How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger eBook


How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger eBook


Everybody wants to be a successful blogger.


You love a good story too.


I mixed both cravings by writing a fun and helpful eBook:


How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger



How the eBook Benefits You


This read is an entertaining recount of my harrowing tales from 6 years of circling the globe.


I share death-defying feats, funny vignettes and some flat out bat shit nuts experiences from my digital nomad days, changing time zones like most folks change their mind.


Sounds fun, right?


You’ll get a belly laugh and perhaps an adrenaline rush via my wacky tales.


Good deal.


But aspiring or established bloggers get 10 solid blogging lessons to increase your online success.


From building your blogger reading base to just flat out growing a rocking blog, I share what happened for me and specifically how each tale benefits you and your blog.


What’s in the eBook?


Let’s start with the chapters, shall we?



1: Introduction

2: Beat Up in Bali

3: Freaked Out in Fiji

4: Incapacitated in India

5: Listless in Laos

6: Crippled in Costa Rica

7: Coked Out in Peru

8: Nibbled on in Nepal

9: Irate in Hanoi

10: Coup de Tat’ed in Phuket

11: Mind Blown in Manuel Antonio


Ever seen Jesus before? I did. In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. Actually I saw not Jesus. But I did see something named after Jesus Christ. Of course I went and turned this walk on water experience into a successful blogging lesson.


Moving forward a few chapters (from the last chapter because we do things backwards at Blogging From Paradise) I recount a particularly chewy tale of 1 wild man who bit my arm in Kathmandu and 1 wild man who punched me in the shoulder, biting and wailing away like….well…..wild men. Keen blogging lesson learned here. Life lesson: wear outfits like the Michelin Tire Man in Kathmandu.


Ouch. I had a tough one in Cusco, Peru. Drinking coca tea goaded me to eat a potato or something else against my better judgment. My judgment was not too hot in the first place. Because I drank coca tea. Which makes you feel a little high. Although it ain’t cocaina. But still high enough to make stupid decisions leading one to suffer from wicked food poisoning. And leading one to sharing a kick ass blogging lesson for you, my little blogging sweet robbins.


I was temporarily crippled in Costa Rica after stepping on something god-awful painful at the beach, Kelli and I lost our scratch in Laos (almost less than zero) and my India, Fiji and Bali incidents literally had me cheating death. In all cases I share a colorful story plus dead on blogging lessons to lead to increased traffic, profits and all that good stuff.


Enjoy my analogies.


Live vicariously through me if you’re a home body. Or stoke your wanderlust if you….like to wander.


As I write these words from Chiang Mai, Thailand I know you’ll enjoy the powerful blogging success lessons I’ve tacked onto each funny, harrowing or downright colorful experience I lived through which circling the globe.


The eBook


Are you ready for an entertaining, helpful blogging read?


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