Why Most People Do Not Travel the World

  January 7, 2022 travel posts 🕑 5 minutes read

Pedasi, Panama




No sense mincing words. Why beat around the world traveling bush?


Most people do not travel the world because of: fear.


Choosing not to circle the globe is not:


  • good or bad
  • beneficial or harmful
  • a dream or a nightmare
  • safe or dangerous


because traveling the world is no different than traveling from your bed to your kitchen. Traveling is traveling.


I write this post to help aspiring travelers hit the road; know your enemy – fear – to conquer the enemy. Aspiring travelers often intend to travel. But fear appears to scare them into staying home.


I have spoken to a few who claim to possess the traveling itch but fears concerning global unrest keep them home. However, knowing that only fear in the mind creates the images of unrest frees you from the illusion. Being free of the illusion may just make you a globe-trotter like myself.


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East Cape, New Zealand


Solely ego and its:


  • judgments
  • perceptions
  • projections
  • insanity
  • delusions
  • fears


differentiates between traveling from New Jersey to Panama and traveling from the bedroom to the kitchen. Travel is travel. Walking 5 feet or flying 5000 miles seems different only in the mind.


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The only difference between traveling from NJ to Panama versus traveling from the bedroom to the kitchen is: fear.  Fear pops up in ego. Fear plans all the things that could or will harm you, hurt you or damage you when travel distances increase. Fear calculates all the steps you need to take and what will go wrong. If you trust fear, you stay home and travel from bedroom to kitchen or maybe from bedroom to front door to next town over. Absolutely, positively, take that route if you please.


However, most people who do not circle the globe want to circle the globe but fear traveling the world for:


  • fear of attachments dissolved; houses, apartments, dogs, cats, cars, jobs, etc….FEAR says if you leave these things or beings temporarily, you will lose the things or beings, and losing things or beings will feel too painful to embrace
  • fear of disrupting the lives of your kids; ego fears kids will dislike travel, or, globe-trotting is dangerous for kids, or, kids will get bored and throw fits circling the globe, or, it is too overwhelming to travel with kids


Honor these fears, stay home and you will be A-OK.


But if you feel:


  • depressed
  • trapped
  • angry
  • confined
  • anxious


staying home and not traveling, those fears reveal how your soul is here to travel but you surrender to and trust ego-fear scaring you into not traveling. What happens when ego-fear wins? Depression. Anger. Mediocrity. Malaise.


What happens when you face, feel and release travel-related fears? Freedom. Liberation. Peace of mind. Discomfort. A new set of fears, waiting for your in international waters.


A decent percentage of home-bodies desiring to travel overcome their home-related fears of letting go stuff at home but deeply fear the fears triggered in foreign lands. Fearing these abroad fears deeply scares these wanna-be-travelers into not leaving home. I get it. I know why you are afraid.


Me racing a yacht. Phuket, Thailand.


During a 3 month house sit in Panama in 2021 I had seen:


  • a porcupine quill one of the dogs
  • a cane toad
  • a highly venomous sea snake
  • bats, crabs, cockroaches, large cicadas (on my toe) and frogs inside of the house
  • a few dogs on the beach who nearly killed other dogs in fights
  • someone tell us of a crocodile in the local estuary which killed and consumed a large dog recently


I had to:


  • face
  • feel
  • release


each of these fears to live more from a predominant peaceful, relaxed, chill vibe among the critters, all of whom are figments of my imagination.


Kelli and I loved the house but not having air conditioning increased discomfort levels sometimes.


Being with bodily discomfort liberates us from the hell of seeing the body as a prison you need to keep comfortable and cozy at all costs. Circling the globe taught me how feeling and releasing exotic location fears creates immense calm, poise and peace within your being in regards to virtually any circumstance or situation.


Spending time abroad unearths strong mental discomfort too. Most prefer not to face, feel and release fears related to:


  • cultural differences
  • language barriers
  • different climates


because doing so feels way too uncomfortable. I do not blame people for fearing discomfort. But I also know how life gets easier if you leave your comfort zone. Life only gets worse within your comfort zone because fear awaits around the next corner. No one gets over what remains within.


Take or Leave My Experience


Take my experience and decide whether fear or zero desire for circling the globe compels you not to travel. Some people deeply desire chilling in their home town forever because their soul wants that life. Other folks live in their home town because they deeply fear letting go their hometown life temporarily and the fears triggered when traveling abroad.


Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA


I 100% understand your fears, guys, because I have circled the globe since 2008. Fear and me became best buddies; I felt many fears during this 13 year stretch. I salute you for any choice you make because all human beings simply do the best they can based on their intimately personal choices resting on their level of awareness.


Leave my experience if traveling is not for you because you find great peace, serenity and calm in your hometown and have no desire to travel. Some folks love their home-based-life and simply dig seeing my pictures from foreign lands.


You choose.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 10:55 am

    Hi Ryan,

    When it comes to traveling to different places, I do have an amount of fear. Especially places where the bugs are big and the air is humid. I see it as a choice. When I was trying to find my own paradise, I landed on the coast of Southern Maine. I enjoy the beach and wanted to live by it so I did the change and that was a little scary for me but I did it. I live in a forested area a mile from the water and sometimes I do get scared to go out at night with the dog because it is so darn dark outside. (remember I’m that city gal who lived under street lights ha ha ha). But I do it anyway and fight the fears in my mind.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:24 am

      I vibe with you Donna. We choose to do what we love and face fears or turnaround along the way. I can only imagine how dark it gets up there in the wilderness. Paradise for sure but it comes with some discomfort too, once you step away from more urban areas. Awesome to see you living your dreams.

  2. muhammad Irfan says:
    at 1:27 pm

    Thank you, your site is very useful!

  3. Alicia from tastyeasyeats says:
    at 12:49 pm

    I do have a sense of fear/anxiety when I think of traveling to a different location, or even going to a local nearby spot in the hometown, it’s something I hope to overcome soon as I do want to enjoy going on trips and just exploring. Great post.
    I can relate to it so thanks for sharing it.

  4. Sabina says:
    at 9:26 am

    Everything you say here is so true! Traveling can definitely be scary and intimidating (among other things) but if someone’s want to do it they are 100% going to have to face their fears of travel. I’ve traveled a lot and intend to do it again but not until the Covid insanity is over with. Traveling is supposed to be freeing, not restricting. So for me it’s total lack of desire right now. I assume you have written a book or two on the topic of travel and fear? If not, you should

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:43 am

      Good idea Sabina! I have written an eBook on fear but perhaps I will write one on traveling and fear. Ditto with the international travel bit and the dominant news headline since March of 2020. We are hitting rural areas of the US where people choose freedom and living before all else. Thanks my friend 🙂

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