Do You Try to Solve Your Problems or Reader Problems through Blogging?

  December 9, 2021 blogging tips ūüēĎ 3 minutes read

Yangon, Myanmar


Two bloggers exist.


Struggling bloggers try to solve their problems through blogging. Strugglers try to solve their money, traffic and life problems through blogging.


Successful bloggers solve reader problems through blogging. Successes help readers. Readers help successful bloggers succeed.


Do you struggle? Stop trying to solve your problems. Get busy having fun solving reader problems with virtually all attention and energy, blogging-wise. All readers you patiently help:


  • boost your traffic
  • increase your profits
  • grow your business through referral marketing
  • solve any problems you may appear to have related to blogging


Bloggers struggle because most blog to:


  • solve their money problems; pay bills, etc
  • solve their job problems; leave a job that they hate


Unfortunately, blogging cares not about your bills to pay or job from hell. Readers help you pay your bills and leave your job but only after you solve reader problems for 1000’s of hours spanning years. Get comfortable; you will be here for a while.


You better follow your passion because you will blog for a long time until readers solve your problems through blogging. Passion fuels you from within when nothing seems to be happening outside of you. Help people generously for 1000’s of hours. Be patient. Gain:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


Gradually, all readers you helped help you by increasing your traffic and profits.


You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. ~ Zig Ziglar


Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. ~ Jim Rohn


Both self-help icons unlock the secret to blogging success. Give virtually all attention and energy to solving reader problems. Spot their issues. Ask how you can help them. As your help increases your blogging community grows. Start with helping one reader generously. Help a 2nd person. Help a 3rd person. Broadcast live on Facebook. Comment genuinely on a blog from your niche. Retweet a fellow blogger from your niche.


Gradually, some people you help follow your blog loyally. A few loyal followers becomes a buddying blogging community. Loyal blog readers help you by:


  • increasing your blog traffic
  • boosting referral business
  • growing your blogging profits


Readers who help you solve any money or job problems you may suffer through but only if you help them for a long time. No short cuts exist because bloggers need to create and connect for thousands of hours to be:


  • seen
  • trusted


This is what it is. No blogger has found a short cut. Everyone needs to help many people for a long time to experience enjoyable, ever-expanding blogging growth.


What About Trying to Take a Help Short Cut?


Fools try to take a help short cut. Some help a few people for a little bit then expect to succeed.


99% struggle, fail and quit sooner than later. 1% makes some money but loses their reputation and disappears forever.


No short cuts exist. Either you work, help and succeed long term or you see blogging as a way to solve your problems, try to help yourself and eventually quit.


Why the Time Buffer Between Helping and Succeeding?


Helping one person, then two people then 3 people takes some time.


Helping 100 people individually takes quite a long time.


Helping 1000 people individually takes a very long time because humans only have 24 hours to work with each day.


Nobody will ask you to guest post on their respected blog to leverage your presence as a new or struggling blogger because you have no skills, exposure or credibility. Bloggers earn skills, exposure and credibility by helping people 1-to-1 for 100’s to 1000’s of hours. 1000’s of blogging work hours spans months to years of your life if you work-blog 6-10 hour days, or if you work 2 hours per weekday and 10 or more hours on Saturday and Sunday if you work a full time job.


Get busy solving reader problems through your blog.



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