Why Is It So Hard to Make Money Blogging?

  September 6, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Nizwa Fort, Oman

Nizwa Fort, Oman


Money reigns as an ultimate charge idea in the mind of humans.


Say the word “money” to yourself. Do you see what I mean? Not enough. Too much. Jealousy. Envy. Feeling the terror of losing it all. Losing it all. Embarrassment. Humiliation. Shame. Arrogance. Pride. Hard work. Smart work. No work. Some work.


Human egos pass millions upon millions of fear-based ideas to other human minds regarding money. Accepting, believing and living according to these insane money ideas is the sole reason why it seems so hard to make money blogging.


I have made some coin blogging. I have made no money blogging. Being in both camps, I still have money fears. We all do, save enlightened minds beyond the world. Owning money fears in mind is the first step to making money a bit easier concept in mind. First, you have something in mind. Allow the belief to feel real in mind. Proceed to be the person who acts according to that belief system seized like a vice-grip, in mind.


Jeff Bezos is worth 100’s of billions of money dollars now because he ran a $100 million plus money dollar loss for the first few Amazon years. He did not fear experiencing a $100 million money dollar loss, in his mind. Since he held that money belief he now boasts a net worth of hundreds of billions of dollars. However, most human minds possess a money fear of being $15 in debt this month for a credit card bill. Do you understand why it seems to be hard to make money blogging? Being the blogger who fears being only $15 in debt means making poverty conscious money decisions for most human minds. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos did not fear – in his mind – sitting with $100 million in debt for a year.


Bloggers cannot make money blogging at a frequent clip being mentally burdened with the fear of losing money because your:


  • mind
  • vibe
  • actions


align with someone who fears poverty. Bloggers who fear poverty make no money because the mind, vibe and actions create poverty. Working long and hard is not the answer to overcome the fear of poverty because no one outsmarts their subconscious mind. If you believe it, it will happen, even if you work 18 hour days for 50 years.


The solution to addressing blogging money struggles is to face, feel and release money fears in your mind. Releasing money fears in mind allows your:


  • mind
  • vibe
  • actions


to become predominantly abundance-influenced. In less fancy-pants terms, this means being, feeling and acting:


  • richly
  • abundantly
  • calmly
  • from a trusting feeling
  • from a detached feeling


to generously, patiently and persistently build the foundation for a prospering blogging business.


Jeff Bezos acted like a billionaire to scale an iconic online business while experiencing $100 million money losses. He had money in his mind; why would he panic, bail and fail due to experiencing a $100 million money loss when he felt abundant, clear and confident in his mind? Mark Zuckerberg made 0 dollars through a Facebook site with a monstrously-huge user base. He turned down tens of millions of dollars in investment capital even though he made zero bucks through a site with a massive user base. Meanwhile, bloggers have such a fear of money loss in mind that they panic, struggle and fail because their 15 subscriber email list has netted a dime yet.


Do you see why most bloggers struggle to make money?


Money is in consciousness. Dive into money fears in your mind. Feel and release these fears. Proceed to think, feel and act more abundantly to lay a profitable foundation for your blogging campaign.

  1. Moss Clement says:
    at 10:11 am

    Hi Ryan,

    In Donna Merrill’s recent post, she discussed how bloggers achieve huge successes. And one of the key elements mentioned is having a blog plan. So, it is hard for some of us (bloggers) to make money due to several factors, including not having a blogging plan. Also, many shy away from investing in their knowledge. They may not want to buy helpful blogging e-books, hire a mentor and coach, or other essentials that make it challenging to make money blogging. And when you examine the reason behind this trend, you realize that money fear is the culprit. The fear of losing money from buying an e-book that offers no value. The fear of investing in a coach without tangible ROIs, and more. But if one can get rid of such fears and take decisive action, the money will come!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:05 am

      Moss this is such a keen take on blogging. Money fears cripple blogging careers before most get off of the ground. People fear losing 6 bucks on an eBook when the knowledge, wisdom and experience laid out in the eBook would help bloggers live their dreams. Is 6 bucks worth accessing information to live our dreams? Definitely. Thanks for the wisdom my friend!

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 5:10 am

    Hi Ryan, I love the story about Jeff Bezos. He wasn’t afraid to lose the money or rather the investment in himself and his company. It’s the frame of mind we have that helps us to make money. We let go of fear and take chances based on calculations.
    Thanks for the fabulous explanation Ryan!

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