What Is the Most Uncomfortable Part of Being a Pro Blogger?

  December 26, 2021 blogging tips đź•‘ 4 minutes read
High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York

High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York


Leveling up into fear is the most uncomfortable part of being a professional blogger.


Leveling up basically means that I take the next step up the energetic ladder. It’s like you’re invited to be more than you were today. Does that make sense? Well it does for me. I bet it does for you too, whether you are a professional blogger or an amateur blogger. We all have those thoughts that we should be  more. Write an eBook. Create a course. Broadcast live. Podcast. Guest post. You probably feel these ideas move through your mind. But in most cases, when you level up to do these things, fears pop up in your mind. This happens with professional bloggers too. I am human just like you.


Today, a number of fears moved through my mind. But fears move through my mind on an almost daily basis because human beings have 40,000 plus thoughts a day. Some thoughts, accompanied by fear. Feeling the fear in my mind allows me to move it along quickly. I felt some anxiety before. But now I feel calm. This is the professional blogging journey.


Sometimes, professional bloggers try to build a carefully-crafted image of perfection. Everybody wants people to think they live a perfect life – at least sometimes – so they appear to be spotless. I moved in the exact opposite direction. I share my fears, failures and struggles at times but then you see most of the time, I am happy, loving and I happen to live in places like Fiji or Bali for months at a time. I have lived in Thailand for over 2 years on and off. My life is really cool. But I also share my fears to prove that you can live an incredibly cool life even if you have fears, doubts and worries.


For such a long time I worried that I wouldn’t be able to sell my eBooks. Then the fears came true. I did not sell many eBooks. But on leveling up, even though I had to face more fears, I began making more money through my blog, including selling more eBooks. That’s the most uncomfortable part of being a pro. You hit certain points or levels of success. Everything feels good even if you feel a bit uncomfortable in moments.


But then a small voice begins chatting with you. The voice occupies your mind. The chatter continues. Write another eBook. Create another course. Or create your first course. Network more freely. The thought or thoughts pound on your minds’s door like a drum. Do it. Do it. Do it. This is the beginning of leveling up. An idea occupies your mind. You know you should act on it to be more successful. You know you should act on it to help more folks. But the idea scares you. Acting on the idea makes you nervous. What if you fail? What if you struggle? What if you look stupid?



Professionals sit with these fears, clear the fears and then do what their intuition tells them to do. It’s uncomfortable. Everything seems A-Okay. You’ve had some nice success. You’re a pro, for goodness sake. But then you have an idea. Something nudges you to be more. That nudge to be more is to free yourself and to help more people. You do it because you know the only way that you became a pro is because you honored these intuitive nudges to be more and to help more people.


But it still scares you. The cool thing is, your ego chatter of fear lessens the more you listen to your intuition filled with love. Simple process. Sometimes uncomfortable, but you become used to honoring your intuition and experiencing greater success as you help more people.


This is why I spend a significant amount of time and energy daily meditating, doing yoga and exercising. Being with fear feels unpleasant but if you meditate, do yoga and exercise, you sit with fears, feel the energies and clear the energies quite quickly. Then you’re free to level up. Then you can help more people by being more. Greater worldly success finds you. This is it. This is the professional blogging journey.


Create and connect generously, trust in yourself, trust in the process, live peacefully and don’t forget to create a vision of your most fun, freeing and relaxing dream life. The vision makes the difference because it gives you the confident and calm nature that your dreams are coming true. Then you can just get busy helping people for free and opening income streams to increase your skills, exposure, credibility and blogging income. But it takes a while to go pro. Don’t expect overnight success. Blog the right way. See the journey through.




Embrace this aspect of being a pro blogger. Level up. Even if it scares you to level up, your urge to be more and to help more folks overcomes your fear of being uncomfortable. This is the way to experience greater fun, freedom and fulfillment as your worldly success expands and you’ll feel awesome for helping more people too.

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