Why Money Obsessions May Warn People to Stay the Frick Away from Your Blog

  October 18, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Camels in the desert North of Ibri, Oman.

Camels in the desert North of Ibri, Oman.


OK; I am all for folks earning some sweet coin through blogging.


No problems with that. People living a worldly life tend to enjoy having some money to cover basic needs and to live in a relative state of comfort. Cool.


But a while back, I came across someone who make Bruce Wayne look like a Buddhist monk. He made Tony Stark look like Oliver Twist. Dude was 100% all about that chedda in all he did. This would have been OK, but unfortunately, when you comes across ONLY as a money hungry blogger who is out to make cash and do nothing else, readers kinda pick up on that vibe.


Most head for the hills. Greedy types need be avoided. Some greedier aspiring or struggling bloggers flock to these money hungry fools, the classic blind leading the blind. Everybody winds up struggling and failing, eventually. A select few suckers completely believe obsessing over money is the quickest way to make money online. Literally, these dingbats get sucked in, lose dough and label the greedy bloggers as being scammers, even though the scamming required their full, foolish participation.


Guys; it is OK to run a make money online blog. Pat Flynn does it with integrity. But when the blog is pretty much all about making money, via flashy ads, hyped up income claims, and MORE CAPS and !!!!!!!! than virus news updates right now, run, don’t walk, away from these folks. Why? Fear manifests as money greed. Fear-filled bloggers are a a ticking time bomb. Or at least, their blogs are ticking time bombs. In no time, explosion is imminent.


Greedy bloggers blog on borrowed time because greedy bloggers build their blogs on a foundation of quicksand. No value = no foundation. No foundation = guaranteed collapse.


Greedy bloggers blog on borrowed time because greedy bloggers build their blogs on a foundation of quicksand. No value = no foundation. No foundation = guaranteed collapse.Click To Tweet


Let these bloggers go. Focus instead on bloggers with integrity. Surround yourself with bloggers fully invested in the process of helping bloggers learn blogging fundamentals. Hang with these folks. Learn their ways. Observe how they carry themselves. See how generous they are in sharing helpful, valuable content? Genuine bloggers tell you how it is. I have no issues telling you you’ll need to blog your ass off for 10,000 plus hours to become stunningly skilled, stupid successful, and….add whatever other analogy, via alliteration, you’d like. Just make sure to use the letter “s”.


Anyway, honest bloggers rarely if ever use income claims because these folks are all about service, and spend little time and energy on self-service. Observe someone like my friend Alonzo Pichardo. He makes it all about his readers, helping these folks generously for over a decade. Even though he is highly successful and does quite well for himself, he never talks about it.


When is the last time you saw me holding a paycheck or counting cash? Never. I am all about showing you that you can become a successful blogger. Sharing smiling selfies from all over the globe inspires you to visualize yourself in my place. It’s for you! Plus, readers explicitly tell me to share more selfies because they luv ’em; gotta give the people what they want, eh?


Pedasi Panama sunset

Pedasi Panama sunset


Guys; be super careful about adding all types of dollar signs to your blog posts titles, email subject headers, and in your blog posts, themselves. Usually, unless you are fully clear on using such an approach, your blog flashes a serious red flag to legitimate aspiring bloggers. Only the greedy and desperate beat a hasty path to your $$$$$ and guess what? These folks make horrible readers and even worse customers. Greedy or desperate bloggers are highly impatient, terribly demanding, hyper critical and label you a scammer the split second they don’t make money overnight, using your approach. Does that sound like a fun readership to attract? Didn’t think so.


Follow bloggers who blog with integrity, like Sue Ann Bubacz, Donna Merrill and Lisa Sicard. Each blogger does it the right way, like Alonzo, creating helpful content, building genuine friendships and taking a long term, patient, persistent approach to building a rock solid blogging foundation.


Sazzadul Bari, Apurva Vishwakarma, Mudassir Ahmed and Vishwajeet Kumar are dear blogging friends who:


  • blog with integrity
  • share great value through their blogs
  • generously invited me to guest post prolifically on their blogs


Follow these kind, skilled bloggers. Each credible blogger focuses almost exclusively on the process of creating and connecting and little on money outcomes because each knows that caring for the process allows the process to care for you.


Follow the heroes. Not the zeroes.

  1. Donna Merrill says:
    at 7:49 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    Funny how we can spot a make money blogger miles away. You see them giving a long sales page instead of good content. There are ways to sell on your blog of course, but doing it with integrity is the only way I know. And the only way I could respond to another that has that integrity.

    Being around the block for 10 years or so, I see a huge change in blogging. Firstly, lots of old timer’s left and went on to one thing or another. Yes, I watch closely and see a blogger trying to sell me some magic cream, then the same blogger tries to sell me something totally different. I’ve also seen them giving up their blog and setting up on rented space like FB. We know that rule of thumb…never do that.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of us left and we are rock’n it. There are also new comers that are in it for the “giving” good content for others. It’s all who you learn from. I’ve seen network marketing companies totally destroy the concept of marketing lol. Not their fault…they are “told” to do it that way.

    Well my friend, we can’t save ’em all, but one by one. You are giving a strong impact on the blogging community. Also those who are interested in blogging the right way as you have done yourself.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:12 am

      Hi Donna, It’s been so much fun and quite fascinating observing the blogging world evolve over the past decade plus. People seeking quick riches some decade ago are long gone and newbie money chasers are flaming out….fast. Despite resistance with algorithms, Google, Facebook and Twitter seem to be placing a larger premium on creating and connecting generously and authentically. I love this. Keep being a shining example of how to blog the right way, my friend.

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