Why Link Exchanges Do Not Work

  September 24, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Jebel Akhdar, Oman


Some bloggers offer me opportunities to exchange links.


Bloggers believe that trading links on each other’s blogs will promote our collective success.


In theory, the idea sounds potentially attractive. Trade links with as many bloggers as possible. Gain massive exposure. Generate good blogging karma by offering ample blogger links through your blog. Even better? Exchange links with high profile bloggers. Gain high DA backlinks. Drive Google traffic.


But fear deludes the ego into greedy or desperate blogging strategies. Greedy or desperate bloggers cannot see clearly through the prism of fear. Basically, perceiving the world through fear blinds you from the truth, or reality. Imagine if blogging was as easy as exchanging links with bloggers. Every blogger would be a millionaire! Every blogger would gain enough high DA links to land on page 1 of Google. All bloggers would drive traffic and profits. All would easily go pro.


Deluded blogging minds completely abandon logic, remain blind to reality and literally cannot see the truth. No sane, clear-thinking blogger would believe blogging was as easy as exchanging links with successful bloggers. Sane, clear-thinking bloggers:


  • practice
  • develop skills
  • create content generously
  • build genuine connections
  • open multiple income streams


over 1000’s of hours spanning years to earn a high volume of valuable backlinks from high DA blogs.


Link exchanges never work (or rarely work) because links are earned, not gifted, or offered like candy to a baby.


Blogging From Paradise slowly and steadily grew into a high DA blog because I worked:


  • clearly
  • patiently
  • persistently


since 2014. Why would I link to anyone who asked to do an exchange? Why would I link to a stranger? Why would I put 1000’s of blogging work hours and my:


  • credibility
  • reputation
  • business


on the line for a stranger who I do not know or trust simply because the blogger asks for a link? Do the LA Lakers give roster positions to anyone who asks to be a member of the LA Lakers? Does Forbes give a link to any blogger who asks for a link on Forbes? What do you trade to get a roster spot on the Lakers? Do you have a roster spot on another NBA team? Do you own a website with the DA, iconic brand and massive audience just like Forbes?


Links are earned.


Credible blogs are highly valuable pieces of real estate online. Only credible, skilled, authority bloggers land links on credible blogs because these bloggers earned the right to get a backlink from a respected blog. In most cases, bloggers who ask for link exchanges have nothing of value to offer the pro bloggers pitched for the exchange. Most bloggers who pitch me exchanges blog on relatively unknown blogs with few readers and a low DA. Why would I trade links if I run a somewhat known blog with a decent readership and relatively high DA? These lesser known bloggers did not earn the right to gain a backlink on Blogging From Paradise. We cannot make a fair or smart trade.


Imagine an established, seasoned, pro blogger asking another pro for a link exchange. Do both bloggers know, trust and like each other? If so, the exchange may work. But rarely do pros exchange links because organic linking works best for everyone involved. Forced links borne of a trade do not emanate merit, credibility and a detached air about the link. Readers sense forced links via trades because they sense a link offered to be genuinely helpful or a link offered solely because the blogger gets a link on a top blog.


Create and connect generously for a long time. Earn the right to gain links organically. Attract backlinks by merit. Build your reputation, credibility, exposure and domain authority by creating and connecting generously and genuinely for a long time.




Check out this video:


Why Link Exchanges Do Not Work Ever (or Rarely)

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