Me chilling in the center of Granada. In my nifty Blogging from Paradise T-shirt.

Me chilling in the center of Granada. In my nifty Blogging from Paradise T-shirt.

I just paid 15 cents for 4 bananas.

That’s cheap.

I love a good bargain. I don’t give a raton’s fanny if we have the dough to pay for more; I love good deals.

Since Kelli and I just arrived in Granada, Nicaragua, we have noticed that bananas are dirt cheap. Oh yes, I forgot to mention: Blogging from Paradise has officially arrived in Nicaragua. See the image to the right? That’s me. Inside of the house. La selva en la casa. We’re house sitting for 2 months in the sleepy little town of Granada. The homeowner actually has a mini jungle inside of his home.

How cool is that?

Anyway, before we dive into these fab, cheap, easy ways to drive blog traffic……

Free eBook and a Hot Deal

I am no longer writing eBooks. At least for now.

Now I’m promoting these suckers.

Build an online empire through blog commenting. Retire to a life of island hopping. Get your mind right. Do all that good stuff. Note; ALL of my eBooks are now available for the super hot deal/bargain/steal/delicious price of 0.99, or 99 centavos as they’d say here in Granada, Nicaragua. If you want to know my secrets, so you too can live the dream, visit the Blogging from Paradise library on Amazon for 99 cent eBooks.

Oh yes, on to the eBook deal for this week.Download the Blogging from Paradise 5 eBook Deluxe Combo for the bargain basement price of just $0.99 cents

Hot Pink Grates

I am staring at a hot pink iron grate as I write these words. Think “Pink Panther” type hot pink, mixed with an electric blue, on the house facing us. The Nicaraguans aren’t known for subtlety in all things color.

Eye-catching colors, fascinating architecture and friendly locals makes for a charming, fun to live in neighborhood. After feeding our amigo Fred at 6 AM – he’s a perro – I observe the steady flow of street traffic. “Steady flow” at 6 AM means 1 person walks by every 5 minutes and 1 or 2 people ride by on bicycles every 5 to 10 minutes. Eso es. That’s it.

As the day progresses I see horse drawn carriages cruise by. Ice cream vendors deal their helado frijo. Pan sellers do their thing. You will not confuse our calle with 42nd Street, mind you. I fully expect to see more parrots on our street than cars within the next few hours. It’s 6:30 AM. That’s kinda early.

The Blogging Problem

Don’t get me wrong; I’m elated with the peaceful foot and car traffic situation most of the time. I’d rather hear parrots than Pintos (they appear to have those cars here; or, I’m living in a time warp). The problem is that when I’m hankering for a Pinguino (sweet treat) or thinking about a taxi I ain’t seeing much traffic on the street. Saturday has been the only day of “traffic above a peep.” If I wanted a taxi or sweet treat or if I preferred to have the propane tank guy swing by. I’d be SOOL (Sh*t out of Luck) for most days save Saturday.

Granada, we have a traffic problem.

Since I’m a workout nut (ie., mildly insane about walking) I’ll stroll into town to get what I want. No problems in those high traffic areas. Here’s la problema; I am in chase mode. I am not lazy but I’d rather take the convenient approach. I’d rather the traffic flow to me.

Since you’re smart muchachos y muchachas you can see where I’m heading.

Most bloggers find themselves in a similar quandary.

They may see a high traffic day once a week. Other than that day, they bust their ass, chasing, straining, striving, fighting, and doing whatever they need to do to see a pittance of traffic on most days….save that 1 special day. In truth, their situation is more dire than the traffic situ here in Granada. We see OK traffic on Saturday. Most bloggers aren’t so blessed. They may see OK blog traffic once a month. Or once every 3 months.

Today yo queiro share 13 cheap and easy ways to increase blog traffic to make your blog a hip and happening place.

Pienso que each of these methods will help you boost your blog traffic so you need not correo como un pollo sin cabeza. Use Google translate. (I will leave my Spanglish phase, but not yet.)

I admit; I have been the guy chasing everything down. I was the blogger CHASING traffic versus being the blogger who ATTRACTED traffic. It’s much more fun to allow traffic to come to you. Sure it takes some fun, light work. Sure you’ll put in a bit of time to draw in loyal subscribers. Sure you’ll do some mental science (wink wink your mind won’t stink if you download this) to strengthen your attractive magnet.

But in the end, you can be the hunted. Not the hunter. Being both the hunted and the hunter, I can attest that hunting sucks, and being stalked by eager, interested, rabid, loyal blog readers, well that rocks.

Benefits of Reading this Post

  • increase your blog traffic cheaply and easily

Haha. I like single bullet point list items. That was my gag for the day.

Cheap and Easy

Let’s dissect the title.

Cheap = free or super inexpensive.

Easy – requiring some effort but not a bunch of effort.

Guys, I have a date with a pinguino in a bit. Pinguinos are not Nica chicas. Pinguinos are delicious little chocolate cakes filled with cream. Como un Hostess chocolate cake. Since the date time is nigh let’s dive into this post.

1: Join Triberr

Join Triberr.

Triberr is like the town square here in Granada; everybody hangs out there. Except in Triberr’s case, “everybody” means every blogger. Not every blogger on earth of course but you will meet a slew of influential bloggers from varied niches. Travel bloggers, affiliate marketers, blogging tips bloggers and personal development bloggers can meet and great other inspired bloggers on this platform.

After joining Triberr, find relevant tribes. Use the search bar. Query your keywords. You’re smart guys and gals; you know how to do that.

Join relevant tribes. Share people’s stuff. Comment on their Triberr posts and blog posts.

Granada town center.

Granada town center.

Triberr is a free platform. Premium accounts – offering you the option to add more mates to your tribes – cost you a few clams each month, but overall it’s cheap and yep, it’s an easy way to drive blog traffic. Share. Care. Comment.

Check out this post if Triberr confuses the hell out of ya:

13 Tips for Using Triberr to Increase Your Blog Traffic Quickly

I’ve pulled back on Triberr recently because I’m pulling back on everything. No reflection on Triberr; I’m just enjoying my trip through Central America. Blame it on the pinguinos.

2: Link to Other Bloggers in Your Posts

I am a lazy bastard.

I kid you not.

Linking to other bloggers is the easiest way to get blog traffic. Hands down. Bloggers can expand your presence like wild fire. Really. Here’s why: 1,000 is better than 1. 1,000 people promoting me is better than only me promoting myself. Linking to other bloggers inspires other bloggers to promote me.

I can only promote my blog through the efforts of 1 person. I’ve not transitioned into the ethers. I believe that we are all one, yet, I also know that reaching out, helping folks, promoting the stuffing out of them and doing ’em a blogging solid is the easiest way to embody that statement AND it is the easiest way to get blog traffic.

Don Purdum does this really, really well. Really well. He features top shelf bloggers regularly because he is hyper generous with his blog. No doubt, when Don tags me I check out what he has to say. You’re darn tootin’ I’ll tweet the post. I’ll gab on his blog too. That’s code for: “I’ll comment on his blog.” Social shares and comments = blog traffic. Which is cool.

Why Do Most Bloggers Overlook this Easy, Free Way to Increase Blog Traffic?

The F Word.

The 4 Letter Word.

Before you think I’m going all potty mouth on you….that word is:


I can be a greedy blogger at times. I may worry about eBook sales. I may want to push only my stuff. I may fear diluting my brand. I may fear 1,001 things, from giving up my sacred Blogging from Paradise space to turning off my readers to gobs of other ego-based shiznett. If I obey the fear, I’m not here. That’s a rhyme. Meaning, if I gave into my fear over the past 7 years, more often than not, I’d not be writing these words from beautiful Granada, Nicaragua. But thank the gods that I embraced this fear more often than not, and that I released the fear so that I promoted other bloggers freely on my blog.


Link to other bloggers.

Hint; if you enjoyed this post, mention it on your blog. Maybe you can email this post to your newsletter. Helping bloggers by linking to their posts is the quickest, easiest way to make blogging buddies. Blogging buddies don’t let blogging buddies suffer through poor blog traffic days. That’s an 80’s TV reference. Maybe the Gremlins shirt that I’m wearing inspired that homage to 80’s commercials. Whatever.

Living the Dream

I filmed a 1080 HD video in Granada, Nicaragua. From da ‘hood.

I delve deeper into this tip AND I also sell my dream life. Take a look inside of the home we’re looking after for the next 2 months, rent-free. Live the dream with me.

Click the “Play” button.

3: Email Your List

When this post goes live I will do something really, really easy. Damn cheap too.

I will email this post to my list.

I am not a metrics guy but a few months back I checked my clicks some 5 seconds after emailing my newsletter.

Within 5 seconds of emailing my newsletter I spotted 9 clicks. If that’s not easy blog traffic I don’t know what is.

I use Mail Chimp to build my list. Chimpy is free bananas until you hit 2,000 subscribers. Post 2000 subs, you’ll pay a cheap rate. Aweber is an inexpensive option too. Cheap, easy and pretty damn painless traffic building tool, I must say.

How to Build Your List

God was I ever resistant to using pop up forms.

But darn do they work well. I have measured a steady rise in subscribers since I started using a Blogging from Paradise pop up form.

Use a pop up form to collect reader emails. Or use a sidebar widget and an opt in bar at the top of your blog. I suggest posting 2-3 opt in forms on your blog. Tailor to reader preferences.

Share helpful, relevant updates with subscribers. Retain those suckers. Publish helpful, relevant content to your blog. Draw in sign ups. Collect emails. Rake in that sweet, sweet, blog traffic.

Why Email Marketing Works

People may check Triberr once every 1 week to 1 month. No guarantees though.

People may see your Facebook status updates – linking to your blog post – once every week, or they may not. No guarantees at all, and if you’re relying on Facebook for blog traffic…..Oh Dios Mio!!!!

People WILL check their email once every day or at least, once weekly. This I can just about guarantee because to most folks, email is cocaina. Email checking is an addiction so building a list ensures that readers WILL check your blog posts, boosting your blog traffic.

Remember….email is cocaina to most readers. Comprende?

If you happen to speak Spanish to me in person, note that I speak it like a Gringo. I had to add that.

4: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is mostly free, and even paid methods are cheap.

Although social media traffic may not flow to you in a deluge, it’s still an easy way to draw in readers. Pressing a “retweet” button takes the whole of a split second. That’s easy.

The Rub

Generous bloggers drive social media traffic easily.

If I can hit the “retweet” button easily for my blogging buddies, my blogging buddies will do the same for me. Sweet deal. It requires 1000 times more effort to consume my beloved Bimbo Pan con Pasas (Google that) than it does to retweet 20 of my buddy’s blog posts, through their blogs or through Triberr.

Adrienne Smith is a social media marketing wizard. She’s heart felt. She’s genuine. She’s generous. Check out how she does social, to do social right.

5: Email Influential Friends; Ask them to Share Your Posts

I have mentioned fellow digital nomad Danny Flood a few times through my blog.

Here’s why: he lives a daring, freeing life AND he’s got the online business building thing down pat.

Danny uses email to build mutually beneficial bonds. He’s good at helping and asking. If he ever asks for anything you better believe he’ll stress your benefits. Win-win.

Email power broker blogging buddies. You have plenty of those already, because you comment on authority blogs and you promote authority bloggers. You’ve been good little BFPers. I know.

Coconuts, anybody?

Coconuts, anybody?

Emailing pro bloggers costs you no money. Emailing pro bloggers is easy to do if you’ve built a relationship with them. Hitting a RT button a few times each week requires approximately 5 to 7 seconds of your time weekly. Posting comments to authority blogs is easy too. Gab! Share your opinion. Easy peasy. Share. Comment. Build bonds. Use email to reach out to the Big Kahunas. Boost your blog traffic.

A tweet here or link there will give you a steady traffic boost. If you’re thinking really big, a simple email can open doors you hadn’t envisioned.

Example; my friend Matthew Capala asked me to co-write a book with him called “Solopreneur Ronin.” This eBook did NOT hurt my blog traffic, let me tell ya.

6: Blog Commenting: My Renewed Secret Weapon

I am officially back on the blog comment bandwagon.

I had left the bandwagon for a few months. Too focused on writing eBooks. My eBook writing days have ended by now. 122 is enough. Now it’s time to promote my eBooks. Now it’s time to spread the word. Now it’s time to boost my blog traffic cheaply and easily. Now it’s time to comment on authority, relevant blogs.

Here’s one of my recent comments on Pro Blogger:

Now that's a blog comment.

Now that’s a blog comment.

Blog commenting is a free marketing method. We got the “cheap” base covered.

Here’s why it’s easy: you like to gab. You like to share your opinion. We all do. Instead of gabbing all day long, shut your yap, set aside 5 to 15 minutes, and write, instead of speaking.

Easy peasy.

Be present before you comment. This is the easiest way to do it easy. Forget about backlinks and all that crap. Blab for like 5 to 15 minutes. Flow freely. Write what you’re feeling. Watch blog traffic flow your way by doing blog commenting right.

99 Cent eBook

I wrote an eBook on how to do blog commenting effectively. Or, how to grow an online empire through gabbing. This is the perfect read for newbie and veteran bloggers alike.

Read How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

But that’s Not All….

That lead in hooked me as a kid. “But that’s not all”….

Seriously though; if you prefer to listen to eBooks versus reading those suckers:

Listen to How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

This audio book is a powerful follow up to my online empire building eBook.

Guys, blog commenting is a free, powerful traffic driving tool if you do it right. No comment drive-by’s. No “One Night Stand” deals. Read my eBooks, listen to ’em too and you’ll get a feel for what one must do to build a successful blog through gabbing….I mean, through blog commenting.

7: Start a Podcast

Click the “Record” button. Talk. Spend 5 to 30 minutes sharing your know how.

Recording podcasts is fun and easy too. No need to set aside 1, 2 or 5 hours to craft a blog post. You can be in and out in minutes. That makes podcasting an easy blog traffic builder in my eBook.

As for cheapness, you can host your podcast for free on SoundCloud until you reach a time threshold. Then you can pay $6 per month until you have spent your 6 hours. Then you’ll pay $15 smackers a month for unlimited hosting. Cheap.

How to Publish a Podcast

What do you like to gab about all day long? Hit the record button and gab.

I’m guessing that you’re blogging your passion. You better be. If you aren’t, trash your blog. Create a new blog and podcast series based on your passion. Write and talk about your passion. Through your blog and podcast series.

Follow John Lee Dumas to learn how to publish a successful podcast. I am new to podcasting and don’t care much about my podcast, so he’s the guy I’ll direct you to.

8: Publish Videos to YouTube

I’m guessing your laptop has a camera, no?

If it does, you’re all set to publish a Youtube video now.

Youtube simply offers you an exciting new – or established – blog traffic stream. A gazillion folks prefer to digest their content through video. Appeal to this audience. Increase your blog traffic.

Old church in town. I think I nailed this photo.

Old church in town. I think I nailed this photo.

Youtube is free to join. You can buy a solid web cam on the cheap.

Now….for the easy bit.

Smile. Relax. The camera is your friend. Really. Envision the camera as your closest friend. Confide in the camera. If you’re having a blue day, share your blue day with the camera. Your camera is your diary. Share. Open up.

Good! Now wasn’t that easy?

9: Eye Candy, Please




You’ll see plenty of big old Nicaraguan images here. Or, images from our current trip through Nicaragua.


People love eye candy.

Eye candy boosts blog traffic.



No need to book plane tickets to Nicaragua. Find a good free image sharing site. Go nuts. Share images for free or on the cheap. No need to post 3 or 5 or 10 eye popping images to each blog post BUT posting images is a cheap, easy traffic builder. Folks love eye candy. Serve it up. Drive more blog traffic.


We are creatures who live through our senses.

5 minutes ago Kelli and I walked back from the tienda. We digested a most stunning, jaw-dropping view of Mombacha in the distance. This world-renowned volcano snagged my attention because….I love eye candy. Just like you. Just like….well…..everybody. A picture draws in an extra 1,000 readers. Over time, at least. Seriously; posting 3 or 5 eye catching images will pull in more readers. Folks are likely to share a visually appealing post. It is what it is. Folks dig eye candy. Folks love pictures. Pictures complement blog posts.

This tactic is “fish in a barrel” type easy. Add 5 to 10 minutes to your blogging day. Find relevant, colorful pictures. Maybe 2 or 3 for starters. Post ’em. Steadily increase your blog traffic.

The folks at Buffer did a fine job putting together this resource for finding free blog images.

Check it out:

53 + Free Image Sources for Your Blog

Dingbat Time

I nominate myself for being Dingbat of the Week.

Just for the week.

Because I left free blog traffic on the table for a minute….because I didn’t post my eye popping travel images to my blog posts regularly.

Mistake noted.

RB phone home.

RB phone home.

Going forward, you’ll see fewer blog posts and more Blogging from Paradise images, to tantalize and titillate your taste buds.

10: Spend 5 to 20 Minutes on Your Headline

All it took was 5 minutes.

5 minutes to craft this title: “13 CHEAP and EASY Ways to Increase Blog Traffic.”

Bloggers who want to become pro bloggers are looking to market on the cheap. Every human being who has ever lived prefers the easy way to do things. Every blogger wouldn’t mind extra blog traffic. This is the Blogging Holy Trinity: cheap, easy, traffic.

Patience, grasshoppers. Spending just a few extra minutes will increase your blog traffic.

I have rushed blog posts.

I have patiently let blog posts simmer.

It takes not a Rhodes Scholar to discern which posts got more traffic pop.

Be patient. Think through your titles.


Picture your ideal reader.

What specifically does your ideal reader want? Think of benefits, benefits, and more benefits. Think of more benefits. Think of appealing blog post titles which solve problems and which inspire your readers to live their dreams.

Don’t hesitate to shock.

Check out this Thai Prostitute Post

Did ya dig that title? I spent a few minutes thinking it through. It’s strange; waiting for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes to think through blog titles can double or triple your blog traffic, and toying with titles is both free, and really easy, too.

11: Let Posts Simmer……I Mean, REALLY Simmer

It costs you no money to write a blog post over 3 days.

It costs you no money to let your posts sit for 3 or 4 days.

Letting posts simmer is easy, too, once you detach from outcomes.


I am writing these words on Monday at 10:43 AM. I have no time line to work with. I’ll publish the post when I feel detached. I’ll publish the post when I feel clear on publishing the post. Ain’t trying to be perfect here. I just prefer to drive more targeted traffic on the cheap AND I wish to do it easily.

Why Easy and Cheap?

Go way back.

Click this link:

Copy and paste your blog link into the Browse History query form.

Did you vomit too? God knows I did.

Although I cringe seeing my old blog I also laugh. Growth. Freedom. Learning. Simmering.

Your first take rarely looks like your 2nd or 3rd take because your first take is often hurried, rushed and error-prone. Although it pays to go live with your blog post it also pays to proof read your posts. It pays to let posts simmer. For 1 day or so. That re-read may make you cringe. Or it may give you greater clarity.

Post Like Nobody’s Watching

Here’s your posting attitude: post like nobody’s watching. Post for the purpose of having fun. Post without a purpose. Post from a light, airy space. I guarantee that you’ll publish an infinitely better, higher traffic driving blog post if you don’t feel too attached to publishing the post. Why? Your posting for the joy of posting, not to drive traffic, and that joy will create something epic. That joy will teach you patience. That joy will teach you clarity. That joy will detach you from outcomes. That joy will inspire you to let your blog posts simmer.

Let posts sit. Return. Re-read. Tweak. Edit. Not because you need to. But because you’d rather do things from a free, easy, prospering, fun space.

12: Trash the 3rd Person Posts; Tell Your Story and Tie Your Story into Your Niche

A drunk Nicaraguan man blabbed at me while I Blabbed.

To snag as much light as possible I Blabbed by the front door. All manner of folks strolled by. Including one dude who had too much cerveza. He asked me what I was doing. I explained how I was Blabbing in Spanish. Not sure if the locals are up on Blabbing. Anyway, this guy taught me the most clever blogging lesson: you can connect with your audience by speaking in their language.

Example; if you see me only as some lucky, one dimensional character who blogs from paradise you may tune out much of what I’m saying. That’s understandable. I did the same thing with bloggers a few moons ago. I did not connect with pro bloggers because they were out of touch. Some were successful but only a few spoke my language, meaning, they knew what it felt like to fail, and they explained how their past failures led to their modern day success.

I spoke espanol to connect with the drunk Nica. I regularly speak of my failures to connect with struggling bloggers. I have been there. I know how you feel. No fairy lifted me up and dropped me in Granada. I failed. I struggled. I learned from my failures to blog from paradise. If I speak your language, compassionately, you can connect with me.

What Nets Me More Traffic?

Sharing the above story to drill home the point of speaking your reader’s language?


Writing, “speak your reader’s language”?

Unless you have a strange obsession with the bland, and the boring, you’re going for the story because everybody loves a good story. Most folks love learning lessons which are linked to stories. I remember stories. I generally don’t recall dry, boring lessons.

Writing your story is easy. It’s YOUR story. Tell it. Think of how your story relates to your niche. Even if you can’t link drunk Nicaraguans, Blabbing and blogging tips together you can weave a neat tale or 2 from your life.

Telling 1st person stories is a free, clear, easy way to drive blog traffic. Telling 1st person stories builds your brand. Telling your story makes you memorable. Tell your story. From a 1st person perspective. Link your story to your niche. My story posts almost always generate the most pop.

13: Blog from Paradise

I am house sitting for the next 2 months. That’s pretty cheap. I don’t pay rent.

Plane tickets from New York City to Managua were fairly cheap.

Getting my ass on a plane was easy.

Blogging from paradise is a cheap, easy way to get loads of pop. Because few folks on earth blog from paradise.

Even if you spend 1 or 2 weeks in the tropics you’ll have an easy branding tool that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Your Turn

What cheap, easy tips can you share for generating blog traffic?

What do you do to draw in more readers?

Do these tips work for you?

Do you have a tough time with any one of these tips?

Call to Action

Fire sale time!

This week’s 99 Cent eBook is a 5 eBook deluxe combo. It’s a fabulous bundle for any stage of your blogging journey so click this link and buy the eBook.

Download the Blogging from Paradise 5 eBook Deluxe Combo for Only $0.99

Click the oversized eBook cover to download. (I snapped the cover image in Pandawa, Bali)

Click the oversized eBook cover to buy it. (I snapped the cover image in Pandawa, Bali)

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