Why Should You Keep Blogging Even if Nothing Appears to Be Happening?

  November 1, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

RC Cola ad in Arabic, in Oman?


I vividly recall 10 years ago.


I was unhappy. Struggling. Depressed.


I received the pink slip from my security guard job. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I took 6 months off from work because I had no taken a vacation in 5 years.


I bought a few recordings – yes, back then, recordings – of call series from teachers like Joe Vitale and Randy Gage. Delving deeper into my mind revealed fears I needed to face, feel and release to engineer my dream life.


No way in 50 billion years would I:


  • call in with questions on a live call
  • post comments on social media in response to calls/webinars
  • engage publicly


Deep, pulsating, self-conscious fears ruled my life back then.


You may cling to the common habit of believing the only people you impact, benefit or help respond via:


  • blog comments
  • social media comments
  • Messenger
  • email
  • buying your eBook
  • buying your online course


But many readers profoundly impacted by your work lurk in the cyber shadows for as long as they read your blog. Some folks receive immense value and never engage online. Others engage you. But most people benefit greatly from your blog without ever reaching out to you via any channel.


You never know who your blog will impact but only if you keep at it.


1, then 10, then 100, then 1,000, then tens of thousands of people all await your greatness. Most of these folks will deeply appreciate your help without you ever knowing. Keep going. You never know who you help – or who you will help- every time you write and publish a blog post.


Keep blogging even if nothing appears to be coming together for you. Keep at it. Become more skilled, clear and confident. As your skills, confidence and clout expands you slowly, steadily and gradually impact people in a wonderful way. Some reach out to you. Many will not. Keep blogging for both.


Voice actor and author Troy Rutter purchased my blog commenting eBook last week:


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


He enjoyed the read:



I have tweeted this eBook many 1000’s of times since I wrote it. Why? I have no idea who I may help by sharing, persisting and patiently allowing the Universe to form the most appropriate matches. Some people who buy the eBook have followed me for weeks or months. Utter strangers appear to buy the eBook too. Purchase. Benefit. Enjoy from the background.


I never would have imagined 7 years after writing and self-publishing the eBook that a well-known voice actor and author would appreciate the read. We simply can not know….nor should we try to know who we may possibly reach because the ego harshly limits:


  • opportunities
  • possibilities
  • potential


by basing blogging campaigns on what one can see and touch versus proceeding with a clear vision to be truly helpful.


Keep blogging. Keep going. Being helpful, patient and persistent opens doors the ego could never see. Blogging generously for 1000’s of hours spanning years moves you higher in blogging circles, increases your visibility in unforeseen ways and opens you up to:


  • happiness
  • peace of mind
  • warm, like-minded people
  • freedom
  • increased worldly success


Two weeks ago I began receiving 350 plus Facebook friend requests daily.  My intuition told me: let them in.


I mass approved virtually everybody.


My organic reach skyrocketed over night. Versus receiving 1-2 Likes and perhaps 1-2 comments on each blog post I shared on Facebook I received upwards of 340 Likes and 180 comments (mine included) for 1 week old posts like this one:



You never know who you may help. You never know how or when the Universe will open up to you as you clear fears in your mind.


Keep blogging!




I recorded a 0:58 second video in a funky looking kitchen during my trip to Oman to share this powerful reminder.


Click the link to enjoy the video.


You Never Know Who Your Blog Impacts

  1. Chris Desatoff says:
    at 3:12 pm

    Hey Ryan, I checked out the post with 14 beautiful Oman pictures. My favorite one (other than Nura, of course) was the shot of Kelli…I mean Kim Basi-…I mean VICKI VALE in Izki.

    What an interesting contrast: the sleek, Hollywood-style mansion, with all its luxuries and modern amenities, sitting right across the street from the ancient stone ruins. It seemed both very awesome and a little sad at the same time.

    And I can vouch for the lurker thing.

    I visit people’s blogs and videos daily without commenting. Idk, sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say, even though I really enjoy the post. Maybe it’s an anxiety thing or something else. Not sure. But yeah…we never know how many fans read our work but don’t always comment, if ever.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:00 pm

      She definitely had that look going in Oman 😉

      When I originally wrote the post I mentioned how I enjoyed Campbell’s soup for a good 4 decades of my life but never interacted with the Campbell’s brand online or offline during the time frame. Mostly, you, me and everyone makes a majority of brand purchases without doing anything other than buying something and extracting some value from it. Ditto for engaging, following or consuming most things in life, from entertainment, to sports, to everything. The lurkers are really the key factor in building blogging communities and businesses, even though engagement helps plenty, too. Thanks my friend.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:19 am

    Hi Ryan, so true, there are days I feel like that after 10 years of blogging away and then there are days when everything is clicking and I feel like I’ve helped a bunch of people. I agree, keep on going unless you are not happy with what you are doing.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:17 am

      The thing that I find neat is that doing simple things for a long time brings such tremendous rewards over the long haul I blog mainly for the fun of it. The work is the reward mostly but the extras like traffic and income seem to keep increasing by just doing simple things for a long time. We all teach it but when you experience it the feeling is quite amazing. Thanks as always Lisa.

  3. Jocelyn says:
    at 7:41 am

    This is such a motivating post, Ryan! As a blogger, there’s a lot of time I feel kinda exhausted and frustrated when I don’t see any result in my blog. But you’re right, we need to keep blogging because there is always someone out there who may need our help, even just one person. Thank you for sharing this very thoughtful message.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:20 am

      I have totally been there Jocelyn. As long as we love what we’re doing by simply persisting with the simple steps of creating and connecting. increasing success expands over the long haul. We never know who we’re helping because most readers do not reach out in any tangible way, save reading posts and buying stuff. Lurkers really do build blogging empires. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.

  4. Cynthia | Adventuring Woman says:
    at 2:43 am

    It’s a good point that the majority of readers won’t comment or interact directly. That doesn’t mean that they’re not there! It can get discouraging but I’m inspired by your post to get going and create some more content!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:50 am

      This sounds way too simple but so much of this blogging gig is just creating helpful content to solve reader problems and building friendships with fellow bloggers in your niche for a long time until the success builds.

      Blogging success flows to bloggers who show up and do simple things for a long time. Unfortunately, most bloggers quit before that long time because fear surfaces in their mind related to frustrations regarding attracting few readers, blog commenters, etc. So happy to help my friend. Have a great rest of your week.

  5. The Yorkshire Dreamer says:
    at 9:51 am

    Thank you for sharing your story! I never really looked at it like that, ‘most people benefit without ever reaching out’. Wise words, and it does encourage me, and I’m sure it will encourage other bloggers to keep going.

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