Blogging Tips: Why Trying to Take the Easy Profitable Way Leads to Struggles

  February 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Pong Noi, Thailand


I answered 4 questions on Quora a while back containing the word “easy.”


People wanted the easy, profitable way to make money blogging.


Fear makes you do insane things. If we discovered the easy way to make loads of money all bloggers would be billionaires. If we discovered the easy way to make loads of money you would not be asking the question! You’d already have it. The secret would be out. The world would know. We would all be rich and free.


All humans would be free and happy if an easy, profitable way to make money online existed. Nobody would work jobs they hated. Everyone would be free if money were easy and comfortable. Unfortunately, most of use acquire so many limiting beliefs, fears and flat out hang-ups concerning money that it takes a while to make money blogging. Taking a while means no quick, easy way to money exists.


For example, I could have profited as a new blogger if I got clear of money limiting beliefs sitting in my mind. But that was quite a big if because:


  • deep money fears sat inside of my mind
  • worthiness issues plagued me
  • deserving issues plagued me
  • I thought like an employee versus thinking like an entrepreneur
  • I lacked the skills, experience and clarity to publish helpful content confidently


Money flows to skilled, confident bloggers who publish detailed content frequently. I lacked each of these requirements. Therefore, I lacked money as a beginner blogger.


Virtually all new bloggers experience a similar journey. No one makes money quickly and easily because it takes time and facing some discomfort in order to earn money online. Knowing this frees you from silly delusions like the idea that you can succeed overnight. But some blogger’s minds seem so filled with fear that they seek the easy, profitable way for years. Most want the blogging golden egg. All want to make money fast. None succeed. Many crave bright, shiny objects to make blogging easy. Fools actually believe one magical strategy, technique, plugin or tool nets you fast, easy profits.


Greedy bloggers vanish fast. Desperate bloggers disappear just as quickly. Easy riches are impossible because money takes its sweet as time finding you through your blogging campaign. Money takes its sweet ass time because the skills, expertise and experience you need to make money blogging requires years of your life spanning 1000’s of hours to gain. For example, someone may find this post helpful. Bloggers who enjoy my content may buy one of my eBooks. But I had to spend a long time writing and creating content to publish helpful content and to self-publish helpful eBooks.


Helpfulness is a quality that takes time and effort to develop. This is why no blogger gets rich quickly. Profits follow patient, persistent helpfulness.


Helpfulness is a quality that takes time and effort to develop. This is why no blogger gets rich quickly. Profits follow patient, persistent helpfulness.Click To Tweet


Slow down. Calm down. Take your time. Let go expectations. Busy yourself with being helpful.


For example, I stumbled across this post in my backoffice 20 minutes ago. I no longer enjoyed reading the post since my writing style evolved over the years. I guess you could say: the post quality seemed lacking because I despise how I used to write. Anyway, re-writing, updating and re-publishing the post allows me to be more helpful to you. New Blogging From Paradise readers find my blog daily or weekly. Why not re-write and re-publish a post to help new readers understand that no one gets rich quickly through blogging?


Whether or not blogging profits follow this post does not concern me. Being helpful feels like my sole goal these days. Success takes care of itself if you take care of people but taking care of people takes time and persistent effort.


The easy, profitable way leads to struggles.


The slow, sometimes uncomfortable, helpful way leads to success.


Focus on the process.


Allow the outcomes to materialize in their own time.

  1. Stuart Danker says:
    at 5:52 pm

    Well said! Shortcuts are never the way to do anything, not just blogging. But it’s apparent who the ‘shortcut takers’ are, and our readers can definitely tell when we’re cutting corners too. Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eri says:
    at 3:46 am

    You definitely are right on this one Ryan. Nobody can succeed overnight. I still haven’t made a peny blogging but I love the process of what I am doing and I love connecting with other people. If I will finally make money of it they will be welcomed of course. For now I enjoy the process ☺️

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:11 pm

      Harboring this mindset is what gets you through the long haul blogging journey too. 14-15 years in to my blogging career, I see that every day is a simple study in learning how to be passionate about helping people. Shortcuts to fame and money simply do not exist because the process of having fun helping people takes a while to unfold. Plus, I screwed up many times during my blogging career, which held back my success more times than I wish to admit. My biggest error among the most chief transgressions was trying to rush profits versus patiently, persistently and generously allowing increasing profits to flow to me by publishing 1000’s upon 1000’s of helpful, valuable words on Blogging From Paradise daily through:

      – blog posts
      – blog comments

      Building up this blog versus building up Facebook, Twitter or Google has always been the way to go but I did not see this truth until today. I only uncovered this truth because I kept at blogging for 15 years until right now, or, a few hours ago as I laid in bed meditating. We need to keep at it for a bit to unearth all the subconscious fears holding us back. Of course, enjoying the process of helping people is worth a few moments of discomfort.

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