Why Would You Cover Multiple Blogging Niches?

  March 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Mountains, Izki, Oman

Mountains, Izki, Oman


Why would you cover multiple blogging niches?


True; some bloggers get away with it. But most bloggers fail using this multi-niche strategy.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give attention and energy to a single niche. The single niche grows. Give attention and energy to multiple niches. Each niche grows more slowly than if you covered a single niche. Specializing makes sense. Not specializing usually leads to loads of problems or diminished success.


I visited the ruins in Izki Oman – seen in the featured image – a few years ago. I snapped the photo during my visit. Not too far from the ruins, a large mall became a go-to spot for locals. We noted this custom during our month stay in Doha, Qatar, another nation on the Arabian Peninsula.


Mall owners carved out the specialized niche of making malls in the area one-stop-shopping for a wide range of experiences. The niche: entertainment. Skating rinks, hockey leagues and amusement parts sprouted up WITHIN malls on the Arabian Peninsula. Why?


Temperatures soar to 130 F during brutal summer months. People need to do all things indoors. Enterprising mall owners decided to specialize in indoor entertainment; shop, go ice skating, engage in archery, go to the amusement park. Someone chose to give all attention and energy to the mall entertainment experience niche. The wise, savvy entrepreneurs prospered through the power of focus. Instead of making malls solely spots for shopping these folks crafted a niche based on enjoying a comfortable, entertaining experience to enjoy while temperatures skyrocketed outside in the desert.


I focus on blogging tips as my niche but added a paradise flair to my blog and brand. I concentrate on one niche to let the niche grow. But I added my Blogging From Paradise flavor to spice up the niche a bit, compared to other blogging tips bloggers who tend to offer straight-laced niche blogs. Hey; whatever floats your blogging boat. Be at peace with your niche choice but stick with the niche to render expert service.


Changing focus distracts you and dilutes your message. Imagine publishing blogging tips posts today. Tomorrow you publish affiliate marketing tips. Blogging tips readers expecting blogging tips stop reading because now you run an affiliate marketing blog. But covering blogging tips 2 days from now sends affiliate marketing readers to the hills.


Since you cannot carve out your singular blogging identity, readers cannot see you and how you clearly help them. Readers want specialists. Readers do not want generalists. Everything goes back to the idea: where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give attention and energy to one niche; the niche grows faster than if you gave attention and energy to 3 niches.


Gain confidence by being a specialist. I feel confident because I spent years learning the blogging tips niche inside-out. I patiently, calmly and persistently acquired and shared as much blogging tips content as possible. Being committed to one niche allows the niche to commit to you.


Lack of focus proves to be a chief cause of blogging failure. Focusing on a core niche accelerates your success because you do not spread yourself thin when you plan your blogging day. Blogging issues arise with dilution. Changing niches dilutes your blogging message. The blogging tips expert appears to become a personal development expert but this illusion cannot be true.


Who is good enough, skilled enough and experienced enough to cover two niches as skillfully as bloggers covering a single niche?


Personal development bloggers rise to the top of their niche because these bloggers outshine multi-niche bloggers trying to cover personal development and other niches. Specialists rise to the top. A few bloggers succeed blogging from a multi-niche approach but most struggle and fail.


The world loves specialists.


  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 11:38 am

    I can totally relate to this post Ryan. I was way over my abilities when I used to write about multiple niches, I wasnt thinking straight may be 🙂

    Learnt about micro-niche blogging nowadays, its good to be concentrating on your area of expertise and digging deeper and providing more valuable insights to your readers.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:12 pm

      Exactly Praveen; focusing on a single niche lets bloggers dig deeper to provide more value to readers.

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