Why Should You Reverse Your Blogging Thinking?

  August 27, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Tomb of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus.


(Updated 8-27-2022)


Reversing your blogging thinking accelerates your online success.


But reversing your thinking feels highly uncomfortable sometimes.


Every human saved those who receive early life mind training learn to think upside-down. People think in terms of ego, fear and the world.


In reality, people are genuinely spirit, love and beyond the world. Thinking in alignment with these truths feels good but also accelerates your blogging success in the process.


Scrolling through Comments


I scrolled through 110 blog comments a while back when scanning my backoffice.


After moving 30 to the trash folder I deleted the trash.


Moving 30 comments from pending to trash to oblivion took roughly 5 seconds.


Most bloggers think upside down. Most bloggers think I have 500 seconds of time for reading their comments. Believing that I give all the time in the world to reading and reviewing comments influences most bloggers to publish spam comments to grow their business. Some ignorant bloggers publish 100 plus spam comments within an hour because they believe I have an hour to sift through their comments. Alas; I have 5 seconds to sift through blog comments. Bloggers seem too busy (and worry not by assuming I have hours, not a second, to read their comments daily) to add details like:


  • an avatar
  • my name
  • their name
  • a genuine comment referencing some point made in the blog post


Of course, if you think upside down you will fail. Most bloggers think upside down. Most bloggers fail.


Reversing your blogging thinking to right side up allows you to succeed. Beware; thinking right side up feels uncomfortable at first. Having a blogging vision, being patient, being intentional and focusing on service seem alien to former upside down thinkers. But thinking in this fashion frees you. Thinking right side up accelerates your blogging success while instilling peace of mind.


Since you have 1-2 seconds to stand out from the 100 spam comments I delete in bulk you better think right side up by:


  • using an avatar; avatars tend to align with genuine commentors
  • using my name; name droppers usually drop genuine comments
  • using your name; name droppers usually drop genuine comments
  • expounding on some point made in the blog post


Since you have 1-2 seconds to avoid being ignored you better spend 100 to 200 seconds or more:


  • reading the blog post
  • publishing a genuine comment
  • using an avatar
  • noting my name and your name


Put in serious time and energy BEFORE and WHILE you comment to make the cut after I scan my comments folder in 5 seconds. The 200 seconds you spend reading the post and commenting intelligently allows you to grab my attention within the 5 second window.


Think Right Side Up to Succeed


Do you see how thinking right side up benefits you? Success finds mindful bloggers.


Do you see how thinking upside down hurts you? Failure finds mindless bloggers.


When I check my spam folder 5 hours from now I know that 20 to 30 to 50 spam comments will reflect back to me another 5 to 10 to 20 bloggers who will fail because they think upside down. None of these bloggers thinks that they have 5 seconds to get my attention. If they thought that they have 5 seconds to get my attention they would make that second count by spending 5 minutes creating a genuine, personalized, professional-looking comment that snags my attention span during the the few seconds I spend sifting through:


  • pending
  • spam
  • trash


folders multiple times daily.


Put in the time and work on the front end to stand out on the back end. Think right side up in a world of upside down thinkers who put in no time and work on the front end to be ignored on the back end.


Put in the time and work on the front end to stand out on the back end. Think right side up in a world of upside down thinkers who put in no time and work on the front end to be ignored on the back end.Click To Tweet


Thinking right side up inspires you to put in the time and the work on the front end to stand out on the back end.


Practical Example Right Side Up Thinking




  • publish helpful content
  • build strong friendships by genuinely engaging people


daily, on the front end.


On the back end, I gain:


  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure


I do these things because I think right side up.


However, most bloggers:


  • rarely if ever publish helpful content
  • spam people by begging for business


to lose:


  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure


Most bloggers do these things because most bloggers think upside down.


Reverse your thinking. Think right side up. Think about helping people. Follow through by helping people. Think about making genuine connections with people. Follow through by chatting up people in authentic fashion. Create and connect.


You need to reverse upside down blogging thinking to succeed.


Thinking upside down leads to failure. Thinking upside down focuses on your needs but you need to focus on helping people to succeed. Focusing on your needs influences everyone to ignore you. Focusing on reader needs influences people to notice:


  • you
  • your blog
  • your business
  • your brand
  • your online presence


Reverse your thinking from upside down to right side up.


Blog to give.


Stop blogging to get.


Be genuine. Take an authentic interest in human beings.


Stop friend requesting people just to beg them for business.


Think right side up to succeed.

  1. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 3:14 pm

    Ryan, I don’t use avatar and other such things due to my blindness. Also, I’m thinking of writing about my programming failures, because I see a lot of confidence issues in beginner programmers. Your articles gave me inspiration to do that.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:52 pm

      I see you mentioning my name in the comments Tanish, your genuine thoughts and have always known you publish authentic comments. I love that idea my friend.

  2. Aaron Joseph Hall says:
    at 12:48 am

    This right here is spot on man: “Blog to give. Stop blogging to get.” I appreciate your posts they are helpful to me! I’m growing every day as a blogger. But what you said here is soooooo true!

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