger Analogy


Shoutout to Paul at Sidegains for giving me the idea to write this post. He is spot on:



I am mildly obsessed with Bigfoot.


Most of society believes the large, hairy humanoid to be a joke, hoax or ridiculous figment of hillbilly imaginations. Unfortunately for these folks, the truth will soon come out. 10,000 to 20,000 witness accounts online – YouTube filled with ’em – from decent, credible, honest folks along with a good 50 to 100 eye-popping videos prove Sasquatch are as real as deer, squirrels, or birds, for that matter. My wife Kelli and I had our own encounter proving without a doubt how the forest people are as real as human people.


Anyway, Bigfoot hunts and consumes deer and elk, along with enjoying fruits and the like. Hunters often speak of Sasquatch herding deer into a kill zone where they break its legs, break its neck and consume either the innards or the entire deer.


Months 6-12 of your blogging career is YOUR kill zone. Traffic and money outcomes are the 8 foot tall, 600 pound, 5 feet wide at the shoulder Bigfoot, waiting to kill you the split second you allow your fear and panic to dominate your love and fun, blogging-wise. Most beginner bloggers quit during this uncomfortable time frame for fear of not seeing any traffic and profits.


Let’s get you through this challenging time.


Blog 90% for Passion-Love-Fun


Every blogger who quits during their first 6-12 months does so for fearing numbers on a screen. Bloggers fear not seeing any traffic and profits returns. Quitting follows.


Every blogger who gets through this period AND becomes an established, pro blogger does so by mainly blogging their passion-fun-love-joy. Why? Work – blogging – is the reward. You already have your reward. Money and traffic feel like extras or bonuses. You won’t quit because you don’t see your bonus and you fear not inanimate numbers on a screen. Blog mainly for fun to get through this critical period and to develop the trust, confidence and peace of mind you need to make this a full time gig.


Enjoy helping people through blogging to access a limitless inner driver. If the work of helping people is the reward you will not quit blogging.


Follow 1-2 Blogging Tips Mentors and Invest in their Courses


Most new bloggers have no idea what they are doing – they never blogged before – but dive into blogging, winging it, never consulting pros, never learning how to blog, never following sound advice. Of course you will fail.


Imagine trying to be a doctor and skipping med school? Good luck. Imagine trying to be a successful blogger and skipping blogging school? Good luck. Beginning blogging by buying your domain and hosting seems easy but this does not mean blogging is easy.


Blogging is fun and freeing but challenging to new bloggers. Follow a few blogging tips focused mentors who teach you how to blog the right way from day 1 of your blogging career.


Check out this course:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


Check out this eBook:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


Learning how to blog the right way from pros gives you confidence during months 6-12 of your campaign. Fleeting doubts dissolve into the confidence that pros taught you how to blog successfully. Follow pros to know that your blogging strategy works. Even as numbers fluctuate and success seems to slowly but surely come together you will have full faith in the advice of pro blogging mentors who teach you how to blog the right way through their:


  • blogs
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books.


Spend 30 Minutes or More Daily on Managing Your Energy Aka Emotional Intelligence


Blogging is mindset.


Blogging is emotional intelligence.


Strengthen your mind to coast through the shaky early months of your blogging career.


Some ideas:


  • meditate
  • do Kriya yoga
  • do yin yoga
  • engage in power walking
  • read and apply A Course in Miracles


Strong minded bloggers succeed. Everyone else struggles, fails and quits. All manners of fears arising early during your online career because your limiting beliefs will try to convince you to quit. Strengthen your mind through daily training. Manage your energy to dissolve your fears. Increase your emotional intelligence to glide through sometimes bumpy beginner blogger days.




Blog mainly for fun to find an inexhaustible energy source flowing from within. Be a confident new blogger by following pro advice. Strengthen your mind to ride out the early day blogging bumps.


Get through months 6-12 to build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.

  1. Paul @ SideGains says:
    at 1:13 pm

    Hey thanks for the shout out Ryan!

    I’m totally digging your little video snippets… totally centering and from a truthful place. I don’t know if you remember but a month or so ago I saw one of these videos in a tweet when I was in quite a dark place. It was synchronicity since I needed to see that video at the time… and it really helped. I think I tweeted to you about it.

    Fear is the mind killer totally… it makes you believe in things that aren’t real. It’s struggle but we have to lean into it and try to push back.

    Thanks again… and best wishes to you!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:01 pm

      Paul thanks so much bro 🙂 Perfect explanation of fear: it makes you believe in things that are not real. I love it.

  2. Yasir Rana says:
    at 5:37 am

    Thanks for sharing the information, The article was very informative.
    It is always good to publish articles on others’ blogs to increase your influence, your reputation & SEO, or simply promote yourself and your brand.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:34 am

      I agree 100% Yasir. The problem is that so many bloggers want to create only on their online real estate but fear venturing off site. Few bloggers leave their comfort zone to do this but leveraging to the professional level is virtually impossible if you only create content on your site. Especially these days, Google pretty much demands that you guest post and at least comment on blogs to gain organic, quality backlinks through a genuine blogger outreach campaign.

      Bloggers resist guest blogging or even commenting on other blogs for various fears. But edge through these fears bloggers must in order to leverage their presence effectively. I have written and placed thousands of guest posts over the years. Each post leverages my blogging presence by helping out fellow bloggers. Every time you publish a guest post it is a beneficial scenario for both people involved and for their readerships. This is why I always promote my guest posts freely. Helping me, my fellow bloggers and both of our communities just makes sense. But engaging in a genuine blogger outreach campaign is key for actually gaining guest post invites as is. This is a real difference maker. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment my friend.


  3. John Ravi says:
    at 12:36 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I appreciate this resource! I do blogging too, and now my niece is following in my footsteps. I do help her with everything she needs, but I think reading the work of another experienced person will give her a new perspective. I will definitely be sharing this article with her. It has only been a few months since she set up her blog, and these tips will help her a lot. Thanks a lot for taking the time and curating such an informational article.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:27 am

      John that is absolutely awesome. I am so happy that you are blogging and that your niece is getting into blogging too. Following advice from someone who has some blogging experience at least can make your journey easier. The main reason being that the professional blogger has a library of experiences to call upon to help you with any problems you may be facing during your earlier blogging days. I simply share because I have been there. I know the feeling of being lost or frustrated or completely overwhelmed during the new blogger days because this gig is so much more than just writing and publishing a post. I share the various skills we need to learn and develop in order to succeed in the blogging niche through this blog, through my ebooks and through my courses too. If you or your niece have any questions please drop me a comment here or send me a tweet on Twitter or message on Facebook. I am always happy to help. Thanks for sharing this blog with your niece my friend.


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