Review of How My Wildest Travel Experiences Help You Become a Pro Blogger

September 29, 2014


“I just finished reading through Ryan’s Wildest Travel Experiences ebook, and I gotta say it was an extremely entertaining as well as informative read. Ryan takes a handful of his oddest, craziest, and most memorable experiences from his time spent globe-trotting and extracts the larger lessons that one can apply toward building a successful blogging empire.


~ Ryan S., Inspiring Digital Nomad, Owner of Desk to Dirtbag


Who Would Enjoy Reading this eBook?


A few crowds.

  • Travel bloggers hungry to boost their blogging income and traffic
  • Part time bloggers who want to become full time bloggers
  • Full time employees who want to engineer a more freeing lifestyle
  • Travel bloggers who want to earn enough money to travel full time
  • Anybody who loves a good, wild travel story

I share how you can become a successful blogger by correlating my travel stories with a handful of keen blogging lessons.

Life is not a lesson, but life gives us all we need to know – through our experiences – to succeed in any facet of life.

Since you’re tuning in to become an island hopping pro blogger I’ll focus on the blogging side of things.

Some of my more wild travel stories are shared in vivid detail, including:

  • Being destroyed from the inside-out in India
  • Being beat up in Bali
  • Being snacked upon in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Going bonkers after renting an apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Losing it all in Laos

….plus I’ll share a few more crazy stories, and of course, I’ll correlate each experience to blogging success lessons.


Blogging from Paradise: Life Lessons


I’ve learned from master story tellers that sharing your experience is the quickest way to the heart. Anybody can write an eBook. Anybody can repeat practical tips, or can parrot some person’s story, but few people tell their stories, authentically, and persistently.

The few who do, well, they understand the great secret of success: if you can share your life story and relate this story to your niche, you’ll effectively connect with your audience.

Everybody loves a good story. Movies, TV shows and novels…and eBooks….are wildly popular because we love stories.

Well, ever since I became super clear on the direction of Blogging from Paradise I cut through the limiting beliefs, hang ups and BS, ego-driven stories that I formerly held on to.

With this release I instantly felt better. I lightened my energy load. The power of clarity, right?

The natural, effective, smart step to take was to recount my travel experiences and of course, to tie those experiences into lessons which can promote your blogging success.

That’s the idea for this eBook.


Why Buy My eBook?


The Blogging from Paradise series of eBooks are chatty, personable, helpful eBooks written from my heart.

Since you’re probably thinking, “Why buy this guy’s eBook?”……

  • The first 2 eBooks in the Blogging from Paradise series have been endorsed by New York Times Best Selling Author Chris Brogan
  • I’ve been invited to speak at NYU to discuss the Blogging from Paradise brand and eBook series
  • One of my eBooks is being used by a marketing class at NYU as a study guide
  • I’ve circled the globe for the past 40 months as a professional blogger using the specific strategies discussed in this eBook
  • I’ve been featured on over 40 blogs in a 3 month stretch since Blogging from Paradise went live…yep, *something* that I’m doing is working

How can this eBook help you? It….

  • explains in a simple, clear style how to create a freeing lifestyle through blogging
  • teaches you how to release old, failing blogs to start new, prospering blogs
  • helps you clear away blog-strangling emotions like doubt and fear
  • helps you address one chief problem which prevents most bloggers from making money through their blogs
  • inspires you to spot warning signs to right your blogging ship
  • teaches you a critical financial lesson which most struggling bloggers ignore

We’ll step away from bullet point lists for now.


Today in Fiji


Today, as I write these words in Fiji, I am soaking up a million dollar view of Savusavu Bay, and of the Pacific Ocean, to the south.

We are talking *picture perfect, crystal clear* views today as the sun is shining and the clouds are few.

I’m blessed. I’m free to travel where I want to travel, when I want to travel. I work when I want to work. My salary is not limited.


I am freer and freer each day and I want to take you with me.

Travel bloggers, I know more than a few of you wished you would travel and blog full time. I know part time bloggers who want to become full time, pro bloggers.

I know many of you dream to live in Fiji, to be off the grid, to knock down papaya from trees on the front lawn – like I do – for breakfast, to drink coconut water and passion fruit juice, extracted from fruits picked on the property.

I know some of you want to engineer a freeing, fun, invigorating lifestyle by funding your travels through your blog – while socking away money in savings and other investment vehicles – so you don’t have to work a 9-5 anymore.

Hey, that’s no knock on 9-5 jobs. I loved most of my jobs. Jobs rock. Be thankful for work….but also, be honest and authentic about the lifestyle you wish to create for yourself, if you want to do the digital nomad thing.

I am become freer each day and I want to take you with me.

I learned how to go from laid off security guard to island hopping, pro blogging, internet lifestyle junkie.

My blog, my eBooks and my brand are all about sharing the gift of freedom, through sharing my experience, my insights, my tips, and my stories, and this eBook simply wraps up a series of blogging success lessons I learned on the road, in some of the most exotic spots on earth.


Why I Wrote this eBook


I wanted to connect with you through my travel stories. I’ve received positive, inspired feedback about a few of my posts detailing some of my wilder travel experience, so I figured, why not flesh ‘em out into an eBook?

I know what it feels like to be wiped out and rushed to an emergency room in India and I know what it feels like to hit the pavement in Bali, chest first.

I know how these traumatic experiences taught me blogging lessons that I parlayed into a successful professional online career.

I know that even if you’re not a world traveler, and if you simply want to enjoy life in your home town, you can receive immense value from my story and more important, the blogging success lessons each recount teaches you.

I wrote this eBook because I want to take you with me to paradise.

Paradise for you may be your home town, or maybe, it’s way outside of your comfort zone, in a place like here in Savusavu, Fiji. Wherever your dreams take you, and wherever life feels most breath-taking, and wherever you want to go in life, blogging can take you there.

Most of you are not hobby bloggers. You’re aspiring professional, full time bloggers. Or you’re already a pro who wants more out of life.

You may want to spend more time at home with your family or you may want to travel from NYC, to India, to Bangkok, to Bali.

Remember this; you are not served by playing small. Playing big and dreaming big frees you, because you do the uncomfortable things you dreamed you’d never do, when you dream big.


The Definition of Successful Blogging, Blogging from Paradise Style


The title of this eBook mentions the phrase, “successful blogging.”

I define successful blogging as:

  • building a blog which helps you engineer a freeing lifestyle
  • building a blog which helps you move from employee to full time, professional blogger
  • creating a blog which expands brand awareness and opens previously unseen doors for you

I aim big.

I always knew why I wanted to blog. I wanted to be free.

So for me, successful blogging has meant to build a blog which helped me engineer a freeing lifestyle.

I know my why, and I want you here, to experience that same level of freedom.

The Incredible Shrinking Man/Blogger tells of his wicked experience in India.
The Incredible Shrinking Man/Blogger tells of his wicked experience in India.

Travel bloggers, you were the inspiration for the Blogging from Paradise brand, and for each one of my eBooks. I saw a need, a problem to be solved, and a solution to be applied.

I figured that if more travel bloggers could become full time bloggers than they could focus more on traveling, and feeling free, and enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful, intriguing spots around the world, and they could forget about having to return home just to work, to save money, to fund their next trip.


“Ryan, you’re a captivating story teller who imparts important blogging lessons through stories of your most challenging travel moments. This book is a great resource for any blogger who is trying to learn the ropes of the business. I enjoyed reading this book because I never felt like I was reading one of the countless ‘blogging advice’ e-books that can sound preachy and boring.

This book is specially great for travel bloggers because we can relate to finding something positive out of difficult situations that are often common when we travel. You beautifully drive home the point that to be successful as a blogger, you must be patient, selfless, focussed and willing to work tirelessly. Some hard hitting lessons here about building a strong foundation as a blogger!”

~ Natasha Amar, Successful Travel Blogger, Creator and Owner of The Boho Chica


If you want to return home to visit your family, awesome. Kelli and I do so a few times each year for a month at a time.

We’re travelers at heart though, and being full time, professional bloggers we take our income sources with us, to any internet connection we choose, on the face of the earth.

How My Wildest Travel Stories Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger delves into the art of storytelling. By reading other folk’s stories you can become a better story teller.


James Patterson


I’m reading James Patterson these days.

I instantly weave a more intimate, entertaining tale, the moment I start reading an intriguing, fast-paced novel. James Patterson churns out bestselling novels at a mind boggling rate and for good reason; the man knows how to create a page turner. He is a master story teller.

Exposing yourself to stories teaches you how to tell your own story.

His novels inspire me to dig deeper, to share my travel experiences, to share my successes and to also share what mistakes you need to avoid to craft your blog into an income generating, internet lifestyle engineering, freeing vehicle, through which you can earn as much money as you want, from wherever you want to prosper.

My eBook can expose you to inspired, bizarre, horrifying, terrifying, exhilarating, miraculous, life-affirming stories, all from a guy who’s been on a journey from laid off, depressed security guard to energetic dynamo, ridiculously happy, eternally grateful pro blogging powerhouse.

The world WANTS to hear your story because the world IS LISTENING to my story, a bit more each day, and I know that this eBook can help you tell your inspired story, so that you too can become free to travel, to become a professional, prospering blogger, and so that you can live your life by design.


1 Month Out


Actually, we’re under a month now, before we move on from Savusavu, Fiji to Ubud, Bali. Toward the end of October we’re flying from Labasa to Nadi in Fiji, then from Nadi to Sydney, Australia, then from Sydney to Denpesar, Bali.

After a 2 hour car ride – post flights – we’ll be in Ubud for the month.

If you’ve seen or read “Eat Pray Love”, Ubud is featured extensively in the story.

How many people on earth live this life? Through professional blogging? Well, Kelli and I do, and a growing legion of bloggers are becoming pros each day, and an even greater number of travel bloggers, and bloggers from all niches, are becoming free.

I want to take you with me.

On the heels of my last 2 eBooks I wanted to delve even deeper into my travel experiences. I mean, I always inject my stories into my work, but I wanted to add more inspiration to my next/this eBook.

“I really enjoyed Ryan’s recent Blogging from Paradise eBook. With over three years of traveling and blogging professionally myself, I tend to be a bit hesitant about new books like this out on the market. However, Ryan definitely offers a fresh perspective on the travel blogging scene.

Blogging From Paradise is filled with engaging stories from around the world that not only inspire the reader to get out and see the world, but also directly relate to the world of blogging. I think this book is especially great for anyone who has started blogging but finds themselves in a rut and isn’t really sure what to do next. If you want to get inspired to live your dreams and take your blogging to the next level, then this book is definitely for you!”

~ Casey TB, Globe Trotter


Let’s face it; when you see what I experienced, from almost having 1 foot in the grave, to being bitten by a….(ok buy the eBook you’ll see), to observing little critters acting way too Christ-like for me to be believe…..and to think that the guy who experienced these things was a laid off pier guard 4 years ago, and he pushed himself, and got clear enough, and purified his intent, so that he could be a pro blogger and so he could inspire other bloggers to do the same, you’re likely to dig a bit deeper in your life no matter what obstacles you’re facing.

I believe in you.

I know you can do whatever you truly, authentically, want to do with your life.

I want you to be with me, and Kelli,  in paradise. I want to meet in Manual Antonio, or to jam in Jimbaran, or to connect in Koh Lanta.

You will grow like a weed when you leave the comfort zone of your home town, when you leave your country, when you leave your culture. Even if you don’t leave for good, or if you just want to be able to take a trip to the beach, an hour away, or maybe you want to be able to take a 2 hour ride through the sticks, whenever you want to, because you’re a full time, pro blogger, who calls the shots, my eBook can inspire you.

You can see what I’ve overcome and more importantly, the blogging lessons learned through these experiences, and if my stories, and experiences, can inspire you to live in your paradise of choice, then it was well worth the time, energy and love that I injected into this eBook.


Blogging Success


We’ve all a different definition of what constitutes successful blogging but to me, using your blog to free yourself and others is the #1 quality of a successful blog. I’m blogging from Fiji, then Bali, then the USA, then from Central America, maybe, then, from who knows where?

What a freeing experience!

I won’t use an alarm – save on travel days, if we’re moving on early – and I won’t answer to a manager, to earn my coin. I am free, and I want to take you with me. That’s my blogging success story, and the more I speak it, the more folks want to come along for the ride.

I’m blogging from paradise. That in and of itself is a success, and the fact that this little blog, and the stories I tell through it, have freed me, is just a mind-boggling concept.

Come along for the ride. I’m here to take you with me. I want you to become a part of my story. Really. Maybe you’ll even wind up in my next blogging from paradise eBook? It’s your call But either way, my wildest travel experiences can help you become a successful blogger because the blogging tips provided in the eBook can provide you with a little spark, the spark you need, to become a hyper successful blogger.


Smart Blogging Tips


Have you noticed my correlations? How I link my stories to smart blogging tips? That my friends is called going out on a limb, and that’s what makes me, me. Some folks don’t see the correlations, and call them a stretch. Others feel my posts are a bit too much, or maybe, not researched enough, and rely too much on my personal experiences. Other folks entirely eat up my travel stories and love the links between smart blogging and traveling because they love good entertainment. In any case, and at any rate, if you’re willing to tell a story, and if you want to link that story to how can run a successful blog, through a parable, you’ll be so much more likely to make a serious impact.

Don’t be afraid to fail folks. With your stories, with your blogs and with anything you do online. My wildest travel experiences teach you lessons in blogging – and life – lessons in success, and in failure too. I will extract the lessons for you. I will help you make the changes you need to make, to become a successful blogger. I can coax you out of your cyber cave so that you start networking, to become an inspired blogger, and so that you’re no longer a nobody. I can – through sharing some of my more crazy experiences on the road – help you to face, embrace and release your blogging blocks. Stories are the vehicle, because you can emotionally connect with bloggers, and their messages, through eye-catching stories, and this eBook is chock full of them.




Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Beat Up in Bali

Chapter 3: Freaked Out in Fiji

Chapter 4: Incapacitated in India

Click it to Buy it.

Chapter 5: Listless in Laos

Chapter 6: Crippled in Costa Rica

Chapter 7: Coked Out in Peru

Chapter 8: Nibbled on in Nepal

Chapter 9: Irate in Hanoi

Chapter 10: Coup de Tat’ed in Phuket

Chapter 11: Mind Blown in Manuel Antonio

Buy How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger on Amazon

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Until next time….enjoy paradise!

Please share this post on all of your social networks.

I appreciate your support as we work together to create a whole new wave of professional bloggers.

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    Mind blown once again!

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    I’m waiting for the box set…will there be a special deluxe edition? 😉

    Actually I do want to attest to the principles that you talk about in these eBooks.

    Since I’ve started following your advice I’ve seen engagement skyrocket and I’ve been contacted by several different companies wanting to work with me – all because of comments I’ve left on authority blogs.

    I’ve read a few of your travel stories, but I have no doubt there are plenty of great stories I haven’t heard yet!

    I love how you manage to take your adventures and turn them into valuable blogging lessons.

    Congrats on this latest launch, and I’m sure it will be a smashing success, as usual. 🙂

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