Why Using Free Blogging Platforms Ruins Your Blog

  August 6, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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(Updated 8/6/2022)


Free blogging platforms cost nothing to use but cost you everything in terms of:


  • credibility
  • exposure
  • income
  • traffic
  • business
  • branding


Did you know that you own nothing on free blogging sites?


Google and WordPress dot com own all:


  • content
  • images


on free blogging platform sites like Blogspot and WordPress dot com.


Perhaps you are a user on these sites but you are not a blogger because bloggers own their blogs and blog content. Users use sites but own nothing on the free sites.


Consider the risks associated with someone else owning your:


  • blog
  • blog content
  • images
  • income potential


One policy change immediately dissolves your blog, blog content and blogging business. One cryptic interpretation of Terms of Service deletes 5 year’s worth of blogging work. An employee from Google or WordPress dot com can erase your business, traffic and tribe with their personal opinion of TOS in an instant.


Blogging on free sites is a foolish decision for this reason alone.


Before you consider me as being an alarmist, I cannot recount how many free platform bloggers reported that Blogpost and WordPress dot com shut down their blogs without rhyme or reason. Some saw 5 year’s worth of work vanish in an instant.


Imagine building a loyal community of 10,000 followers who have enjoyed your 1000 blog posts patiently published spanning 5 years of your life. Picture yourself waking up to see your deleted blog. Imagine the feeling of 10,000 blog followers becoming zero blog followers in a split second. Picture 1000 blog posts becoming 0 blog posts in an instant.


How would it feel to start over from scratch after giving 5 years of your life to blogging?


Save yourself unnecessary nightmares.


Invest in a domain and hosting.


Build your blogging campaign on a rock solid foundation.


Income potential is low on free sites because owners severely limit how you can monetize blogs.


Branding potential seems non-existent because owners brand the owning business. Does any Blogspot or WP dot com blog NOT look like a Blogspot or WP dot com blog on some level? How can you stand out when your blog looks similar to millions of other blogs? How can you build a unique blogging brand when your brand looks like millions of other brands?


Avoid Delusion


New bloggers often delude themselves into thinking:


“I will test blogging by starting on a free platform. If I succeed I will buy a domain and hosting.”


Unfortunately, since you will fail on a free platform (for loss of credibility) you will never purchase a domain and hosting to blog the right way.


Stop deluding yourself with the belief that blogging on free platforms gives you an accurate glimpse of what blogging really entails.


Invest in your domain and hosting now to begin blogging the right way.


Blog effectively now, going forward.


Begin blogging on WordPress dot org to see a different blogging world compared to the free blogging platform experience.


Since this was originally a link-only post pointing to a video I will let you enjoy the presentation with these 600 words as a lead-in.




Click the link to enjoy the video.


Why Using Free Blogging Platforms Ruins Your Blog


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  1. Dipak Singh says:
    at 11:22 pm

    One more time, you wrote a great article for those people who accidentally choose the wrong platform to start their blogging journey.
    People who are really serious about their blogging and want to take it to another level should choose the right platform and create their own branding.
    Thanks, Ryan! I really love to read your articles they are very helpful.
    Keep it up!

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