Why Follow YOUR Blogging Path?

  September 9, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Lyttelton, New Zealand


Every person who ever blogged walked a unique path.


Some seemed to walk an easier path. Other bloggers walked a seemingly more difficult path. No blogger walked identical paths because everyone needs to take a different journey, for our collective benefit. For example, walking my blogging path stimulated me to create a high volume of content beneficial to us all. However, walking my journey felt scary sometimes because I broke many rules drilled into my consciousness by successful bloggers.


Picture someone boring into my skull with a power drill, inserting blogging talismans into my mind, like:


  • drive Google traffic
  • build a big email list
  • format posts all purdy
  • write and self-publish 1 eBook to blitz promote the eBook before writing and self-publishing your 2nd eBook


Hearing each lesson chirp in my mind as I broke each rule to honor my genuine blogging path felt maddening but freeing. Fear attempted to scare me into exiting my blogging path to honor conventional blogging advice. But taking the conventional blogging path only would have robbed me and you of:


  • fun
  • freedom
  • a high volume of helpful content


I resisted ego-urges to play it safe by following conventional blogging advice, faced fears in my mind, and took my genuine blogging path to be where I am today. Walking my path did not always feel easy or comfortable but trusting my gut let me help myself and you in the most effective way, for all of us. I did not deviate from common pro advice solely to be a renegade. Nor did I migrate away from convention to look cool. I simply trusted my gut to be the guy I am today, even though my intuition pulled me away from a traditional blogging school of thought.


Walk your blogging path to be happiest and to experience the greatest blogging success. Even though walking your journey feels uncomfortable sometimes the returns always seem greatest for the long haul. Observe anyone who trusted their gut over solely following popular logic. Every success who reaches iconic levels trusted their intuition to walk a special, earth-shattering journey, even though gut hunches deviated from popular paths. Being different to honor self and benefit all leads to something brilliant. Trying to fit in always leads to fitting in and something quite mediocre.


Eventually, stepping away from the herd makes sense. I felt a gut pull to record and publish 100’s of short videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over the years. One even more peculiar pull nudged me to publish a link-only post on Blogging From Paradise directing readers to each video. Logically, publishing link-only posts pointing to videos makes no sense. But intuitively, now I’ve hundreds of link-only posts to update and re-publish as 600-1000 word posts on a daily basis. Readers love 600 word blog posts beefed up from link-only posts. The Google algorithm loves blogs updated daily with 600-1000 word  – or longer – blog posts because said blogs appear to be fresh, authority resources.


I followed my path to reach this point but staying true to my blogging journey felt scary sometimes for my steps did not make sense to my ego. However, trusting my gut over conventional blogging strategies freed me from an average life, blogging and life wise. Everything changed slowly, steadily and surely as I trusted my intuition over cold, hard logic mired in convention.


Note; I did not break completely from convention. I email a list and drive some Google traffic. But I honored my gut over any common, popular strategy to stand out in a good way.


Check out this video:


Follow Your Blogging Path

  1. Moss Clement says:
    at 9:45 am

    Hi Ryan,

    One can compare following your blogging path to following your passion. The only difference is that your passion may not make you a reasonable income. However, following your blogging path is ideal because you get to have fun and enjoy what you do while making money from it. You’ll be more productive and get work done because you’re really enjoying what you do. But you also need to realize that you should also keep a balance by incorporating popular trends and strategies to drive better results.

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