WordPress Dot Org Or Free Blogging Platform?

April 2, 2018
I did not build this life on a crap free blogging platform guys. Me in Opotiki New Zealand with the South Pacific over my shoulder.


Every day I see legions of new bloggers choose free blogging platforms versus WordPress Dot Org.


Every day I see new and struggling bloggers rue this massive mistake.


My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I recorded a podcast discussing why you need to choose WordPress Dot Org over a free platform.


In just 9 hours this episode already has 11,000 plays.


For good reason; confusion abounds on the topic.


New bloggers advise other newbies to just hop on a free platform. Easy to do. Simple process. Zero maintenance. But 2 years down the road when free platform blogger gets 7 visitors daily they pull their hair out in frustration. Or perhaps if they tried to monetize on WordPress.com (free platform different than dot org) the folks at WP Dot Com pulled the plug, deleting their blog for breaking the terms of service.


Choosing a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress Dot Com or Medium as your prime cyber real estate leads to some serious blindsiding down the road.


If you want to avoid these freebie blog nightmares we explain why WP Dot Org is the only way to go.


Podcast Highlights


  • learn why you need to pay for your domain and hosting versus going with a free blogging platform
  • seize the benefits of going with WordPress.org
  • learn why you want to hire a skilled developer and designer – like Alonzo – to begin blogging intelligently
  • we list the damaging mistakes of choosing a free platform; it takes months or years to recover from these blogging traumas, guys


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