Do You Work with What You Have Blogging Wise?

  March 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Lodtunduh, Bali

Lodtunduh, Bali


New bloggers often complain about having no connections.


But all bloggers begin at zero. 


For example, in 2007 I had:


  • 0 traffic
  • 0 profits
  • 0 blogging friends


How could I have anything? Prior to buying my domain and hosting I literally had no blog. One needs a blog to begin attracting traffic, profits, followers and friends. I began at zero with all aspects of my blogging campaign. Every blogger begins at zero because before bloggers invest in their domain and hosting, nothing exists in terms of their blogging campaign.


Blog with what you have. Engage in a genuine blog commenting campaign. Anyone can read posts and publish genuine comments. Gregarious bloggers build connections. If you have no blogging connections right now just read and comment genuinely on 20 blogs today. Reading and commenting genuinely on 20 blogs today connects you with bloggers. Connections expand if you work at expanding connections. Never make the common blogging excuse of not having any connections. Every blogger begins with zero connections. Every blogger needs to work to gain connections slowly, steadily and patiently. No one skips the work part. Begin working now. Earn connections. Advance from zero to one, then one to two, then two to three connections, and so on.


Other bloggers believe success seems impossible because they lack a flashy, bespoke theme. Work with what you have. Create helpful content with your current theme. Successful bloggers use various themes but helpful content ultimately position amateurs to go pro. Themes do not earn rock solid credibility. Helpful content earns you trust. Readers trust you if you help them generously. Helping people generously requires you to work. Working diligently taxes even the most passionate bloggers. Get to work. Feel discomfort. Be patient, persistent and generous. Earn the right to succeed.


Yet other bloggers bemoan not having enough in-depth content published on their blog. Work with the content you have. Edit, update and re-publish old posts. Promote old blog posts. Before you rush to create more content update and re-publish old content to:


  • rank higher on Google
  • share evergreen content
  • take advantage of a seasoned blog post in terms of aging


Do you fear lacking some element of blogging? Blog with what you have. Create and connect with your WordPress dot org blog. Build a rock solid blogging foundation. Blogging is simple but feels uncomfortable. Face, feel and release fears fueling uncomfortable-feeling emotions. Proceed to work with what you have.


Never make blogging excuses. Work with what you have. Start now. Begin where you are. Pro bloggers begin at zero to build something special. Never look at pros as having unfair advantages. Pros worked to gain those  numbers. Pros put in time to grow their communities. Instead of complaining about their large followings, do what they did: work to earn your own large, loyal following.


No magic plug-in unlocks stunning blogging success. Tools augment blogging campaigns but creating and connecting for a long time builds a rock solid foundation for a thriving blogging future. Avoid viewing:


  • tools
  • apps
  • add-ons


as being critical to your success. Never believe that you cannot succeed unless you use a flashy theme. Never believe that you will fail unless you use a specific plug-in. Create. Connect. Work with what you have to blog the right way.


Before making blogging excuses based on not using a certain tool or app simply succeed with what you have.


Before sprinting forward to write and publish new content allow old content to work for you by:


  • updating old posts
  • re-publishing old posts
  • promoting old posts through multiple channels


I began updating and re-publishing old posts a few months ago in addition to promoting these oldies but goodies. Blogging success grew because I used what I had to expand my presence versus solely publishing new content but allowing old posts to fade into oblivion. As a rule, pros publish new content with some frequency but genuinely make their old posts work for them. Everyone who blogs for a bit attracts new readers who never see your old content until you update and re-publish the old content.


Make old blog posts work for you. Frame old posts as being blogging, business and brand ambassadors working for you around the clock if you promote these posts freely and slowly but surely update old posts every 6-12 months or longer. Evergreen content ages beautifully. Promote evergreen content to accelerate your success. Update old posts to re-publish evergreen content and to take advantage of the seasoned nature of the old post.


Amplify your blogging success.


Work with what you have.




I recorded a video explaining this concept.


Check it out here:


Work with What Ya Got


Your Turn


Do you work with what you have on your blog?


Do you find yourself making blogging excuses?


Did you sometimes forget that all bloggers begin at zero?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 4:04 pm

    Hi Ryan, There are days I still feel like that – LOL. You know, so many older bloggers we knew left. There are a bunch of newbies and I do love helping them with their blogs along the way. We always have to be ready for change and find new people to connect with.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:59 am

      Lisa you are doing a great job in this regard. Being open is the only way to accelerate your success. I am meeting so many new people on Facebook and Twitter every single day based on keeping my mind open. Most bloggers we met years ago as new bloggers have disappeared. This is a fact of life. Some people move towards something that feels more fun to them as their passion has changed. Most bloggers simply give up and quit due to fear in their minds. We see this in all walks of life. Seeing the journey through means fostering those old friendships via bloggers who stick around and meeting new folks. What a fascinating journey it has been. I feel grateful to have stuck it out for 14 years because now as I get clear in my mind everything is coming together with far greater ease.


  2. Cassie says:
    at 4:29 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    As a new blogger, I know that I have to work with what I have. I started with nothing, but my hopes for the future. The first thing I had to invest in was myself and that investment has to be the thing I remain most committed to in this journey. Even if I wanted to, I don’t have the financial resources to buy everything that I possible for bloggers to use. And, you know what? I prefer it that way. To see this thing through I need to tap into my own resilience and fortitude. There is a lot of information shared out there by people like you, I just have to listen. So, I’m working with what I have and gaining more knowledge and confidence every day.

    ~ Cassie

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:05 pm

      Really Cassie, this is the way to go. Relying on your service, skills and mindset opens the way for a successful blogging campaign. Investing large amounts of money is not necessary unless you decide to scale massively without doing any actual work. Bloggers who:

      – employ paid marketing campaigns
      – hire teams of content writers
      – outsource every aspect of blogging

      pay a pretty penny to have other people handle all of the work. However, they are at the mercy of all the people they hire. I prefer to handle various aspects of my blogging campaign in-house to better understand my blog, where I am headed and to gain the skills, credibility and exposure needed to scale powerfully. Once you put in the work and gain skills, possibilities are limitless. Every blogger who really puts in the work simply works with what they have and almost all bootstrap for a decent chunk of their blogging careers.

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