Do You Focus on the Wrong Blogging Metrics?

  March 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua.


I scanned comments on a well-known blog a few moments ago.


One reader asked: how do you get readers to interact with each other?


Goading readers to chat amongst themselves sounds like a decent idea. Seeing an engaged community seems like one way to boost engagement. Every blogger loves running a blogging party through their blog. Observing readers ask questions and answer questions among themselves through comments appears to be one way to build your community. If readers engage each other without your presence it does seem like a positive, right?


But is it important to influence readers to begin discussions with each other? Does this intent, goal or metric yield a powerful influence on the success of your blogging campaign?




Ultimately, driving traffic, gaining trust and earning profits feel like key blogging metrics. Everything else is not nearly as important in terms of becoming a professional blogger.


Traffic is the lifeblood of all blogging campaigns. Sans traffic you are toast. High-traffic blogs potentially serve as the cornerstone for dazzling business ventures. But traffic needs to trust you in order to turn a profit for you.


Pump Brakes on Outcomes


Before we proceed, I am not an outcomes guy. I focus on the process to allow the outcomes to manifest in their own time.


I intend to help you focus on the 2 basic metrics:


  • traffic
  • profits


bloggers may track as markers for increased blogging success or failure.


But pump your brakes a few times before obsessing over numbers. Focus heavily on the process of creating content and making friends. Blogging outcomes gradually, slowly and surely manifest if you generously, patiently and persistently create and connect.


Never obsess over any outcomes. Get lost in the process.


What About Largely Followed Blogging Metrics?


A few largely followed metrics like:


  • time spent on site
  • bounce rate
  • conversion rate


may be semi-important.


But if you drive substantial – and targeted – traffic and earn their trust the profits take care of themselves.


Think of the 3 bullet point metrics above as potential bridges between the traffic and profits metrics bloggers measure.


Imagine a steady volume of traffic flowing to your blog. After traffic arrives, what does it do?


Do visitors:


  • exit your blog immediately?
  • stay onsite for 5 minutes?
  • buy anything?
  • publish a comment?
  • click an ad?


Stats like bounce rate, time spent on site and various conversion rates basically indicate if readers:


  • want what you have to offer
  • spend a good deal of time onsite to gauge what you have to offer
  • buy your stuff, hire you or click on your ads


Gauge each if your high volume of blog traffic immediately leaves your blog, barely sticks around and never seems to hire you, buy your stuff or click on your ads. Each metric leaves obvious clues, in these regards. Hyper target your blog posts. Improve your user experience. Offer premium services and products geared to solve reader problems. Profits will grow.


However, blog traffic and blogging profits are A1 and A1 in matters of importance, well before bounce rate, time spent on site and conversion metrics.


Focus heavily on the 2 big-time stats. Gauge the remaining 3 metrics to ensure that your traffic leads to blogging profits.


Stop Wasting Your Time


Think about the blogger who desires to inspire readers to speak to one another.




Readers do not need to talk with each other for you to become a professional blogger. Chatting community members may bond through comments. Engaged community members may befriend one another through social media. But do not worry about trying to get your readers to socialize. Give all attention and energy to publishing targeted blog content, to building your blogger friend network and to bonding with your blog readers.


Mingling readers do not make a blogging business. Help people. Connect with people. Be generous, patient and persistent.


Success finds bloggers too lost in the blogging process to worry much about blogging outcomes.


Be Process Focused


At the end of the day, metrics take care of themselves if bloggers take care of human beings by creating and connecting patiently, persistently and generously.


Few bloggers understand this basic truth. Numbers grow steadily if you create and connect generously for a bit.


No metrics are necessary to check because all metrics grow for bloggers who blog intelligently and generously for a while.


Be less concerned with outcomes.


Focus on the process.


Expand your freedom.


Enjoy helping people.


Accelerate your worldly blogging success.



  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 11:20 am

    Yea, rightly said. There are so many metrics that get thrown at us with all the tools and plugins we use. Sometimes they get confusing on what to focus our habit on?

    Meaningful content to drive like-minded traffic is all it takes at the end of the day.

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